Nine of Pentacles On Life, Love, Career, & Relationships

nine of pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is considered as the wealth card, representing material security and satisfaction. Traditionally, this tarot card depicts a woman who is lavishly dressed and surrounded by coins. She is also flanked by two of her precious pets. 

In her hand, there is a falcon which is a symbol of focus. These creatures possess amazing vision and can see things from afar. All they have to do is zero in on their target and they have a guaranteed meal for the day. 

You will notice that the woman put a hood on her falcon to symbolize how she now knows how to train her focus by putting her attention on what she wants more. She realizes that where she puts her time, energy, and attention is where she is going. 

At the bottom of the card, you will also notice a snail hidden at the bottom, which reminds us that snails are sensitive to their environment. This means that it is crucial to declutter the home regularly to keep your energy clear around you so you can better invite wealth in. In this post, we will delve further into the Nine of Pentacles tarot card meaning and its influence on your life, love, career and relationships. Let’s get to it!

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

The first thing we need to understand about the Nine of Pentacles tarot card meaning is the significance of the number 9 itself. This number is connected to the step prior to completion before we fulfil our journey. Pentacles are related to the physical realm, which pertains to money, career, and physical vitality. All the tangible things that you can see, touch, and taste. 

The Nine of Pentacles is telling you that it is time to savor your body in human form. You have done a lot of work, accomplished great things, you have a lot to show for your efforts and you’re grateful for all of these, and it’s only right to enjoy them. 

However, this is the “9” card, not the “10”, so there is still one step further you need to take before you accomplish your work. This has a lot to do with the hooded falcon on her arm.  Everyone knows that the falcon is a hunter, but in this case, it cannot hunt since it has a hood on so it cannot see. As soon as you take the hood off, you can finally go out and snag that prize. 

Beware of this phase since there is a very strong temptation to stop where you are, believe it is good enough and be content with unfinished business. So remember, it is perfectly okay to congratulate yourself for everything you have accomplished and enjoy what’s around you. But do not forget to take the hood off the falcon and finish whatever it is you have started. 

Nine of Pentacles (Upright) General Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles upright brings the lessons learned from the Pentacle cards to almost full circle. You are through with all the hard work, learn the financial and abundance lessons and can now enjoy the rewards. It is a card symbolizing prosperity and luxury, but not exactly the luxury of owning a top-of-the-line car every year, or leisurely living on a yacht without having to worry about working another day in your life. 

woman enjoying vacation

It is not about taking a vacation forever or resting on your laurels permanently, you are simply enjoying them. Real luxury could mean various things to every person. This tarot card is about recognizing and honoring your own definition of luxury and the independence and simplicity it brings. Apart from this, this card is also about gratitude, abundance, self-sufficiency, and the fulfilment of a job well done. 

Upright 9 of Pentacles Love Meaning

This tarot is an extremely solitary card, so when you see this in a love reading, this could mean the timing may not be right for a new love. There is no need to feel inadequate or incomplete simply because you have a partner romantically. In fact, a lot of people thrive, especially when they are single. 

Put your focus first on identifying the things that you value in life, on what you really want. It’s okay to dream of one day sharing this life with a partner, but they are not required for you to be whole or feel happy. Be clear on what you do and do not want in an ideal setting. What values and activities you’re willing to compromise, and those that you never will. Having this value system will help you create an ethical code for how you will behave. 

Once you’re following your own code, you will naturally attract a partner who also has the same beliefs and values. This time, there is no need for you to sift through the phonies and the users. Dating will be a breeze since the good ones are totally drawn to you. 

However, if you are already in a relationship,  remind yourself that you are two separate people having different needs, desires and interests. Each of you has a responsibility to have your own needs met. The goal is to find an interest that has nothing to do with each other then pursue it. It is crucial that both of you build your individuality and have a social life revolving around your passion. 

Upright Nine of Pentacles On Spirituality

Upright 9 of Pentacles on spirituality tells us that there is a luxury in knowing who you are and what you truly value. Eliminate everything in your life that is not you, that is not essential, and you will end up with very few things that really matter. The card represents the person you turn out to be once you brush off all the expectations of others and carve your own path. By then you will discover a new pillar of strength and meaning from within. 

Once you do this, the actions and the values you integrate into your life are complete. But you can’t do this unless you first let go of things that no longer fit. Start decluttering physically, emotionally, and mentally. Then put all your time and energy into transforming and strengthening the essential things that remain. 

Upright 9 of Pentacles On Career

This is the card of discipline that is gained through hard work, consistency, and commitment to a methodology in your work ethic. You are enjoying the fruits of your labor and this is a very productive time since it is a conscious gain of self-development. 

All your projects for the long term are thoroughly planned and well-executed which results in massive financial gain. You are very self-reliant, and sometimes you’re working very hard you can’t help feeling a tad of loneliness every now and then. 

The best course of action is to pause, breathe, and regroup. Check if you’re still on the right path if your focus is still on the same goals. It’s okay if some things have changed, if you need to adjust or tweak your plans a bit, by all means, go. Be smart with your money and avoid mindless spending. Create a budget and stick to it no matter what. 

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) General Meaning

failure at work

The 9 of Pentacles reversed pertains to loss due to lack of discipline and focus. It could be working in a manner that is not smart, a plan that is not pushing through,  or expected outcomes not materializing despite putting in a tremendous amount of effort. This may be feeling hemmed by your work or endless responsibilities. Regardless, you are dissatisfied with the results. 

The best course of action with this card is to pause and re-examine your plan. Back up a bit so you can see the larger picture, see any holes, and discover why your “motor” keeps bugging down. This is your sign to be cautious about how to proceed with any particular plans. If you feel you need some time off to take a break and think things through, you better do. 

What does Nine of Pentacles mean about your personal environment? It is showing you that you need to watch out for too much dependence on other people. You cannot rely too heavily on other people’s feedback. It could also mean paying so much attention to what you think others owe you as opposed to what you do contribute. 

9 of Pentacles Reversed (Earth-Based Reading)

In an earth-based reading, this is an indication of your finances dwindling. This could also be your lack of ability to show what you are really capable of doing. You may feel you are not getting what you deserve in the workplace, whether it’s a pay raise, recognition, etc. Also, people may be taking credit for all the hard work you are doing. 

9 of Pentacles Reversed (Communications Reading)

This is making sure you understand that other people also have needs, just like you. You may be dealing with someone else’s sense of entitlement which could be detrimental to your latest project, so watch out. In the same manner, make sure your own sense of entitlement won’t get the better of you as well. 

9 of Pentacles Reversed (Challenge)

It’s telling you to roll up your sleeves and take care of your own needs asap. Stop relying too heavily on other people or believing the world actually owes you something. It does not. 

9 of Pentacles Reversed (Emotion-Based Reading)

This can be a positive tarot card for single men and women out there. Your time of solitude is about to come to an end. If you’re open to a new relationship with someone that you haven’t been with before, this is a good card. It is a chance to open up in all forms with your new partner. For couples, it is also a good thing, for that “break” is finally over. 

Nine of Pentacles and Other Essential Card Combinations

The 9 of Pentacles points to, among other things, a life of comfort and security. And yet when combined with other cards, its meaning could change totally. Here are some of the most important card combinations with this tarot card. 

9 of Pentacles and The Chariot

When The Chariot appears alongside the 9 of Pentacles, be prepared for significant shifts. It is a time for progress and transformation. But this change will not happen until you acquire control and self-discipline. Only then will you be able to swiftly navigate the changing currents until the waters flow. 

After this happens, embrace this period, for rich rewards can be expected. Maintain self-discipline until things slow down. This will help you reap the positive benefits of change. 

9 of Pentacles and The Lovers

the lovers

When The Lovers tarot card goes hand in hand with your Nine of Pentacles as feelings, there will be a surge of confidence in your relationship. It could show itself in different ways, like your spouse showering you with compliments, being more supportive of your dreams, or boosting your self-esteem. 

For those experiencing serious conflicts, expect calm and reconciliation during this stage. This amazing card combination will offer a new chapter in your relationship full of mutual love and respect. 

9 of Pentacles and The Seven of Swords

seven of swords

It’s time to face the music- alone. Everyone knows the power of numbers and the majority of people like the comfort of being around others.  Know however that there are times when you cannot rely on anyone else but yourself. This is not a negative thing. In fact, if these two cards fall together, making decisions and acting on your own is the best thing you to do right now. 

9 of Pentacles and Death

the death card in tarot

There is no need to be afraid for this does not pertain to actual, physical death. However, it represents the old being replaced by the new. Change is inevitable, no matter how hard you fight it. It’s either you adapt, or get left behind. 

When you link these two cards, it suggests that it is possible to make this evolution if you focus on your own talents and capabilities. Embrace your strengths, for it is the only way you can build a good and solid life. 

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