Pisces Spirit Animal: Exploring Spirit Animals In the Zodiac

pisces spirit animal

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be surrounded by a powerful yet invisible type of spirit guide to help you in your hour of great need? Someone who can help you overcome life’s greatest obstacles no matter how big they turn out to be? Actually, you already have one, you just might not know it yet. They are known as spirit animals, and if you’re a Pisces, you’re in luck. Because in this post, we’re not just going to learn about the Pisces spirit animal,  but everything there is to know about spirit animals in general. We will also touch base with the following: 

  • What specific characteristics does the spirit animal for Pisces have?
  • How do you know what the Pisces spirit animal is trying to tell you?
  • Learn the list of spirit animals for Pisces and the one that resonates most with you. 
  • How the Pisces zodiac spirit animal can bring peace and serenity in your life. 

So let’s go ahead and discover what is Pisces spirit animal all about!

What Is Pisces Spirit Animal? An Overview

To learn what is Pisces spirit animal, it is essential to know and understand what is a spirit animal in the first place and what role it plays in a person’s life. How can you connect with these formidable beings so they can come to you when you need them the most? It is also important to learn how to nurture this relationship to maximize its impact on your life. So in this post, we are going to discuss the meaning of a spirit animal, the various ways your spirit animal can help you, and finally, what having the Pisces spirit animal is all about. 

What Are Spirit Animals? 

Spirit animals are guides presenting themselves in either physical or energy forms. There will be times when your spirit animal will literally appear in physical form, in the flesh, through a visitation. Other times they will come to you in an energy form, in a non-physical way. This can happen during mindfulness meditation while doing yoga, or while you are working or doing random things. They may even appear in your dream. 

Each spirit animal is filled with different energy because they have very distinct energy signatures. Thus, when a different animal shows itself to you you will know right away that you are summoning a different vibration. You are calling a particular type of guidance since each animal has their own unique vibration. 

Types of Spirit Guides 

Now, there are three types of spirit guides coming in the form of animals namely, the spirit animal, the totem animal, and the power animal. 

Spirit Animal 

Your spirit animal is what comes to you whenever you need them, this is also what the Shamans call their “medicine”. This animal brings you their medicine once you need a specific message or vibration from a specific animal. 

Totem Animal 

The second type is your totem animal or your lifelong guide. You see, the animal kingdom gives each person a spirit guide to be part of your lifelong spirit team. So your totem animal is there with you your entire life, until your last breath. 

Power Animal

The third type of spirit guide is called the power animal. This is the animal that comes to you if and only if you call upon it. You need to know what animal to call to you depending on the type of animal you need help from. So your power animal needs a direct invitation, you need to invoke its name before they come to your aid. 

How Spirit Animals Help People 

There are two main ways in which spirit animals help people. One is by diffusing energy, and the second one is bringing you their “medicine”. 

Diffusing Energy

Here your spirit animal will transmit their energy and this will be its energy signature for you. This is very true, especially with totem animals. Your totem animal will diffuse their energy with you and you may not even notice it happening. This is because many people do not realize that they have a permanent animal that is part of their spirit team. It may come as a shock to you especially when you discover that share lots of traits, personality, as well as physical characteristics. 


For instance, let’s say your totem animal happens to be the cheetah. You may realize that many of your personality traits are similar. Are you fond of doing things with lightning speed, but at the same time need your rest so badly? That is exactly how a cheetah operates. It may be the fastest animal on earth, but it can only run so fast for so long. It is imperative that they lay down to rest or it will be the end of them. Thus, a cheetah has a limited amount of energy to do an amazing sprint like that. Some people have this type of energy and they will carry it for the rest of their lives. 

Bringing “Medicine” 

The second way spirit animals help people is by bringing them “medicine”. This is when your spirit animal comes to your when you need something very specific from their energy, so they bring you this “medicine” that is particular to them. The “medicine” can be in physical or energy form. There are times when your animal can physically appear right in front of you, which happens to a lot of people. As long as you are present and paying attention, and you are deeply connected with your animal in the nature realm, you will definitely notice them. This is because you are awakened to them and are well aware of them. 

Your spirit animal is also capable of bringing you their “medicine” in energy form. This usually happens when meditating, when your eyes are closed and you are hyper-focused on your surroundings. You can sense it via your third eye and feel its energy. Also, they can come to you in your dreams. So whether they appear to you physically or in energy forms, the important thing is for you to understand the message they are trying to convey to you. 

Pisces Spirit Animal: Understanding the Zodiac Behind the Symbol

The zodiac Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, usually intertwined with each other. This symbolizes the sign’s difficulty in making up their mind. Yes, they are receptive and always welcome new ideas. However, it is also a sign that is misunderstood most of the time. For most of their lives, Pisceans search for their purpose, relevance, and meaning. Here’s a peek of traits that are unmistakably Pisces. 



If you are born under the Pisces sign, chances are you have a natural inclination for the arts. May it be fine arts such as drawing and painting, or a good eye for something like photography. You also excel in creative writing or the music field. And while not all Pisceans will carve out a career from their artistic nature, it can definitely come in handy as a hobby or even a side hustle. Also, this inherent creativity can find its way to other fields since their brains work differently from people born at other times of the year. 

People Pleasers 

Are you someone who finds it difficult to say no to a request from a friend or loved one? Even acquaintances can get you to do favors for them because they know you love helping out. Pisces goes out of its way to rescue a friend in the middle of nowhere when their car breaks down. They hate disappointing people so people’s demands for help are always in the affirmative. Know however that spreading yourself too thin can burn you out, and when you realize it’s too much for you it might be too late. 

Day Dreamers

Pisceans are commonly found with their heads on the cloud, busily daydreaming of a world that is totally detached from reality. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as a matter of fact, this can be quite positive, especially when paired with their innate creativity. However, it can get them into trouble in times when they would rather spend more time daydreaming than accomplishing tasks that need to be done. Real-life goals won’t come true unless you actually put those dreams into action. 


Pisceans are known for being tardy creatures, not because they are disorganized or disrespectful of other people’s time. It’s just that they are so easily wrapped up in their own thoughts they find it hard to keep up with their schedules with other people. People who know them well realize this is just how they are and will find it hard to eradicate this annoying habit. They’re also not fond of coming up with concrete plans since this means there’s no way they can get out of it at the last minute, should they want to. 


Pisceans experience emotions very deeply. Not only are they super connected to their own feelings, but to others as well. They find it difficult to disconnect from grave news stories or the devastating plight of people around them. While others can easily dismiss these feelings, it can totally put a damper on Pisces’ mood for the day. Looking on the bright side, however, this is the type of empathy and care for others that can turn into tremendous generosity and compassion. As long as they can keep their emotions in control, this trait can be highly beneficial for the lives they touch.

Pisces Spirit Animal: Additional Spirit Animals for Luck and Good Fortune

In case you’re wondering, there are other spirit animals for Pisces based on other traditions and beliefs. Here are some of them. 



According to Chinese astrology, the rabbit is quick-witted and moves swiftly- hopping, skipping, and jumping over any obstacle in its path. They are so tenacious that it’s difficult to pin them down, and even if they get knocked up, they quickly get back on their feet and run to safety. It wants nothing more than to chill and get its work done. They will do anything in their power to prevent arguments because life is too short to be wasted on pettiness. Rabbits are generally regarded to be beautiful and kind, but can easily drift away from people, places, or situations that can cause them physical, mental, or emotional pain. 



In Celtic astrology, the snake is Pisces’ Celtic totem animal. They may look sluggish, but make no mistake, for these are extremely intelligent and persuasive beings. Because they are spontaneous and unpredictable, they are very hard to categorize. Sometimes, they themselves are not sure of what they want or understand why they act in a certain way. This can both be thrilling and problematic at the same time. If you force them to do or say something against their will, know that your efforts will be in vain. 



In Western astrology, the fox is Pisces’ Native American totem animal. Even if the world sees the wolf as a solitary and devious creature, the Native Americans see it in a far better light. Akin to the wolf, people with this spirit animal are sensitive to their immediate surroundings as well as the feelings of the people within their circle. They are also empaths who can easily absorb the emotions around them, good or bad. If they are not careful, they can be unnecessarily attached to other people’s drama. 

Final Thoughts on the Pisces Spirit Animal 

Even if the fish, rabbit, snake, and wolf are associated with the zodiac Pisces as its spirit animals, know that these are symbolic representations of one’s personality obtained from astrological wisdom as well as psychological studies. You may find yourself drawn to other animals representing your personality traits or experiences and that is totally fine. The goal is simply to enjoy learning more about the many animals associated with your sign and finding the perfect spirit animal for you. That is what the Pisces spirit animal is all about. 

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