Mars in Taurus: Of stability and Power

mars in taurus

Did you know that each zodiac sign has planet placements? These planet placements are responsible for how the signs are expressed. Furthermore, they also help us get an idea of how a sign gets its corresponding personality traits. Moreover, Mars in Taurus is one example of a sign with a planet placement.

For this article, we will walk you through what it means to have Mars placed in Taurus and its stability and power. Furthermore, you will get a closer look at what it means to be a Taurus with the planet Mars in its ruling and who they are attracted to. In addition, here are the different topics that will be tackled in this write-up:

  • The “Mars in Taurus” Explained
  • Mars in Taurus Personality traits and Anger Management
  • Which Zodiac usually attracts a Taurus with a Mars placement?
  • How Mars placed in Taurus affects your Daily life and Family
  • Mars in Taurus Compatibility
  • The struggle with Confrontation

Keen to know more? Read through more and find out about Taurus and Mars as its planet placement.

Mars in Taurus Explained

Taurus’ main ruling planet is Venus. However, other planets also play a part in Taurus. Before heading on to other aspects, let us first define what it means to have Mars placed in Taurus and what you have to expect.

Taurus who is ruled by Mars has a strong sense of desire for a thriving lifestyle. Moreover, Taurus has a way of slowing down Mars. However, it does not mean Taurus makes Mars weak. Furthermore, its personality actually boosts stamina and energy.

Additionally, Mars fuels energy and passion which influences a Taurus. Because the characteristics of Mars are infused with a Taurus, it affects the bull’s way of life. Of course, it not only affects it positively but there are also negative aspects which will be discussed thoroughly in the next few sections.

Furthermore, the way of life can be routine-influenced. In addition, it is comprised of both stability and power with Mars being powerful and Taurus being Stable. 

Also, it may seem like Mars whose placement is in Taurus makes a person lazy but it’s actually more than that. People who have this sign and placement are still hardworking however some traits actually hold them back.

Mars in Taurus Personality traits and Anger Management

As mentioned, a Taurus ruled by Mars is influenced by the planet. And of course, their personality traits are also affected. The general traits were already discussed, now let us move on to both the positive and negative traits.

Positive Traits

It’s best to start the section off on a good note. Here are the positive traits of Mars in Taurus.

#1 Patient


Taurus with a Mars placement is patient. Even though Mars is a raging planet, being placed in Taurus helps with the calmness. Since Taurus is an earth sign, it keeps the personality grounded.

#2 Stable

Tauruses influenced by Mars are loyal and they love comfort. Moreover, they are stable beings which makes them crave a stable relationship as well.

#3 Passionate

When a person is a Taurus with a Mars placement, he or she is passionate. These types of people are good at keeping relationships because they are pass

#4 Observant

Mars placed in Taurus allows a person to fully use their five senses to observe. Furthermore, they are able to assess an eventfully. 

#5 Committed

Taurus with a Mars placement is committed. This is mainly because of the staying power. If you are a Taurus placed on Mars, you are more likely to hold on longer than others. You stick to your routine and goals and will never stop until you are done.

#6 Sensual

A Taurus with a Mars placement is sensual. He or she loves giving physical pleasure as much as receiving. When a person is a Taurus with a Mars placement, the level of romance and pleasure is high.

The traits mentioned are only a few of what a Taurus possesses when placed with Mars. Moreover, these traits are only minor influences, it is still up to the person if he or she wants to use these influences to full capacity, 

Negative Traits

Of course, negative traits are normal. No sign with whatever ruling planet is perfect, all have flaws. What are the negative traits of a Taurus in a Mars placement? 

#1 Lethargic

Taurus in a Mars placement is not lazy per se. However, they will not move on with another task without finishing their first task. Moreover, Taurus people are too committed to one thing that they do not want to mess up.

#2 Stubborn

If stubborn was a person, they would be a Taurus. Their stubbornness can stem from their commitment. As mentioned, they are too committed to something that they will not move on to the next without finishing. 

Taurus with a Mars placement is too stubborn to mess up their routine. People might think that it’s a good trait however that’s not the case for some people. 

#3 Get bored easily


Even though they are calm and collected, they get bored easily because of their easy-going personality. They love adventure, especially nature. 

#4 Short-tempered

Different sources say that they are short-tempered. Taurus is not normally short-tempered, but because of Mars’ influence of rage, it can get difficult to calm them down when angry.

Negative traits are normal and learning about them puts you at an advantage. Moreover, these negative traits are often influences and they do not make a person less of what they truly are. 

Anger Management

Managing one’s anger is not an easy job. Moreover, it takes a lot of patience and understanding, not to mention tons of breathing exercises. Anger management is something that all signs with whatever placement and ruling planets are working on.

The bulls have good anger management, especially when influenced by Mars. Furthermore, they stay calm because of their grounded nature. However, do not push their buttons so much because when they get mad, they stay mad for a long time.

Taurus with March placement does not get angry easily. It will take more than harmless teasing to make them mad. However, much like a normal person, they blow up when pushed too far. It’s not nice to push someone else’s buttons, especially when you are dealing with a Taurus with a Mars placement.

The Struggle with Confrontation

Mars is a raging planet, however, it’s not the case when Mars is in Taurus. Moreover, when Mars is in Taurus, he/she struggles with confrontation. Furthermore, they do not like participating in fights and would always avoid them as much as possible. 

People who are Tauruses with Mars placement are patient. Moreover, they handle their emotions quite well and know when to act. 

Which Zodiac usually attracts a Taurus with a Mars placement?

Even though Mars is in Taurus, the bull is still ruled by Venus which is the planet of love. Furthermore, Taurus who is in a Mars placement values romantic relationships. But the question is, who are they attracted to?

Female Taureans like partners who are strong but are on the silent side. Furthermore, they are also attracted to a man who is as sensual as them. If you are the type who can keep a stable relationship, you might be the one for them.

Meanwhile, the male counterpart likes women who are devoted. Moreover, they do love a partner who put in the effort and is committed.

Both men and women bearing this sign want partners who can live a routine-based living. Furthermore, loyalty is what they value as much as sensuality. If you are dating a Taurus whose placement is Mars, do not cheat on them.

These are the things Tauruses with Mars placement are attracted to. Of course, it is important to remember that these are only guides. By the end of the day, a person’s attraction differs. 

How Mars placed in Taurus affects your Daily life and Family

loving nature

Now let’s talk lifestyle. Mars whose placement is with the bulls is peaceful but driven. Moreover, they live a routine-based living, which means they have to do things in order. In addition, they also find themselves loving nature and arts. 

Furthermore, they value practicality and are passionate about life and how they live it. Additionally, they also strive hard to bring wealth and security to their life. 

When it comes to family, the bull with a mars placement is committed to working hard to provide for their family. They value their home and family so much that they will strive for an abundant future.

Sexual Relationship

The placement that they have influenced their endurance, especially in the bedroom. Moreover, they are highly sensual beings. Furthermore, they also prefer emotional connection. In addition, they can also be assertive with their partners. 

Mars in Taurus Compatibility

Who is most compatible with Taureans bearing the Mars sign? Also, which signs are also compatible with them? It’s time to find out who you’re compatible with! 

Taurus with a Mars placement is most compatible with Venus in Cancer because both are committed to a relationship. Furthermore, this sign is also compatible with all earth and water signs.

Mars in Taurus Celebrities

Ever wonder if there is any celebrity that has the same zodiac sign and planet placement as you? Here is a list of celebrities who are Taurus with a Mars placement. 

#1 Madonna

Madonna is an American singer and actress. Moreover, she is a Mars in Taurus. Madonna is famous for her energetic stage presence.

#2 Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a talented boxer. Moreover, his Mars placement is in Taurus. Furthermore, this explains his grounded personality and his passion for boxing.

#3 Kanye West

Ye or Kanye West is a rapper and fashion designer. He is definitely of this sign because of his stubborn demeanor. Moreover, he also has a burst of energy when performing on stage.

#4 John Kennedy

Yes, the 35th President of the United States’ Mars placement is in Taurus. He has a patient personality and is also passionate. 

# Celine Dion

Heads up, Celine Dion fans. Your favorite singer’s Mars placement is also in Taurus. This justifies her commitment to her craft. Moreover, she is one of the most passionate artists out there.

# Tom Cruise

Yes, the action star Tom Cruise bears the same sign. Moreover, he loves things that involve action which corresponds to the zodiac and its planet placement. 

# Michael Jackson

Last but not the least, the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. The artist is famous for his swift dance moves and incredible energy on stage. He is patient and at the same time committed to his craft which gives of a lot of energy.


passionate partner

Who knew zodiac signs are influenced by planets? Most likely than not, these influences help make up a signs personality. Moreover, if you are a Taurus with a Mars placement, you are the perfect partner. You are dedicated, passionate, and will do anything for your partner. 

It is important to remember that although the personality traits may seem like an exact hit to who you are, these are just guides. You are in not any way defined by these. However, it is also important to know what these zodiac signs and their placements make you believe in something. 

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