Everything You Need To Know About Pluto In Sagittarius

pluto in sagittarius

The zodiac placement of Pluto in your birth chart reveals the transformations that take position in your life. And how you channel your vital power and core truths. To help you, this article will explore and discover everything you need to know about Pluto in Sagittarius. 

Pluto has a reputation in the astrological realm for bringing destruction in its wake. Indeed, this reputation is also well deserved, as its presence alone stirs up latent control and fear issues. 

Pluto does not care about your ego or social posturing — it intends to activate realms within us that we are trying to avoid. Thus, its influence can feel like disasters of the most personal and ruinous kind. 

But Pluto is not here to ruin you. Quite the contrary, Pluto is here to usher in the kind of profound shifts that lead to your deepest and most integral transformation.

This read includes the following subtopics that will help shape your understanding of Pluto in Sagittarius:

  • What Does It Mean To Have Pluto In Sagittarius
  • Pluto In Sagittarius Generation
  • Positive Traits Of The Pluto In Sagittarius
  • Negative Traits Of The Pluto In Sagittarius
  • Pluto In Sagittarius Woman
  • Pluto In Sagittarius Man

Now that we have set the tone of this article, let us begin to unwrap the facts.

Pluto in Sagittarius Meaning

What Does It Mean To Have Pluto In Sagittarius?

When Pluto’s work happens in beaming and open Sagittarius, these shifts no longer occur in the shadows. The flames of Sagittarius’ displays every action of transformative Pluto to our conscious minds. Here, we can see the truths in our situation — why things are falling apart where they are, but where they are slipping together, too.

Nevertheless, Pluto is relentless in its impact. Relationships or marriages fraught with deception may crumble beneath us during this transit. Long-held beliefs and religious structures may fall apart when we realize they no longer apply to our lives. 

Addictions may also suddenly demand conscious change. Neither Pluto nor Sagittarius has any patience for that which does not serve our highest purpose. 

This transit may not be an enjoyable time. But you can take comfort in seeing the whole picture and embracing the honest transformation this transit brings.

If You Were Born during this time:

Native Pluto in Sagittarius has a leg up on many other Pluto placements. With this sensitive planet in such an aware and expansive sign, access to your subconscious is uncommonly accessible to you. Your natural receptiveness toward what you find in your shadowy realms makes you an awake and integrated individual.

With your Pluto in Sagittarius, you are also likely drawn to philosophy. You enjoy talking about how shifts in your beliefs can turn the world into a better place. Confidence radiates and flows from your very being, and you attract all sorts of people to you.

Your optimism and drive to live your truth, coupled with wisdom that knows well the depths of their soul, makes you admired by others. You are also comfortable taking the reins in social situations.

However, do not forget to be also mindful while staying connected to the experiences of others. With such natural clarity, it is easy for you to fall into feelings of frustration or superiority with others for not being on what you feel is “your level.” 

Remember, we are all on our journey, and we all have our lessons to learn and teach. Stay compassionate, stay kind, and stay humble. Everything in your life will benefit you.

Pluto In Sagittarius Generation

pluto in sagittarius generation

Pluto is a slow-moving planet and has an elliptical orbit. The portion of time it spends in each sign varies from 12 to 30 years. 

As Pluto moves through each zodiac sign a new generation is born that has different priorities, values, and issues. It was between 1995 and 2008 when Pluto was in the sign of Sagittarius.

Social scientists refer to those born during these years as Generation Z.

Pluto in Sagittarius generation are well absorbed in a search for truth. They believe that dialogue can solve conflicts and improve the world. Intelligence and higher vision are two of their innate characteristics. 

At this moment, Pluto in Sagittarius’ youth-led movements have sprung up worldwide. The world is beginning to see the transformative power of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation.

And since this generation is still quite young. They are likely to put off lifelong commitments and play the field of dating until they finish their education. 

Even then, their relationships will be more of an equal partnership where each encourages the other to follow their vision. Traveling and acquiring knowledge is more important to this generation than starting a family.

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation will continually take in new experiences to reshape and expand their views. They will pit current beliefs about right and wrong against the endless diversity of the world around them. They will use their vision of truth to guide them down a moral path. 

However, there are untold numbers of individuals who were born when Pluto was in Sagittarius. So it is important to remember that each also has the Sun, Moon, the ascendant, numerous planets, and other points, as well as all 12 signs in their horoscope. And all of these relate to how Pluto in Sagittarius will manifest in each individual’s life.

Characteristic Traits (The Positive and The Negative):

Plutonian Sagittarius seems to always be evolving. From the experiences that they go through and developing skills through the knowledge they acquire.

However, changes in the worldview do not mean that this native changes what they perceive the essence to be. Yes, they might view things differently, but their principles in life are firm and rooted with their beliefs.

Being born with Pluto in Sagittarius, you have a morality system engrained in your subconscious. And there is no sign of arrogance or egocentrism in what you do.

This native’s most glaring flaw is that you never fully think about your next course of action, instead, letting it all come naturally. This lack of planning and self-awareness may get you or anyone in trouble. But mistakes and lapses are opportunities to learn from, and if you realize these, everything should be alright.

Besides, in order to better continue on the path toward self-development. One should think about being more flexible with their life rules and not being too tied to their comfort zone.

Pluto and the Sagittarius Woman

pluto and the sagittarius woman

The last generation of women born when Pluto transitted Sagittarius were so blessed to break apart gender boundaries. They were well equipped, capable and willing to work alongside men in domains that put their skills to the test.

Challenges are also welcomed as opportunities to further hone themselves. It is something that women have long since fought for, this liberty of acting and thinking.

This way, with that mindset fuelling and leading them, the woman with Pluto in Sagittarius is set on a path towards hard work and earned success. She knows how to use and capitalize on her natural diplomacy and sensibility.

The modern-day Plutonian Sagittarius women are also very aware that it is not a bad thing exposing your feminine traits. Some weaknesses are actually an advantage most of the time — it is something you should be proud of and not hide.

There is nothing wrong or shameful with exhibiting sensibility, empathy or having strong emotions. Moreover, this is one of the greatest advances of all times, accepting this as the truth.

Pluto and the Sagittarius Man

Men born and delivered when Pluto was in Sagittarius share many characteristics with women of the time. The only exception is the reclaiming of “feminine” styles and aesthetics. Men of this time are more comfortable, on the whole, with being seen as “feminine.”

Men of this time are sociable, charismatic, and dedicated to social issues. The connectivity afforded by social media in this time means that more people than before are able to put their thoughts out into the world. These people, most of whom are teenagers and young adults now, have grown up liberated and willing to speak out about their views on the world.

These men, compared to their female counterparts are not very interested in reclaiming their emotional side. Instead, they would like to embrace a little of the tenderness and softness.

The last time in history when Pluto transited Sagittarius, these men back then were at the top of their social game. Always engaging in debates long discussions, and focused on proposing change to the world.

Being willing to share one’s thoughts and ideas with the world may now be well perceived as a mark of great intelligence, but it was not always like this.

The last time that Pluto roamed the Sagittarius, society was against this type of attitude, discrediting it again and again. Those people who dared to break these barriers were also mercilessly mocked, and their values were demeaned to no end.

This means that Plutonian Sagittarius men have these attitudes ingrained in their subconscious. They still feel the need to fight to have their voices heard.

Dates For Pluto In Sagittarius

Because of Pluto’s irregular, elliptical-shaped orbit, it invests a different amount of time in each sign. This situation means that it is pretty difficult to accurately determine where it was more than a couple hundred years ago. Pluto’s last movement through Sagittarius, from 1746 to 1762, is the second most ancient phase of Pluto that we can state with accuracy.

Less than 15 years after Pluto passed out of Sagittarius, the American Revolution changed the face of the Western world forever. Young Sagittarians, older philosophers of Scorpio, took over power and made the changes they saw as important.

Therefore, we can predict that we will see similar sweeping changes to our world in a comparable period within the next five or ten years. Sagittarians should be wary of the years between 2018 and 2023, as these are the quintessential time frame to step into power. And start making the changes that they are already talking about and have in mind.

Currently, Pluto is in Capricorn, which isn’t always a sign that goes well with Sagittarius. In 2024, it’ll pass out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. With which Sagittarius shares a sense of social consciousness and inspiration. 

If you feel as if your ideas for changing the world are not being well appreciated, just hold out for the shift into the house of Aquarius! That might even align with the final steps of the social change we can predict.

Final Thoughts: Understanding The Effects Of Pluto In Sagittarius

connect with others through social media

Sagittarius has had a stunning effect on the world. Expanding the methods and ways in which people can connect with others through social media. And making it attainable to get your opinions and ideas out into the world in ways and speed that previous generations could only wish.

The ability to express one’s views, and connectivity, are crucial values for most people born with Pluto in Sagittarius. These are values that they hold highly. This is apparent by the passionate debate over the limits of free speech that is raging among young people during this present time.

Of course, all of us want boundaries on what other people are also allowed to say. Even so, this entire age range of people believes far too strongly in the importance of this social right. Being able to express themselves is something you cannot take away from them.

If you were born at the time while Pluto was in Sagittarius, you are fortunate. Your charisma, social skills, and passion for expressing yourself will all lead you to great success. This success is visible in the public world in the coming years, especially as Pluto shifts more out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.

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