Pluto in Aquarius: All you need to know!

pluto in aquarius

For some people, the concept of Pluto in Aquarius is a bit confusing. Some might not even know what it means and how it affects them in any way. Moreover, there are certain effects when Pluto hits Aquarius and people will have to prepare for it. 

This article will give you a glimpse of all the things you need to know about Pluto in Aquarius. From describing pluto to defining the effects and retrogrades it has on people, this article has got you covered. Take a look at the following points as well: 

  • Pluto in the Astrological Cosmos
  • What is Aquarius
  • When Pluto is in Aquarius
  • Pluto in Aquarius and its effect on technology

Pluto in the Astrological Cosmos

The dwarf planet Pluto was discovered in 1930 and is the final planet of the solar system. Moreover, the planet is also the farthest from our sun. In addition, the dwarf planet takes about 12 to 30 years to move through the signs because of its long orbit. 

Where exactly did the name Pluto come from? Pluto translates to riches during ancient times as a moniker for Hades. Moreover, Pluto is the planet that is responsible for the awakening and recovery of secrets. When it comes to the solar system, Pluto is all about finality and fatality. The planet also rules Scorpio which is all about Karmic and the mechanics of death and rebirth. In addition, the planet is also the horizon between worlds as some say. 

Pluto brings about deep transformation in people’s lives. It rules over the processes or cycle of our lives to the next one. Furthermore, Pluto also brings a new perspective. New approaches are possible when it comes to this planet and best believe you will experience new views and evolution. People will also have new outlooks in aspects of their lives which is why Pluto is one transformative planet. 

Aside from the basics, Pluto serves as the marker of generational definition when it comes to astrology. They say Boomers (1939-1958) was born with Pluto in Leo. Meanwhile, Gen X (1971-1983) was born with Pluto in Libra, Millennials (1983-1995) were born through Pluto’s Transit through Scorpio, and finally, Gen Z (1995-2009) was born to Pluto in Sagittarius.

Pluto represents destruction as well when it comes to astrology. The dwarf planet’s role is to keep the world going and get rid of those that no longer give life. In addition, Pluto is also all about healthier growth which is why it get rids of everything rotten.

What is Aquarius 

aquarius zodiac sign

Now that Pluto has been established, it is time to know what Aquarius is. Much to people’s belief, Aquarius is not a water sign. Aquarius is an air sign that many people are mistaken for because of the word “Aqua” in its name. Moreover, Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac. Moreover, since it’s an air sign, it deals with concepts related to air. 

Aquarius is one of the most innovative, rebellious, and humanitarian zodiac signs. Moreover, they are also quite sensitive and are in need of love and appreciation. People who are Aquarius are born between January 20 to February 8.

The water-bearer is passionate about interpersonal dynamics just like its other air counterparts. Moreover, the water-bearers have a deep focus on their goals and are big thinkers. In addition, Aquarius’ ruler is Uranus which is the planet responsible for innovation, technology, and unanticipated events. Aquarius and Uranus perfectly mirror each other’s attitudes.

People who are Aquarius are aloof and detached from people and reality. They are even people who do not like small talk and are not really up for gossip and other conversations. The water-bearers are quite frank and blunt. And also, they do not like authority figures and are quite the rebels as people would describe them.

Pluto is in Aquarius explained

Pluto is the planet of transformation and Aquarius is all about progress that is why when Pluto is in Aquarius, life will evolve and progress like no other. The dwarf planet is serious about transformation which includes a shift in people’s souls. 

What makes Pluto’s transit powerful? Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth and releases new perspective for people. Moreover, it also helps us make space for something new and better which is why the transit is impactful. When Pluto is in Aquarius, there will likely be a huge energy of regeneration. In addition, with these two combined, humanity will have the incredible power of change.

When exactly is Pluto in Aquarius?

There are a lot of Pluto in Aquarius dates you have to know. This section will also answer how long Pluto stay in Aquarius. Pluto is in Aquarius starting from March 23, 2023, until June 11, 2023. The next ones are from January 20, 2024, until September 1 2024, and then November 19, 2024 to March 8, 2043. Since Pluto is a slow-moving planet, there are many dates when it will retrograde. When Pluto is in Aquarius, they say the dwarf planet will flirt with the water-bearer until 2024.

During this time, people take social structures seriously and there will be reform. The cycle of Pluto in Aquarius in 2023 is long-term and will gravely affect life as we know it and even people.

The last time pluto was in Aquarius was in 1778 to 1798. This was when there were changes in social order. Public rights were also transformative.

Meaning of Pluto in Aquarius

Let us delve deeper into what it means when Pluto enters Aquarius. What happens when Pluto is in Aquarius? During the time Pluto is in Aquarius there will be unusual events that would transpire. Moreover, dramatic happenings will also appear that will affect relationships. 

There will be a confrontation of issues when it comes to power and control. Power and control relate to individuality, friendship, and even equality. In addition, as Pluto aims for transformation during Aquarius, people are able to determine their progressiveness and ideals. And since it does land on Aquarius, there will also be humanitarian-related progress.


When Pluto is in Aquarius, it also means change. Moreover, society will have more inventions, and ideas will flow. Some other impacts on civil rights and people who are powerful will work together. In addition, lives, feelings, and experiences will be valued.

This time also means transformation in each of our personal lives. The transformation refers to how we view ourselves and our purpose on earth. When pluto meets the water-bearer, they wants to see us help others and make the most of our lives by doing so.

As a whole, when Pluto hits Aquarius change is the main thing it wants us to achieve. The negative and rotten energy will be replaced with something new.

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius 

When people hear the word “Retrograde”, it may seem like a concept that is hard to understand. To put it simply, Retrograde means moving backward. Moreover, when something is retrograde, it means they are moving backward rather than forward. You can also think of it as something that is making a U-turn. 

When Pluto is in Retrograde, you should expect the effects to happen to us individually. We will see the deepest parts of ourselves, even our secrets. Moreover, we can also discover new things about ourselves. You will have access to your inner strength as well. Pluto’s retrograde in Aquarius makes us think about how pure our intentions for others are. Think of it as retrograde making us think twice about acting only for ourselves and not for others.

When a planet is in Retrograde, particularly Pluto, not many people may like it. However, the essence of it is to let us know what we lack or what is holding us back from progressing. Pluto in retrograde is the time for us to realize things in our lives that we never got to realize before.

Another analogy would be to act as if Pluto is taking out the trash. The trash in question is the negativity that surrounds us and hinders us from making it to our very potential. In this way, we can make room for new things and healthier connections. 

Negativity comes in all forms, it can be a negative workplace, family member, or even friends. When pluto is in retrograde it makes sure to help you steer clear of those negative aspects. The bottom line is, even though Pluto might have a few unwanted effects however it may be for good. All that is best to do is to welcome the effects and live with them.

What Pluto and Aquarius mean to people born in it. 

For people who are born in Pluto and Aquarius, the mind is more powerful than that emotions. If you are born in it, it will be easier for you to let go of things that hold you back. Moreover, you may also experience different and fast changes in your lifetime. 

In addition, there are things that you will see that you usually do not. You can also see the flaws of humanity and have a great desire to change those as well. This is because Pluto in Aquarius’ transformation energy is so strong, it makes you think of others rather than just yourself.

You will also realize how necessary change is, however you do not always have to get rid of everything and make changes since there is a possibility that you will even take away your happiness and stability. If you do this, you will have a hard time getting them back or you will not get them back at all.

Another meaning of being born on Pluto in Aquarius is you will be able to shape your hopes and ideals. You also have a first glimpse of how endings can also be the start of new beginnings. With the knowledge that you have, you can possibly share with other people as well.

Pluto in Aquarius Personality Traits 200

Yes, Pluto in Aquarius also has an effect on the personality traits of people who are born in it. In this section, we will break down the different traits of Pluto in Aquarius Man and Woman.

Pluto in Aquarius Woman

business women

Women who are born in Pluto are friendly. They are also outgoing and they love working with other people. If you meet a Pluto in Aquarius woman you may see that they are the type to speak their mind and really work for their plans. 

These women are innovative and inspiring, literal girl bosses as others may say. Women who are born in Pluto in Aquarius also make great leaders. They are good at making conversations and giving great advice. Moreover, these women are usually great performers and never back away from the spotlight. Never try to control a Pluto in Aquarius woman, she will get offended. 

Women born in Pluto in Aquarius are strong-willed and they can empower themselves and everyone else. In addition, they are also a great and successful businesswomen. They often have great money instincts. 

A lot of people find a Pluto in Aquarius woman inspirational. These women are also teachers and can open your mind to whole new possibilities.

Pluto in Aquarius Man

Let’s now head to Pluto in Aquarius Man. These men are all about freedom and they will not settle for a person who holds them back from achieving their dreams. Moreover, they are also very passionate.

However, Pluto in Aquarius Men will not yet settle down with you until he achieved his dreams. They are so driven that they would sometimes choose careers over other people. Men who are born in Pluto in Aquarius are also very understanding of other people and they have a big desire to change the world which is typical for Pluto in Aquarius.

Best believe that Aquarius men use language more than actions. They also have feelings that they intend to keep within themselves. One more thing you need to know about Aquarius men is the fact that they do not have a sense of direction which is why people do not always like them.


Now that you know all things about Pluto in Aquarius, you can be sure that this time will have effects on you. However, these effects are more on transformation for the better. It is important to remember that accepting the changes brought about by Pluto in Aquarius and its retrograde is a good move.

When Pluto in Aquarius comes, it is time to take out the trash and get rid of negative energy. Embrace change and hope for a transformative and progressive age. 

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