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square in astrology

Tensions flare in the astrological skies as some planets clash. When two planets are square in astrology, they are ninety degrees apart, or three signs apart from each other. In this position, the energy of these two planets are about to dig in their heels and enter a showdown.

Natal charts divide the astrological signs and planets into twelve in a circle. Hence, each sign is separate from the next one by thirty degrees, making up the circle’s total three-hundred sixty degrees. The sign three signs away from another is that sign’s square in astrology.

Between these two signs, they will share the same astrological quality and nothing else. They are either cardinal or mutable. It’s also possible that they’re fixed. Such qualities are the only thing they share; the same third of the natal chart.

When there’s a square in astrology, the energy of those planets becomes stressed. Their signs will struggle to meet each other halfway and compromise is necessary between them. No easy win exists between them and conflict is inevitable.

Square aspects in astrology signal a conflict between the energy of those two planets and neither will want to compromise. Because of this, this creates a kind of inner conflict in the people between those signs. Learning to compromise and overcome this conflict is key to the response needed for a square.

What does square in astrology mean? 

A square in astrology means that two planets are either ninety degrees apart from each other or three signs apart. Think of a circle and divide it equally into twelve. Each of those twelve spokes refers to a specific planet and Zodiac sign. As long as you get a ninety degree angle between two planets or signs, that is a square in astrology.

More accurately, the square in astrology meaning is that certain signs will struggle with an inner conflict. For example, suppose that there is a person with a natal chart whose ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury’s square is with the Moon. The meaning of the square in astrology depends on the conflicting personalities meeting there.

Mercury rules communication and intellect while the Moon governs emotions and the unconscious. The inner conflict that signifies is the person will struggle to communicate their emotions. Their dominant side is rational as suggested by Mercury, so emotion from the Moon is something they’ll struggle to accept.

Let’s see another example of square aspects in astrology. Suppose you have a natal chart where Venus is in Sagittarius. This suggests that you’re more adventurous and don’t often worry about the negative consequences of your actions.

That means you likely have Jupiter in Virgo, which likes to analyze every action’s small details. Suppose then that those two form a square in astrology. It will cause a conflict in you where you struggle to decide whether to be adventurous or be more careful.

Because of aspects like the square in astrology, harmonious integration is much harder to achieve. Planets with this aspect will take more time to find purchase between themselves and achieve a good compromise. Chin up, though! Hard work to help the two compromise pays off in the end when the two planets come together.

Which signs are square to each other?

It’s good to remember that the ninety degrees can go either to the right or left of the sign. This means that there’s always two astrology square signs for each Zodiac sign. Two signs means two different inner conflicts that each sign can have.

zodiac signs chart

The fiery Aries squares off against the sensitive Cancer and the hardworking Capricorn. Earthy Taurus conflicts with the creative Leo and rebellious Aquarius. Chatty and intellectual Geminis will struggle against detail-oriented Virgos and romantic Pisces.

Cancer’s struggle is with fair-minded Libra and energetic Aries. Sunny Leos will find their personalities pitted against mysterious Scorpios and grounded Taurus. Meticulous Virgos find their challenge against free Sagittarius and talkative Gemini.

Just Libras conflict with sensitive Cancer and determined Capricorn. Squaring off with the mysterious Scorpio is the wild Leo and disobedient Aquarius. Sagittarius leadership will face off against pleasure-seeking Pisces and overly scrutinizing Virgo.

Focused Capricorn struggles with impulsive Aries and justice-minded Libra. Anti-authority Aquarius will face off against imperious Scorpio and pragmatic Taurus. Finally, languid Pisces will deal with conversational Gemini and resourceful Sagittarius.

In each of these situations, remember that the square doesn’t mean that they will forever be in conflict! Conflicts that arise because of the square are open to resolution; the signs just have to reach a compromise. Resolution of the issues caused by the square is possible through compromise.

Is a square bad in astrology?

Not at all! Squares are not a sign of catastrophe in astrology and they’re not necessarily bad in any way. Problems that the square may suggest represent opportunities for growth through conflict. Think of the struggles that the squares represent as a chance for you to reflect and grow as a person.

Suppose that we take the same example given above with Mercury and the Moon. That square suggests that someone’s going to struggle to express his or her emotions. I know what you’re thinking; a square suggests a personal weakness and you don’t like that.

Don’t lose hope now; everyone has personal weaknesses. Everyone has them on their natal chart because squares are inevitable in a natal chart. It just so happens that in the example, that person is going to struggle with expressing his feelings.

Can you imagine how much more you’d respect him as a person if he could overcome that impediment in communication? There’s something innately human in seeing a mountain and wanting to climb it. Not for resources or mates. We don’t do it for any reason you might find any other animal would climb a mountain for. 

Humans climb mountains for personal growth. They face the steep climb and grow on the inside as they step up. Seeking and growing from adversity is something uniquely and beautifully human.

Don’t look at the square as something bad or a struggle that will take too much out of you. It is your adversity; your making, if you will. Some would call it your creation, even. It’s your chance to be a better person. Not only will you thank yourself in the future, but so will everyone your positive change touches.

I’d hardly call that a bad thing.

How does a square in astrology affect me?

A square’s effect on you depends largely on which signs or planets are square on your natal chart. Not everyone will have the same effects. Everyone faces different challenges to their personality. These challenges are not often something that hurts you; rather, they’re chances for you to change for the better.

When you face off with a square in your natal chart, the instinct to see it as a problem appears. Instead, we should not only see it as a challenge, but an opportunity too. Challenges to your personality imply that you have room for growth. Such implies that you have a chance to be a more flexible kind of person in your personality and character.

stress of leading

For example, if you are a Sagittarius, you probably have great leadership qualities. People probably look to you to stay focused in your role and not to waver. These are great qualities and parts of a personality to have.

But what about you? Leaders often crack under the pressure of leading for too long and never really taking a break. This is because some leaders falsely correlate self-care and recreation with a lack of focus. A lack of focus on a leader like that is inviting failure in their projects and their roles.

Sagittarius squares off against the pleasure-seeking Pisces. Therefore, Sagittarius will face the challenge of balancing their leadership work with recreation. This is important for the growth of Sagittarius because he is a poor leader who cannot care for himself. Without recreation, leaders crack much sooner under the stress of leading and they take much longer to recover.

The square is not something you should fear. Rather, look forward to it! Squares represent the chance to be a better person. You will never regret taking the challenge and growing from it.

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