Minor Aspects in Astrology: Helpful Guide to Astrology

minor aspects in astrology

Names vary between major and minor aspects in astrology. However, both of them relate specifically to the degrees separating the relevant planetary bodies. Depending on how the planets transit, actions happen in our life with our choices. Love and chaos arise because of these planetary transitions. 

Minor aspects in astrology may even adjust moods to disconnect. Interestingly, you don’t have to believe in astrology for it to affect you in real life. Rather, it is the last piece of the puzzle that would allow us to say “That makes sense.”

Of course, the question of “Are minor aspects important?” is something to raise. The answer is yes! They definitely matter because they still affect you in an astrological sense just like major aspects. It’s too often that phenomena happen and we can’t explain anything rationally.

We see the chemistry between two people and say that that’s why they have the kind of connection they have. What they have must be unique or them having that chemistry is why we have a string of failed relationships.

Astrology and minor aspects in astrology offer us the logic we crave to explain things we don’t understand. Beliefs like astrology have persisted through the centuries to give us direction when we feel most lost. Read on to learn all about the different astrology aspects!

What are Minor Aspects in Astrology? 

Before asking what minor aspects in astrology are, we first need to ask “What does an aspect in astrology mean?” Put as simply as possible, an aspect is just the angle a planet has with another planet on the horoscope. Calling them minor planetary aspects is not an inaccurate way to refer to them. While minor aspects are less reputable and not as frequent, they matter just as much as major aspects in astrology.

It doesn’t mean that they are less powerful either; sometimes astrological minor aspects are even more powerful. Now, each planetary transit has its own meaning. However, that general meaning changes because of which signs the planets are transiting through.

For example, you have two romantic partners. They’re a Libra and a Virgo respectively and they both have the Sun in their signs. Naturally, they would relate differently in comparison to a couple who have Capricorn and Aquarius with the same planet. 

The aspect of their theme will stay the same. It’s the specific meaning that changes because of a different sign or element. Change can happen because of predominantly masculine or feminine energy too.

Below, we detail out the different minor aspects in astrology and what they mean. Keep reading to learn more about how each of the minor aspects in astrology affect you!


In this aspect, two planets are thirty degrees apart from each other on the horoscope. This creates an atmosphere of unrealized potential which is sometimes difficult to decode. Accompanying this is almost certainly two consecutive signs, like Capricorn-Aquarius or Aries-Taurus. 

Strengths are something that this aspect will highlight, but it will also lead to difficulties. After all, you’ll have a freedom-seeking Aquarius trying to work with a Capricorn with a routine thought pattern. Tensions between the two of them are clear as day and difficult to work through.

Semi-sextile highlights differences and the difficulties that causes in working together. While there’s potential for understanding, that isn’t a guarantee. A bad situation is always possible.

The worst-case scenario is that neither person will compromise, resulting in a relationship split. An acceptable outcome would be that each compromises and learns to tolerate each other. However, the best-case scenario is that both find a common platform. It means they can work together and still maintain their individual autonomies.


When two planets are a hundred and fifty degrees apart, what we have is the minor aspect of Quincunx. This means two people are at a greater point of awareness or learning. Auspiciously, this means that someone will find a solution to a problem that stumped them a while ago. A space in the relationship will appear where the two of them can move forward together.

Yes, the Quincunx is about potential but it also encompasses awareness. Astrology’s major aspects create physical movement. Minor aspects affect others emotionally or mentally. This minor astrology aspect is truly the transit of desire. The people with signs and planets in Quincunx know what they want but have no guarantee of getting it. However, sometimes the only real question in this situation is whether the people are willing to try or not.

Quintile, Biquintile, and Semi-Quintile

Quintiles are a minor aspect where the two planets are within seventy-two degrees of each other. Biquintiles are twice that at a hundred and forty-four degrees distance. Semi-quintiles are much rarer. They represent planets that are within thirty-six degrees of each other.

Transit strength is slightly variable for each of these three minor aspects, but the general meaning is essentially the same for all. Quintiles are all about making the most of the gifts or talents we have. The energy of creation or use is the same persistent meaning of the quintile aspect.

Ambition is another essential energy that the quintile aspect encompasses. Desires to take an idea or interest then make something of it are a natural part of ambition. In our own lives, this can mean the chance to step forward and make our dreams come true. Relationship-wise though, this will mean a step that you and your partner have to take together moving forward.

Semi-Square and Sesquisquare

Semi-squares happen when the two planets in question are separate by forty-five degrees. Sesquisquares occur when the two planets are a hundred and thirty-five degrees apart. This has relation to a major aspect of astrology called a Square; typically a point of tension at ninety degrees.

However, semi-squares are all about learning and growing, not tension. Semi-squares are all about pursuing that learning and growth while sesquisquares are about ignoring it. Sesquisquares are more elusive as a minor aspect than semi-squares if you think about it that way.

Unlike the physical reactions from major aspects, minor aspects are mental or emotional responses. Both semi-squares and sesquisquares are about the emotional response we have to change. It can also refer to the opportunities that appear in our lives where we know we’ll grow most deeply. 


While rarely used by mainstream astrologers, septile is a divine aspect. Septile aspects denote the energy of spiritual creationism, that which everything else comes from. Two planets that are about 51 degrees apart are in the septile aspect. This aspect is about our connection to our own inner divinity.

Explorations to spirituality are more likely with this aspect and connections to our own spirit shine through. A search for the meaning of spirituality to us is also on the table when septile is the aspect in play. Inevitably, this leads to a craving for such spirituality in our relationships with others.

Man has forever been searching for purpose in this wide universe. What is the purpose of our lives, after all? The septile aspect helps people feel that there really is a purpose for everyone in our lives. Our interactions with them have meaning, just like our relationships.

Novile or Nonile

A lesser known aspect, the energy of this minor aspect is more mystical. It points to a concept of one’s life and oneself in a mystical way. Two planets separated by forty degrees represent the novile aspect in astrology. Classically, novile aspects mean the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

Think of it like the two Hindu gods, Brahma and Shiva. The former is the creator of the universe and the latter it’s fated destroyer. Their energy is similar to this aspect; the energy of creation and endings at the same time. Endless possibilities array themselves and exist within life. From these, we all have to choose in our lifetime.

Where one door closes, another one opens. Picking one choice always leads to the loss of the others. There are situations where it isn’t even just two choices. Sometimes, there are three or four choices. In some cases, there are even more. Regardless, when the novile aspect appears, it means your choice will lead to the loss of the other choices.

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