Uncovering the Truth Behind the Most Hated Zodiac Signs

most hated zodiac signs

For years there has been an endless debate among those who belong to the world’s most hated zodiac signs. Not one zodiac sign is perfect, that’s for sure. Each one has its own flaws and weaknesses. But they all have their strong points and amazing traits as well.

Join us as we uncover the myths and facts behind these so-called most hated zodiac signs. And discover the answers to these burning questions as well:

  • What are the most hated zodiac signs things have in common?
  • Which has the most disliked zodiac sign among the earth, fire, air, and water elements?
  • Could you belong to the most hated signs in the zodiac?
  • What is the most hated zodiac sign in the air element?

So let’s go ahead and see the most hated zodiac signs ranked from least to most!

Most Hated Zodiac Signs Ranked

Most Hated Zodiac Signs No. 12: Aries

These people are so driven and hardworking. When they set their mind to do something they simply up and get it done. They seem to have an endless amount of fierce energy in them. So whatever goal project or work they have they pour all their passion into it and go for it head-on.

These folks could also be super fun, pretty wild, and outgoing. Aries can sometimes have a self-destructive streak that they must keep in check. They can be brutally honest at times. As a matter of fact, everyone should have an Aries friend.  Because they will always give you the truth, although sometimes it could leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Most Hated Zodiac Signs No. 11: Taurus

A lot of people love them, but there are those who hate them. Others have a love-hate relationship with Taurus. But as long as you don’t get on their bad side, avoid getting into disagreements or arguments with them, it’s totally fine. Think twice before trying to cross them because they have a tendency of being super aggressive. They are also strong-willed, which of course isn’t really a bad thing. But some interpret this as stubbornness. Taurus is also known to keep their word.

They really want things done the right way, which could bring out their bossy side. That’s one thing you might not like about them. But their good side makes up for the bad. They enjoy the best-tasting foods and know where all the hotspots are. Taurus is a certified foodie. They love luxurious experiences as well, anything that would enrich the senses. Scrumptious meals, captivating views, and a great sense of humor which they are totally unaware of. Being a loyal friend is an added bonus, wanting you to keep and cherish them forever.

Most Hated Zodiac Signs No. 10: Cancer

cancer zodiac sign

Known as some of the most caring people you’ll get to meet, Cancers do not put a limit on how much they are going to give. They could even take a bullet for you. These folks are super sweet, kind, and generous. Cancer has this maternal energy that’s hard to explain. For them, food isn’t just food- it’s an experience. They are also really funny and quick-witted. Their sarcasm will leave you in stitches. But they can be super shy at times. As you can see they have a crab sign. This means you’d have to crack through that if you want to see the real deal. This is the reason why they belong to a very close-knit group of people.

They’re known to stick to their tribe. Let’s just say that the people they trust, they keep them close. They have this strong family bond with all their friendships. Cancers could also be socially anxious and awkward but could certainly grow out of it. Given enough time and attention. They’re not afraid to embarrass themselves 24/7. By tripping, falling, getting stains on stuff. Just as clumsy as one can be. Cancers are also family-oriented. They mean everything to them.

Most Hated Zodiac Signs No. 9: Virgo

One thing you won’t like about Virgo is how they can be so gossipy. Of course, everyone has their own insecurities regardless of their zodiac sign. But having a Virgo in your life allows you to see more on the surface. They are also real cutesy and easy to talk to. It’s super fun to be around them. They’re also used to putting everyone else’s needs before thinking about themselves.

Virgos are super organized, creative, and are perfectionists to the core. They can work for an indefinite amount of time continuously especially if they have a passion project at hand. These people have a tendency to be supercritical because they are super observant and can notice all the minute details. Music and arts are two of their go-to’s when they need to unwind. Virgos are super obsessed with life and don’t want to leave any stone unturned. They want to see and experience everything until their last breath.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 8: Libra

These are some of the most rational people you’ll ever meet. That’s why they’re often approached to resolve conflicts. Everything needs to be pure, honest, and balanced. Libras are also social creatures and brim with confidence. They enjoy their social status and reputation. Social life is crucial to them and they take good care of it. They’re amazing at working with people. Not one boring minute goes by with this zodiac because of all the fierce energy that they always have. They know how to present themselves and are always put together.

Patience is not one of their virtues. They have a short temper and could be impatient with people. Sometimes they hold hard grudges as well. Once they land a conclusion about you, or you’ve done something awful to them, beware. They will never tolerate that and can cut you off easily. So Libras, please communicate better and work on your patience.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 7: Sagittarius

They could be Mr. and Ms. super know it all at times. You think you know what’s best all the time and you refuse to hear out other people’s opinions. Yes, you have a strong point of view, but that’s no way to get your point across. Learn to say less and listen more. Realize that you can respect other people while disagreeing with them.

On the brighter side, you guys are so adventurous and love nothing more than exploring. You want to see and learn things constantly. Your spontaneity is impressive and is always on to the next best thing. Having to do the same stuff bores you like crazy. It’s difficult for you to keep things grounded since you feel it’s just holding you back. Learning and traveling are on top of your to-do list.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 6: Capricorn

capricorn zodiac

Nothing can be more difficult than trying to get through a Capricorn. They have this enormous wall built over them to protect themselves. Capricorns may seem serious during your first encounter with them. You will have no idea what they’re thinking. What’s really going on up there. They feel the need to be mysterious because it’s their way of keeping themselves guarded. At first glance, you wouldn’t realize they are as emotional as they are. But they’re super sensitive and genuine with their feelings. Although they have some difficulty processing their emotions at times.

Other than that, they’re pretty good. They’re hard-working and always finish whatever they started. Money, work, and career are of great value to them. This is the reason why they are very stable and grounded. They’re also a bit on the conservative side. You wouldn’t think they’re shy, but they are. They’re so funny but their sense of humor could be on the dark side too. Capricorns are very loyal once you earned their trust, which could take some time. First, they need to scope you out. That’s just how it works for them.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 5: Aquarius

When you make sure you’re on their good side, they’re amazing. These folks are really theatrical, always putting on a show. Expressing themselves physically, super out there, really funny. It’s like living in a fantasy with them, all visuals. They’re super outgoing too. But Aquarians can be one of the most aggressive signs once you get on their bad side. Otherwise, they are a real sweetheart.

In the event that you cannot, be ready to put on some gloves, because it’s like talking to a wall. To pure rage. It’s practically impossible to reason with this zodiac when they’re fuming. But they are really good people. They do a lot for this world and always find ways to make people happy. Aquarians also put a lot of their time and energy into supporting charities and other good causes. 

Most Hated Zodiac No. 4: Pisces

Pisces is really easy to get along with. But they can be insecure and very emotional. Almost like cry babies. Anything that happens to them or their loved ones causes them to be full of emotions. Drowning in their sorrow and misery. Then you realize they are water signs, that’s why. It’s almost ridiculous how emotional they get over some things.

Pisces is hands down one, if not the most creative among the zodiacs. They’re like Pixies too, getting along with virtually everyone they meet. Super outgoing and social. But deep inside, these folks are extremely shy.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 3: Leo

These people are great but can be real narcissists at times. Not necessarily selfish or only caring about themselves. They are really loyal to their family and friends. But they can be extremely obsessed, even a bit delusional. Somebody has to tell them what’s real and what’s not sometimes. They have a tendency to live inside a bubble. So unless someone does a reality check on them, it’s hard for them to distinguish truth from lies.

But Leos are really the most fun of the zodiac signs. They have a fantastic sense of humor and an amazing sense of style. If you want to find out the latest trends in fashion, what works and what doesn’t, call a Leo. They are always self-assured, confident in their decisions. Leos have lots of friends. It might surprise you how many people they know. They love good vibes, good energy. Extremely positive. But when something goes extremely wrong, they act as if it’s the end of the world.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 2: Gemini


Geminis sometimes get a bad reputation because they’re like their two-faced signs. They have two faces, like dual personalities. Typically, they show one side to you, but once you get to know them really well they would allow you to see the other side. Some people their other side is really bad, but not really. Not always.

These folks are some of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. They don’t stop until they finish what they need to do. Just like robots, they can be super fast and energetic. They never get tired if they like what they’re doing. Geminis are also very innovative. Originality is a must in order to make a statement. They are bold, and out there, not afraid to be funny and fun. This zodiac could also go up to anyone and start up a conversation.

Most Hated Zodiac No. 1: Scorpio

And that number one spot taken by the most hated zodiac signs ranked? None other than Scorpio. Scorpios can be freaky underneath those sheets. For you, it’s all about sex. You know your hidden stuff, like dark things. Scorpios love documentaries, murder mysteries, ghosts, and serial killers. You’re really into those things. Everything can be a complete blur sometimes. Sex is never boring with you. You enjoy role play and fantasies tremendously. These things just feed your fuel.

These folks can be really emotional at times. But they’re not very good in showing or acting on it. This is the reason why a lot of them turn to alcoholism, drug abuse, and other substances. Because they find it difficult to process their emotions. Your sarcasm is off the roof and you’re super smart. Scorpios know a bit about everything. They hate small talk. Politics is one of their favorite topics. The kind of dark humor that they have is not for everyone, though.

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