The Meaning Of The Super Blue Blood Moon For Astrology

super blue blood moon meaning
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Deciphering the super blue blood moon meaning is a unique challenge in astrology. Known as a full moon lunar eclipse, it is known primarily for how unpredictable it is. Its effects can vary with each sign and House affected. It’s also quite rare; only experienced a few times throughout one’s life.

However, despite this rarity, the changes it can bring are cataclysmic. It’s possible, for example, than eclipse can set a precedent in your life choices. When you put these life choices together, they can form a path from which there is no return. As such, though rare, it is important to pay attention to the meaning of super blue blood moon.

That being said, when is super blue blood moon supposed to take place next? What happened during the last one? Now, there’s no need to worry. The guide we have for you will let you learn everything you need to know about the super blue blood moon. You’ll also learn:

  • What the meaning of the super blue blood moon for each zodiac sign is.
  • The unique transformative power of the “super blue blood moon” 
  • Events that happened during the previous super blue blood moon.
  • When the next blue blood moon will be.
  • And more…

What a Super Blue Blood Moon means for each Zodiac Sign

The super blue blood moon meaning is often varied and difficult to decipher. In fact, so rare is the phenomenon that you can be forgiven for not caring too much about it. However, it does impact each sign in remarkable ways. Since it is the herald of cataclysm, it would be wise to consider its effects.

In talking about it, however, it would also be prudent to talk about the zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is ruled over and decided by certain houses. These Houses are often mnemonics that astrologers use to determine dominant themes in one’s life. For example, those within the First House of Identity may find themselves being assertive throughout their lives.

In other words, a super blue blood moon  affects both the house and the signs in their immediate sphere of influence. Some signs may also experience greater change than others. You may see how it can affect you by reading further below:


For Aries, the fifth house of expression will be most affected. It will be the perfect time to make revelations about yourself, especially romantic ones. Of course, it’s also the perfect time to make art and get creative. However, this also means that your expressions will be more scrutinized.



Taurus will see the Fourth House change in some way. Brewing tensions within the family may erupt. You may feel increasingly annoyed about the people around you. In addition, your naturally stoic behavior may drop in the face of social pressure. Be careful about how you express yourself during this time.


The Twins will have to contend with changes in the Third House. They might go through rough patches communicating with others. Fights might rise out of misunderstandings, and there may be other troubles as well. What you say will matter doubly in the face of this eclipse.


The Second House will be the problem area for Cancer here. You might have to wrestle with an ever-increasing need for money. As such, you’ll likely be driven to work harder, get yourself promoted, or even impress others. This is a time of great financial need, and you will rise to the occasion.


The Lion will see their First House shaken. Here, the primary concern will be how you appear to other people. If you have been neglecting yourself physically, you’ll want to do your part. It may not seem evident now, but focusing on this aspect will help your self-esteem. This will in turn boost your gravitas.


A true crisis will strike the Virgo’s Twelfth House. You will be called upon to question your life choices and lifestyle. Is your current job really what’s right for you? Are you loving the right person? Are you improving on a spiritual level? These and more heavy questions will be presented to you on the eclipse.



Your focus will be on your ties and the reevaluation of them. The eclipse will make you think hard about the Eleventh House and everything it entails. Specifically, you will have to ask whether you are still thriving where you are in life. You may also need to burn some bridges with your friends. 


The Tenth House is what the eclipse will impact from the Scorpio’s perspective. Right now, this means one thing: careers. Knowing where you are in terms of career trajectory will be more important than ever. Are you ready to take the next step? Do you want to abandon it altogether for another path? Consider your options well.


The Ninth House is your primary area of concern for the coming eclipse. What this means is that you’ll need to have a change in mindset. What do you think about the world and everything in it? Is your philosophy in life even valid? You’ll be confronted with these questions as new scenarios arise.


With the eclipse, you can expect changes in your Eighth House. It will significantly alter the way you think about your social and working life. More specifically, you’ll find yourself needing to choose between one or the other. It may seem a little confusing, but it will also help you chart out your path for the future.


The super blue blood moon meaning for Aquarius will be quite momentous. This is because the shift will happen in the Seventh House of Partnerships. You may be tasked with reevaluating your current dealings with other people. Would you be willing to stay, for example, if things are already bad between you?



The positivity of the super blue blood moon meaning for Pisces cannot be understated. In this case, changes will take place in the Sixth House concerning the way you conduct your life. You will start putting a premium on yourself and forget the old ways. You may have more responsibilities in exchange, but you will be rewarded.

When was the last Super Blue Blood Moon?

The last Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse happened on May 26, 2021. At this time, the moon seemed to appear closer and brighter than usual. It also went completely dark at certain intervals as the Earth’s shadow covered the moon. Some parts of the world even reported the moon taking on a red, bloody tint.

In astrology, the supermoon took place within the Sagittarius sign. This was a particularly special occasion as it meant the temporary union of two powerful personalities. As such, to understand what happened from back then, it is necessary to talk about the Moon and Sagittarius individually.

The Moon as a planet is the symbol of emotion, empathy, and the subconscious. When we speak of finding the “super blue blood moon meaning,” therefore, it’s not so much about finding the actual meaning of an eclipse. Rather, it’s about the event instilling further subtext into the moon.

Suffice it to say, this happened on the exact same day. By and large, huge streams of luck began to trickle down as the general theme of freedom began to permeate discourse. With the Moon commencing its eclipse on Sagittarius, liberty became the watch word.

More specifically, most signs felt liberated from their past experiences. A lot of people no longer saw a need for them to look back at their past. Old feelings of animosity were gone as people happily gave way for better times. Bridges have been rebuilt and no longer do people feel shackled.

Now, at this point, you might ask: “when’s the next super blue blood moon?” Astrologers anticipate that it will take place on May 16, 2022. What do you think will be the meaning of the super blue blood moon for each zodiac sign the next time it happens? 

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