The Best of the Bunch: Ranking the Nicest Zodiac Sign

nicest zodiac sign

Have you ever bumped into someone on the street and thought, ‘what a nice guy?’ Niceness, or being a good, kindly soul, is a rare but appreciated human trait wherever you can find it. It’s also a well-known fact that some people are just naturally nicer than others. Did you know that your zodiac sign actually has a bearing on how kind you are? Which among them do you think is the nicest zodiac sign?

Your zodiac sign, its elemental nature and characteristics all have a bearing on who you are. For instance, we know that Leo is a fire sign, symbolized by none other than the king of the jungle. This makes them a loud and proud, outgoing individual. This influence can also extend to how you act, behave, think and feel. So it’s no surprise that it determines how nice you are as a person!

With how crazy the world gets sometimes, it’s hard to expect niceness from the people around us. All the same, we should celebrate kindness wherever we find it, and that’s exactly what we’re doing in this article. Do you think that your zodiac sign is in the article below? If your sign isn’t on this list don’t worry, we promise there’s something in it for you, too. So keep reading, sit down, relax with a cup of coffee and most importantly, have fun!


  • Which zodiac sign is the nicest?
  • What makes each sign on this list nice?
  • Can you learn from the zodiac signs on this list?
  • And many more…

The Top 6: What is the Nicest Zodiac Sign According to Astrology?

Before we get into the nicest among the zodiac signs, let’s talk about how these signs even got on the list in the first place! Let’s look at prevalent patterns or similarities between the signs that landed this ranking. Among the highest ranking signs on this list, there are predominantly water and air signs. Most likely because of their amicable, non-confrontational and compromising nature. Among the other two signs, the traits of extraversion and gentleness land them on this list, despite their fire and earth sign natures respectively.

Now, to answer a question we posed at the start of this article, dear reader. What can you hope to gain from this list aside from satiating your curiosities or brushing up on zodiac trivia? If you’re not on the list, do we leave it at that letdown? Or is there something on this list that you can take away? The answer is yes, you can take something from each entry on this list even if your sign didn’t make the cut!

Each sign on this list is nice for a reason, and that reason is something you yourself can learn or emulate! Don’t worry, dear reader, we’re listing the exact traits of each entry that make them nice. Then, we’ll tell you how you can learn from every one of these signs! The potential for human growth and change is great, and not at all limited by your zodiac sign, these ones just have an advantage. So, without further ado, a ranking of the nicest zodiac signs and what you can learn from them, below:


Virgo zodiac sign

Starting off at the bottom of the list is Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign that governs the period from August 23 to September 22. Symbolized by a maiden goddess, specifically Demeter, Virgos have all the characteristic traits of an Earth sign. Unshakable, determined, systematic and comforted by structure. At first glance, it doesn’t really strike one as a sign that is ‘nice’.

However, the maiden goddess that symbolizes Virgo happens to give a clue as to its nature. Demeter is the goddess of plenty, of harvest, of life. Virgo is famous for their nurturing, tender and gentle nature that is consistent with the classical portrayal of the maiden across various cultures. They effuse the effeminate traits of tenderness, gentleness, and all-around niceness that makes them so pleasant. It’s really no wonder that such a pleasant soul made this list. 

What You Can Learn From Virgo

You don’t have to become a maiden or a goddess to get as nice as Virgo. Simply take a look at what makes Virgos so nice. They are tender, gentle and nurturing people towards their loved ones. Get in touch with your feminine side, and learn to speak, act and treat people with the same tenderness that Virgo embodies in their lives. To love is to nurture, and to nurture is to act with niceness.


sagittarius zodiac

Certainly an unexpected entry in this list is Sagittarius, the fiery archer of the zodiac. With Jupiter as their planetary ruler, Sag is a headstrong, decision-making, strong-willed and impulsive go-getter. As a fire sign, they are characteristically aggressive, dominant and confrontational. Straight as an arrow, they often leap before they look, and end up making rash decisions that usually hurt people’s feelings or leave them uncomfortable. With a resume like that, how did Sag of all signs end up on a list ranking the nicest zodiac sign?

Well, Sag might not think before they act, and can often make rash and scarcely-thought-out decisions, but they do so with their friends’ best interest in mind. Jupiter, their planetary ruler, is the king of the gods, and so too are Sags usually the leaders in the friend group. They are benevolent rulers, and take care of their friends. Due to their headstrong tendencies, they won’t quit until they’re sure they’ve taken care of you and that nothing is wrong. If you can look past their reckless nature, Sag is a true friend.

What You Can Learn From Sag

While we don’t recommend you emulate Sag’s more reckless tendencies, you do have something to learn from them. Becoming an extroverted and concerned person for your friends means becoming a nicer person to them. Make the first move and strike up a conversation, check on the people who matter to you. Care with dogged persistence, show painstaking and determined efforts to make sure everyone is happy. Fire is a sign of warmth and life too, you know?


Libra zodiac sign

At number four we have Libra, an air sign governing the period from September 22 to October 23. Libra is famous for their love for fairness, justice and overall kindness. Since they live with the concept of justice in their hearts, they make sure to speak, act and treat others justly. Treat Libra with kindness, and they will return that to you tenfold. It’s really no surprise they made this list, when you really think about it.

There is, however, a reason they only made fourth place. And this is despite Libras being such just and naturally nice people. It is precisely their love of justice that is the problem. Though a love for fairness and equality is a good thing, Libra is only as nice to you as you are nice to them. If they were as kind to the worst people they met as the best people they know, Libra would rank much higher up this list.

What You Can Learn From Libra

There are two things we can learn from Libra on becoming a nicer person. The first is a lesson in acting justly and fairly. Give everyone their due, and treat them with respect and fairness. Sometimes, all it takes to act nicely is following the rules and playing fair. The second is a lesson on what it means to truly act with kindness. That your kindness isn’t selective, and reserved only for those who you favor the most.


cancer zodiac sign

We’re getting down to the big leagues now, the nicest among the nice. In third place is Cancer, the zodiac’s lovable crab. Cancer is a water sign, governing the period from June 22 to July 22. They are famously sensitive and empathetic individuals, easily able to pick up on changes in the mood and the room. This sensitivity and empathy means they’re quick to check on you, and strike you as nice because of how considerate they are. It’s really no wonder they make the ranking.

Cancer has a similar weakness to Libra, however. Sensitivity goes both ways, and Cancer will expect the same care and consideration that they give to others to come back to them. While not as eager to mete out justice as Libra, Cancer will often become upset and distance themselves from people who don’t consider their sensibilities. But all in all, you can count on the niceness of the zodiac’s favorite crab. Just try not to hurt their precious, sensitive hearts.

What You Can Learn From Cancer

Niceness means consideration: considering the feelings of others and acting accordingly. Become sensitive to the needs of those around you. Take pains to make sure you don’t offend or upset anyone, and people will respond warmly to you. Kindness is its own virtue. When we care for those around us, people will care for us also. 


Aquarius zodiac sign

The second nicest sign on the list is Aquarius, the water-bearer! Aquarius governs the period from January 20 to February 18, and has a symbol of flowing water, or usually a water-bearer. They are famous for their aloof, distant nature. So, what makes Aquarius one of the nicest members of the zodiac? Their agreeable nature as air signs.

Usually, Aquarius will step down from a disagreement to prevent it from escalating. They’re quick to check on their friends, but are also very good at giving them space. While this makes them nice people, Aquarius lands in second place because of their motivations. Their amiable, agreeable nature is due to their desire to stay detached and aloof, not out of true altruism. This non-confrontational nature actually leads to them being great at leadership positions, or as mediators.

What You Can Learn From Aquarius

Sometimes, being nice means distancing yourself from others. Always taking an active, involved stance isn’t what the people around you need. Take a note from Aquarius. Learn to step away from things and situations that your involvement will only worsen down the line. Like flowing water, like air, just move with the current. 


Pisces zodiac sign

The nicest sign in the zodiac is none other than Pisces, and is this really a surprise? Usually the first sign given accolades in the fields of altruism, empathy and kindness is Pisces, and there’s a good reason. A water sign that governs the period from February 19 to March 20, Pisces has two identical, swimming fish as its symbol. They are emotionally sensitive and kind souls at heart. Their empathy means they cannot turn a blind eye to those that suffer, or those that need them.

Ignoring the fact that their nature as a water sign is already agreeable, amicable and flexible, Pisces personality traits helps them stand out. Even among the other kind zodiac signs! In fact, Pisces is so nice, it’s often to their detriment. The imaginative, idealistic water sign helps others without considering their safety, even at the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. Pisces is truly the bleeding heart of the zodiac.

Learning from the Nicest Sign of the Zodiac

Pisces is actually a cautionary tale more than anything. True, they may exemplify the closest thing to true altruism, but is that a good thing? The world isn’t as soft and harmless as the imaginative Pisces often envisions. Learn to balance your niceness with realism, and take care of yourself on your journey to become a better person. Never forget that being nice also means to ourselves, so take care of yourself.

The Takeaway…

Those were the nicest signs in the zodiac! Did your sign come up on the list? If it didn’t, don’t despair. Always remember that you can learn from the nicest of the signs, and that the human potential for growth is virtually limitless. You can grow past your zodiac sign, and who you are as a person.

In fact, don’t feel discouraged if your sign was on the list but it didn’t sound like you. Every person is different, even among those that share the same zodiac sign. Ultimately, Astrology teaches us that the stars were never meant to control us, only guide us. Always remember our parting words from article to article. You are still the captain of your own ship, and the master of your fate.

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