The Spiritual Meaning of Number 4: Its meaning and what it can do to help make your life better

spiritual meaning of number 4

While numerology is an ancient art of divination, hardly anyone talks about the spiritual meaning of number 4. It isn’t as prominent as number 1, nor as buzzworthy as say, 7 or 8. Despite this, this number still holds so much significance. People can learn so much from this number if only they care to listen. But the question persists: why should we listen to the number 4? What does it even mean in the first place?

What does the number 4 mean in numerology?

The number 4 means practicality, stability, and order. It brings a no-nonsense aura to the things that a person does. This is a number that is focused on advancing oneself and securing the future. However, because of its nature, it does things conservatively. Rather than engage in methods that are more progressive and niche, the number 4 signifies a return to the basics. Basically, this number is all about the saying “why fix something that’s not broken?”

But the number 4 also means that a person’s spiritual guides are close by. They are working actively to help a person reach their goals! What’s more, they are doing behind the scenes work to help boost your progress. These guides will also help you along in subtle ways. So when this number appears more frequently, perhaps it is time for you to pause. Take a look at your surroundings and look closely at the various signs. Better yet, take a deep breath and call on your guides to help clear your mind.

What does the number 4 mean spiritually?

Now this is the fun part. The spiritual significance of number 4 may vary from culture to culture. While others may see it as something positive, there will be those who look at it in a negative light. It may confuse you, though. Why does the spiritual meaning of the number 4 differ from its numerological meaning?

The answer lies in the meanings behind the words “numerology” and “spiritual.” Numerology is a branch of divination that posits that numbers hold special significance. Each number has a “vibration,” so to speak, and its energies can influence one’s life, especially the future. On the other hand, the spiritual has its roots in the belief system that a person belongs to. Whether it’s a religion, a culture, or anything, the meanings one can assign to a certain number can differ wildly. At the same time, there are also general spiritual meanings to the number 4. These are things that simply transcend cultures, indicating that despite differences, the divine influences everyone all the same.

General Meaning

4 natural elements

The spiritual meaning of number 4 connects with the 4 natural elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Our ancestors believed that they make up the essence of everything in this world. Through this, the number 4 has come to signify the orderliness in this world. Without the 4 elements, the world will not be the way it is. Chaos will reign, and the order of the universe will find itself jeopardized. Thus, the number 4 has come to acquire such a powerful meaning across millennia. It is also important to point out that there are 4 general directions: North, South, East, and West. Without this, navigation and physics will be very much different, even disorderly to the point of chaos. Of course, there are also the 4 seasons. These not only control the weather we experience, but also our way of life for a certain period.

Chinese Culture

In China, the spiritual meaning of number 4 has a negative connotation. Because it has the same pronunciation as “death” in Mandarin, it has had a bad reputation. Anything that comes in fourth such as building floors, car plate numbers, or even as mundane as a fourth choice is just a no bueno. If you ever visit China, don’t be surprised if buildings don’t have the 4th, 14th, 24th, and so on floors. After all, no one wants death anywhere near them! But the number 4 also emerges in various aspects of Chinese culture. As forerunners in the sciences, they value the importance of 4 as the basis of elements, seasons, and other concepts. It seems like even the number 4 has a silver lining attached to it!


A central feature of the Jewish faith is the Passover. It commemorates the Jews’ ancestors’ struggle and eventual freedom from enslavement. During the Seder or the symbolic meal they eat during this season, they drink 4 cups of wine. These cups are thought to symbolize the 4 worlds, as well as the 4 Matriarchs of the Jewish faith. But there is also another meaning to this. Jews believe that the 4 cups also signify the four promises that God gave them as found in the Bible:

  1. I will bring out.
  2. I will deliver.
  3. I will redeem.
  4. I will take.

It is also fascinating to note that during this time, 4 questions are traditionally asked by children to their elders. There will then be 4 answers to these inquiries. God is also known to the Jews as Yahweh, although they spell it as YHWH. They believe that using only the 4 consonants is a way of acknowledging God’s real name without being disrespectful. If anything, all these signify the value of the number 4 in the Jewish way of life.

There are many more spiritual meanings attached to the number 4, and recounting them all can take a long time! What these examples show is that beyond astrology and numerology, numbers are important. Number 4 for its part has come to signify death, promises, and faith. Regardless of its different spiritual meaning, the fact remains that the number 4 has some potent power within it. The ancients understood its power, and through different traditions, they hoped that we modern humans will be able to utilize it.

So, what does the number 4 symbolize?


It is now time for us to go back to the realm of numerology and understand the spiritual meaning of number 4 itself. As mentioned, it symbolizes stability, valuing tradition, and highlights the natural order of the world. But these attributes can be quite ambiguous. How can you attain stability? What can you do to value tradition? Is there any proper way to maintain the natural order of the world? As it turns out, there is! 

The first step in doing these is to go back to the basics as it were. The tried and tested things may be a bit overrated, but they work! Constantly seeing the number 4 is an indication that these methodologies are what should work best for you. If you do, rest assured that your spirit guides will come to your rescue. Not only will they ensure that you will go down the right path, they will also provide you comfort, strength, and support.

Once you obey the will of the universe, you will find yourself treading down a path unlike any other. Indeed, by following what has been laid out for you, you are fulfilling what the number 4 has in store. The resources that you need will be within your reach. The assistance that will prove crucial to your plans will come in swiftly. Best of all, you will be able to withstand whatever will come your way.

With the number 4 popping up in your life almost spontaneously, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Your spirit guides will stay by your side. A bright future will be right ahead of you. And when you call on the divine to guide you on your dark moments, it will deliver you.

What does a repeating number 4 mean?

Now, some people might not just see number 4 as it is. There will also be instances when numbers such as 44, 444, and 4444 will come up consistently. Consider yourself lucky! This means that the powers of number 4 will become stronger! At the same time, each one of these repeating numbers has its own special meaning. It would then be in a person’s best interest to take advantage of this fact. After all, the appearance of these numbers do not happen randomly. They are divinely-sent messages that are made for you so that you can build a great future.


This number not only means twice the potency of number 4, but also signifies a strong connection to the spiritual realm. You may not realize it, but your intuition has been working harder than ever. With this, your spirit guides will become stronger as well. They will be assisting you in ways that you can’t even imagine! However, this strong bond did not exist just to make you stronger. Rather, you are encouraged to help others as well. By doing work that can help others fulfill their goals, you are passing forward the positivity in your life. As more and more people do things with positive vibes, the world will become a better place to be in. The ripple effect of your actions will most definitely go a long way. You may even change the course of someone’s life simply by extending goodness to them.


achieve great success

Three times the charm is what would people say, and you’re really in for the ride! After all, what this number tells you is to do whatever it is that you want. Have no fear, as you will be able to achieve your goals in no time at all! Bear in mind that having the right mindset can change everything for you. If you don’t let your fears control you, will be able to achieve great success. Additionally, your spirit guides will not leave your side. You are approaching a crucial period in your life, and they will make sure you won’t go astray. As long as you keep your focus on the finish line, everything will be alright. You have the best support anyone can wish for: the universe itself.


Now, while this may not be as groundbreaking as the earlier ones, it is still important. Oftentimes, when you are so into your work, you fail to see that there are people and entities around you. While this is understandable, you need to remember that you are not alone. You do not have to tread on your path by yourself. Those who are close to you, as well as your spirit guides have your back. Indeed, you will be facing quite a lot of challenges during this period. But you need to remember that you are not alone. Life may be tough, but you are tougher! With the aid of good people and benevolent spirits, the success you have dreamed of will be within your reach.

How will the number 4 affect society at large?

You may notice sometimes that the number 4 will constantly emerge in the news for no reason. Knowing that 4 has its roots on stability, constancy, and tradition, you might find yourself wondering what will come next. Well, there is no need for you to fear the future! The constant presence of number 4 simply indicates that everyone will be hard at work. The future will be hanging on everybody’s minds, and people are more than eager to do something about it. Rather than allow differences to divide people, this will pave the way for communication. Being disciplined and committed will then be the prominent characteristics of people during this time.

This is also the time when people should double time. Deadlines are fast approaching, and if everyone wants the future to be good, then additional work is in order. Even if there’s no major transformation that is about to happen, it pays to give close attention to everything. People will then come to understand in due time the value of all they did. Patience is a virtue, afterall. No effort will go to waste, and everyone will see that the world is becoming a better place after everything.

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