Pisces Compatibility: How to choose the right love from the (Zodiac) stars!

Being a mutable water sign, the Pisces is a gentle soul with a strong sense of intuition. They’re also incredibly creative and wise, often gravitating towards the arts and communication. In this article, we will find the Pisces love compatibility with other Zodiac signs.

Making friends comes easily to them, thanks to their sensitivity and attention to other people’s feelings. Moreover, they are generous and selfless, sometimes to a fault.

As the most tolerant sign in the entire Zodiac, which signs truly mesh well with the Pisces and which signs are just a disaster waiting to happen?

Will only the gentlest signs get along with them, or can they find chemistry with stronger personalities? Find out which signs have high Pisces compatibility down below!

Pisces Love Compatibility

Pisces and Aries

Pisces and Aries love compatibility

A relationship between these signs can struggle with distrust and frustration. But the Aries has a potential for a high Pisces compatibility. Their relationship can work if Pisces can leave their dream world, and the Aries can let go of their need for action long enough.

When these signs reach a middle ground, they can mellow each other out and find love and joy in places they didn’t expect.

What Brings You Together: With an open mind, both signs could learn a lot from their diverging personalities.

The Pisces often likes to live in their own little world. But, the Aries could help them ground themselves and face challenges head-on instead of running away.

The Aries could also stand to learn from the Pisces’ gentle and caring nature. The Pisces could teach them to be softer. They can learn to show concern and affection without coming on too strongly.

Both signs could enjoy things like walks in the woods that combine both a physical aspect and a creative outlet. The Aries appreciates work and leisure with their hands, and the Pisces loves being able to express themselves and explore the unknown.

What Pulls You Apart: Aries and Pisces have fundamental differences in the way they perceive the world. Unfortunately, these differences may prove to be quite difficult to get past.

The Aries is fiery and straightforward, with a strong personality that hides nothing and bows to no one. In contrast, the Pisces is flexible and understanding, opting to hide away to avoid conflict.

If neither side is willing to compromise, both signs will find only frustration in this relationship. The sensitive Pisces cannot ignore the Aries’ feelings, while the Aries’ frustration only grows the more their partner tries to avoid the issue.

What Needs Your Attention: When it comes to these signs, a compromise must come from both sides. Anything less than mutual cooperation and sacrifice will lead to resentment and anger.

With that said, keeping healthy boundaries with each other goes a long way to preserving peace in the relationship. Sometimes one partner needs to do their own thing in their own way, and the other partner must respect that and leave them be.

Something to note is that not every difference is a problem that needs a resolution. Sure, both signs need to talk about this difference and decide what needs to give. But, they must never forget that letting their partner be who they are is always a valid option.

Conclusion: As two signs that seem so different from each other, it’s hard to imagine them being in a relationship together. Not only do they seek wildly different traits as ideal, but they also generally find each other to be frustrating or annoying.

However, they do have commonalities. If they don’t let their differences take away from the relationship, they can meet halfway on a lot of things.

All in all, as long as this pair can keep a good balance between learning from each other and expressing their individuality, then the Aries can have a high Pisces compatibility.

Pisces and Taurus

The Pisces can find an ideal partner in the Taurus. As someone who is flighty and creative, this sign can fully appreciate the methodical patient Taurus. In general, the Taurus has Pisces compatibility.

As long as they both remain centred, they can both reasonably explore new and exciting options in life together.

What Brings You Together: Both signs understand each other in an almost cosmic sense. They can easily pick up on each other’s body language.

The Pisces finds beauty in the Taurus’ stability, seeing them as “The One”. They can quickly trust their partner and devote themselves completely to the relationship. Also, they do not keep secrets once they decide to bare their soul.

The Taurus, for their part, loves the Pisces’ creativity and childlike wonder. They can see many possibilities that they have not considered before. This new perspective is refreshing to the Taurus, and they will want to follow their partner to the ends of the earth.

What Pulls You Apart: The Pisces has a relatively short attention span and gets easily bored. They will often want something new to occupy them. However, as a fixed sign, the Taurus is more than satisfied to stick with what good things they have going on in the present.

If the Taurus cannot keep up with their need for novelty and excitement, the Pisces may elect to move on their own. In fairness to the Taurus, they can usually tell if they cannot match their partner’s pace and will not stop them.

On the other hand, they could both lose control, lose touch with their center and lose themselves in excess.

What Needs Your Attention: If anything, both signs need to stay grounded. The Pisces should be careful that their dreams do not manifest as unrealistic expectations.

The Taurus, on their end, needs to balance their innate stability and tone down their partner’s more outlandish ideas.

Both signs already have a powerful connection between them, and it’s their responsibility to make the best use of it. Through communication, they can temper the extremes of their relationships and the Taurus can maintain Pisces compatibility.

Conclusion: This relationship just might be the fairytale jackpot for the Pisces. Of course, the Taurus can also find a whole new world of things to explore with their partner.

As long as they don’t lose themselves in each other, they can look forward to a long and beautiful relationship.

Pisces and Gemini

Though they make good friends, this pair might find it hard to maintain a relationship together. Unfortunately, their life plans are too far apart for them to reconcile sustainably.

Since both signs emphasize the emotional and the abstract, they can hurt each other in the long run.

However, this sign can exhibit a high Pisces compatibility by building a habit of communication.

What Brings You Together: Both signs are incredibly creative. When they acknowledge this, they can bond over their interests and need to create and express themselves.

The Pisces is a dreamer and usually doesn’t move past just dreaming. Their Gemini partner, being more of a doer than a dreamer, could help them make their dreams a reality.

What Pulls You Apart: The Pisces and the Gemini are on opposite ends of the spectrum of affection. Pisces are one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, and Geminis are the most rational thinking of the whole zodiac.

This difference can put a strain on the relationship as both sides can’t seem to find what they’re looking for in each other. They have a hard time getting through to each other and this can cause a breakdown in trust between them.

Usually, both signs hold on to an idealized version of their partner, which can cause issues when the real person falls short of these expectations.

What Needs Your Attention: Both signs are going to have to make uncomfortable compromises with each other to keep their relationship intact. The Pisces and Gemini are both mutable signs, but it still requires an effort to reach out to and understand each other.

This pair needs to constantly socialize and actively work with each other so that they do not lose touch with the real world. Through this mutual effort, the Pisces and the Gemini can bond and enjoy their common traits and love for creativity while respecting each other’s differences.

Conclusion: Both signs are optimistic and flexible. Unfortunately, their positive chemistry is only surface-level. Without a constant effort on both sides, a Pisces and Gemini couple will not last long.

When either of them gets into one of their moods, they can be draining on each other. The Pisces will seem too needy and weak, while the Gemini will come off as cold and uncaring.

Thankfully, they can still bond over the creative streak they both share. It’ll just take a lot of work to do so.

Pisces and Cancer

When a Pisces and a Cancer meet, there’s a high potential for love at first sight. As two water signs, they are in tune with each other’s emotions.

The Pisces can be quick to adjust to their partner while the Cancer is gentle and romantic at heart. When these signs come together, Cancer has the potential for high Pisces compatibility.

What Brings You Together: The Pisces feels deeply about many things and doesn’t outwardly show all the emotions they have behind the scenes. The Cancer, however, innately picks up on these subtle cues and can tune in to their partner’s needs.

Because of this connection, this pair is comfortable with trusting each other completely. They also have no problems when it comes to talking things out.

The Pisces feels deeply. Cancer can pick up on these things and understand their partner equally profoundly. The Cancer’s intimacy blends well with the Pisces’ imaginativeness.

What Pulls You Apart: In a nutshell, both signs focus on different kinds of love. Because of this, they may misunderstand each other’s good intentions.

There is a lot of trust in this relationship, but sometimes both signs may find themselves making little lies about the most stupid things; all because they want to be considerate and not bother their partner.

Also, Pisces is usually the more flexible sign, they can find Cancer’s strong emotions and want for commitment threatening their peace. Cancers usually find love in the family as much as in their partner, but the Pisces may disagree.

What Needs Your Attention: Many factors are going in favor of this pair’s relationship. The responsibility then lies in being able to work out what each side truly wants out of it.

Another thing to keep track of is their balance between stability and excitement. Going too far in the former can lead to stagnation and frustration, while going too far in the latter can lead to both signs drifting away.

Conclusion: This couple has great chemistry with each other. With the Cancer’s emotional intuition and the Pisces’ inspiring creativity, their personalities work well and they understand each other deeply.

While they may have their differences, both signs can gently bring the best out of each other. With good use of their almost spiritual connection, they can calmly work out any conflict they may have and work together towards a shared future.

Pisces and Leo

Pisces and Leo Love Compatibility

Here are two signs that could work out if not for their wildly different worldviews. Ironically, both signs have strong ties to love but cannot seem to reach out to each other. This inability to connect is the cause of Leo’s low Pisces compatibility.

While there is always a possibility for this relationship to succeed, the brash and direct Leo will usually clash with the gentle and deferring Pisces.

What Brings You Together: While both signs may often butt heads, they can bring the best out of each other when moderation prevails.

Leo can push the Pisces to finally make a move on their dreams and put their plans into action. Also, the Pisces can inspire Leo to dream a bit bigger. If they work together, they can achieve bigger things than if they tried individually.

The Pisces can appreciate Leo’s grounding presence, and they may appreciate their partner as the ideal. When they meet somewhere in the middle, disagreements that used to be deal-breakers become trivial.

What Pulls You Apart: Trust can be an issue between these signs. The Pisces may be uncomfortable with the Leo’s simple straightforward nature, while the Leo may take issue with the Pisces’ near-constant daydreaming.

The Pisces can sometimes feel ashamed when they contemplate Leo’s direct way of dealing with things. On the other hand, Leo may often feel frustrated with the Pisces’ apparent weakness and need to run from reality.

While both signs are much more than they may seem at the surface, their fundamental disagreements may make it nearly impossible for them to connect deeply and bond properly.

What Needs Your Attention: If this relationship is to work, both signs need to create boundaries for each other. Both the Pisces and the Leo need some space so that they can attend to their individual interests without interruption.

The Pisces must be mindful of their own convictions but also pay heed to Leo’s realistic advice. But, Leo will have to temper their need for rationality so that they can reach out and get through to their partner.

When Leo does learn to relent a bit, they also unconsciously open up to the Pisces childlike wonder. The Pisces may have their doubts when it comes to how the Leo acts upon their ideas, but it can then fall on them to mellow out their Leo partner’s rougher edges.

Conclusion: When both signs get into a relationship, it often carries the risk of pain and failure. This risk is the source of Leo’s low Pisces compatibility.

They may not like it when their partner challenges core beliefs, intentionally or otherwise. This perceived hostility may cause them to stay away from each other.

But, if they manage to bite the bullet and get through the harsh process of compromise and sacrifice, they can have a strong relationship built on mutual inspiration.

Pisces and Virgo

This pairing has the biggest potential for both extremes of a relationship. They could either find the perfect soulmate or the greatest heartbreak and run the spectrum in terms of Pisces compatibility.

Since they are both mutable, they run the risk of just choosing to move on when things get hairy. However, this pair makes some of the closest couples when they choose to make it work.

What Brings You Together: This pair has a wonderful blend of the intellectual and the emotional. While Virgo isn’t the only sign that has this fundamental difference, they have an easier time than most in understanding where their Pisces partner comes from.

With that said, the Pisces also has an easier time opening up to the Virgo and by doing so, they help the Virgo be more in tune with their own emotions. The Virgo can also help their partner ground their dreams and create a feasible plan out of them.

All in all, the Pisces can give the Virgo a sense of emotional peace and stability while the Virgo provides them with mental stability.

What Pulls You Apart: Both signs have a tendency to get in their heads and this may cause friction between them. This is because they may have an idea of what they want in a perfect partner.

Pisces can have trouble keeping up with their partner’s practical mindset. It may result in them retreating away from their partner and sending out mixed signals.

When both signs fail to reach a harmonious middle ground, they will feel the need to change their partner. Considering that they are wildly different, this can spell the end of a relationship lest they lose their sense of self.

What Needs Your Attention: The key to a successful relationship for these signs is the total acceptance of who their partner is. They can only deepen their bond if both signs recognize their differences as something beautiful instead of something that needs fixing.

Both signs will have to agree upon a balance between satisfying their emotional and intellectual needs. This balance must be a team effort; thankfully, their differences make this easier as they can play off of each other’s strengths.

Conclusion: This relationship can reach the highest highs or the lowest lows. These signs are wildly different, yet they have incredible chemistry when they get along.

Respect and acceptance are crucial to reconciling their differences. When they take the time to connect, they can reach a deep connection that other signs can’t match.

Pisces and Libra

Both the Pisces and the Libra are selfless in their own ways. They often put more emphasis on the happiness of their lover than their own. The Libra can have a high Pisces compatibility if they rely on mutual self-sacrifice.

However, while they both have an affinity for Venus and share its beauty, they do not see it in the same way. This disagreement can cause compatibility issues between them.

What Brings You Together: Both signs put a premium on love. Because of their giving nature as lovers, this can be the foundation of a strong relationship.

Once the Pisces and Libra learn to appreciate each other, they can talk to each other about anything without fear of judgment. They become inspirations to each other, and this motivates them to give more of themselves to their partner.

This feedback loop of appreciation and sacrifice is the bread and butter of any relationship. Of course, this pair can have so much of both. This pair’s mutual enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life can fill their days with joy and help their love grow deeper.

What Pulls You Apart: This pair has an issue when it comes to understanding each other. The Pisces and the Libra’s wildly different mindsets make it difficult for them to reach out meaningfully and even work against them.

The Pisces cannot understand why a Libra is so sensitive to other people’s opinions. In the same vein, the Libra does not see why a Pisces is so resistant to change for the better.

The underlying issue here is that they often see each other’s issues through their own lenses. This fundamental inability to adapt and understand can spell death for any relationship.

What Needs Your Attention: If they aren’t mindful of their interactions, both signs can end up disrespecting each other unconsciously.

The Pisces may present themselves as untrustworthy because they’re always so open and carefree, while the Libra can be overbearing when they try to change their partner “for the better.”

If this relationship is to succeed, both signs should learn to live with the way their partner goes about life. Communication and trust can only grow in an atmosphere of respect.

Conclusion: These signs are essentially at odds with each other. Despite being great lovers individually, their differences can prove to be too wide a gap to bridge.

The Pisces can be too friendly to others for Libra’s tastes, while the latter can be too stiff and

Of course, if they persevere and make an effort to accept each other, they can enjoy each other’s selflessness.

Pisces and Scorpio

For once, the Scorpio shares their dreams for a fairy tale romance with the Pisces. To that end, both signs can be quite compatible, and their relationship can last.

Since they’re both water signs, they are deeply intimate with each other as they have strong affinities with matters of emotions. This connection might be the basis for Scorpio and Pisces compatibility.

When they get in a relationship with each other, they can explore their feelings and learn from each other.

What Brings You Together: Of all the signs in the Zodiac, the Pisces is the most capable of understanding the Scorpio. They value their partner’s depth of personality and sense of honor.  Also, the Scorpio admires their partner’s adaptability and attentiveness.

The Pisces can calm down and mellow out their partner’s intense emotions. The Scorpio, for their part, appreciates their grounding presence and can also be gentle enough to coax the Pisces to communicate effectively.

This pair rarely gets into fights, and they often manage to deescalate any conflict. Additionally, they have no shortage of shared interests, and both signs can be inseparable once they go out together.

What Pulls You Apart: Like all other pairs of differing personalities, the Pisces and the Scorpio run the risk of being too much for each other.

For one, the Scorpio may go overboard and quickly become controlling and clingy. The Pisces could also be too scattered and passive for the Scorpio to tolerate.

The peace can break down when both signs get into their moods. When the Pisces is too sensitive and the Scorpio is too harsh, communication breaks down entirely. Also, if anything happens and the trust between them breaks down, it may be impossible for them to salvage the relationship.

What Needs Your Attention: Both signs consider this relationship to be their fairytale dream. It falls on both of them to set their expectations and be willing to be ideal partners for each other.

The Scorpio should avoid trying to control and change their partner while the Pisces needs to learn to deal with negative feelings healthily. To this end, the Pisces should help the Scorpio get a hold of their feelings as they help their partner discover their purpose.

Conclusion: Despite having different temperaments, both signs see something great in each other. Furthermore, they are willing to see it through in the name of building their dream relationship.

Sure, their differences can cause problems if they mess up and break the dreamlike feel of the relationship. But if they manage to become better together and build a foundation of earned respect, they can keep the relationship of their dreams going for a long, long time.

Pisces and Sagittarius

Both signs have the same idea when it comes to love. Since they’re so alike, both of them also find each other interesting enough to get into a relationship. When they get together, they are in for a roller coaster ride of passion and emotion.

The issue lies in whether or not they decide to deepen their friendship into something more romantic. But the Sagittarius can enjoy a high Pisces compatibility when they finally take the plunge.

What Brings You Together: These signs come together because of their shared interests. Beyond finding each other handy to have around, they can bond quickly over having the same interests and positive outlook.

In a sense, their love may be unusual as they both hold on to an ideal version of each other. This infatuation is why they fall quickly and fall hard into love.

However, they do not make the mistake of thinking this is just a surface-level attraction. The more time both sides spend with each other, the more they understand each other’s hearts and minds. This bond can show them exciting new things and awaken new emotions.

What Pulls You Apart: Trust is a strange issue for these signs. While both of them have a hard time trusting each other, they simply see it as a fact of life and move on. While they rarely fight over anything, they can often accidentally lie to each other.

Also, they may find that they are too different to be together once the novelty of a new relationship wears off. The Pisces may realize that the Sagittarius is too loose with their love and too intense for their tastes. The Sagittarius could also learn that the Pisces is weak and sensitive while putting up a front of strength.

What Needs Your Attention: If they want this relationship to last, they will need to come to terms with the added commitment a long-term relationship needs to survive.

Their relationship enjoys the privilege of an intensely powerful attraction, so it is up to them to deepen their love.

In time, they need to figure out if their relationship is worth holding onto or if they can push past their differences and work through the challenges of life together.

Conclusion: As two similar signs, they can quickly feel infatuated for each other. However, they may not feel the need to deepen their relationship, or it may be simply short-lived.

All in all, this relationship is fun while it lasts. Both signs have so much to love about each other that they will not regret entering it. Of course, they may drift away with no hard feelings, but they can just as well persevere to keep their love going strong.

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces and Capricorn Love Compatibility

These two signs have their differences, but they find each other inspiring.

Only the Pisces can drag the Capricorn out of their comfort zone and into an unpredictable flurry of emotion. On their end, the Capricorn may be able to give the Pisces a sense of safety and stability in a way that no other sign can match.

However, there is a risk that they may drift apart in the end. But if this couple genuinely wants it, their relationship can stand the test of time.

What Brings You Together: The Capricorn is a powerful grounding force that may be able to hold the Pisces’ attention long enough for them to truly develop their feelings for each other. Through the whirlwind of emotions, they can still learn from each other and grow.

The Pisces can see and respect the need for stability and welcomes their partner with open arms. The Capricorn can appreciate the shakeup the Pisces brings to their relatively safe but dull life.

Though their worldviews may be far apart, they inspire each other to explore their partner and their way of living.

What Pulls You Apart: There is a balance that both signs must maintain lest they alienate their partner. The Capricorn might be too rough and straightforward in a way that threatens the Pisces and causes them to lie needlessly. Alternatively, they may come to a jarring realization that they don’t really know each other despite everything.

The Pisces’ core beliefs are also quite fragile. Unfortunately, they may find their way of life crashing and falling apart in the face of the Capricorn’s stubbornness. If the Pisces loses faith in themselves, this is a massive blow to the relationship.

What Needs Your Attention: When the time comes, both signs will have to acknowledge that they may not agree on fundamental truths about the world and their beliefs.

It is important that both signs trust each other enough to freely talk about their stances on life. The question then lies on whether they can live with each other’s beliefs.

Are there things they are willing to give up? What values are non-negotiable? Once they truly understand each other, it’s up to them to keep the relationship alive.

Conclusion: When it comes to Pisces compatibility, the Capricorn can have a spectacular beginning that mellows out over time

The Capricorn can be grumpy and rough, while the Pisces can be sensitive and petty. Thankfully, they respect each other enough, to be honest with one another.

They can make this relationship blossom and flourish if they want to, or they could just as well move on good terms.

Pisces and Aquarius

The Pisces and the Aquarius occupy neighboring spaces in the Zodiac. Because of this, the Aquarius may have difficulty with Pisces compatibility and understanding each other’s differences. However, they may be able to bond thanks to Aquarius exalting Pisces’ ruling planet: Neptune.

However, are they really willing to put in the work to make the dream relationship a reality?

What Brings You Together: Both signs like to dream, and they dream big. While they may have different ways of thinking, they share similar goals.

They share a constant need for new things in their lives, and they are equally willing to explore together. In this exploration, they are bound to find that deep down, they are more common than they think.

When they make that realization, they become more willing to trust each other more and deepen their relationship.

What Pulls You Apart: This pair may feel off-center because they are both more dreamers than doers. While they may be able to find a core belief they can bond over, it might just be too much work for it to be worth it for them.

Without a proper anchor, they may grow increasingly frustrated with how they want the same things but do not understand why they do things differently. There may be a logical explanation to it, but to both of them, it just feels off.

To make matters worse, the Aquarius is distant and aloof by nature. As someone who constantly craves their fairytale romance, this is clearly an issue for the Pisces.

 What Needs Your Attention: Both the Pisces and the Aquarius need to be aware that while they both love to dream, they need to make adjustments for their dreams to be realities.

The key to holding their relationship together is if both signs can find out who their partner truly is. They need to explore each other and the world around them to gain the necessary perspective and insight to see into each other.

Conclusion: Astrologically speaking, this relationship can be a struggle. On the bright side, this pair still has a lot to bond over.

All it takes for this couple to flourish romantically is for them to see each other as they really are. Of course, this is easier said than done, but both sides may just inspire each other to put in the work.

Pisces and Pisces

In an interesting twist, this pair of like signs may seem like the perfect match for each other. However, their Pisces compatibility may make them better friends than lovers.

Of course, this isn’t because they’re incompatible but rather because they are comfortable with a platonic relationship. This pair is also afraid of risking the good thing they have right now.

But, should they choose to deepen their relationship, they can find a selfless lover and friend in each other and have a fulfilling life together.

What Brings You Together: When two Pisces get together, they will never tire of each other and the fun they both bring. Naturally, they have the same flavor of dreamy wonder and would want nothing more than to share in this joy.

Additionally, they are selfless. Because they love each other, they want to serve their partner, who in turn wants to return the favor. Over time, this can build a powerful foundation of joyful mutual giving.

The Pisces also know the struggle of wanting to stay emotionally safe and try their best not to fault each other for it. This empathy just gives their relationship another buffer against conflicts that can plague other signs’ relationships.

What Pulls You Apart: On the other side of their selfless love lies flexibility that can go overboard. This pair could accidentally ruin whatever trust they have when they make little lies. Though they might just want to avoid worrying their partner, constantly making way like this can tear them apart.

If both Pisces finally wise up to this toxic cycle, they may choose to move on. Otherwise, their shared mutable nature might strain their relationship instead. Since they are so focused on the abstract, the lack of any tangible interests may cause them to look for love in other people.

What Needs Your Attention: The bad news is that this like pair shares the same faults and this can spiral out of control. The good news is that since they share a deep understanding, they have more tolerance for conflict in this relationship than in others.

Now, it becomes a challenge for both Pisces to rise above their comfort zones and explore new things together. It can help build trust between them and show them new facets of their personality that they can explore together.

Conclusion: As mirror images of each other, their Pisces compatibility is usually complicated. As moody signs that are prone to flights of fancy, they may not even reach a romantic relationship.

But, when they decide that they want to risk their friendship for a chance at something more, they may just find the fairytale romance both of them are looking for.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to examining Pisces compatibility, it really is like a box of chocolates. You can never quite tell what you’re gonna get.

They are emotional and moody but also incredibly creative and optimistic about life. While they like to put up a powerful front, they hide a sensitive core that needs a gentle touch. As a selfless lover and flexible to a fault, the Pisces is truly a beautiful person.

Now while the Zodiac signs may give a general idea of how other signs would fare in terms of Pisces compatibility, there are so many more avenues to check if you want a more comprehensive overview.

To this end, feel free to look through personal charts and see what they have to say regarding your love life and more.

After all, the stars keep no secrets. All you have to do is look.

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