How You Can Properly Deal With A Moon In Libra Woman

moon in libra woman

Is dealing with a Moon in Libra woman a bit confusing for you? For those who are quite unfamiliar with this, a moon sign is basically where the moon was at the time of your birth. The astrological sign that it was in (eg. Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius?)

How about the Moon in Libra appearance? And we are not merely referring to the physical aspect. Rather your emotions, your habits, your feminine side and your true self. How would you like to be nurtured? What do you need in order to feel safe or emotionally fulfilled?

Think about it as the opposite of your rising sign. Because it’s how you appear yourself to others, or how you come across. While your moon sign is your juicy details from within. So in this post we’ll try and dig into that, as well as tackle the following issues:

  • How do you successfully deal with Moon in Libra women?
  • Is the woman born with the Moon in Libra more complicated than you think?
  • What are the different characteristics of a woman with moon in Libra?
  • Who is the most compatible partner for the moon in Libra woman in love?

Let’s get to it!

Moon In Libra Appearance: An Insider’s Point of View

As previously mentioned, the Moon in Libra appearance does not only pertain to its physical attributes. Rather, a holistic view of the person. So first let’s talk about the Libra Moon.

All About Balance

The Moon in Libra woman is all about balance in her life. She loves all aspects of harmony. She knows that you cannot have light without shadow. Good comes with the bad. There is no sun unless there is rain. No divine feminine without the divine masculine. Thus, her scale representation for her sign.

Deep down all she wants is to live with others in total harmony. She has a tendency to feel anxious sometimes. Taking on the problems of others has become a habit. In a way it is to avoid the distress and discord she has in her own life. She cannot stand arguments and avoids saying painful words that cannot be taken back.

This girl always thinks before she speaks, and believes there’s always a civilized way to approach a problem. Thus, she appreciates friends whom she can rely on and vice versa. She needs balance and beauty in her home and work environments. When you meet all these needs, this girl is at her best.

A Great Peacemaker

The Moon in Libra woman serves as an awesome peacemaker between people. Her superb communication skills brings people together and inspires them to work for the common good.

She’s also very flexible and knows how to go with the flow. And if you want to receive some honest and unbiased advice from someone, this lady is the perfect fit.

She does not stand by while injustice and unfairness is prevalent all around her. And hates finding out about people who have gotten away with the most unlawful acts.

This person always craves for a better world. Where everyone are justly, and equally treated. It’s probably one of the reason she’d make an amazing Judge in court.

The Venus Influence

Libra is a very feminine Venus sign regardless of how she identifies. She has a brilliant sense of style and an eye for detail. For her, there’s nothing worse than an ugly environment.

Her surroundings have such a great impact on her that she would probably switch therapist all because their office is ugly. She cannot imagine herself opening up to someone when her mind is full of all the issues she wants to change, remove, or replace in that office.

Can Go To Extremes

The Moon in Libra woman can’t stand being in environments where she cannot connect or cooperate with other people. Where they is constant fighting and hostile situations. When this happens she can be very unstable just like a tipped scale.

There is a tendency for her to be very passive and unsure about what she wants. Her indecisiveness becomes evident as she keeps asking others for their own opinions. Looking for outside affirmation instead of listening to her own gut feel.

She can lean pretty hard on either side of the scale. Like going into extreme fitness or diet on a whim. Or turning into an extreme minimalist overnight. It could also be the exact opposite. Suddenly plunging into the crazy nightlife and making her social life her top priority. All this while letting everything else fall apart.

At Her Best

So when do things go smoothly for Moon in Libra woman? She’s at her best when she trusts herself and is secure with her judgment. When she is capable of making decisions for herself. She thrive in environments where she can unite and work with people. Solving problems and coming up with the best choices possible.


Because her moon is an air sign she’s not overly emotional. Although she can be cuddly and sensitive. She is simply not seen as emotional in the traditional sense. Prefering to be like a ray of sunshine, easy to be with, happy to be alive. And when she gets worked up or excited, she talks nonstop!

She is not the cynical, brooding, critical type. But don’t make the mistake of thinking she is not intellectual, because she definitely is. It’s just that she prefers to be an optimist as well. And most often than not these intellectuals aren’t necessarily optimists.

You see, intellectuals prefer to call themselves realists. But this lady wishes to look at the brighter side of things and appreciate the beautiful, shimmering, splendid part of life. If you respect her need for balance and harmony, she will reciprocate your efforts.

The Moon In Libra Woman Compatibility

Curious which Moon sign matches with Moon in Libra? Read on to find out!

Moon Libra for Moon Aries

Opposites really do attract, and this pair is the perfect example. What one lacks, the other more than makes up for it!

Libra is never complete without their other half. For they are amazing at blending, sharing, and harmonizing with other people. Aries on the other hand is a bit more assertive and self-reliant. Not really concerned about other people’s wants and needs.

Needless to say, it might take some time to adjust to each other’s differences. But once they do, it’s a perfect combo!

Moon Libra for Moon Taurus

Both of you will do anything and everything to maintain the peace and harmony in your home. As much as possible, you will try to avoid conflicts or ignore differences even on plain sight. Even though you know you will have to address them at some point.

The thing is, both of you don’t like the idea of getting mad with each other. Anything you can do to avoid a fight- you will. Libra’s diplomacy and Taurus’ infinite patience can only take them so far.

They will have to find a way to settle things calmly and amicably. Forever sweeping things under the rug will cause more harm than good in the long run.

Moon Libra for Moon Gemini

Libra and Gemini moons are both rational and less emotional. This is a good thing to kick things off at the start of your relationship. No matter how difficult things get you can rest assured that neither one of you will easily fly off the handle.

Both of you always find a way to make things fair and balanced. You try your best to avoid feeling fear, rage, despair, and other dark emotions.

These two are social creatures who never run out of things to discuss, discover, and explore. Not only are they great lovers, they will enjoy each other’s company even if they’re just friends.

Moon Libra for Moon Cancer

moon cancer

Cancer and Libra try their best to please and accommodate other people. More so if they are your better half. Peace and serenity is very much valued in your relationship, so you do whatever it takes to make each other happy and comfortable.

Interpersonal conflicts give you nightmares, so you will avoid them at all cost. Cancer values security, a home, and a sense of belonging. They will strive hard to maintain strong family ties.

Libra on the other hand wants love, passion, and excitement in their relationship. Cancer is more emotional compared to Libra. Who is more level-headed and reasonable than Cancer. They will have to meet halfway to make things work.

Moon Libra for Moon Leo

You’ll be thrilled to find out how compatible the two of you are! Not only will you fall madly in love with each other, but you will genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Because you share similar characteristics. Such as having a romantic streak, affectionate, friendly, and personable.

Leo can be domineering and proud at times. And being self-absorbed is a common thing. On the other hand, Libra is more selfless and always wants to work as a team. Towards a collective success. They care more about “us” rather than just “me”.

But Leo is also very honorable and sees Libra’s efforts to make things work. As long as you respect each other’s differences and are willing to compromise, there’s no reason for you not to live your happily ever after!

Moon Libra for Moon Virgo

Libra and Virgo are born perfectionists, but in different ways. The former looks forward to the perfect relationship. One that is free from conflicts, tension, and arguments.

Virgo’s perfection on the other hand deals with creating the perfect environment. Meticulous about health, hygiene, fitness and nutrition. They can be so critical of themselves and even others. This can work against them eventually because their standards are way above their heads.

Libra can still live with this and make it work because they are not exactly dead-set on a specific viewpoint. They don’t flare up right away, rather, they take the time to empathize and analyze. Find a way to get through their partner without pounding on their ego.

Moon Libra for Moon Libra

This is one of the best pairings, ever. You get along so well you can almost read each other’s minds, finish each other’s sentences. Both of you value the impression you give towards other people. So you do what you can to avoid any conflicts within and outside your relationship.

Cancer and Libra both have tendencies to be indecisive, although this only pertains to small matters. Like picking out a movie to see, or ordering Chinese or Mexican food for take out.

You are both intellectuals who love sharing each other’s point of view. Neither one gets worked up if the other disagrees with your sentiments. You don’t take things personally and you both try to approach things from a logical point of view.

Moon Libra for Moon Scorpio

moon scorpio

While this Libra woman is sociable, gracious, and can even be voted as Ms. Congeniality, Scorpio can be quite the opposite. They have a quiet, mysterious, even a bit dark disposition that hides their sensitivity and complexity.

Scorpio isn’t really interested in small talk. Nor can you force them to socialize with people with whom they share zero interests with. This sign is sometimes overcome with a range of emotions. Rage, jealousy, desire, and fierce love. Things that can be scary or intimidating even for a Libra.

So how do they make it work? Libra has to learn to calm them down. Make Scorpio understand that not everything requires rage and aggression. That things can will resolve smoothly and peacefully using reason and diplomacy. In the end, Libra’s calm and reassuring presence may be able to tame Scorpio’s restless heart.

Moon Libra for Moon Sagittarius

This is another easy fit. Both signs get along quite well. Because they are both idealistic and prefers to see the good and beautiful in other people and the world in general. You’re willing to look the other way, and forgive each other’s misgivings as much as you can.

However, Sagittarius has this habit of bluntness that may take Libra by surprise. They are not fond of mincing their words. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Libra on the other hand, goes to great lengths not to offend you nor other people. They’re more gracious and diplomatic in expressing their beliefs.

How will they get along? A lot of sex, a lot of laughter, a lot affection, and genuine friendship. Understanding that neither one of them is perfect and being okay with it. By standing by each other, no matter what happens.

Moon Libra for Moon Capricorn

Libras draw people in because they are warm, affectionate, and loving creatures. You won the jackpot when you get a Capricorn to commit to you. Some of the things to look forward to are rich conversations, crazy adventures, love and devotion. And most importantly, undying loyalty.

But Capricorn no matter how fiercely they love you, can be quite reserved when expressing their feelings. Deep inside they are terrified to show their vulnerability and need for you. They compensate through doing excellent work. Being the best in what they do, regardless of their profession.

What happens then? Libra needs to look past the facade and see their true colors. See Capricorn’s tenderness and vulnerability. Assure them that showing love openly is not a sign of weakness. Rather it is a sign of strength and courage.

Moon Libra for Moon Aquarius

This pairing is probably one of the coolest couples, ever. Neither one is too stuck or uptight, too serious or intense. They are there to chill and enjoy themselves. For them, remaining objective and a bit detached is actually what’s going to keep them together.

Other than that, it’s their love for books, long conversations, and intellectual stimulations that will keep them going. Plus, you both value your freedom to the core. You believe you should never tie anyone to a leash, or limit their beliefs. Everyone has the right to be themselves and follow their dreams.

However, Aquarius does have a rebellious streak and doesn’t care much about other people’s opinion towards them. You don’t like them? Not their problem!

Moon Libra for Moon Pisces

moon pisces

Both Pisces enjoy a harmonious, peaceful, non-competitive relationship in and outside of your home. None of you likes to engage in long, overdrawn arguments. Because both are pacifists, either there is rarely any conflict, or they are easily resolved.

Your differences become evident when talking about boundaries. Libra appreciates balance, symmetry, and proportion. While Pisces doesn’t mind going overboard once in a while. For them, fluidity, spontaneity and a splash of chaos won’t hurt anybody.

They will work because they can balance each other. When Libra is becoming too much of a perfectionist, Pisces can step in and gently remind them to loosen the reigns a bit. Otherwise, they’re a good pair because they are both loving and compassionate in nature.

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