What does the Hermit Tarot card mean? Descriptions, upright and reversed Hermit tarot cards, and more!

In today’s world, the lines between the public and private blur, and everything is subject to scrutiny. Despite this, the Hermit tarot card offers a chance to look at the last bastions of privacy- our inner selves. 

This task may be a daunting task for many, but it is also necessary. To search for wisdom and truth is not something done through looking at the outside world; instead, it is found from deep within the human soul.  

Yet one question stands: are you ready to take on this challenge?    

What are the symbols on the Hermit tarot card?  

lonely man in mountains

In the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) tarot deck, the Hermit tarot card depicts an old man in a loose robe, standing on what looks like a snowcapped mountaintop. With his head bowed, he holds up a lamp with a star inside as his other hand grips his staff for support.  

The old man is, of course, the Hermit. As we all know, Hermits are people who withdraw from society in search of spiritual enlightenment.  

The mountaintop symbolizes the Hermit achieving this goal. Since mountains are usually remote and far from urban centers, it represents how the old man received his spiritual fulfillment in the peace and quiet of his place.  

The lamp that the Hermit carries represents the guiding light of wisdom. Inside it is the Seal of Solomon, the Jewish king who asked God for knowledge and a discerning mind rather than wealth.  

Unlike the sun that illuminates everything, the Seal only shines little light. It signifies how enlightenment is a step by step process, and the journey towards it matters more than the end goal.  

Even the Hermit’s staff means something too. The journey to the mountaintop isn’t comfortable, so having it helps support the old man in his long, challenging, but nevertheless fulfilling journey. 

What does the Hermit tarot card mean?  

book with the pages flipping in the wind

As a general rule, you can interpret tarot cards in two ways. The first way is through its upright position, and the second one is through its reverse image.  

As part of the major arcana, the Hermit tarot card symbolizes opening a new chapter in your life. As such, you must consider whatever the card is telling you as something severe and life-changing.  

Upright Hermit  

old man with a long beard representing a hermit

When your Hermit tarot card reveals itself in an upright position, it calls on you to reconsider what is happening in your life and reflect on them. But it won’t just be an ordinary reflection; it will need all of your mind, heart, and soul to be in it as well.  

The Hermit tarot card is also giving you a heads up on a future decision that you will be making. As you inch closer to making such a difficult decision, you will gradually feel the weight of this new phase of your earthly existence.  

You must then take a detour from your social media-heavy lifestyle and find some solitude. Do your best to remain undisturbed and uninfluenced by people who might stray you from the path towards your proverbial mountaintop.  

The card doesn’t necessarily draw the lines between love, financial, or even career.  

Each of these aspects of your life is integral to your growth. Because of this, you need to discern the decisions you are making, especially if it can potentially make or break you.  

Yet the beauty of this card is that it doesn’t always symbolize self-imposed isolation. On the contrary, it may signal the coming of someone who will guide you through this challenging time- a mentor if you will!     

Reversed Hermit  

for friends hugging in front of sunset

The reversed Hermit tarot card tells a different story. While the upright card calls for solitude and discernment, the reverse card reminds people that the so-called outside world still exists, and you need to reconnect with it. 

You may have withdrawn from society because of someone or something. Regardless, you are sinking in thoughts that are no longer helpful but rather harmful to both you and your loved ones.  

The Hermit then invites you to break free of your negative thoughts and reconnect with people. The card also reminds you that there is still ground under your feet and that there is always hope, even after everything.  

Some real-life Hermits maintain their connections with the people they met before their spiritual journey. In this vein, you must also remember how sometimes, discernment cannot happen successfully by yourself, but instead, with the help of those who have your best interests in mind.  

For example, your relationship with your partner is getting foggier, and you barely even communicate. A reverse Hermit tarot card reminds you and your lover that a relationship is between two people, and the two of you must act accordingly to make your relationship healthy and stable.  

Are there other things that the Hermit tarot card symbolize?  

Definitely! A previous article presented the Hermit as the tarot card for the Zodiac sign Virgo.

Like the Hermit, Virgo is all about wisdom and intuition. They prefer the peace and quiet of their minds and tend to think before they act.  

But they also ground themselves in their human relationships. They acknowledge how vital it is to maintain their connections, and they do with loyalty and dedication.  

Whether upright or reversed, Virgo’s got the Hermit tarot card covered!

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