Love Potion 101: Decoding Scorpio Man Secrets

There are several reasons why it’s important to learn decoding Scorpio man secrets. First, if you’re working for one (a boss or a valuable client). Next, if you’re working with one, like a colleague or subordinate. Also, if you’re already living with a scorpio but don’t have a clue on what to do. Finally, if you’re eyeing a Scorpio man but not sure if he’s really your type, and vice versa. 

You see, the cliche’ ‘opposites attract’ can be a two-edged sword. It can be fun, challenging, even stimulating- but only for a while. There may come a time when either one of you will realize you do nothing but annoy the hell out of each other, simply because you have very little, or absolutely nothing in common.

So, if you’re dead set on trying your luck on this dude born from October 23 to November 21, then this special feature is for you. Stack up on these awesome tips and work your way up decoding some solid Scorpio man secrets!

Scorpio Man Secrets #1: Cancer May Be The Answer

Scorpio Man Secrets

Yup, the zodiac sign Cancer may be the best match for a Scorpio man by far. Since they are signs of the same element, they have innate compatibility and put trust and intimacy as the highest priority. However, Pisces can also be a healthy competitor to Cancer. Just like Scorpio, Pisces act on intuition and are always deep in thought. Some even say they’re great mind-readers when it comes to their respective partners! 

Consequently, Scorpio’s total opposite, Taurus, has a secret weapon: PLEASURE! Taurus definitely knows how to please a Scorpio man- physically, emotionally, mentally, and ofcourse, sexually. Virgos aren’t so bad either, for they’re one of the most dedicated lovers on the planet. They’re undying love and devotion are sure to win a Scorpio man’s heart!

Scorpio  Man Secrets #2: Strengths

Flaming Passion

Expect a Scorpio man to always have passion included in the equation. For they are considered one of the most passionate signs among the zodiacs. And this goes beyond his brute strength, love, lust and desire evident during intimate moments. Rather, this transcends his career, business, relationships, leisure, health, wellness, and overall lifestyle. Rest assured, this guy is always on fire!

Sexy Mystery

a shirtless man

Admit it, nothing can be more attractive than a bit of mystery every now and then. This is one of Scorpio man’s most admirable traits, and one that’s extremely hard to resist. He’s not one to give everything away. He may appear to be the shy and quiet type, but don’t be fooled, for that’s just part of the charm. To lure his way into people’s hearts. Win their trust, and half the battle is won!

Faithful and Trustworthy

This is one of the most vital among the Scorpio man secrets. Scorpios are commonly  misconstrued for being heartbreakers because of their flirty and playful nature. But once they find their one true love, they are committed till the end. He may be charming and seductive to countless women, but he always sticks to ‘the one’.

Scorpio ‘Sixth Sense’

The Scorpio man can smell a phony a mile away. No amount of smile, laughter, and small talk can distract him from the fact that you’re doing it all for show. He knows if a person is genuine in their intentions, or merely toying with his emotions. So if you think you can win him over by feeding him lies, you are wasting your time.

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it these guys have an amazing sense of humor. This is absolutely true, and is proven to be one of the best kept Scorpio man secrets. They may seem shy and aloof at first, but once you tickle their fancy, you’re in for a sweet treat! They’re great at sharing witty banter and love using sarcasm to keep you on your toes. Leaving you unsure if he’s being serious or working on one of his famous pranks. One thing’s for sure, you will never feel bored!

Scorpio Man Secrets #3: Weaknesses


He may be strong, passionate, and highly alluring. But somehow these are the same traits that make some people weary of the Scorpio man. Because he’s super charming at his best, but extremely vengeful at his worst. He is loyal and trustworthy, thus, he expects the same from everybody. Especially from people he truly loves. Never cross a Scorpio because he will drag you to your knees. He takes betrayal very seriously.


a crown

It takes strong individuals to deal with a Scorpio. Especially if you talk about life long partners or lovers. What the Scorpio man wants, the Scorpio man gets. There is no such thing as compromise. There are no ifs and maybes. He never second guesses. He is always sure of his actions and decisions. A weak and insecure spouse will just disappear in his shadows.They need to be their own person, secure of their worth, before thinking about engaging in a serious relationship with a Scorpio. Because Scorpios tend to be overbearing and domineering. If you cannot stand your ground, love can never be found.

The Jelly Scorpio

He may be cool, calm, and confident on the outside, but deep inside, his insecurities eat him up like a plague. It doesn’t matter if he’s far more handsome than Henry Cavill. If he suspects you to be cheating on him with another guy, it’s going to be an interesting night. Normal tendency reactions from his partner may be anger or annoyance. But if that person truly knows, understands, and loves him, she’ll know what to do. She won’t fight fire with fire. She knows how to soothe him, how to calm him down. Wipe off his insecurities and remind him that nothing is stronger than the bond and connection that the two of them share. 


Scorpio men are highly-opinionated and hate it when you disagree with them. When they have made up their mind about something, there is little to nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. When this happens, just relax, take it easy and wait for him to calm down. In the end, he needs to know you’re more concerned about being loved than being right. Soon enough your Scorpio man will see the light!

Extreme Highs and Lows

One minute you’re happy and laughing like crazy, but before you know it he’s upset and extremely angry. About something or someone you don’t even have time to process. This can knock you off your feet sometimes, but once you get the hang of it, his mood swings will be a lot easier to deal with. Go beyond the yelling and the cursing. You ought to know by now this is but a flimsy facade. Know how to tear down his walls by letting him feel it’s okay to see him bare. And you love him. All of him. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Final Word

Decoding Scorpio man secrets can be a pain in the butt. But truly understanding them is the only way you can survive when you’re around them. And not only survive, but thrive. Whether he is that demanding boss at your office, your moody colleague at work, or for crying out loud, the love of your life, know that there is no shortcut to this. 

You cannot control his thoughts and actions, but you can control yours. Do you want to be dragging yourself out of bed each morning, feeling tired and grumpy when the day hasn’t even started? Or are you willing to try to work things out for the sake of humanity and keeping your sanity? You decide!

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