Discovering the Whole Truth Behind Twin Flame Astrology

twin flame astrology

You’re probably wondering what the fuss is all about when it comes to twin flame astrology. Why are people so hyped-up about finding out who their twin flame is? And more importantly, how is this different from your soulmate? You’re about to find out the answers to these intriguing questions as well as the following:

  • What is twin flame astrology synastry(comparison)?
  • What does twin flame mean in astrology?
  • How accurate is twin flame astrology reading?

Twin Flame Definition

First things first. Before you learn about the different aspects of twin flame astrology, you need to know what a twin flame is in the first place. Your twin flame is someone who is a reflection of your own soul. They are someone who naturally jives with your own sign.

For example, Leo and Sagittarius are the natural twin flames of Aries. It’s because they are both fire signs and would find it super easy to get along. But this doesn’t mean that signs of the same element are instantly twin flames.

Twin Flame Astrology Aspects

There are various twin flame astrology aspects to learn about. This is the only way to be sure that this really is your ‘other half’. Love, just like warmth, desire, comfort, and acceptance, are universal human experiences. As well as finding your own twin flames.

Thus, birth chart synastry or comparison is used. Using this allows you to find compatibility between your prospective twin flame. The following are the most important twin flame astrology aspects:

Sun to Sun

The aspects relating the sun to the sun are a good omen for your twin flame astrology. The flame, no matter how small, creates a substantial increase in the twin flame’s energy. This in turn enhances their performance individually.

Sun to Moon

Starting from Mars, going to the Moon, lies three zodiac signs with equal distance. A powerful attraction arises between these twin flames. Twin flame Moon consistently pats the ego of twin flame Mars. Moon then has an increased value and is now more capable of expressing its emotions. Mutual love and spontaneity are natural.


Saturn offers immense stability to this relationship. Not only that, lasting commitment is expected especially if the two end up getting married. However, this is a gift, not a burden. It’s the only way for their growth to become successful.



Strength and good fortune represent this star. A great opportunity awaits the two of you. You get a chance to know your twin flame holistically. Such accumulation of knowledge naturally leads to giving each other everything you need for mutual benefit.

Soulmate, Karmic, and Twin Flame Differentiation

So how are soulmates and karmic relationships differ from twin flames? While the first two relationships both have good and bad times, the twin flame has the highest chance to save the relationship. It needs to be said however, that not all twin flame relationships last a lifetime.

A twin flame connection is rare and very unique. But when the time comes and you need to let go, do so with a joyful heart. Take comfort from important lessons learned and everything was magical while it lasted.

Remember that your twin flame is your mirror image. It’s you inside another human being’s body. Like having a twin but getting separated at birth. Some of you will share the same birthdays.

How Twin Flame Astrology Teaches You How to Spot the One

You might be wondering exactly how you can be sure you’ve found your twin flame. Here’s the list. Tick on them quick!

1.Timelessness. You meet this person and you have this eerie feeling you’ve known them forever. No need for small talk. Useless to impress each other. You click the instant you meet.

2. Light and Easy. Automatically you start off on the right foot. You live off each other’s strengths and help the other weather through their weaknesses. Both of you are more productive than ever because you are always inspired to do your best.

3. Overflowing Positivity. This is not a false sense of security. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Neither one is pretending everything is fine even if things are falling apart. Instead, both of you always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Perfect Timing. You meet each other at a crucial time. Just when you find yourself spiraling down because of life’s challenges, your twin flame arrives. You find yourselves in the eye of the storm. Everything around you is in total chaos while the two of you stay perfectly still, calm, and peaceful.

5. Unbreakable Bond. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you may have to go your separate ways. But your connection is too deep. No amount of time or distance can ever take away what you have. Even if you were just together for a brief amount of time. The bond lasts an eternity.

Twin Flame Astrology Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries (Sagittarius and Leo)

aries zodiac sign

Both signs share the same elements with you. Famous for being strong and powerful among the zodiacs, these fire signs could be your perfect twin flame. This comes as no surprise for you need a strong partner to handle your dominant personality.

Taurus (Scorpio and Pisces)

Both of them could be your perfect twin flame. Scorpio appeals to your adventurous side, while Pisces knocks on your sensitive nature. Either one could be ‘the one’. You’ll know soon enough once you come face to face with them.

Gemini (Sagittarius and Aquarius)

Either one spells out the perfect combo for you! Both these signs love their freedom and independence more than anything else in this world. Just like you. Your twin flame is someone who always pushes you forward, and never holds you back.

Cancer (Virgo)

You have this exquisite need to be loved and wanted. This is exactly what you have in common with a Virgo. What’s clingy and suffocating to the other signs is exactly the opposite for a Virgo. A Virgo will see this as a sign of love and devotion, something very positive and true about a person.

Leo (Sagittarius, Cancer, and Gemini)

leo zodiac

Gemini and Sagittarius will keep the fire burning in your soul for a thousand years. Even if Leo is a fire sign, you don’t need the same element to be happy with your twin flame. And although you have a different personality compared to Cancer, they’re able to give you the stability and safe haven you always dream of.

Virgo (Capricorn)

Capricorn is famous for its logic, practicality, and success. No one gives the best motivational pep talks the way this sign does. Virgo needs someone to guide and show them the way, make them realize what they really want in life. And in the end, even help them get it.

Libra (Cancer)

Libra loves being doted on, adored, and appreciated. Affirmation is one of their top emotional needs. You are self-assured and confident on your own. Still, receiving the attention you crave for from someone equally sensual and sincere is a bonus. Cancer does that for you.

Scorpio (Cancer and Pisces)

Both these signs are water elements, just like you. They’re deep, easy to talk to, and oozing with charm. If sensitivity and sensuality are what you’re looking for, these two have the complete package.

Sagittarius (Gemini and Aquarius)


Sagittarius is a wandering foot. They don’t need much to be happy, nor crave luxury. But travel and tours feed their soul. Gemini and Aquarius can definitely keep up with you. You’ll have a blast being with people having the same zest and passion for adventure.

Capricorn (Virgo and Taurus)

These zodiac matches are also Earth elements, just like you. They appreciate the same drive and perseverance you put on your daily grind at work. Thus, they never take it against you when ambition gets the better of you.

Aquarius (Virgo)

They say opposite attracts, and these two make the best example. Both push each other to a higher level. Your rebellious and independent nature is exactly what makes you click.

Pisces (Cancer)

You wish to be mentally stimulated and emotionally understood? Then Cancer is your perfect twin flame. No one has a better listening ear or a shoulder to cry on as this sign does. When you find them, you know you hit the jackpot.

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