Most Confident Zodiac Signs, A Ranking According to Astrologers 

most confident zodiac signs

Measuring a person’s confidence is a complex thing. A person’s confidence has multiple influences such as personality, background, experiences, and belief system. Many believe that the placement and alignment of heavenly bodies on the day we are born affects our confidence. Astrologers studied how each Zodiac expresses confidence. They made a list to identify the most confident Zodiac signs. 

In this article, we made a list to rank the Zodiacs according to confidence. We have also prepared a comprehensive discussion that tackles each Zodiac’s confidence. 

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Confidence and the Zodiac 

Confidence is one of the most important traits a person should possess. Your confidence will dictate how you project yourself to the outside world. Your body language, behavior, and communication style will make this evident. Having confidence involves having a positive attitude and believing in yourself. 

It is important to note that confidence plays a vital role in a person’s growth and development. Your confidence will help your relationship with yourself and with others. It helps with boosting self-esteem, thus resulting in better performance and more opportunities. Confidence affects your life in more ways than you could ever imagine. But where does your confidence root from? 

Many astrologers believe that Zodiac influences one’s personality, including confidence. They claim that each sign has a varied level of confidence. If you want to know which among the Zodiacs is the most confident, the next section reveals the most confident zodiac signs ranked. 

Most to Least Confident Zodiac Signs

Understanding confidence is complicated. But thanks to Astrology, we have listed which among the Zodiacs are confident and which are more reserved. Below is the list of the most to least confident of the Zodiacs. 

1 Leo 


The fire sign Leo is on the first of the list of the most confident Zodiac signs. They radiate a very strong and powerful personality. Leos are born with fixed fire signs, which means they are determined for life. They ooze confidence even when doing the bare minimum. Their confidence comes naturally as they exude charisma and leadership skills. 

Picture a person who makes everyone’s head turn to them. That right there is an image of a Leo. No matter what they do, they embody confidence, strength, and power. Like the Sun, they shine bright even without trying. Who wouldn’t be confident if you always shine bright, right?

These charismatic lions attract attention and perform well in front of others. Leos love to be the center of attraction. Hence, they deserve the title of the most confident Zodiac sign.

2 Aries


In a large group of people, you can easily spot an Aries. An Aries looks like someone who’s always ready to fight – you’ll see this in their eager eyes. They are fiery and always love taking risks and challenges. In the face of risks and challenges, their confidence grows and intensifies. 

Aries are cardinal fire signs which means they have strength, willpower, and courage. These qualities make them second on the list of the most confident Zodiac signs. They have a strong sense of self and are not afraid to speak their minds. If they want to do or say something, nothing can stop them. They are fearless creatures. 

Most of the time, people misinterpret their boldness and confidence for arrogance. But in reality, they are just naturally assertive and competitive. 

3 Capricorn


The third most confident Zodiac sign belongs to Capricorn. Capricorns are intelligent and hardworking individuals. Their high confidence level keeps them motivated and helps them overcome challenges. They have a strong sense of self-awareness. Thus, they are aware that they can succeed in whatever they do. They are an embodiment of the saying “I believe I can, therefore I can.”

When faced with a new group of people, Capricorns may shy away. They may tend to be insecure at first. But eventually, they move out of their comfort zone and show their true capabilities. Once they come out of this comfort zone, Capricorns transform into the most determined and confident individuals. They strive so hard to achieve their goals no matter what challenges they face. 

4 Sagittarius


Fourth on the list of the most confident Zodiac signs is Sagittarius. These mutable fire signs are courageous individuals who take challenges head-on. Their confidence to conquer any challenge roots from having confidence. 

Sagittarians live a bold and brave life. They trust and believe in themselves because they know that they can endure what life throws at them. And because of their boldness and bravery, they look at challenges as adventures. You will see them get excited and enjoy new experiences. 

With confidence and trust in themselves, they move through life with ease. These confident people will jump into risks as if they have prepared their whole lives to do it. In other words, they YOLO their way into life. 

5 Scorpio


Scorpios, like their animal representation, are deadly creatures. They are strong-willed and very determined individuals. Their passion and determination help them stand up for what they believe in. Despite what other people say and think, Scorpios remain confident in themselves. They believe in themselves more than anything else.

Although they have a fair share of insecurities, Scorpios may come off as arrogant. Some people see their confidence as being boastful. But, just like scorpions, they use their thick and strong outer covering as a defense. It serves as the privacy blanket that helps them keep their innermost feelings and thoughts to themselves. Scorpios are confident people but they also don’t let their guard down.

Scorpios are an irony. They are very confident with who they really are, yet they are secretive and mysterious. These scorpions are furious, fierce, and protective.

6 Gemini


Geminis, the social butterflies of the Zodiacs. They are the sixth on the rank of the most confident Zodiac signs. As social butterflies, Geminis love socializing with other people. And this requires confidence. You can say that they are naturally outgoing and confident when put at the center of attention. 

Aside from being social butterflies, Geminis are chameleons. They use their wit to assess a situation and adapt to a new environment. Other people might say they have two identities. But in reality, their adaptability makes them more confident when they face a new challenge. 

During conversations, these mutable air signs are afraid of no one. They are never afraid to converse and voice out their thoughts. Gemini’s confidence roots in being aware of their wit and charisma. Hence, they are the sixth on the rank of the Zodiac signs that are confident.

7 Virgo


Virgos are born with a mutable fire sign. Like the Geminis, Virgos are also adaptable to change and are very flexible. They are also earth signs, which means that they have a deep connection and are more grounded to the earth. And this connection to the earth, they have a more analytical and logical approach to life. 

One can say that Virgos are perfectionists – they have massive attention to detail. They are keen to even with the smallest little details. You will often see them have an organized plan to avoid mistakes and inconveniences. They live with the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail.” 

Virgos’ logical approach to life makes them feel very confident. Who wouldn’t be if you already planned ahead of time, right? However, their confidence gets tested when unexpected and uncontrollable things arise. These setbacks can affect their confidence and therefore make them feel insecure. 

8 Aquarius


Aquarius is the eighth in the rank of the most confident zodiac signs. They have a fixed water sign who aims to save the world. Aquarians are very intelligent and smart and they already have a plan for how they could save the world. This makes them the perfect people to lead activism and campaigns. They are very persistent in pursuing their causes. 

However, Aquarians are somehow aloof and cold. They have a tendency to bottle up their emotions and feelings at the expense of saving the world. Thus, despite having the willpower to advocate their causes, they break down easily. 

Aquarians feel confident to pursue their humanitarian causes. But most of the time they are too idealistic and condescending. Some people might think that they are self-righteous and delusional. When this happens, Aquarians will feel abandoned. Thus, their confidence spirals down. 

9 Taurus


Taurus is the ninth of the most confident Zodiac signs. They are not quite confident. They can be, but only if they want to. Confidence does not come naturally to them. Taurus struggle with their self-esteem as they are known for being down to earth and emotional. 

They do not do well in the face of changes because of their fixed sign. Taurus is comfortable with having a routine. Thus the slightest change can cause inconvenience and to lose their confidence. They lose their grounding if their routine activities get disrupted. 

Although they are not the most confident, Taureans are dependable and reliable. They are quite introverted, but those who are close to them find them trustworthy. These bulls are loyal and wise hence, their friends go to them for advice. 

10 Pisces


The tenth on the list is Pisces. Pisceans have emotional and sensitive personalities. They are very empathetic and they like to put other people’s needs before theirs. Pisces people are the most wonderful people you will ever meet. However, despite their empathetic nature, Pisces lacks confidence.

Pisceans are not naturally confident individuals. They are quite shy, especially in social interactions. Instead of bonding and connecting to new people, they would rather go and bond with their inner circles. Being with familiar people boosts their confidence. 

Pisces may not have a strong sense of confidence but when they need to, they will stand up for themselves. They especially become confident when someone or something challenges their beliefs and character. Pisces may be emotional and sensitive yet they have confidence deep within themselves. And if they use their hidden confidence, they can overcome any hurdles in life. 

11 Libra


Libras are the second least confident Zodiac sign. This Zodiac likes to fish for compliments from other people just to feel assured. They need others’ approval to feel good. And in desperate times, they go beyond their means to receive compliments. Their self-esteem and confidence get easily influenced by external factors. 

Despite being the second to the last on the list, Libras may seem confident at first glance. They love socializing, making friends, and being the center of attraction. Interacting with other people gives them a confidence boost. But if they do not receive the compliment they want to hear, Libras will feel insecure. With this, Libras tend to people please for the sake of feeling good. 

12 Cancer


The last on the list is Cancer. Cancers are the most thoughtful and sweetest people you will ever meet. They are genuinely caring and loving and put other people before themselves. This water sign likes to nurture and care for other people but gets too hard on themselves. When thighs don’t go their way, they easily stumble and lose their self-confidence. 

Cancers are notorious for wearing their hearts on their sleeves. In other words, they do not hide their feelings and emotions. Like crabs, their symbol, they retreat to their shells when they feel uncomfortable. They seek refuge and comfort in their shells. Cancers can sometimes get too sensitive which causes a lack of self-assurance and self-trust. They tend to self-pity which hurts their self-esteem and confidence. 


The fact that some people seem more confident than others does not imply that they are more powerful. Everyone expresses their confidence in a different way. We are not all equally confident. Factors such as our upbringing, experiences, personality traits, and Zodiacs affect our confidence. 

The key to being confident is to embrace who you are. Do not allow others to label you as weak because of the distinctive way you display your confidence. Despite which rank your Zodiac falls in the list, what’s important is you believe and be true to yourself. 

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