How To Live In Harmony With the Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

most jealous zodiac signs

We are at our most vulnerable when we enter into a romantic relationship. Thus, feelings of jealousy and insecurity may creep up every now and then. That is perfectly normal. However, jealousy becomes a nasty spike when it slowly takes over relationships. Pushing people at their worst, trying to control their partner’s actions. In this post we’ll talk about the most jealous zodiac signs, and also shed some light on the following issues:

  • What is the biggest difference among the most to least jealous zodiac signs?
  • Which zodiac signs are the most jealous but are really good at hiding it?
  • When are the most jealous of the zodiac signs super obvious with it?
  • Who is the most jealous zodiac sign you should be wary of?

So let’s get on with it and see what are the most jealous zodiac signs!

Cracking the Code to Know What Are the Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

Before we jump in to know what are the most jealous zodiac signs, we’ll go ahead and break them down into five categories.

The first category are the signs who have no problem telling you right away that they are jealous. They are neither embarrassed nor insecure to get their message across, loud and clear.

Second category are those who will mostly keep it to themselves. But the more it happens, the less interest they have in the relationship, or with you, for that matter.

Third category are signs who are quick to redirect your focus when they feel things are getting a bit flirty with their partner and someone else.

One sign and one sign alone owns this fourth category. This zodiac has some Jedi powers that’s hard to explain. They know how to turn tables and make you feel stupid for your behavior whenever they get jealous.

The fifth and final category are signs who are like a computer. These guys will shut down temporarily until they figure out what to do with you. Whether they’re going to cut you, leave you, or just play it off.

Most Jealous Zodiac Signs: First Category (Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn)

aries, taurus, and capricorn

When these signs are triggered by jealousy they won’t even bother hiding it. They’re not too concerned about you leaving them for somebody else. Their annoyance stems from the fact that their partner or someone else has the gull to disrespect their relationship. Clearly evident by crossing the line. Disrespecting the set boundaries.

Not only will they talk about how they feel, they will definitely do something to put a full stop to it. So instead of telling them they are being paranoid or overreacting, talk to them. Find out what specific behavior is setting them off and what actions to take to make things better.

You need to establish trust in your relationship. Good thing a Capricorn or Taurus will tell you what you can do to earn their trust, and vice versa. Come up with an agreement that both parties’ requests will honor.

Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn do not usually entertain the possibility of being someone they cannot trust. But it is crucial to them that you establish boundaries. Agreeing on what is appropriate then honoring these boundaries.

Most Jealous Zodiac Signs: Second Category (Leo, Virgo, Libra)

These zodiacs have no time for conflict, nor will they show any signs of weakness. Jealousy is a fierce emotion which they judge quite strongly, with Libra being the exception.

When they have Aries, Cancer, or Scorpio Moon, they will definitely show their jealousy and you’re in for some serious drama. It’s a bit of a crazy category.

Libra on the other hand will share Leo and Virgo’s feelings about your behavior. It will annoy the heck out of them and if this continues, their feelings for you will slowly diminish.

Leo does not like competing in this area. Not because of some inferiority complex, whatsoever. On the contrary, they find it totally appalling. The idea of you wanting to focus on someone else when you’re already with someone as amazing as them!

Then there is perfectionist Virgo. They are already hard enough on themselves. So they have zero interest in being with people who cannot appreciate them enough to stay focused and give them the respect they truly deserve.

Honestly, you’re making it super easy for them to talk themselves out of this relationship. Someday, they will think of you as another self-centered, untrustworthy person they need to cut ties with.

Most Jealous Zodiac Signs: Third Category (Gemini and Aquarius)

gemini and aquarius

When you’re at a party and these signs catch you exchanging glances with someone else, expect it to stop right away. They will immediately jump into your line of sight so you will regain focus. Or if you’re deep in conversation where the exchanges are starting to become too friendly, they have no qualms joining in.

They will change the conversation and break up that flow of energy you have going with that person. Just like Libra, these zodiacs can be quite intense when they get jealous. If they have Scorpio, Cancer, or Aries as their Moon sign.

But generally speaking, Gemini and Aquarius rarely admit their jealousy. Until maybe long after the fact you can already joke and laugh about what happened. But in those moments that it’s actually happening, they can bust up into action and nip things in the bud.

Another thing to remember is the “payback time”. When they get their chance to make you jealous they will turn up the heat and engage in a flirtatious connection with someone else. Right in front of you. Yup. If that’s the only way for you to get the message and of course- to get even.

Just remember that air signs like Gemini and Aquarius need a lot of freedom to stay thrilled and sustain that desire to keep things burning. The trick is striking a balance between keeping things interesting. But not too flirty and accommodating to other people around you.

Most Jealous Zodiac Signs: Fourth Category (Sagittarius)

As we mentioned earlier, this is the sign that has a category all to itself. Since they will do everything they can not to show any hints of jealousy. But would also do everything in their power to make you appear like you are the nut job, and not them.

If they feel jealous in any way, it’s not going to come from them. They are not scared that you’re going to leave them from someone else either. But similar to Leo, they are dumbfounded by the possibility of you being attracted to someone else despite their awesomeness!

So Sagittarians can be really funny when jealousy strikes. Whenever you’re in a situation where they feel you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, they will call you out on it. But they’re extremely careful not to reveal their own issues while they are at it.

Most Jealous Zodiac Signs: Fifth Category (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

Pisces will be the least of your problems since they’re not that possessive. Nor will they go nuts if they find you flirting with someone else. There are even times when Pisces would wish you’d go ahead and flirt with someone else so you could give them a break.

Know however that in the rare times Pisces do get jealous, it could get pretty intense. A lot less often than Scorpio and Cancer, but still. They are not going to break up with you but expect a long-drawn, heavy drama once they have had enough.

cancer, scorpio, and pisces

More often than not though, they just play it off. But those who have been with a Pisces long enough knows all the cues, and know exactly what to do. The great thing about Pisces is that once you give them a heartfelt apology they’re fine. As long as they have that assurance that it’s them and only them that you love and care for, end of discussion.

Scorpio on the other hand bears a strong warning: never keep secrets from them. As long as everything remains transparent and you’re brave enough to own up to it, you’ll be fine. Sure it would irk them a little, who wouldn’t? But jealousy won’t really be an issue.

Now there’s Cancer. If you trigger this zodiac’s jealousy, it will not simply fade away. They will feel extremely hurt when they find out you had an inappropriate interaction with someone. Some signs will think about leaving you, cutting you, or playing things off.

Cancer will go straight to leaving you. So at the beginning of your relationship make sure everything is clear and know exactly the things you shouldn’t be doing.

Final Takeaways

There are several important takeaways we can benefit from these major insights. Here goes.

Make Sure Jealousy Is Not An Issue

Jealousy is rarely the issue in a relationship. Rather, it is what you do. So have a conversation with your significant other. And find out all their deal-breakers pertaining to jealousy and relationships. What does this mean? Know the actions they will never put up with. Make sure those are clear and stay committed to avoiding those behaviors in your relationship.

Make Them Feel Loved and Protected


When people feel loved and respected, they are not likely to get jealous. But when they do, it’s not really because they think they’re not good enough, or don’t measure up. But it’s the pain and total disbelief that you’re allowing outside energy to infiltrate the love that you two share.

Sometimes jealousy can be a form of protection. Don’t get mad. Instead, try and understand where they are coming from. Know that it’s not really about them losing trust in you. But their concern about something or someone threatening your relationship.

Accept That You Are Differently Wired

It can be tempting to think, no, I will not put up with this BS. This is absolutely ridiculous! Then again, remember not everyone is the same. Each of us is differently wired. So it’s not really agreeing with the person you love, it’s empathizing with them. It’s caring enough, about what you have with them and your willingness to do what it takes to make things work.

And remember that this should go both ways. Both of you need to make sure the other one feels loved, then you’ll both be happy. Sometimes you think the things they need are silly. And that’s fine. The important thing is that you both know the do’s and don’ts in your relationship and stick to it, no matter what.

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

List your boundaries and honor them. When you do, trust comes naturally. And remember that trust is a strong foundation of love. Where you can express yourselves freely and without hesitation.

If jealousy stems from lack of trust with the person you’re in a relationship with, take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask this question. Why are you with someone you cannot even trust?


Do not be totally closed off to the needs of your significant other, if you don’t want them to do that to you either. If one or both of you are closed-off to each other’s needs, then something bigger that you need to tackle.

So strengthen those communication skills.  And work hard achieving a relationship that is fully transparent and is full of trust. This way, jealousy will just be any normal issue that could be dealt with over time. It will diminish until finally you realize it is non-existent. Stay committed to making sure your partner feels heard, understood, and of course, feels loved.

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