The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: A Comprehensive Tarot Guide

the lovers tarot card meaning

On the face of the card, a naked man and woman stand beneath the angel Raphael. His name means “God heals,” so he represents healing. Part of the Lovers tarot card meaning definitely includes physical and emotional healing.

Further, Raphael’s descent blesses the man and woman. He reminds of their union with the Divine. So another part of the Lovers tarot card meaning is union and harmony, especially in a Divine sense.

Reminiscent of the garden of Eden, the man and woman stand in a lush and fertile landscape. It features an apple tree behind the woman, a serpent climbing up the trunk. Like in the story of Genesis, this represents sensual temptations that lead away from the Divine.

At the back of the man, a tree of fire burns high. This tree of flames factors into the Lovers tarot card meaning as passion, a primary concern of man. On the tree are twelve flames, representative of the twelve Zodiac signs. These symbolize time in general and eternity.

The man gazes at the woman, who gazes at the angel. This represents the journey from conscious to subconscious, then super-conscious. From desires of the flesh, to emotional needs, then finally to spiritual enlightenment.

There’s also a volcano in the background. It’s erupting, and its phallic shape suggests a burst of passion. Like when a man and woman meet in full nudity. So, it’s evident that the Lovers upright card keywords are love, harmony, and relationships.

Meaning of the Lovers Tarot Card

At its most essential, the Lovers tarot card meaning is about conscious and meaningful connections. The Lovers meaning in tarot implies you have a strong and soul-nourishing connection with your loved one. It wouldn’t be far off to say you may actually have found your soul-mate.

Sexual energy between you two is far beyond mere gratification or lust. It’s almost spiritual, Tantric, even. It’s true that the Lovers tarot card meaning typically refers to romantic relations. However, close friendships and family count too.

The Lovers tarot card meaning is a challenge to open up communication and raw honesty with your partner. Nakedness is not coincidental in the card’s face; it represents vulnerability. Learning to be vulnerable before your lover is critical to truly opening your heart to each other.

Sharing the absolute truth of your feelings is key to the Lovers. A powerful bond is the sure result of the trust and confidence you share with each other. Creating a fulfilling relationship through trust and respect is an important part of the Lovers meaning.

On a more personal note for you, it may mean getting more honest about your own values. Beliefs that shape your life and decisions make up your philosophy, and you need to say them. Establishing your belief system is important in deciding what is and isn’t important to you. Stay true to yourself and make choices for yourself.

What do the Upright Lovers mean?

The Lovers tarot upright meaning signifies that you and your lover are kindred spirits! Take note that this can mean great things, but not just for romance. Family and business count too, as well as friends. So there’s plenty of love to go around for your lover, family, or career.

The Lovers is a great signal for harmony. Even if you’re single, drawing this card means that love is likely on its way! It can be in the form of a new lover, or even closer friends and family. If none of those come your way, you still don’t need to despair.

The harmony that the card implies may also come to you in an inner sense. Finding balance in yourself is also something that can happen. When it does, finding love with others is much easier.

Choices are also a critical part of the card’s meaning. A big choice or two may be coming your way soon, and you’ll have a dilemma on your hands. It will become important for you to understand yourself and your own principles. Usually, uncertain situations are the crux of such dilemmas.

This includes your direction in life and the people who are in it. Try not to take the path of least resistance; make your choice when you’re sure you have all the information. Even if it seems like a hard choice, it is probably most likely to lead you to greater things.

Upright Lovers in Romance

upright lovers in romance

You could never find a more excellent draw in the tarot deck than this card! The Lovers card in a love reading is almost literally the best card you can draw. As a soulmate card, it is a sign that you and another person are kindred spirits. One could almost say it is fate that you two found each other.

Even if you happen to be single at the point of the reading, love is certainly coming! Even better, it won’t just be infatuation or lust. It will run much deeper than that; a real love, with all the passion, lust, and bond it entails.

In your current love, your attraction to each other probably runs very high. Sexually, your attraction runs hot and river-deep. And even better, there’s more than likely a similarly deep emotional connection. With this mutual understanding, there’s very little that you two can’t weather together.

For those struggling in your relationship, don’t worry! This card means you can expect a rekindling of the romance. Of course, it will help that matter greatly if you try to be more romantic. Either way, get ready for the ride. It won’t be easy, but your connection to each other will deepen.

This card represents an emotional, physical, and spiritual connection that few others can mimic. If you draw this, it’s very likely past relationships you’ve had will pale in comparison. This is probably it for you; it’s as real a love as it’s going to get.

Upright Lovers in Career

In a business context, this means a professional partnership between two people is kicking off great! If this is what’s happening in your career right now, your partnership is sure to blossom in prosperity. Benefits are definitely mutual between you two and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more ideal professional relationship.

You and your partner operate on the same professional wavelength. What the other wants to achieve, there will be help from their partner to get it. Support for each other comes as naturally as breathing for you two. It’s not unlikely that people in the office whisper of you two as the local power couple.

This draw can also mean that you’re about to get romantic with a colleague. Naturally, you should be cautious about this. Mixing business with pleasure is an ideal situation only if you two can control it. Know the risks involved and prepare for any consequences; prevent them, if possible.

Finally, this can also mean you have a big career choice to make. At times, it will seem like there are only bad choices. However, that’s not always the case. Get all your facts straight first so you can make the best and most informed decision. This might mean a big career change or new position. Remember that it’s probably good for you.

What do the Reversed Lovers mean?

The Lovers card reversed implies that you’re struggling with accountability for your decisions. Because of this struggle, you’re suffering a terrible inner conflict. Further, this lack of accountability has left you uncertain of your life’s direction.

Remember that poem, Invictus? “I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul.” Remember you’re the master of your own destiny; nobody else. You can spend your time explaining that it’s someone or something else’s fault you’re where you are now.

Or you can do something about where you are now. Too often, people in love receive scorn or rejection then blame the other person for it. Worse, they blame themselves then do nothing about it. Often, our situations are the result of our own choices.

Examine yourself carefully if you draw the reversed Lovers. This card implies that you’re in a bad spot right now because of something you’ve done or didn’t do. It’s rare that the solution isn’t accountability from ourselves. Learn from your past mistakes, let go, and be a better person.

Doing that will help push you into a positive direction, one more favorable to you. This is due to you developing a better image of yourself and understanding yourself better. When you know your own true values and beliefs, life will become that much easier.

The Lovers tarot card reversed meaning is owning up to your responsibilities first. When you succeed at doing that, luck will follow. Of course, understanding yourself is hard work; accountability is no cake walk either. So prepare for difficulty in escaping your rut.

Reversed Lovers in Romance

If you draw the reversed Lovers in a love reading, this means there’s a bit of disconnect between you and your partner. Maybe your sex is still great, but you’re not on the same page on other things. Are you two feeling emotionally distant? Perhaps one of you isn’t making enough time for things that aren’t sex.

It can also mean that there’s inequality in the emotional investment between the two people in the relationship. Fear can stop you or your partner from fully investing themselves in the relationship. It takes courage to open up to someone and be really vulnerable. Getting burned by that is the reason many develop trust issues.

Different goals or desires for the future can also stymie your love. What if one of you only really saw this as a friends-with-benefits situation? Sometimes, feelings of disconnection develop even in relationships that started out really strong.

Try looking at the other cards you drew in this reading, it may tell you the reason for the disconnection. Regardless of the reason, this relationship will survive if you can resolve the root cause of the disconnection. If you’re single, this may indicate that love is coming your way, but not in the way you expect.

Reversed Lovers in Career

reversed lovers in career
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The reversed Lovers in a career reading imply disharmony between professional partners. Are you struggling to communicate with your business partner? Clarity may be hard to come by between you two right now, so work on your communication. Getting categorical answers isn’t a bad first step.

Figure out together what direction your work is going to take. What are your goals to work on together for the future? Like the upright Lovers, romance at work is also a distinct possibility. However, a warning accompanies this romance.

Taking this romance may imperil your career. Again, exercise care and ensure you understand the possible consequences of a workplace romance. Watch out for how it will affect your work, for example, if the split is messy. 

Finally, the reversed Lovers can also imply financial irresponsibility. Don’t make impulsive spending decisions or give in to materialism. Do you really need the thing you’re going to buy? 

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