Sensitive Soul: The Zodiac Sign Most Compatible with Cancer

most compatible with cancer

Romantic compatibility never comes at a first glance, or even a first date. It takes a while to get to know someone, and that’s an unfortunate reality. You put in all the work and time to win someone’s heart, only to find out the two of you are on a different page. But did you know that your zodiac sign might help you find out how compatible you are with someone? We’re looking at just such a thing today, we’re looking for the zodiac sign most compatible with Cancer!

Skip the heartache, miss the heartbreak using this article! How does the zodiac of all things tell you how compatible you are with someone? Just which signs are compatible or incompatible with Cancer? Is there anything in it for you if you’re not a Cancer nor interested in a Cancer yourself? Read on, we’re answering all of these questions just for you!

Are you a Cancer, or interested in one yourself, perhaps? Maybe you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge? Perhaps you’re here because you’re just plain old curious. Whatever the case, this is definitely the article for you. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and most importantly, have fun!


  • Who is Cancer most compatible with?
  • Most compatible signs for Cancer… and most incompatible
  • What makes these signs compatible or incompatible?
  • Just what is in it for you, dear reader?
  • And many more…

Cancer Most Compatible Sign in the Zodiac

So, exactly how does the zodiac tell us our compatibility with anyone, let alone with Cancer? It’s simple, the zodiac already lists the traits, predispositions and personalities of each sign. After that, it’s just a matter of mixing and matching these traits with the other signs. The zodiac basically gives us a prediction of which signs are likely to get along and which aren’t. So, which signs are more likely to get along with Cancer and which signs aren’t?

First off, let’s take a refresher course on Cancer before going down the list. Finding out who Cancer is as a person will make it easy to understand who is most compatible with Cancer and why. Cancer, the zodiac’s lovable, sensitive crab is a water sign that governs the period from June 21 to July 22. With a planetary ruler like the moon, it’s no surprise that Cancers are famous for their emotional and empathetic natures. It’s also understood that they are caring, creative and especially sensitive creatures, possibly the most sensitive of all the signs.

Given their nature and personality, we can already guess several things about the signs and their compatibility with Cancer. For instance, they probably play well with other water signs. It’s also likely that they balance Earth signs out very well. In the same light, they may clash with the aggressive fire signs, and maybe are too sensitive for distant air signs. We’re getting even more specific as we go through the list, but before that-

What’s in it for you?

One last thing: what’s in it for you if you’re not a Cancer nor interested in one? We’re listing down why these signs are incompatible and what you can watch for in your own romantic affairs! You don’t need to share the same signs to have similar traits and watch out for similar red flags, after all. Emulate the best of these traits, watch out for the worst. Find out how even signs that are different from Cancer find a way to make things work, and learn positive traits a partner can possess in any relationship, below:

Cancer Compatible Signs

These are the 6 most compatible signs with Cancer, can you predict which sign is at the top? As predicted, Earth signs and fellow water signs dominate the list, with only one fire sign just barely making it in. Pay attention to how and why these signs work. It’ll help not just if you’re after a Cancer, but any sensitive, emotional and caring soul! Without further ado, the list of zodiac signs most compatible with cancer!

#6 Leo, Water and Fire (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

leo zodiac sign

Don’t count out the proud lion of the zodiac, just because they’re in last place! It just so happens that Leo is the only fire sign on this list, but why? Leo and Cancer are emotionally on opposite ends of the spectrum. What Leo needs, Cancer provides and vice versa. Cancer loves Leo’s energy, passion and outgoing tendencies.

On the other hand, Leo loves the emotional security and comfort that Cancer can provide. Leo is actually a softie deep down. They need constant attention and affection. Cancer picks up on this with their sensitivity and empathy, giving Leo what they need. You can do the same: just pay attention to what your partner needs and you’re sure to win many hearts!

#5 Capricorn, Opposites Attract (Dec 22 – Jan 19)


Funnily enough, if Leo is Cancer’s emotional opposite, then Capricorn is their polar opposite! But just like Leo, they balance each other out and possess in each other exactly what the other sign needs! Capricorn is traditionally famous as a hard worker, obsessed with making a name for themselves and accomplishing big things in their lifetime. However, their symbol, the sea goat, betrays their true nature. They are deeply emotional creatures deep down, but never feel as though they have any time or safe space to express this.

Cancer provides them not only with this opportunity, but balances out the sign’s masculine energy with their feminine energy. Capricorn loves Cancer’s soft, emotional side while at the same time, Cancer deeply admires Capricorn’s strength, industriousness and ambition. The only reason they don’t rank any higher is how scary and unapproachable Cap can present themselves on first meeting. Usually, this scares off most Cancers before a deeper bond is even on the table. The lesson you can take from this is to try being more approachable.

#4 Scorpio, Steamy and Sexy (Oct 23 – Nov 21)


A fellow water sign, Scorpio already has an advantage when it comes to compatibility with Cancer. But more than that, Scorpio is perhaps one of the zodiac signs with the strongest personality. This strength helps ground the otherwise unsure and overly cautious Cancer. Scorpio, who usually takes a while to warm up to and trust people, also loves Cancer’s cautious and sensitive approach to getting to know them. Both are natural empaths, experts at navigating emotions.

To add to this, Scorpio thoroughly enjoys toying and exploring the sensitive and introverted Cancer. This sexually supercharged sign considers the effeminate Cancer a mystery that they need to discover. Once Cancer is in their sights, Scorpio will stop at nothing to take them, leading to very hot and steamy escapades between the two. Scorpio teaches us that sometimes, it’s not that we’re incompatible with someone. Sometimes, it’s just our approach that needs work.

#3 Pisces, Emotional Equivalent (February 19 – Mar 20)


Another water sign, Pisces trumps Scorpio on the contest of Cancer best match signs for a number of reasons. For all of Scorpio’s raw sexual energy, Pisces romantic energy as a sign is more appealing to Cancer. Both are caring, compassionate and easygoing signs who like to go at the same pace. Pisces is perhaps the most empathetic and emotionally intellectual sign of the zodiac, right next to Cancer! So the two have no problems navigating through disagreements or rough spots in the relationship. 

Bonus points go to Pisces for being perhaps the only sign who can manage Cancer’s heavy emotional side. Pisces ranks only in third place, because despite all these wonderful similarities, both signs fail to muster the strength and stability that they need in each other. Both Pisces and Cancer are very soft creatures, and would benefit more from a strong partner. Pisces teaches us that sometimes we need a partner who complements us, not just agrees with us. If only Pisces had the strength of will the last two signs on this list possess.

#2 Taurus, Strength and Stability (Apr 20 – May 20)


Look no further for stability, strength of will and endurance than Taurus, the mighty and lovable bull of the zodiac. Taurus offers Cancer the strong personality and groundedness they need in a partner, but what about their emotional side? Funnily enough, Taurus is also a big softie deep down, and Cancer helps them bring out that emotional side in a safe space. Both Taurus and Cancer are also indoor ‘enthusiasts’ who have no problem staying in all day to relax or get romantic. They also go through romantic relationships at roughly the same pace!

It’s true that Taurus can’t navigate through emotions as well as Cancer does. Taurus can’t exactly ‘deal’ with an emotional Cancer the same way Pisces can, either. What Taurus does have, however, is the strength and endurance to sit through a storm of Cancer’s emotions. Cancer can also rest assured in Taurus staying with them through their worst days. Taurus teaches us that strength is as important a quality in a relationship as romantic skill or emotional availability.

#1 Virgo, the most Compatible Sign for Cancer (Aug 23 – Sept 22)


Who could possibly trump Taurus when it comes to the ‘Cancer best compatibility’ field? Another Earth sign, Virgo proves the mutability between water and earth natured signs. But Virgo has so much more to offer than just that-it beats out every other sign on this list, after all! First off, Virgo presents what the other two Earth signs already give. They’re strong, dependable and a source of stability for the shy and sensitive Cancer.

But more than that, Virgo stands out among the other Earth signs as a caregiver! Their symbol of the motherly, maiden goddess Demeter belies their nature as a nurturing figure. These two are a perfect match because their opposites and similarities are perfectly in sync! There’s no lesson here as much as there is envy for Virgo, who is by and far the best match for Cancer. These two are definitely a match made in the stars.

Incompatible Signs for Cancer

Don’t think we’re just listing these signs down to make them feel bad. And don’t go anywhere, you can learn from this part, too! Maybe you’re just like these signs, and either have to change to win Cancer’s heart… or you’re just too different to make things work. That’s okay, either way, but it’s important to know regardless. So, here are the least compatible signs for Cancer:

#5 Aquarius, the Distant (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Air signs don’t really vibe all too well with Cancer. In fact, all three air signs are incompatible, with the first being Aquarius. Aquarius is simply too distant an individual for someone as emotionally needy as Cancer. To the lone wolves out there: an emotional and ‘clingy’ person is probably not your best match. At the very least, that’s this sign’s only problem with Cancer.


#4 Libra, the Impartial (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Another air sign, distant like Aquarius, but Libra’s got some issues of their own when dealing with Cancer. Being impartial might not seem like such a bad thing, except that Cancer needs preferential treatment! Libra gives people what they think they deserve, and does unto others as others do unto them. Unfortunately, this means they treat the occasional emotional outburst with the same volatile response. Cancer needs someone who will listen or weather the storm with them though, not hit them right back.


#3 Aries, Persistent but Careless (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Besides air signs, fire signs don’t really match well with Cancer. Fire and water, after all, are not a great combination. But Aries worsens this by not only exemplifying the aggression and passion of a fire sign. Aries is famous for their dogged persistence, and like the ram that symbolizes them, carelessness. This clashes directly with Cancer’s careful and sensitive nature, and Aries often ends up stepping on their toes emotionally.


#2 Sagittarius, without a Filter (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

The last fire sign on this list, Sag lands pretty unflatteringly at 2nd place of most incompatible with Cancer. Nobody likes being told that they’re ‘overreacting’. Unfortunately, though Cancer hates to admit this, during an emotional storm, they do seem like they’re overreacting. Sag, on the other hand, is infamous for leaping before they look, shooting straight ahead like an arrow. They’re the only sign blunt enough to tell Cancer they’re overreacting, and Cancer hates this insensitivity.


#1 Gemini, the Chaotic Lover (May 21 – Jun 20)

The most incompatible sign with Cancer is Gemini, the twin sign of the zodiac. An air sign, Gemini is already fairly distant at times, which can mess with Cancer. But worst of all, Gemini struggles with honesty and consistency, which can frustrate and hurt the sensitive and emotional Cancer. Ultimately, Cancer needs emotional availability and stability in a partner. Neither of these are things that Gemini can guarantee.


Wrapping it All Up…

That’s everything you need to know about the signs that are most compatible with Cancer! We hope you took something away from this article. Remember not to feel disheartened by this list: you can grow past your sign and emulate the best traits of other signs. Ultimately the zodiac teaches us that the stars aren’t meant to control us but guide us. You are still the captain of your own ship and the master of your fate.

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