Astrology Top 5’s: Who is Taurus Soulmate in the Zodiac?

taurus soulmate

The zodiac can tell us a lot of things about ourselves, not just what’s written in our daily Horoscopes. Your zodiac sign also influences your personality, behaviors and priorities. So, it’s only natural that it can tell how these facets of your character relate to other signs in the zodiac. In fact, the zodiac can tell you who among the other signs are a perfect match for you… your soulmate, if you will. Today, we’re looking at just such a thing: who is Taurus soulmate?

Before that, let’s answer what a soulmate is. A soulmate, by definition, is ‘a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner’. Expanding on that, and embarking on a more spiritual take, it’s someone you’re destined to spend the better part of your life with. Someone you just get and who gets you, a physical, emotional and spiritual partner for your whole life. There are even some who believe that your souls are linked to forever cross paths joyously. 

With that being said, what are your reasons for reading this article? Are you a Taurus, curious as to your best match? Maybe you’re pining for Taurus, and hope you make the list? A zodiac aficionado, perhaps, or just curious? Whatever the case, this is the article for you! So sit back, relax, and most importantly, have fun.


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The Bull’s Best Match: the Soulmate for Taurus

How exactly does the zodiac tell us who is Taurus soulmate? Well, like we said, the zodiac can tell you just about everything about yourself based on your sign. For instance, we know Scorpio as dark, mysterious and vindictive, or Pisces as artistic, empathic and calm. Finding Taurus zodiac soulmate, then, is easy. We compare and contrast the entirety of their person against each zodiac sign until we find the best possible matches.

Let’s take a quick refresher course on Taurus, then! That way, we can use it as a benchmark to compare their personality traits with the other signs on this list. Taurus, an earth sign with the symbol of a bull, governs the period from about April 20 to May 20. They are known for their strength, loyalty and stubbornness. But having Venus as a planetary ruler means they have a hidden soft and emotional side, an almost magnetic attraction and an appreciation for beauty.

Keep those in mind, and there’s one more thing before we get to each and every Taurus soulmate zodiac sign. If you’re not in this list, is there still hope for you to bag a Taurus man or woman in your life? The answer is a powerful YES, and in fact, you can use this list even if you’re not after a Taurus! As we go over each of the soulmates, we’ll look into what traits make them a perfect match for Taurus… and what leads to their successful relationships, so you can emulate them! Now, without further ado, ranking each of the soulmates for Taurus, based on the zodiac, below!

#5 Virgo


Perhaps unsurprisingly, both of Taurus’ sister earth signs appear on this list. Surprisingly, on the other hand, neither made the top spot! Regardless, while resting at the very bottom of 5th place on this list, Virgo is still a very good partner for a Taurus to have. As a fellow Earth sign, they relate to the little things like relaxing, enjoying the material pleasures of life and a systematic, orderly life. But don’t let the phrase ‘the little things’ fool you!

It’s often the little things that can make or break a relationship. Virgo is also a very nurturing figure, as connoted by its symbolism as a maiden. There is just something that is so maternal about Virgos nature. This maternal nature pulls Taurus into their orbit, because deep down, Taurus is a soft and sensitive soul that needs a lot of love. Likewise, Virgo needs someone to rely on, and can definitely depend on the industrious bull!

How Virgo Plays the Game

Virgo is a great soulmate for Taurus because they appeal to Taurus’ vulnerable side. This key to success in relationships will go a long way, even if your partner isn’t Taurus! Trust us, dear reader, no matter how much your partner appears to have everything figured out… everyone wants to feel pampered. The lesson Virgo teaches all of us hopeless romantics is to care for our partners. Of course, it also serves as an important reminder not to miss out on the little things!

#4 Pisces


Coming in 4th place is Pisces, a water element! Water is a great element for Taurus and their earth siblings, complementing their personalities and quirks perfectly. Very much unlike air, earth’s polar opposite which doesn’t really vibe with Taurus, or the unpredictable and intense nature of fire that tends to scare Taurus off. Water needs the discipline and structure that earth provides, and Earth blossoms with the free-flowing and relaxing nature of water. Taurus in particular loses a lot of its rough edges around a water element.

What does Pisces offer in particular? It’s perhaps Pisces that has the most positive effect concerning Taurus’ soft, emotional side. While Virgo is a nurturing soul, Pisces is famous for its powerful empathy and kindness. They can get to the bottom of Taurus’ rugged exterior and give them the emotional care and support the lovable bull of the zodiac so desperately needs. Count on Pisces to cool off even an angry bull.

How Pisces Seals the Deal

Here’s another universal concept in romance: your lover will always need someone there emotionally. Pisces understands this to a tee, and you don’t need their natural aptitude for empathy to beat them to Taurus’ heart. Get in touch with your emotional side, and make sure your partner can feel safe opening up around you. No matter how much it seems like your partner has a wall of ice around their heart… everyone wants to feel loved! Let your partner’s emotions flow like water, and your relationship is sure to prosper.

#3 Capricorn


In third place is Capricorn, the sea goat of the zodiac and the last earth-natured sign on this list! Is it any surprise that a sign that feels both a little bit of earth and water ranks so high? Capricorns are ambitious creatures, with a powerful need to prove themselves and accomplish many things in their lifetime. This ambition is alluring and intoxicating to Taurus, who prefers consistency and security over dreaming big. Capricorn also shares Taurus’ determination and drive, so the two make a great power couple.

Most of all, however, is how Capricorn’s weakness is perfectly complemented by Taurus nature as a person. Capricorns often burn themselves out in pursuing their lofty ambitions. While burnt out, they completely shut down, and need someone to lean on. Luckily for them, Taurus is not only a dependable soul, but one that loves to provide for their loved ones. It’s an added bonus that both have hidden soft sides under their exterior, and can share their vulnerability.

How Capricorn Wins Their Heart

Sometimes, you just have to accept that opposites attract. Capricorn’s lust for success is alluring to Taurus, while Taurus dependability, loyalty and drive impresses Capricorn. Sometimes, it’s better not to fear what makes you different from your partner; show them who you are, even if it’s different from what they’re used to. You may find that ‘the one’ is willing to stay despite all your differences, and in fact will find a way to complement your weaknesses. At the end of the day, love is all about compromise: finding the middle ground.

#2 Cancer


Just missing first place by a heartbeat is Cancer, the zodiac’s sensitive and empathetic crab. That’s right: Cancer, like Pisces, is a very empathetic individual. They cater to Taurus’ emotional needs and softer side. As expected of a water sign, their calm and cool nature keeps Taurus calm and relaxed, something the hard-working bull desperately needs. But Cancer has Pisces beat and is two places higher for a good reason.

Besides their empathy, what makes Cancer such a good match for Taurus is their sensitivity. Cancer is extremely sensitive, which is in fact the ultimate source of their empathy. This sensitivity that goes both ways (both to themselves and those around them), means they are very careful around their friends and loved ones. Cancer’s predictable, ordered and careful nature speaks to Taurus’ need for inner and outer peace, and is something they deeply appreciate. You can count on Cancer to make the bull happy in a relationship!

How Cancer Sweeps Them Off Their Feet

Danger and unpredictability is sexy sometimes, that’s for sure. But ultimately, it’s those that make their partner feel safe that go for the long term. Stay sensitive to your partners needs; their sore spots, the things that make them laugh and cry. Aside from a sweet gesture that goes a long way, it’s something that will make them fall even deeper in love with you. Trust us on this one, dear reader: sensitivity is key!

#1 Scorpio


Now here’s a surprise for sure. Scorpio, the dangerous, vindictive and mysterious scorpion of the zodiac is the best match for Taurus! The undisputed soulmate for our lovable bull. What exactly does Scorpio have that makes them the number one pick for Taurus? Well, they’ve got everything that everyone on this list has: in spades!

Scorpio is an empathic individual, one that prioritizes their emotions above all else… which ironically makes them sensitive to the emotions of others, as well. They may have thick walls, and it takes a while to get to know them. But once you’ve earned a place in their heart, Scorpio is a nurturing, caring soul that’ll give Taurus all the love they need. Aside from this, Scorpio is a bit of a strange sign. Scorpio has all the calm, care and consistency of a water sign, but all the drive of Capricorn and the intensity of a fire sign!

As an added bonus, Scorpio appeals to Taurus basic attraction as well. Aside from providing Taurus with all their emotional needs in a partner, Scorpio is sexy to the bull. Their mystery, danger and intense emotions captivate Taurus indefinitely. Sure, Scorpio is dangerous when angered and can take a lot of time and work to get close to. But Taurus happens to have the strength and determination to make things work!

Why Scorpio is the Best Soulmate for Taurus

You don’t need all of Scorpio’s natural talents to win a Taurus (or any person’s) heart! Look closer at the real lesson Scorpio has to teach all of us. While it’s nice to focus on one asset as a romantic partner, don’t neglect the other areas of your relationship with someone. Become amazing in as many things as you can. Sweep your partner away with your suave and charm, but also with your reliability and dependability.

The Takeaway…

Ultimately, Taurus needs someone that is emotionally available, nurturing and sensitive. They love to provide for others, and are allured by physical beauty and mystery courtesy of Venus, their planetary ruler. That’s everything you need to know about Taurus and their best possible soulmates. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, but please don’t fret if you feel alienated by this. If you’re a Taurus and can’t relate, we have the same advice to you as we do to the signs that didn’t make this list.

You can grow past your limitations! No one is inhibited or limited by their star sign, and indeed everyone is different, even among those that share the same signs. At the end of the day, the zodiac teaches us that the stars were never meant to control us, only guide us. You are still the captain of your own ship. The master of your fate.

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