Interpreting the Solar Return Meaning For You In 2022

solar return meaning

Do you have any idea what Solar Return meaning has for you in your life? Have you been a witness to the good (or bad) effects it had on you in the past? Or would you like to know more about it so you could use it to your full advantage?

Well today you’re in luck because we’re not only going to go through the meaning of Solar Return. But we’ll also try and give you a better understanding of the following:

  • How to conduct an accurate Solar Return interpretation
  • What does Solar Return mean for love and relationships?
  • Should you be nervous about your Solar Return day meaning?
  • How to read your Solar Return chart
  • Learn to calculate your Solar Return chart for future reference

So let’s go ahead and jump to the heart of the Solar Return meaning!

Meaning of Solar Return: An Overview

Believe it or not, the exact meaning of Solar Return does not have to be as intimidating as it sounds. Also known as the Solar Revolution, this is a crucial time around your birthday. Where a temporary chart basically tells you what the next year has in store for you.

This chart comes into play every year when the Sun reaches the exact degree and minute it occupied during your birth. It can happen during, a day prior or a day after your birthday. Basically, this may be the best time to cast all those birthday wishes you’ve kept deep inside your heart!

The Importance of Solar Returns

This is a time where you are once again infused with all that great potential your Sun sign has placed in you at birth. Notice that tingly sensation, vitality and excitement you feel when your birthday’s coming up? That’s what’s happening when the Sun is connecting to your own natal Sun. Each year you have a chance to start anew. A perfect outline is evident in your Solar Return.

Your Solar Return chart will include the date and time the Sun reaches your own natal Sun placement. Bear in mind though that your chart’s location is different from your location at birth.

Plenty of astrologers like to use your physical location during this time of your return. Since this is basically where your energy imprint happens. It’s the exact moment where you took your first breath on your birth chart. These energy patterns from the sky make an imprint on your physical body.

The same thing goes for your Solar Return chart. Here’s the difference between the two. Your natal chart has this imprint your whole life. While the chart for your Solar Return is only potent for one year.

You can read your Solar Return chart just like your birth chart. Only, there is an emphasis on the planet’s house placements plus their aspects. The top consideration being the placement of the Sun for that particular year. Plus various other aspects linked to the horoscope.

The Sun and The Houses

This is another important aspect in understanding the Solar Return meaning. For example, your Sun is put in the First House, which is the house of identity. Therefore this is a time where you will focus on your growth and self-development. Whereas if you find the Sun to be in your 7th House, which is the house of partnership, your priority will be on building alliances with other people. On a personal or business level.

When you are extremely lucky and all other factors come into play, this year where the Sun is in your 7th House may also mean marriage for that year. But what if your Sun rests in your 10th House this year, the House of Career? Expect some changes in your professional life. Either advancement in your chosen career path, or even switching gears to suit your preference.

Generally, where the Sun is, in your horoscope is where you are going to shine your light in this lifetime. But where the Sun is in your Solar Return chart, is where you will blossom and excel for that specific year.

Birth Chart VS Solar Return Chart

Another essential factor for comprehending Solar Return meaning. This is the comparison of your birth chart and your Solar Return chart. Do you know which sign is rising in your SR chart? Where is that sign when you look at your birth chart? This is vital information because your Ascendant area gives energy manifestation. This is where pivoting points occur, milestones reached, and greatest potentials unlocked.

Are there any natal planets that are conjunct with a Solar Return angle? Pay attention because this is crucial. Subtle nuances are there bringing vital elements into assessing one’s Solar Return. For better chances of anticipating what’s there to come.

Making Your Own Solar Return Chart

Alright, now that you know the importance of a Solar Return chart, how do you create one for accurate calculations? Here’s a mini crash course on how you can do this so you can gain some valuable insights.

Fortunately, there are some free online tools you can use for casting your instant Solar Return chart. This allows you to have a free chart without the need for a profile or logging in.

You can calculate your Solar Return Chart based on the following

  • Time of your birth
  • Day and month of your birth and the current year
  • Your specific location when you celebrate this particular birthday of the year

When casting this chart, where you are at the moment is more important than how you will spend your birthday. You will have a totally different result when you choose to spend your birthday in the Maldives than you would in Paris or New York. Your location is paramount so plan your birthday wisely.

Sample Chart Creation

For instance, you were born at 5:30 am in Melbourne on August 26, 1982. It’s 2022 and you haven’t decided if you’re going to spend it in Marbella, Spain, or New South Wales. Two places you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

So input 5:30 am on August 26, 2022, in Marbella, Spain, then check out how it will look. Then compare it when you would do a chart for August 26, 2022, in New South Wales at 5:30 am.

See? Two charts, two choices. Now it’s easier to book your travel plans depending on the outcome you wish to have for the entire whole year. But if you didn’t like the results on either one of them, good for you because you can easily cancel!

What To Do With The Solar Return Meaning

Now you know the nitty gritty of things, what exactly should you make of your Solar Return meaning? Should you just sit it out and let things be? Or should you be more proactive to make your Solar Return count?

You see this is a reminder of the importance of time. How it is fleeting, thus the need to fill it with energy, vitality, and unique ways you can shine in this world. This is a deep connection to your essence as a person, as a human being. And what better position to be in than on your birthday to make this happen! Here are some important things to remember when this special event is coming up.

Decide What To Keep, and What To Throw Away


When you are nearing your birthday, try to recall all the things in your life that have filled you with love, joy, peace, and laughter this year. What has kept you excited, motivated, and looking forward to each and every day? What are these things you plan to keep? Are you beginning a new chapter this year? What are the things that need to come to an end for you to move forward?

Be mindful of your mind, heart, and body. What are the things you’re willing to let go as you embark into this new adventure? Are you ready to shed off your old skin to make room for the new you? Have you forgiven yourself, or other people for the things that cannot be undone? To release you from the shackles of your past so true healing can begin?

Create Your Solar Return Chart

Just think of it as your birthday chart. Another option to find ways of moving through life this year. This does not have to supersede other insights giving you understanding of your current status.

Like insights coming from your Saturn return. It merely adds dimensions to help you realize what this year has in store for you. Slowly take this in and see how these new beginnings align with your new outlook.

Get Excited to Embark On This New Chapter In Your Life

For some it can be super exciting and exhilarating, to embark on this new chapter in their life. But for others, it can cause some major anxiety, worry, even panic attacks. Not everyone can easily get out of their comfort zones. After all, it has what sheltered them from their biggest fear all along- change.

time for change

The thing is, change is sometimes necessary for a person to grow. Out with the old, in with the new! Let go of things, persons, places and events that suck and drain the life out of you. Life is too short to be spent with doubts and worries. More importantly, realize that you need not go through this journey alone.

Ask for help from people you trust. Let go of this taboo mentality that asking for help is a sign of weakness, because it is not and never will be. Openly admitting that you are struggling and needing other people’s help so you can move forward. It takes strength, courage, and humility. This is something that only people committed to reaching their goals and care about their well-being are willing to do.

Asking for help allows you to surround yourself with amazing individuals. People who can make you feel good and encourage further development. Those who can create hope and optimism. You need this to better deal with challenging situations, improving your resilience.

Final Takeaways About Solar Returns

By this time you’re probably tired from reading only your Sun Sign’s horoscope. So having your natal chart read can be totally enlightening. Now you no longer see yourself as a solitary sign, rather, a complex being that is made of numerous points and planetary signs.

You see, your natal chart can show you how your behavior or personality are evident in the skies. However, it cannot answer specific questions you have about the near future. This is the benefit of having your Solar Return chart.

This is your snapshot of the skies as the Sun comes back to the natal placement, or its location the moment you were born at a certain year. It’s an awesome birthday gift you can give yourself, as it can pretty much sum up what lies ahead in the next 12 months of your life.

But after all is said and done, the end result is still up to you. Having all the important information that we discussed is not enough. You have to make a conscious effort to take action, and to use this to your full advantage. Other people who love and care about you can only do so much. In the end, it’s all up to you.

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