Exploring the Wonders of the Divine Feminine Qualities

divine feminine qualities

The concept of Divine Feminine qualities is an enigmatic topic for many. For centuries, femininity was automatically associated with weakness and instability. And up to this day in many countries, these ancient beliefs play a big role in how women are treated.

Fortunately, this does not ring true for other parts of the globe. People embrace the qualities of the divine feminine wholeheartedly. As it should be, for these radiates nothing but amazing positivity.

So exactly what is the divine feminine? In this article, it will be thoroughly discussed, among others such as:

  • What are the various divine feminine traits?
  • Compare the divine masculine and divine feminine meaning
  • Why is there a need for divine feminine awakening?
  • How to awaken divine feminine power from within?
  • Enumerate and define different feminine energy characteristics

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Each one of us possesses the Divine Feminine form of energy. It is also known as yin, shakti, and lunar energy. Oftentimes it is also linked symbolically to the earth, moon, and water. Both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are halves of a whole of the spirit of life. Together in their most ideal state, they work in perfect harmony for the benefit of mankind. But when either one goes out of balance, it could mean chaos as it seeps out negative energy.

In its optimum state, the Divine Masculine promotes change and growth. The kind of force that the world has needed since time immemorial. But when it becomes corrupt, it leads to a dark patriarchal society filled with sexual, racial, and religious intolerance. Not to mention the abuse of our natural resources. Which causes climate change and catastrophic natural disasters.

All these being said, the qualities of the divine feminine and divine masculine must always stay in perfect balance. But first, one needs to be aware of what these qualities are.

Qualities of the Divine Feminine


First on the list of Divine Feminine qualities is intuitiveness. This pertains to your ability to know or understanding something based on your gut feel instead of solid evidence. Intuition has been a powerful tool used by women since the beginning of time.

Back in the day, when men were out hunting, women were gathering fruits and vegetables. They needed to know which ones could be eaten from those that could lead to imminent death!

Intuition is one of the most essential Divine Feminine qualities used to this day. It was a world where women were discriminated against as being weak and fragile. So they needed to develop other ‘gifts’ to protect themselves. This made it on top of the list.


This is essential in practically every aspect of your life. Regardless of the field of work you are in. From creating the highest skyscrapers, to the most sought-after apps. Designing the most fashionable apparel. Concocting gourmet meals, and writing the next best-selling novel. All these stem from one’s creativity.

Tapping into your Divine Feminine qualities allows you to keep your creative juices flowing. But this can only happen when a person has learned to unblock their sacral chakra. Once they do, the sky is the limit. As the saying goes: what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

Excellent Communication Skills

excellent communication skills

Another one of the most admirable Divine Feminine qualities is the art of communication. One cannot foster relationships without this. Whether you’re at work, in business, or in social circles. And most importantly, your personal and intimate relationships. This is the core foundation for ties to grow and prosper.

An excellent communicator is not only good at conveying a message. They are even better listeners. As a matter of fact, you need to listen more and talk less. It is only in listening that you will be able to learn, understand, and formulate new ideas and solutions to any given problem. No matter how big or small.


One of the much-needed but not so common Divine Feminine qualities is empathy. Not a lot of people have this these days. Mostly because everyone is so in a hurry with their own lives and own worries. Nobody really has the time to connect with other people. Therefore, it’s a conscious choice you make. There are three kinds of empathy namely: cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy.

Also known as perspective-taking, cognitive empathy is simply knowing what the other person thinks or feels. But you don’t really share their feelings.

On the other hand, emotional empathy can extend to sensations in the physical form. Exactly why you cringe when someone accidentally bumps their head or stubs their toe.

Finally, there’s compassionate empathy. Where you not only share their predicament, but also feels the need to help if you can.


A lot of people are miserable because they refuse to accept the truth even if it’s staring them in the face. Refuse to accept they are in a toxic and abusive relationship. That they are in a dead-end job. Thinking and believing what they have are friends. When actually they are with manipulators who always take but never give. Who are ready to drop them like a hot potato when things get tough.

Acceptance means taking control of your life and learning to let go. Letting go of all the negative things and people so you can make room for all the positivity that awaits you. Acceptance is understanding that you cannot force certain things, people, or situations in your life. It is letting go of heavy heart so you can finally move on with real joy and inner peace.


freeing yourself

The true meaning of forgiveness is a conscious and deliberate choice. It is releasing ill feelings of vengeance and resentment toward those who have harmed you. Regardless of whether or not they asked for forgiveness, or deserve your forgiveness. This does not mean forgetting the act that was committed. Not is it excusing or condoning the offenses made.

Forgiveness is important for one to achieve happiness and growth. Everytime you choose to hold on to pain, hurt, anger, and resentment, it causes more harm to you than the offender. Forgiveness means freeing yourself from the past in order to live in the present. Letting go of your hatred and resentment towards a person means removing their power to hurt you any longer.


Kindness means making a decision to always be kind, even if you need to sacrifice. Even if it means having to say no to others, or people you love.

Kindness is often misconstrued for being nice. Being kind is choosing to do the right thing no matter how unpopular it is. While being nice is making a choice that will make them look good in other people’s eyes.

It’s like your old friend who has repeatedly asked you for money. They fell on hard times so they need it for food or rent money. Something to tide them over until their next paycheck comes. But you know very well all that money will  go to drugs and alcohol- as usual.

Being nice you will choose to just hand over a couple of bucks so you can get them off your back. But being kind is going the extra mile. Going to the root of the problem. Talking to their family and friends. Looking for ways to get the help they really need. Convincing them to go to rehab. They may resent you for it right now, but truly appreciate you in the long run.

However, merely knowing these feminine qualities is not enough. Unless you know how to awaken the Divine Feminine, you will never achieve the perfect balance you are longing for.

How to Awaken the Divine Feminine

There are several ways on how you can awaken the Divine Feminine within you. Some of them are as follows.

Find your Inner Divine Mother

Not everyone is aware of this, but you are actually composed of a lot of subpersonalities. The Mother is an archetype in all people regardless of gender. You can try connecting with this part by writing down how you feel, such as journaling.

Others may be more comfortable drawing or painting images. While there are those who would like a printed photograph resembling their Divine Mother. You can put it in a pivotal area in your home. Allow her to remind and inspire you to connect and honor the Divine Feminine within. 

Practice Self-Reflection

practice self-reflection

Are there negative core beliefs you have regarding femininity? What behaviors do you have that may have directly or indirectly oppressed your Divine Feminine? These are just some of the questions you might want to jot down for inner reflection. Knowing how you genuinely feel about feminine energy is crucial. There may be blocks impeding your path towards growth and maturity.

For instance, if you had an abusive and overbearing mother, you may see and fear women for being dangerous. Or if she was manic-depressive, unconsciously you may think women in general are unsafe, chaotic and unreliable.

Find a Feminine Figure to Look Up To

Everyone needs a role model. Someone to guide and inspire you. This is one powerful way to tune into your Divine Feminine. There are lots of beautiful expressions to choose from.

You can reach out to some of your close friends or those within the family. They can even be your favorite authors, actors, artists, among others. Once you’ve decided which one/s you truly admire, you can put up a photograph of them in a special place in honor of the Divine Feminine.

Always Be Present

This can be especially difficult because you have so little time yet so much to do. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get things done, setting up goals, and putting up a timeline to stay on track. But sometimes you get so busy that you forget to live in the moment. You’re so focused on the big, long-term goals that you fail to celebrate the small wins. Which are so precious and important as well.

Slowing down and being present doesn’t entail anything big or mind-boggling. It could be taking a 15-minute break to enjoy a cup of coffee. Or take a 20-minute walk in the afternoon to commune with nature. Simple things that could calm and rejuvenate your spirit are what’s important.

Love Yourself

Sometimes you’re too caught up taking care of other people that you totally forget about yourself and your needs. Because the kids always come first. The husband comes first. Your job comes first. Taking care of yourself should never be an afterthought. It must be a priority.

Mirror work is one of the most powerful practices for self-love. This involves standing in front of the mirror. Then telling yourself words of affirmation and inspiration. The affirmations could start with, “You are good”, “You are smart”, “You are important”. Or a thousand other statements you prefer that truly comes from your heart.

Honor Mother Earth

honor mother earth

If anything, our Mother Earth is the Divine Feminine personified. Nothing sustains, protects, and allows us to flourish like her. So connect with her by going outside. Enjoy the great outdoors, the trees, the wind, the flowers, the sunshine. Spend time with her as often as you can.

Respect Mother Earth by walking the talk. Commit to a low-waste, sustainable and ethical way of living. All of us can make a difference, one step at a time.

Overall, each one of us possesses both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. However, we need to find a way to cultivate Shakti. Your yin energy in order to balance the yang.

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