Find Your Big Three Astrology Signs And Learn What They Mean

big three astrology

It’s super refreshing to see how more and more people are getting into astrology. Thanks to social media, everyone seems to be paying more attention to what the stars have to say. Specifically, the big three astrology signs.

For many people, their interest in astrology has led them to look deeper than what their daily horoscopes have to say. It’s why these signs are such a good starting point for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge.

But what even are the big three astrology signs?

In the following sections, we will be going over the big three astrology signs, what each of them means, and how to find them.

What Are The Big Three In Astrology

The Big Three refers to what is your sun, rising, and moon sign. These signs put together grant you a good idea of your character and personality according to astrology. More importantly, this holistic view is quite simple to understand and to find.

Unlike the more esoteric and involved concepts of astrology, these big three astrology signs are so common that dedicated calculators exist to automatically calculate these dates for you.

First things first: there are 12 zodiac signs all in all:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

The big three astrology signs use these zodiac signs to represent aspects of who you are. Note that none of the zodiac signs are mutually exclusive. So having the same sun, rising, and moon sign isn’t impossible nor uncommon.

Moving on, let’s see what each of these big three astrology signs means and what you need to determine them for yourself.

Sun Sign

sun sign

Most people can say that their sun sign was their first exposure to the big three astrology signs. And for a good reason, it’s super easy to find, and many mainstream media sources have stocked daily horoscopes for the last few decades and then some!

Even if you aren’t too familiar with astrology, you would probably recognize some of these in passing. The thing about the sun sign is that it means to represent the individual. So most of the time, people refer to their sun signs only in the most general of ways.

To be more specific, people tend to see the traits of their particular signs. For example, those born under the Taurus sun sign are often independent, honest, stable, stubborn, perfectionists, and don’t respond well to authority, among other traits. While many of these people would look at these traits and agree more or less, a good chunk of them might not fully jive with what the sun sign says.

Some people may think that their sun sign doesn’t properly encompass their character. It may not have the kind of nuance they’re looking for, or it may feel like their sun sign contradicts their true nature.

This feeling usually occurs because people often think that the sun sign is the entirety that astrology has to offer. But as you’ll see in the coming sections, there’s more to the astrology big three.

Moon Sign

Ahh, the moon sign. A lot of people seem to stop at the sun sign and call it a day. But I’d argue that the moon sign may be more important, if not equally important, at least.

While the sun sign represents the outward self in the big three astrology, the moon sign represents the self within. Beyond the surface, detail lies some aspects of our personalities that we may not feel comfortable sharing with others.

moon sign

More than that, it also speaks about our unconscious self. Sometimes, there are things about ourselves that we just aren’t aware of. The moon sign is there to help us understand ourselves better.

For example, what if you were a Taurus who agreed with the general traits we talked about earlier. But you feel that deep down, you may be quite sensitive to your emotions and you just keep those feelings to yourself. It may be because your moon sign is in Cancer. So both signs play off of each other to provide a more holistic view of your personality and character.

Finding the moon sign is a little bit more involved. There’s more to it than simply putting your birthdate against a range of dates and calling it a day. To find your moon sign, you will need to know the exact time of your birth. If you do not know when that is, the chances are that your mother would know exactly when you were born.

Once you know your exact birth time, you can use a suitable moon sign calculator to find out the moon counterpart of your big three astrology signs.

Rising Sign

Last but definitely not least, the rising sign changes every two hours. Because of this, you will also need your exact birth date and time to determine your rising sign. Not just that but, if you and a friend are born on the same day, you two would have the same sun sign. But unless your birth times were incredibly close to each other, you two would have different rising signs.

The rising sign differentiates itself from the other big three astrology signs because it deals with how others perceive you. In keeping with the previous examples, you may have Taurus as a sun sign. But everyone’s first impression of you might have them peg you as a Capricorn instead.

It’s important to know your rising sign because it can help you be aware of your mask as society sees you. Before the people around you know who you truly are, this is what they see. It may be because this is the image you are unconsciously creating for yourself. Otherwise, it might just be how you carry yourself that makes other people see you in a particular light.

Finding your rising sign works similarly to finding your moon sign. All you need to do is find a suitable rising sign calculator and entering your birth date and time.


When it comes to astrology, the big three signs are a good place to start. By learning what your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign mean, you get a sense of perspective. Astrology is more than just what comes up in your daily horoscopes.

More than that, knowing your big three astrology signs means that you have context. What this means is that your signs are no longer arbitrary lists of traits. Instead, they become parts of a whole that play off of each other. Seeing them in this light gives you a better idea of what the stars have to say regarding your personality and character.

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