12 Native American Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings

For thousands of years, we’ve looked to the stars in order to find meaning in our lives. We’ve used the stars to make sense of our interactions, and we’ve used them especially to predict the future and find out more about ourselves. Your birth animal totem, which is the animal spirit under which you are born, is based on Native American zodiac signs or astrology. A birth totem is identical to the zodiac’s astrological sign.

And among the many who have tried to unlock the secrets of the universe, the Native Americans are especially unique in that they successfully incorporated nature itself in the quest to find out who we really are.

Native American Zodiac Signs

While modern variants of astrology depend partially on the mythological zeitgeist of the Western world, Native American astrology uses animal totems in conjunction with Nature’s will.

For them, life emanates from nature. As such, every life is sacred and worth being grateful for, and much like nature, it is incredibly diverse and full of different personalities. 

We see this in the overlap between it and Western astrology. In Native American astrology, the mighty Falcon replaces Aries— the namesake of the Greek God of War.

And if you’re curious to see where you belong in the Native American calendar, then look no further. The succeeding sections shall discuss each of the totems, as well as the dates they’re associated with. Join us on this journey into nature itself!

What 12 Native American Zodiac Signs Say About You and Your Life

There are 12 Native American Zodiac Signs in total. Each of these signs is grouped according to their placement within the Four Seasons. 

There are 3 signs per season, and in Native American Zodiac terms, these are the East Wind (Spring), South Wind (Summer), West Wind (Fall), North Wind (Winter). 

This unique interaction sometimes causes an overlap with their elements. As a result, some signs represent 2 elements at once.

Without further ado, here are the signs and what they represent:


Birth Dates: January 20 – February 18
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Element: Air

The Otter is a breaker of norms, and quite often distinguishes itself from the crowd. As an Otter, you may find yourself habitually questioning the beliefs other people might have on all kinds of issues.

This natural capacity and desire to question everything naturally helps you in your creative pursuits. Traditions do not limit you, and will often find a way to completely outdo or surpass any convention. 

Indeed, you are as free as your standards, and it reflects in the way you handle friendships and relationships. You are loyal only to those you have sworn to help. The numbers may be few, but your devotion to the people around you is limitless.

Consistent with your desire to stand out, you will often display your affection in ways that might seem out of the ordinary. Outsiders may sometimes criticize you for being over-the-top, but your loved ones love you for who you are.

You are also fiercely loyal. Anyone who befriends you can rest in the knowledge that your love for them is true and genuine.


Birth Dates:  February 19 – March 20
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Element: Air and Water

The Wolf is a creature that doesn’t think of itself alone, but the safety of the pack. They are treated as amplifiers in their immediate vicinity, increasing the emotional intensity already present around them.

At work, this means that if your team is mad, then you might just add to the flame by being angry yourself. However, it also works in a positive sense: if the energy in the room is positive, you will likewise bounce that energy around, keeping everyone happy.

You are an emotional creature– sensitive to the needs of others, and will likewise respond to everything around you with alacrity. If a friend is in need, you are the first to try and make them feel comfortable.

You are also proud and incapable of tolerating any disrespectful act from other people. Once you are riled up, the beast within you can truly awaken and hurt others. In your righteous rage, you may end up accidentally turning on your friends.

Thus, your goal in life is to learn how to truly master your emotions.


a falcon

Birth Dates: March 21 – April 19
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Aries
Element: Fire

In Native American Zodiac, the Falcon is a true force of nature. Imperious, fearless, and brimming with charisma and leadership, many who possess this sign are known for being bringers of order and strength.

On an individual level, they are able to view any situation objectively and are able to set aside their own prejudices. As such, being a Falcon allows you to function at the worst possible moments. No matter how stressful a situation is, you never give up self-control.

In terms of relationships, they are courageous and will often take the first step. They are  trend-setters and are capable of dictating where a relationship or partnership is going to go, and it all boils down to their desire to always achieve first.

At times, they could be annoyingly self-assured, but that’s only because the Falcon has great confidence– like you. That being said, you should nevertheless listen once your pride starts to bother other people, as it could be problematic later on.


Birth Dates: April 20 – May 20
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Element: Fire and Air

The Beaver is another crucial animal in Native American Zodiac. As a sign, it signifies materialism and individual ingenuity. This means that as a rule, you value being able to live materially and comfortably.

Some may have their qualms about your rather materialistic lifestyle, but contrary to what people might think, it’s not because you think meaning lies in worldly possessions alone. 

It’s because you know that in order for you and your loved ones to live properly, you need to work for a few things. Consequently, this means you are industrious and full of wit: always clever in finding ways to squeeze some extra income into your wallet.

However, you can also be unnecessarily jealous. Since you have drawn your life’s standards from the material world, you are always concerned about how much your friends earn. 

This draws out the competitor within you, causing certain rifts with other people. This may also cause you to burn bridges in the most extreme cases.


Birth Dates: May 21 – June 20
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Element: Fire and Earth

Another creature that holds sway in the Native American Zodiac is the deer. Known for its looks, cunning, and charisma, they are able to draw all kinds of people to them and grab their attention with their captivating demeanor.

As a Deer, you can be quite whimsical and free-spirited– always changing interests from one to the other according to your whims. Thus, you are known for being able to know a little bit about everything.

This doesn’t make you an expert in the field, of course, but this does mean you make for a great conversationalist. While some signs struggle to talk to other people, you are at your domain when talking to your friends and loved ones.

However, this natural whim also makes you somewhat impulsive and too emotionally-driven. The moment something else grabs your attention, you tend to leave your post, resulting in work being left behind and things being done haphazardly.

As such, it may be necessary for you to find your life’s inner focus to help yourself become more productive.

Native American Zodiac Signs and Their Meaning


Birth Dates: June 21 – July 21
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Element: Water

The Woodpecker is a protective creature that often tries to make sure that their loved ones are comfortable. In your case, this means that you tend to prioritize other people even before your own self just to help everything be better for them.

In romance, this makes you a top-tier pick. You are always devoted and willing to do everything in your power– sometimes even throwing people under the bus– if it means that the love of your life feels loved and better.

Likewise, this also makes you a great friend. You often tend to throw great advice and will even use your life skills to help your friends get their lives together. You may find yourself running some errands or doing chores for them to help them out.

You are energetic and always willing to throw yourself between your friends and danger, however, there are times when this protectiveness can become a bit much. If you aren’t careful, you may compromise too much of your time and end up setting yourself back.


Birth Dates: July 22 – August 21
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Leo
Element: Fire and Water

If the Woodpecker devotes itself to other people, the Salmon stands completely by their own goals. Being a Salmon means constantly craving for competition and challenge. Your expectations of yourself and your goals are all equally lofty.

This immense sense of standard necessarily allows you to do things that other people might normally not do. For example, at work, you dedicate yourself to pursuing greater pay or getting a promotion that you’re willing to do overtime.

Consequently, you are willing to sacrifice even your social life for the sake of getting your personal objectives done. You may not think about romance or even making any new friends if it doesn’t help you advance your own career.

Naturally, this also means that you can sometimes push your agenda ahead of everyone else’s– to their dismay. You may end up prioritizing your own concerns over the needs of other people, and as such, you can often destroy your own relationships.

As such, remember that greatness shouldn’t come at anyone’s expense.

Brown Bear

Birth Dates: August 22 – September 21
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Element: Water and Earth

An esteemed animal of the Native American Zodiac, the Brown Bear is unbelievably patient and sagacious. Everything they say has a natural authority and wit to them, and as such, they are treasured advisors to anyone lucky enough to befriend them.

As a Brown Bear, you have a wealth of experience behind you– be it in career, romance, or just friendships. You are perceptive and able to read what other people feel, enough that you are able to transmit this knowledge upon other people.

You are intellectually-inclined to the core, always willing to read up on history and learn how other people manage their lives. You then end up applying many of these teachings to your own life, making sure that you always have the means to succeed.

Of course, there are things that you can be extremely wary of– sometimes to the point of defensiveness. You often have social barriers and do not share the full weight of your intellect due to your suspicion of other people’s motives.

As such, it can be quite difficult– but rewarding– to earn your full trust.


a raven

Birth Dates: September 22 – October 22
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Libra
Element: Earth and Air

Many animals in the Native American Zodiac are warlike in their approach to life. However, there is a stark contrast: the Raven is a natural diplomat and a pacifist at heart, always wanting to avoid violence no matter what.

This means that you are naturally measured in your dealings with other people, always careful about what words you might utter. You do your best not to offend other people by always assuming stances that are objective and morally upright.

At work, you are a capable uniter. You look beyond the occasional pettiness of office politics and make sure that everyone is in perfect sync. Whenever there’s a conflict, you always find creative ways to defuse the situation. As a result, you usually save the day.

However, because of your own pacifism, you may also have difficulty assuming hard stances and making difficult choices. Whenever you are in a dilemma between right and wrong, you may sometimes refuse to condemn evil.


Birth Dates: October 23 – November 22
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Element: Water and Earth

The Snake is quite easily one of the most resilient creatures to have ever slithered on this earth. They are pliable and often keep their plans and motives to themselves. This gives them a rather mysterious aura that helps them hide when needed.

In your case, this means that you are calculating with your interactions. You do not just go in for the kill in anything and go straight for the goal. Instead, you take advantage of any opportunity and then seize it when you know things are going to go extremely well.

You also have an immense knowledge of yourself– you have a clear goal and you are in touch with your own spiritual nature. This gives you a clarity of mind and a defined purpose that allows you to rise to any occasion where most people would flounder.

In a way, however, this profound knowledge also makes you incredibly difficult to vibe with. Your interests and style of interaction are niche, to the point where people don’t often get you for it.

This can make you seem intimidating– in a good way, because people will think twice about betraying or angering you.


Birth Dates: November 23 – December 21
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Element: Earth and Fire

The Owl is the introspective animal in the Native American Zodiac. Full of insight into the harsh realities of the world, they often stop and pause to think about their very place in the universe as well as the consequences of every action they make.

Being an Owl, you refuse to take things for granted and you do not allow anything to escape your analytical mind. Whether you are trying to solve a problem or thinking about the morality of your actions, you always give it your all when you think.

However, you do not just sit down and think, either. You are capable of letting yourself loose when needed. One night, you can be thinking about the world and the meaning of our existence, and the next, you could be drinking outside with your social group.

Of course, it’s not all depth and breadth with the Owl. While you do have an affinity for enlightenment, you can also be surprisingly self-indulgent. You can form habits which run contrary to reason, and it can be self-destructive. 

In such situations, care and caution are your natural allies.


a goose

Birth Dates: December 22 – January 19
Alternate Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Element: Earth and Air

Gooses are orderly creatures who embody discipline in everything that they do. When there is something that needs doing, they can shelve their thoughts away and follow orders.

This penchant for efficiency and order makes them a highly worthy candidate for the workplace. You are obedient and willing to do what must be done to achieve total victory. Others may be egotistical, but you can see the larger picture.

Additionally, you are also very loving. Since you understand that love is an essential part of order instinctively, you often show kindness to the people around you and even make friendships zealously.

However, these tendencies also mean that you might have difficulties thriving in a world of discord. If your relationships aren’t harmonious, you tend to be lost and unable to figure out what to do from there. 

Over Obedience can be your primary problem, and only self-sufficiency can cure it.

Final Word

As you can see, there are plenty of similarities between Western astrology and Native American astrology. However, what makes this system unique is that the symbols can be found in the very nature we live in.

Each personality trait embodied by the animals are things directly taken out from the Native Americans’ personal experiences with nature. Nothing is completely one-dimensional– each animal is positive and negative in their own way.

This complex interplay shows just how beautiful and diverse nature can be, and by taking this understanding to the realm of astrology, we begin to understand that we are part of a greater order.

Take this knowledge with you wherever you go, and use this guide to find your place in nature itself!

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