Scorpio Compatibility: How to choose the right love from the (Zodiac) stars!

Scorpio has quite a complex character. Behind their cool and mysterious exterior lies a fierce and passionate persona, eager to give their all- for a specific price. That’s why Scorpio compatibility has always been a hot topic in romance astrology.

It only follows that Scorpio would bring over these qualities into their love life. Yet one question remains: what kind of lover are they when paired with another Zodiac sign?

Would their intense and forceful personality prevail? Or will they be the kind of partner who is willing to give way in the name of love?

Read on to find out!

Scorpio Compatibility with Aries

Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Aries

As signs ruled by the god of war, passions are boundless in this union. The best way to describe this partnership is by likening it to two trains crashing into each other at high speeds!

Scorpio Compatibility: 

What Brings You Together: Scorpio compatibility with Aries is quite intense as both are intense signs. This characteristic is a no-brainer, considering that Mars rules them both!

Like their ruling planet, Scorpio and Aries are goal-oriented and unstoppable. It isn’t surprising that these two signs always find their way to each other because of their fiery and passionate personalities.

Scorpio’s “cold as ice” exterior can melt with Aries’ warmth and light. The innate bright and cheery personality of Aries is sure to bring out the Scorpio’s inner emotional self.

What Pulls You Apart: Unfortunately, having an Aries for a lover might be cause for headache for Scorpio. One major cause? The fact that they are opposites in too many aspects.

First off, Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign. When they are in a romantic relationship, they focus on their partner and get way too jealous.

Aries’ penchant for being “fun and flirty” is a surefire way to piss Scorpio off. When the latter notices the former going around as if they aren’t in a relationship, they are sure to throw hands (and not in an excellent way)!

It also makes sense for two signs ruled by the god of war to be warlike too. Arguments are a regular part of the relationship; considering that Scorpio has a violent streak to them, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when things get too heated, they explode in the worst way possible.

What Needs Your Attention: Scorpio needs to understand that controlling their Aries partner is like trying to stick two magnets of the same polarity: impossible beyond all logic. If anything, they must trust their partner to prevent petty fights and jealousies.

Restraint and self-control should also be present, especially during incredibly tough fights. Scorpio should keep in mind that unleashing their inner scorpion wouldn’t help resolve anything; instead, it can only make things even worse.

Conclusion: This relationship is one full of fiery passions …and tempers. Only through allowing reason to shine through would this relationship work peacefully, even if there will be numerous bumps along the way.

Scorpio and Taurus

Scorpio Compatibility: 

It may seem like an unlikely matchup, but these two headstrong signs pair up well like fine wine and cheese. The security in this relationship is also unlike any other, creating a love that is built to last.

What Brings You Together: Both Scorpio and Taurus are Fixed signs. This means that they want stability and reliability, a quality which they will find in each others’ company.

Scorpio wants their lover’s eyes to be on them, and them alone. This is no problem since Taurus is naturally loyal and unwavering in their relationships.

Taurus’ easy and laid back attitude also tempers the explosive outbursts that Scorpio tend to have. With Taurus’ gentleness, Scorpio would undoubtedly soften up and show that deeply romantic side of them that hardly anyone gets to see.

The ambitious side of both signs will also be their relationship’s greatest motivators. With Taurus’ penchant for material success and wealth, Scorpio will find them the perfect partner in their mission of taking over the world (whatever that means).

What Pulls You Apart: Incredibly, there’s hardly any reason for Scorpio and Taurus to part ways. However, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, and there can be some reasons why these two signs might get themselves in a lovers’ quarrel.

As said, Scorpio and Taurus are of fixed modality. While this quality has its merits, it can also mean that neither of these signs would back down during a fight.

Scorpio wants nothing but to emerge as the dominant person in their relationship. So, when Taurus’ assertiveness and stubbornness kick in, they see it as a threat to their authority and a reason for conflict.

The innately manipulative nature of Scorpio can also be problematic at times. When they feel like they have too little control of their Taurus partner, they resort to emotional and mental gymnastics to prove their point.

What Needs Your Attention: Finding a compromise may be challenging, but for a Scorpio and Taurus to pull through in their relationship, it is absolutely necessary. Think of how nightmarish it would be if there seems to be no end whenever two lovers argue!

In any case, being open in listening to each others’ grievances is the best method to resolve a conflict. This way, both parties will know what should be their course of action; after all, a relationship takes two to tango!

Conclusion: This relationship is full of trust, yet needs some work in the emotional department. Nevertheless, once resolved, it will result in Scorpio and Taurus being a dynamic and unstoppable duo destined to rule together.

Scorpio and Gemini

Scorpio Compatibility: 

Scorpio Compatibility with Gemini

When the scorpion meets the twins, it is sure to result in chaos. Scorpio’s stinger is sure to be locked and loaded as it tries to assert themself!

What Brings You Together: Many astrologers highly discourage a relationship between these two signs. This is because they are just like night and day- they just don’t go well together.

Despite this, there are still some points for redemption. Both Scorpio and Gemini are passionate and eager to learn about their lovers, making their relationship one of growth and learning.

Their different perspectives in life (Gemini being all about fun and positivity, while Scorpio is into the more nihilistic side of things) can help them mature in love. When done right, the saying “opposites attract” can empower this improbable partnership!

Scorpio will also appreciate Gemini’s bluntness. Since Mercury, the god of communication, rules the latter, they are forthright in expressing what needs fixing in their relationship and their sincerity.

This last part is refreshing for Scorpio. And why wouldn’t it be, especially when your ruler is the god of the underworld? Not too many messages go that way and hearing a genuine one is sure to melt Scorpio’s heart.

What Pulls You Apart: Scorpio leans more towards the private side of life and is mostly an introvert. Thus, Gemini’s love for publicity, intrigue, and the never-ending need for socialization causes the former’s headache.

A depth of character and interest in intellectual discourse is also something that Scorpio loves in a partner. Unfortunately, Gemini has neither, and their superficiality isn’t truly something that Scorpio would appreciate in someone they might spend their life with!

Scorpio’s penchant for seriousness and cunning may also be a reason for conflict. Gemini is notoriously playful and prefers teasing to argue.

When problems arise, it isn’t too far off to say that Scorpio’s blood pressure would rise to record levels. The reason? Gemini isn’t taking things seriously and would rather laugh about it!

What Needs Your Attention: Too many differences between these two signs can spell disaster. Yet, it can also be a reason for unity between Scorpio and Gemini.

Understanding their partner’s uniqueness is the first step that a Scorpio must take. Knowing that not everything is not under their control and accepting it is the top priority in a Scorpio x Gemini relationship’s to-do list.

Scorpio must also learn to trust in the genuine love and concern that their Gemini partner shows them. After all, a building’s flashy exterior doesn’t matter too much, especially when built on solid foundations!

Conclusion: Although this relationship isn’t expected to go well, a Scorpio and Gemini will be able to surpass all expectations if they put their hearts into making their love prevail. Opposites attract, after all.

Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpio Compatibility: 

Ask any astrologer, and they would tell you that a relationship between a Scorpio and Cancer is a match made in heaven. It seems that the sensitive crab is the best when trying to calm down the scorpion!

What Brings You Together: Both of these signs are profoundly emotional and sensitive. Because of this, the bond that they share goes deeper than just an ordinary relationship.

They can relate to each other’s joys and sorrows and their unwavering loyalty to their loved ones. Scorpio will also find itself at ease with Cancer’s love for solitude and dislike for superficial things.

Scorpio has a reputation for being angsty and brooding, and Cancer can help fix that! The latter has a caring and compassionate nature, a healing source for the former’s scarred yet profound heart.

Scorpio can also provide the aggressive yet passionate nature that Cancer tends to crave. This balance of masculine and feminine energies can be attributed to their respective rulers, Mars and the Moon, which helps smoothen the relationship between them.

It also helps a lot that both Scorpio and Cancer are Water signs. No matter what their state may be, they will always find a way to fuse and become one in mind, body, and soul.

What Pulls You Apart: It goes without saying the Scorpio can be quite the vengeful spirit. But it seems that they found their competitor in Cancer!

It may seem weird, but kind and sensitive Cancer is not afraid to exact revenge on anyone who wronged them- even their loved ones! Initially, Scorpio might find pleasure in this but might see themselves worn out by Cancer’s unwillingness to give in.

These two signs are also known to be moody. When they are too taken in by their emotions (especially anger), a fight is sure to break out!

Another cause for conflict is the signs’ tendency to indulge in negative thoughts. Scorpio tends to be sometimes brooding, and when they are on a roll, Cancer will reinforce it.

What Needs Your Attention: While having a deep emotional connection is fine and all, turning everything into an emotionally charged argument will bring more harm than good.

Scorpio’s violent and vengeful side must tone down, considering how their partner could also potentially backfire this behavior to them. Rather than give in to what one feels at the time, sitting down and having a rational talk about the things that need resolution is more preferable.

Conclusion: Scorpio and Cancer’s ability to harmonize is impressive beyond words. This relationship is sure to be symbiotic- nurturing and benefiting them both!

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio Compatibility: 

Scorpio Compatibility with Leo

Both signs have a distinct dramatic flair to them. If anything, this relationship is between two drama queens!

What Brings You Together: A relationship between Scorpio and Leo is intense. Both want to feel the intensity in their relationships, which they can offer to each other without rhyme and reason.

A sense of equality exists between these two signs. Although Scorpio wants to be the dominant force in a relationship, they’d allow their Leo partner to have fun being the boss- after all, rarely does Scorpio encounter someone worthy to be their equal!

As Fixed signs, Scorpio and Leo will find themselves agreeing that there’s nothing more important than staying faithful and resilient to whatever changes may come around them. They would stop at nothing just to keep their relationship going.

What Pulls You Apart: Despite being loyal, Leo loves a flirt or two. This trait can prove to be a thorn on Scorpio’s side, considering how much they hate feeling like they have a competition for their lover’s affections.

Scorpio might also find Leo’s egoistical side unbearable. And when the former refuses to recognize the latter’s “greatness” (read: flashiness), it could be another source of conflict.

The inherent depth of character that Scorpio has and looks for in a partner might also be missing in Leo. This shallow side might discourage Scorpio from pursuing a romance with Leo since, for them, there’s nothing more annoying than a person who is all about appearances only.

What Needs Your Attention: Both Scorpio and Leo have to adjust to each others’ needs.

Scorpio has to understand that Leo’s need for attention and validation is basically their love language. Through it, their partner would be able to feel their love and affection more effectively.

Scorpio must also learn how to appreciate facades. Not everything has to be deep, and through their Leo lover, they can see that clearly in one way or another.

Conclusion: Scorpio and Leo may be prideful, but if they humble themselves in the name of love, this relationship can last for a long time. Scorpio may also see appearances as deceiving, but this partnership can help them see the world differently through the light of Leo’s sun.

Scorpio and Virgo

Scorpio Compatibility: 

These two signs are another perfect match in the love department. It seems that the calm water-bearer can heal the poison in the scorpion’s stinger!

What Brings You Together: Scorpio’s intensity balances out with Virgo’s gentleness. Compared to most signs so far, Virgo will pretty much allow Scorpio to be the dominant one in their relationship- a fact that the latter will be delighted with.

Scorpio will also find themselves softening up because of Virgo’s open-book approach. While the former will see themselves gradually becoming gentler and kinder with the influence of their lover, the latter will also absorb some of the innate toughness that Scorpio has.

These two signs are also noted for being loyal, a trait that these two would greatly appreciate with each other. Scorpio will find the emotional security they lack in Virgo’s faithfulness, making their relationship full of trust and stability.

Scorpio will also appreciate how Virgo would often choose to give way to what they want. This makes the relationship relatively peaceful since arguments are pretty much avoidable, and Scorpio can direct the relationship’s course however they wish.

What Pulls You Apart: Too few things can break a relationship between Scorpio and Virgo. Yet, some factors may cause a rift between the two signs.

Scorpio can get too intense, which can be overwhelming for Virgo. In the unlikely event of an all-out fight, Scorpio can just burst and be violent, causing Virgo to back off in fear.

Virgo is also naturally critical, and Scorpio hates being told off something they put their heart in. While the former will readily concede, the latter might have something against their lover up on their sleeve.

What Needs Your Attention: Scorpio has to be considerate of Virgo’s sensitivity. Just because a person prefers to give way, it doesn’t mean that their kindness is a free estate to be abused!

Accepting criticism is also crucial, especially when it is constructive. Scorpio must take this as a point of improvement, rather than a personal attack; after all, a lover only wants what’s best for them and their partner.

Conclusion: This relationship is sure to bring out Scorpio’s compassionate side- something that hardly anyone gets to see. As Virgo softens them up, Scorpio can gradually see how releasing emotional burdens can help them become better than they expected themselves to be.

Scorpio and Libra

Scorpio Compatibility: 

Scorpio and Libra love pairing

This pairing is also another one of astrology’s huge no-nos. However, come to think of it, Scorpio and Libra’s petty differences can also be their strength!

What Brings You Together: Scorpio might find the innate intellectuality of Libra refreshing. After all, having a voice of reason is essential, especially when one’s feelings are too messed up!

The ruling planets of these two signs (Scorpio is to Mars, while Libra is to Venus) can also help make the relationship between the two work out nicely. As the lovers of the Roman pantheon, they balance each other’s warlike and romantic sides quite perfectly.

What Pulls You Apart: Unfortunately, there are some contestation points in a Scorpio x Libra relationship. For one, Scorpio will find themselves ill at ease with Libra’s need for constant attention- even from others!

While Scorpio wants to keep things deep yet lowkey, Libra is quite the opposite. Because of the latter’s need for constant socialization, the former might see this as a way for Libra to go around and flirt with someone else (which, unfortunately, is very likely).

The innate objectivity that Libra is proud of irks Scorpio very much. Emotions are fundamental to Scorpio, and when their partner goes around rationalizing rather than understanding, it can surely provoke their violent streak.

What Needs Your Attention: Understanding Libra’s objectivity may be an extreme brain exercise for Scorpio, but essential in making their relationship work. Looking at things more rationally is a good way for Scorpio to start in this endeavor.

Because Libra is unstoppable in their pursuit of multiple relationships, Scorpio must put their foot down and have their partner understand the importance of loyalty and commitment.

Conclusion: Initial hopes may not be that too high when these two come together- they’re too different, and their similarities are hardly ever there! Nevertheless, when they find the right way to channel these differences, Scorpio and Libra can have a powerful synergy, unlike any other.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio Compatibility: 

What better way is there to find a lover than in someone who knows you inside-out? A Scorpio falling for a Scorpio might sound dangerous, but for someone who lives for the thrill, it may just be the perfect way to find a mate.

What Brings You Together: Think of the Spiderman meme: Scorpio would basically just face a photocopy of themselves! It might seem scary, but it is also an excellent way to connect with someone who understands them profoundly.

A deep emotional connection is present in this relationship. As a result, two Scorpios would be fiercely loyal and committed to each other.

They are both passionate and intuitive, allowing them to know their lover in ways that no other sign could.

Since they are both ambitious and ferocious, they can support each other in achieving their goals and visions in living an emotionally charged yet forceful way of life.

What Pulls You Apart: Being with someone who is too much like you can be tedious and tiring. It may even feel like you are hitting yourself on the head with a frying pan!

Incredibly, trust is very fickle between two Scorpio lovers. Because they value secrecy and privacy, the two Scorpios may each feel like they are dating someone whom they think they know so much, yet at the same time know so little.

Emotional manipulation can also be a problem between the two of them. Stopping at nothing to get what they want, these two Scorpios may wear out each other as the emotional burden becomes too much to bear.

Fights on who comes out at the top are typical too. Dominance in a relationship is highly valuable for Scorpio, and when there’s two of them competing for it, well, trouble is obviously bubbling over inside the pot.

They can also reinforce their violent and negative sides too. This may result in a downright toxic relationship- a real red flag indeed.

What Needs Your Attention: Finding out the inherent differences between the two Scorpio lovers is essential. This way, the “boredom” a Scorpio may feel in the relationship can be mitigated (and it’s also an excellent way to know each other better!).

Controlling one’s temper is essential here too. Because these two Scorpios’ dark sides reflect off each other, knowing the other’s limits and exercising temperance will go a long way to make the relationship better and healthier for all parties.

Things may also be problematic with both desiring dominance. Thus, treating each other as equal and drawing boundaries will help Scorpio lovers avoid conflict as much as possible.

Conclusion: This relationship is not as peaceful as one might expect. Yet, it brings together two people with virtually the same goal in life: to achieve their ambition and find a passion that will match theirs. Indeed, two Scorpios in love are a force to be reckoned with!

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Sagittarius pairing

Scorpio Compatibility: 

This relationship is as crazy as it is wild. But with a little bit of patience and some razzle-dazzle, a relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius can be fun, if not interesting, at the very least.

What Brings You Together: Adventure and passion bring these two signs together. Sagittarius’ untamable personality will surely please Scorpio’s wild side!

Scorpio’s efforts in making their relationship work will not go unnoticed by Sagittarius’ sharp eye. This may come as a relief, especially knowing that Scorpio is brooding and tends to obsess over things they perceive as “big deal.”

Sagittarius is also an open book that eases the burden of trust issues in Scorpio’s suspicious soul. The former’s honesty is also refreshing to the latter; it reinforces the commitment that both parties have.  

What Pulls You Apart: Sagittarius may strike Scorpio as too public. It may even seem that a lowkey and intimate relationship is no longer an option!

Scorpio will also most likely get pissed off at Sagittarius’ lighthearted approach to life. Considering how serious Scorpio is in facing the question of how to live, seeing how “good vibes, positivity only” their Sagittarius lover is might be a source of frustration.

Communication barriers may also play an essential factor in complicating this relationship. While Scorpio would instead do non-verbal communication in expressing their pent-up emotions, Sagittarius insists on verbal openness- a real struggle for the former indeed!

With this, Sagittarius will earn Scorpio’s ire for their no-holds-barred honesty. Scorpio will view this as insensitive and a “sign” that their partner has no compassion for their emotional struggles.

What Needs Your Attention: Boundaries between the private and public must be made clear between a Scorpio and Sagittarius. Not everything in the relationship needs revealing but being too private isn’t nice when you’re trying to point out that you’re dating someone.

Verbalizing one’s feelings is a struggle for Scorpio, but this is important in making known what they think needs some work in their relationship. Not all people are telepathic, and it’s likely your lover isn’t; do both of yourselves a favor and talk things out!

Scorpio must also be a bit more understanding of Sagittarius’s positivity and take some pointers from it. Being too serious about everything is not suitable for one’s well being!

While Sagittarius’ candidness may be borderline offensive, it can also be a source of improvement for Scorpio. It can be beneficial for the latter to understand what the former is trying to say and use it as motivation for self-improvement.

Conclusion: A relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius may seem like a bad idea, but the unlikely yet beautiful way they complement each other will help them grow into better individuals. It is also fair to say that this kind of love will help Scorpio realize that the truth they crave so much may hurt a lot- and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio Compatibility: 

A relationship between a Scorpio and Capricorn is also another love match. When these two deeply-thinking individuals come together, it is almost as if they know how to handle each other without any need for words!

What Brings You Together: These two signs are notorious for being dead-serious and focused on their goals. When they come together, it is like watching a Bond villain actually succeed!

Both Scorpio and Capricorn also love security. Thus, a relationship between the two is guaranteed to be grounded on trust and confidence in each other’s loyalty and faithfulness.

A penchant for privacy is also shared between the two signs. They will find peace in each other’s company and allow their relationship to bloom away from prying eyes.

What Pulls You Apart: Hardly anything can be a source of conflict for these two signs. Yet, as always, there is still something that can trigger an argument or two.

Scorpio might find Capricorn as too much of a workaholic and less of a deeply feeling person. This might pose a problem for the very emotional and passionate Scorpio who is in constant want of feeling something through anything.

What Needs Your Attention: Incredibly, helping Capricorn soften up a little bit is Scorpio’s duty. This isn’t a tough job to do, though, because the former is favorable to the prospect of opening up a bit more to make the relationship work.

Conclusion: This relationship is incredible since almost no words could capture how well a Scorpio and Capricorn go together. It is almost as if this relationship is the epitome of the saying, “to see is to believe!”

Scorpio and Aquarius

Aquarius pairing

Scorpio Compatibility: 

This pairing is something that hardly ever gets the approval of astrologers. Scorpio and Aquarius are just too different for a peaceful relationship to pull through!

What Brings You Together: Scorpio and Aquarius are both fixed signs. They value stability above everything, creating a relationship that is incredibly loyal and committed to their partner.

Scorpio will also find a refreshing kind of stimulation from Aquarius’ natural intellect. The deep insights that the latter has will indeed find approval from the former’s curious and boundless mind.

The attraction is also mutual. Scorpio’s element, Water, is naturally drawn to Air (Aquarius’ element). This creates a blend that is terrifyingly beautiful, like a water spout swirling towards the sky in the vast sea.

What Pulls You Apart: Unfortunately, there are too many differences between these two signs that could ruin their relationship for good. For one, Scorpio might find themselves uncomfortable with Aquarius’ highly rational mind.

Scorpio’s emotional self will also be in conflict with Aquarius’ want to be free from an emotional burden. While Scorpio lets their heart do the talking, Aquarius would instead put logic at the forefront.

While having the same modality has its merits, these two Fixed signs are notoriously stubborn. When faced with a problem that has them both at the opposing sides of a conflict, it is sure to be a battle between feelings and thoughts.

Aquarius is also downright blunt, a trait that will surely get them on Scorpio’s bad side. When the former hits the wrong spot, the latter would undoubtedly get back on them with a vengeance.

What Needs Your Attention: Meeting halfway is the best way to make a relationship between a Scorpio and an Aquarius work. Allowing each other to express their thoughts and feelings and finding realistic resolutions, rather than allowing them to be consumed by it, is the best course of action.

Scorpio must also keep in mind that getting back to anyone who crosses them is not always the best way to make things even, especially if the person offending them is a loved one. Try to think of it, exacting revenge because a person’s honesty is as petty as it is hurtful.

Conclusion: This relationship is a disaster waiting to happen, yet when done right, produces satisfying results. In that case, best believe that it’s going to be one emotionally-driven, at the same time mentally stimulating, roller coaster ride.

Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio Compatibility: 

It may be the last, but hardly is it the least. On the contrary, this pairing is best as it allows all those involved to shine the best way possible.

What Brings You Together: Scorpio will surely appreciate Pisces’ go with the flow attitude. The former will exert their influence and dominance while the latter would just happily go along with it.

An emotional connection is also present in this relationship. Since Scorpio and Pisces are both romantic and emotionally driven, they would understand each other in more profound ways.

Loyalty and commitment are also the names of the game. Scorpio will find Pisces’ commitment a reason for unrelenting trust and confidence in their lover- a real asset in keeping their relationship alive and well!

It also pays off how their opposing personalities complement, rather than contradict. Scorpio can help Pisces be a bit more assertive, and in return, they would learn how to let go of some things gently and gradually.

What Pulls You Apart: Scorpio’s ability to be the dominant one in this relationship might get into their heads. Before they knew it, their Pisces lover gave up and just ghost them outright!

Scorpio might find their partner meek and accept whatever happens, but Pisces just doesn’t want a fight. When the latter feels that whatever they’re going through is too much, they see that the only way to express their anger and disappointment is through the act of leaving.

What Needs Your Attention: Scorpio must take care not to abuse their Pisces partner’s innate kindness and gentleness. Setting limits is essential so as not to make the relationship toxic for all parties involved.

Scorpio must also encourage Pisces to open up a bit more. The former obviously don’t want their loved ones to walk out on them, and the only way to correctly resolve conflicts is through open communication.

Conclusion: Scorpio compatibility with Pisces is perhaps one of the most sensible ones in the Zodiac since it allows the lovers to be wholly themselves with little to no problem. It may seem strange to an outsider, but it makes perfect sense as the balance between them is just right.

Closing Thoughts on Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio compatibility is truly a complex subject. Scorpio’s love life is full of surprising twists and turns, especially when they pair up with someone who seems to be their unlikely (yet perfect) pair! 

They may seem to be aloof and brooding at first, but Scorpio will eventually show that fatally romantic side of theirs as time goes on. No matter what sign they pair with, they are sure to show their love without any qualms.

While there are signs that seem to be the perfect match for Scorpio, the truth is that any sign will do as long as they would be able to settle their differences. Keeping in mind the things that will tick off the other is sure to help a relationship get more robust and last longer. After all, Scorpio compatibility is still the same as other zodiac compatibilities. 

Another thing to consider is one’s astrological birth chart. The relationship outcomes here are based on sun signs only and do not consider other equally important parts of a person’s Zodiac, most especially their moon sign. Thus, Scorpio compatibility can take a totally different turn when the above-mentioned factors are taken into account.

So if you are in a relationship (or still planning to be in one), it is essential to consider each part of your significant other’s birth chart. Who knows what secrets you may learn about them?

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