Dissecting the Brains of Astrology’s Smartest Zodiac Signs

smartest zodiac signs

Have you ever wondered who are among the smartest zodiac signs in astrology? What makes them a cut above the rest? And, are they truly extraordinary? In this article, you will not only discover which zodiac sign is the smartest. You’ll also learn their amazing habits and mindset that make them super successful in life. 

You will also have the answers to the following questions about the smartest zodiac sign:

  • Is the most intelligent zodiac sign also the most successful?
  • Does the smartest sign in the zodiac also have high EQ, not just IQ?
  • Could you have smartest astrological sign too?
  • What do the top smartest zodiac signs have that the rest of the world don’t?
  • Are zodiac signs that are the smartest also the happiest?

So let’s get it on and see what are the smartest zodiac signs in the planet!

Which Zodiac Sign Is the Smartest?

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

What makes Aquarius the chart-topper among astrology’s smartest zodiac signs? Their filters. They know when to distance themselves from a particular situation in order to come up with the best solution possible. It’s not just their intelligence that makes them extraordinary. But their perfect combination of innovativeness, balance, and broad-mindedness.

Aquarians are very open-minded. Even when statements are given or conditions they are in are directly contradictory to what they believe and stand for. They are always willing to look and listen to other people’s points of view. 

Ruled by the planet Saturn, Aquarius will go against the grain. They stick out like a sore thumb. Known to lead the pack, not just follow the crowd. Thus, they are the best in everything they do, regardless of their chosen fields. 

Scorpio (October 23- November 21) 

Scorpios bag second place among the smartest zodiac signs because of their razor-sharp intuition. They have a gift for reading other people, and they can smell a phony a mile away. Regardless, they always know what to say and do in any particular situation. 

They can be outrageously funny when they enjoy your company. But if they detect any sign of disrespect in your sarcasm and condescending tone, know that they can and they will trigger you. 

Sometimes Scorpios choose to be very low-key. Preferring not to show off and demonstrate their intellectual abilities. Even if the temptation is tremendous. They wait for the right timing and perfect opportunity to make their point truly come across. 

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Virgo made it to the third top spot among the smartest zodiac signs because of its perfect mix of intelligence. Not only are they highly critical, they’re also talented creatives paired with an eagle-eye for detail. They’re extremely precise and rarely miss out on anything. 

Virgo’s photographic memory is another big plus. And they already have innate organizational skills. So whatever tasks or projects they are working on are nothing less than impressive. 

But what makes Virgo really distinct is their interest even in the mundane. Things that people hardly notice or simply take for granted. They always have a question about everything. And when answers are not available, you can be sure this sign is on a quest to find them!

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

gemini zodiac sign

Making it to the fourth position on astrology’s smartest zodiac signs- Gemini. This chatterbox owes its gift of gab to Mercury. People love them because of their quick wit and inquisitive nature. Their ability to speak well is evident on any occasion. When asked to speak before a large audience or engage in debates on stage, Gemini’s are simply undaunted. 

They are not afraid to speak up because they know they are not merely trying to ‘wing it’. Geminis know exactly what they are talking about. They are not just blabbermouths hoping to impress people with highfalutin but empty words. 

Geminis are forever curious and thirsty for knowledge. No wonder they are avid readers who are always excited to learn and discover new things. So the next time you need help in coming up with great ideas for a project or a proposal, try brainstorming with a Gemini. You’ll walk away with a big smile on your face afterward!

12 Indications You Have Top Level Intelligence

Now that you know the top 4 smartest zodiac signs, it’s time to look at the indications one possesses top-level intelligence. 

Keen Observer

People love talking about themselves. Rambling for hours on end about their quirks and idiosyncrasies. However, there are a select few who are more interested in listening than talking. Those individuals having a high level of intelligence are ten times more observant than the regular Joe. 

During a conversation, you’re not always trying to come up with the next smart thing to say. You’re not interested in boosting your ego. On the contrary, you are listening intently to the person you’re talking to. Picking up signals not only from their speech but body language as well. You’re taking everything in, and looking to new ways to liven up the conversation even more. 

Brilliant people hardly step into the limelight. Usually, they’re careful and quiet listeners busy spending their time observing the world they live in. 

Sheer Control

Self-discipline is one of the hardest traits to acquire. But highly intelligent people surprisingly have amazing control for their impulses. They don’t fly off the handle easily. You can stifle unhealthy or unpleasant cravings. More impressive still, is your ability to find a great balance between discipline and spontaneity. 

This gift for self-control is what helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You have more energy for worthwhile hobbies and inspirational routines. This comes naturally for intelligent individuals. You don’t allow your vices to get out of control. 

You easily spot something you need to change within you. Never ignoring such things, you find a sustainable solution. You’re not scared to make adjustments to improve your behavior or mindset. Brilliant people know exactly what and when to change. 

Highly Specific

In 2011 two researchers investigated whether people with genius-level intelligence make assumptions. Yes, just like everyone else. In order to test this, they used two kinds of assumptions: Overfitting and underfitting. 

For example, you wish to recite a poem. If you do this during your English class, people would easily understand what you’re doing. However, if you spout these verses out in the streets, you’re definitely going to get a bunch of strange looks. That is what you call as overfitting. 

On the contrary, underfitting is choosing something that’s overly general. Fitting the larger population but basically does not tell you anything that could be of great use. For instance, you’re interested in studying cats. You start by gathering data from breeders and cat shelters. Finally, you decide they have something in common: they all have four legs. You can generally use that assumption for the entire population. But it tells you practically nothing. 

So, how are poetry and cats linked to your intelligence? People having genius-level intellects do one of these more often than the other. They love to be specific. Overfitting is something they do on a daily basis. They can come up with countless ultra-specific assumptions not known to work elsewhere. 

Being Alone (But Not Lonely)

being alone (but not lonely)

People with genius-level intellect genuinely enjoy being alone for long periods. They have no qualms about going solo because they’re never bored. They know exactly how to put their precious time to good use. 

They have active imaginations. Plotting out things to do in days to come to entertain their passions. Coming up with new hobbies. Or sometimes just reflecting about life in general. 

Regardless, intelligent beings hardly need one’s company for entertainment. That does not automatically make you an introvert, even anti-social. It’s just that looking for something worthwhile to do or accomplish doesn’t depend on anyone else but you. 

Ultra Focused

When brilliant people get in the zone, it’s virtually impossible to pull them out of it. They have the ability to spend endless hours on one task. And won’t stop until their passion project for the week is through, for example. 

This sheer focus and concentration are why intelligent folks accomplish so much. But this only happens when they’re hyped up about their work. 

You loathe doing things that bore you to death. Or you find absolutely pointless. You’re easily distracted when you’re stuck doing routine tasks. But when you find something you are truly passionate about, there’s absolutely nothing that could stop you. 

Messy Creatives

Generally speaking, an untidy room or a cluttered desk affects a person’s ability to think and concentrate. However, messy individuals tend to be smarter and more innovative. This idea has been floating around for quite some time now. But there was a study that put the power of messy creatives to the test. 

During the experiments, two desks were prepared for the participants. One was tidy and organized. The other was a total mess. There were random papers spewed all over the place. Office supplies in topsy turvy, plus a bunch of other distractions on the desk. 

While on their desks, they handed out a ping pong ball to the participants. Their task was to imagine creative ways to use the ball. It can be something as simple as a paperweight. Or something weird like a silly hat for your index finger. Researchers needed to find out how many ideas participants could think of. 

The bottom line? Those who were sitting on the cluttered desk had more inventive ideas. They were able to think outside the box. Telling us that intelligence and messiness come hand in hand. 

Ferocious Debater

ferocious debater

Geniuses have no problems going into debates about anything. Regardless if you know very little about the subject. One small fact is sufficient to keep a heated debate or argument going for an entire day. 

Since you have the ability to draw lots of logical conclusions from that seemingly minute piece of information. You can extract so much with a tiny detail than the average person could with endless pages of information. 

Smart people make very effective debaters since their minds can adapt and are able to make connections at ultra-fast speeds. Those who can argue anything are flexible and creative problem solvers. More important, however, is their ability to make a point and stand by it. You are confident because you can reason out and articulate as well as anyone else. 

High IQ and EQ

Even if you can argue about anything under the sun, you know your limits. When to push, and when to pull away. You don’t waste time yelling and berating the other person. Taking things personally is never your style. It’s not your goal to tear your opponent to pieces. Highly intelligent people know that no matter how heated an argument gets, respect and sensitivity should be a top priority. 

It’s like arguing with your best friend. All the tools needed to prove them wrong are at your fingertips. Then it dawns on you that the issue impacts them more than it does you. So instead of destroying your bond, you try to get your point across as gently as you can. Without attacking them or undermining their point of view. 

You need to learn to pull your punches. This will serve you in good stead in the long run. If you’re already doing this on a daily basis, you just may have a genius level of intelligence. 

Genetics Speak for Itself

According to a study made in the early 2000s, part of a person’s intelligence come from your genes. There are around five hundred of them and they have a large impact on your brain’s development. 

For instance, if your frontal lobe is much bigger than the average, you have your amazing gene pool to be grateful for. Because genetics have a major role, parents can literally pass their cognitive skills to their children.

This pertains to cognitive skills like reasoning and memory. In short, if you come from a long line of intelligent people, the fruit will not fall far from the tree. 

Nonstop Texting

non stop texting

Texting is one of the largest forms of communication. As a matter of fact, the younger generation thinks it’s strange to have the need to talk over the phone. Then again, nonstop texting could impact your intelligence negatively. 

How so? Because texting creates infomania. This means you are constantly absorbing brand-new info. But not really processing anything significant. 

The point is that your brain is not having the needed exercise required to develop and grow. Thus, if you don’t spend so much time on your phone, this probably gives you a higher IQ. 

Weird/Dry Sense of Humor

Has anyone told you your jokes are either too offensive or strange? It just so happens that a twisted sense of humor is actually a sign of high IQ. You heard it right. They discovered this during a study made at the University of Vienna. 

The participants had to listen to several kinds of jokes. These were mild puns, over the top, and those that were really gross. Participants needed to rate every joke as to how funny they were. This gave researchers an idea of their sense of humor. After which, the participant’s brainpower was tested. 

Granting their hypothesis was correct. Those individuals who enjoyed the most offensive jokes also had the highest intelligence. Researchers scored each participant’s IQ using a series of tests, both verbal and non-verbal. And as predicted, those having a twisted sense of humor had significantly higher scores. So if your jokes don’t get the usual laughs here and there, your IQ must be over the roof. 

Neverending Questions

Are you always preoccupied thinking about how the world came into being? How time actually works? Do have neverending questions that you challenge all the time? If so, you’re much smarter than you care to admit. 

Those having genius-level intellect relish the uncertainty. As well as the confusion of such impossible queries. Yes, they definitely want to know the answers. But they hate being told what to believe. 

Highly intelligent individuals always want to discover answers by themselves. And they usually don’t stop until they do.


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