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Astrology has a lot of its appeal in telling the future for others, particularly with regards to success. The Part of Fortune is a placement in your birth chart that signifies incoming prosperity in your life. Natal charts are the Part of Fortune calculator for accurately determining the placement of success.

Sometimes called Fortuna, the birth chart uses the sun and moon to calculate the Part of Fortune. The rising sign is also a necessary component of the Part of Fortune calculation. Arabic Parts is the category where this belongs and it is easily the most popular among them.

Such parts are sensitive on the birth chart and you have to calculate them with very specific formulas. In this case, you have to add two planets or points together and subtract a third planet or point. Take note that this is different between day charts and night charts.

This Arabic Part would play a bigger role in modern astrology, but sadly does not. The reason is that it typically plays its role in traditional astrology. Astrology is an ancient practice that is constantly expanding, so it may not be surprising that there’s much to know.

Part of Fortune Meaning

Before we figure out your Part of Fortune’s meaning, we need to know how to find your Part of Fortune. Specifically, you can calculate the Part of Fortune in astrology with this formula:

Ascendant + Moon – Sun for Day Charts

Ascendant + Sun – Moon for Night Charts

It is significant to distinguish between day and night charts. Day charts are when the Sun is above the horizon, meaning it occupies any house from seven to twelve. Night charts occur for the remaining first six houses and when the Sun is below the horizon. However, most modern astrologers don’t make a distinction between the two anymore. Even if it’s for calculating the Part of Fortune.

They just use the Day Chart formula wholesale for any kind of calculation for the Part of Fortune. As to the meaning of the Part of Fortune, it simply represents worldly success. Prosperity for the physical body and health are among the meanings of this lesser-known part. Meanings also include success in one’s career or vocation.

Both sign and house placement suggest that you have innate abilities and talents. This Arabic Part lies at the same distance in longitude from the Ascendant as the Moon from the Sun. For example, if the Sun is conjunct with the Moon, that means the Part is closer to the Ascendant.

The same rule applies in reverse. If the Sun and Moon are in opposition, then the Part will be closer to the Descendant. Note that you can calculate another Arabic Part in the opposite manner. The Part of Spirit also represents the opposite of the theme of Fortune; spiritual instead of physical health.

The Big Three Rule

There are three big things to follow in astrology. These are the Sun, Moon, and your Ascendant. Generally, the rule is to express yourself through the lens of your Sun Sign. Lean into what your Moon Sign needs emotionally, physically, and in your home space. Move out of your comfort zone and in the direction of your Rising Sign.

This Part’s placement is natural in its implementation in our lives. We don’t require conscious effort to know this placement, but it’s fun to learn about it. Despite the smaller importance of it in modern astrology, this Part was a major aspect in ancient astrology. Unlike a planet or asteroid, it’s an Arabic Point.

Follow your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Your Sun will lead the way to helping you express your truth more fully in the world. Moon Sign will guide you to what you need emotionally and physically. Finally, your Rising Sign will push you to get out of your comfort zone and become your Higher Self.

Significance and Placement


The Part’s significance is high as it is and gets higher when it is in conjunction with beneficial planets. Said planets must be in the same sign or house. Otherwise, the Part may sit in in a sign ruled by a beneficial planet.

Of course, your Part’s placement depends highly on your own birth chart. You’ll need your exact birth date and time first. Birth city is also necessary so that we can accurately determine what your birth chart looks like. From there, you can make the calculations on your own and determine your Part’s placement.

Don’t worry if a lot of different astrology websites don’t show the Part despite freely producing a birth chart. You can definitely calculate your Fortune on your own once you know the specific formula for it. Just follow the formula and take careful note of which one you’re using! It’s safe to use the Day Chart formula, but you can use the Night Chart if you like going old-school.

The Ruler

To find your Fortune placement, you’ll always want to know where your planetary ruler is on your birth chart. For example, if your Fortune is with Cancer, you’ll have to find the Moon on your chart. That way, you can learn best how to improve your situation as it will give you more information.

Let’s try a more specific example. Suppose that you’re a Virgo, whose Fortune is in Mercury. Further assume that Mercury on your birth chart is in the eleventh house. In that situation, the way to improve your lot is to have more frequent contact with friends. Finding success through your social networks is also another way you can improve your situation in that example.

Take note that all of that is only possible if you know your birth information, Zodiac sign, and ruling planet. Without that information, determining any part of your fortune in astrology is impossible. Knowing your ruler is as important as your Part, so be careful to remember it when trying to foretell.

Keys to Interpretation

Remember the points above. Fortune points to your innate talents, which will pave the way for you to worldly success. So what are the keys to correctly interpreting your Fortune and starting the path to success?

First, find any planets or points on your birth chart that are in conjunction or opposition to the Fortune. They’re significators of your vocation or natural talents. Such things are obviously the first among your keys to success.

Second, figure out the ruling planet of your sign. Whatever your sign is, it has a ruling planet. That ruling planet is another significator for your Fortune. Ruling planet examples include the Moon to Cancer or the Sun to Leo.

ruling planet

Third, think of your sign and house placement on the birth chart. Those will tell you which areas of life you possess natural talents and abilities. Hello, keys to worldly success and prosperity! Knowing these is particularly important. They’re the actual keys to correctly interpreting Fortune, after all.

Finally, look to any planets or points that are positioning in the same sign as your Fortune. See whether or not they conjunct that point. The same will play a role in your profession or vocation. Use all of the above in order to use your keys of interpretation in order and figure out your Fortune!

Example Calculation

As elaborated, Fortunes require that you first figure out whether the chart is a Day Chart or a Night Chart. However, we already know that the modern methodology doesn’t make a distinction like this. It just uses the Day Chart regardless.

We already know that a Day Chart has the Sun in the seventh to twelfth houses. But if the chart has the Sun in the first to sixth house, then it’s a Night Chart. Let’s use Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart as an example interpretation.

Her Sun is in the fourth house, so she uses a Night Chart. She has two possible ways to calculate her Fortune. Let’s not complicate things and just use the modern method for Day Charts so we can round off some degrees. Jennifer’s relevant data is as follows:

Sun in Aquarius: 23° 22’ 09”

Moon in Sagittarius: 23° 16’ 01”

Ascendant in Libra: 24° 39’ 48”

So let’s use the Day Chart method: Ascendant + Moon – Sun = Part of Fortune. Convert the values first to a 360° notation. Ascendant is 24° while Libra is at 40 minutes. 0 minutes Libra is 180° so add 180° and 0° to 24° and 40 minutes to get 204° 40 minutes. This is just for the Ascendant.

Her Moon is at 23° and Sagittarius at 16 minutes. 0 minutes Sagittarius is at 240°, so do the same thing. That leaves the Moon at 263° 16 minutes for her Moon.

Finally, her Sun is at 23° and Aquarius at 22 minutes. 0 minutes Aquarius is at 300°. Rinse and repeat and that leaves her Sun at 323° 22 minutes. Next, add the Ascendant and Moon.

204° 40’ + 263° 16’ = 467 degrees and 56 minutes

Subtract the Sun from this sum next:

467° 56’ – 323° 22’ = 144 degrees and 34 minutes

Thus, you can convert 144° 34’ to 24 Leo 34. That’s Jennifer Aniston’s Fortune in the modern formula. From here, you can figure out your own Fortune! Good luck and we hope you find your astrological prosperity soon!

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