The Amazing Meaning, Uses, and Powers of Libra Birthstones

libra birthstones

Birthstones have been around since biblical times. And with the passing of ages comes the discovery and further explorations of their meaning. As well as their uses, powers, and healing properties. Libra birthstones for that matter, have some of the most beautiful and majestic stones you could ever imagine.

Join us and find out how the birthstones for Libra have spelled wonders for their owners/wearers and see how they can do the same for you. You’ll also learn a thing or two about the following zodiac gemstones:

  • Describe Libra gemstones Physical and Metaphysical properties
  • What makes a Libra lucky stone in the zodiac?
  • Is the Opal stone for Libra worth every penny?
  • What are the top five gems that made it to the list of birthstones for Libra?
  • How can the gemstones for Libra manifest healing, luck, and good fortune?

The Top 5 Birthstones for Libra

Libra Birthstones No.1: Opal


First stop on the list for birthstones for Libra: Opal. This beloved, beautiful gem that has won the world over is also ubiquitous. Which means practically anyone is capable of unlocking its powers. One must take full advantage of this to enrich their life!

Physicality and Meaning

Opal’s literal translation is a jewel. It has two classifications: common and precious/gem. The common ones are characterized by their translucence. Also, their unique palette of colors includes green, red, orange, and blue. Centric inclusions are also visible when you take a closer look.

The precious ones on the other hand have various flashing colors. These are opalescence against backgrounds of white, black, or brown. But in its purest form, Opal is actually colorless. They are translucent and transparent. These stones measure between 5 and 6 in hardness on the Mohs Scale.

Metaphysical Properties

This delicate stone having subtle variational energy spells out greatness. It enhances one’s cosmic consciousness as well as your physical and metaphysical vision. Opal can also boost creativity and inspire originality. You will feel your creative juices flowing in no time! And whenever you need an extra boost of energy, you can count on Opal is your go-to remedy.

The stone’s energies would also give you encouragement for expressing the real you. Suddenly you will feel confident and at ease in your own skin. All of these will be noticeably radiating in your thoughts, words, and actions.


It’s best to wear Opal jewelry such as pendants or necklaces and place them near your heart. You will feel its energies lightweight and free, allowing you to release all your pent-up emotions. Carry it everywhere for increased protection, mental energy, clarity, and good fortune. This also works great for your manifestation and healing grid.

Opal makes for an amazing aura cleansing gem. This is especially true if you like to bolster energetic protection. As well as encourage loving energies inside your electromagnetic field.


Opal has lots of physical and metaphysical benefits. Use this to heal the earth by putting it in an earth chakra grid. Then focus its powers onto the earth. It can also help you make sense of your past experiences so you can integrate them into your present life. This way, it will serve you instead of hindering your progress. Physically, it can also benefit your eyes, kidneys, as well as adrenal glands.

Emotional Healing

This stone has a strong association with love, desire, eroticism, and passion. It has the ability to amplify emotions. But you need to temper it with a more grounding stone in case the one using it is not centered.

Opal helps you explore your deepest emotions, unravel your true desires, and lead you to a path of happiness and self-love. There are times you lack motivation, which could lead to feeling morose and apathetic. This state of mind you can cure by doing something creative. And Opal is your best bet to help you tap into that creativity.

Opal will leave you filled with the desire to have a peaceful, joyful, and loving existence. The stone’s energies would help one greatly in accepting life’s challenges. As well as overcoming all its difficulties. It can help soothe your heart and mind so you can be truly aligned with your life’s purpose.

Libra Birthstones No.2: Bloodstone


Bloodstone has a unique appearance, manifested by red spots underneath its deeply red core. This symbolizes an act of spiritual transformation. You can meditate on this stone. Place it on your body or sit it on your altar. This can assist ones’ ability to transform any component of ones’ self. That’s how powerfully rich this crystal is.

New Life, Beginnings, and Experiences

This crystal comes with the time of year that brings new life, beginnings, and experiences. Sometimes it is also referred to as the martyr stone. It reminds you that with each significant change in your life, there will have to be sacrifice and spiritual death of the old ways.

Looking at the Bloodstone in this influential period of ones’ life, one can gaze upon its flex of blood. Be mindful of the fact that you are giving way to the new you, and the great things the universe has in store for you.

Bloodstone Properties

This stone is a variety of Jasper. The dark green color of this stone cuts through with red, or flecked. Giving it the appearance of blood on its green surface. Thus, it’s morbid name.

These red spots on the stone are beacause of the hematites. It is a form of iron oxide causing rust to turn bright red. Since the coloration of the Bloodstone is because of the inclusion of another mineral, within its matrix is a whole. No two pieces of the stone are ever the same. Each one possesses a unique pattern. Many of them include tiny deposits of other minerals as well. This makes some Bloodstone pieces bright and multi-colored.


Bloodstone is best when you are dealing with emotional difficulties. Other stones are greatly beneficial when life is okay, but not great. However, Bloodstone is something that really packs a punch when life seems unbearable.

When you feel like you’re constantly being kicked. Or when you’re down and out, this stone could help pick yourself up and carry you in a constructive and positive manner. It will be a good reminder of the importance of courage and wisdom. This could also help you become a better person especially when you are struggling to be one. In short, this is one gemstone you can rely on when you feel you’re carrying a burden no one could understand.

The Bloodstone energy helps one grow and become stronger. With its help, you can deal with the world in the bravest, toughest fashion. You will have the strength that inspires you to harness this remarkable energy. It is what makes this stone a colossal beneficial addition to your crystal collection. Helping you deal with serious, immediate conflicts and danger.

Libra Birthstones No.3: Red Tiger’s Eye

This is one fun, powerful stone that can unlock your passion! It could also ignite a spark with your special someone. Here’s how this exciting gem can be useful in your everyday life.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a stone of stimulation and passion. It has properties that are very much related to ones’ sex drive. It is commonly used to increase ones’ libido or help an individual deal with sexual issues and frustrations.

This shares a lot of the qualities that are more evident in the gold and brown variety of this gorgeous gemstone. Some of which are grounding and protection properties. It is generally set to combine the energy of the earth with the sun’s vibrational frequencies. Thus, there is a duality element in its nature.


The Red Tiger’s Eye is brownish-red in color. Those red markings found running through its surface come from the oxidization of iron in the crystal. This is a member of the quartz group and has a 7 hardness on the Mohs Scale. Thus, making it robust and resilient.

Its metaphysical properties stem mainly from the close connection to the base chakra. Plus the strong vibrations of the earth’s energies. This serves as an excellent grounding stone. Making it bring any flightly nature back to earth super fast whenever there is a need.


The Red Tiger’s eye benefits both physical and emotional health. It also contains great spiritual energy. Such energy is capable of raising your vibration, enhancing your experiences, and the way you live life in general. It could also connect the spiritual stones to one’s chakras. Preventing you from feeling disconnected whenever you are working on your ultimate goals.

You will also notice that you never run out of vitality and passion in everything you do. The spiritual energy in this stone helps one find the energy needed to resolve any personal challenges. It can also balance and stabilize your mood swings, willpower, as well as a sense of purpose. All the while energizing you as it releases fears, tension, and anxieties.


The emotional benefits of this stone range from its ability to confer great psychological strength. To encouraging self-healing and self-awareness. It is also very effective for cleansing traumas from your past. Because if you just leave these traumas unresolved and buried, you could be in danger of leaving your mental health impaired in the present.

When it comes to its healing properties, this stone is highly effective in combating blood disorders like anemia. It is also helpful in treating eye infections and enhancing night vision.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a great stimulating stone. It can help you when you’re feeling sluggish and slow. And give you strength to overcome fatigue so you can enjoy all your passions.

Libra Birthstones No.4: Jade

This stone has long been a lucky one. Especially by those residing in South East Asia. They believe it can facilitate access to the spiritual realm. As well as give you protection against negative energy and entities. It could also enhance your imagination and creativity. Jade has interesting literal and spiritual meanings, powers, and properties. Let’s find out what these are.

Metaphysical Properties

This stone has a lot of metaphysical properties that could differ slightly according to its colors. Green Jade being the most common brings about tranquility to the soul and calm wisdom to one’s mind. Generally, the darker shades are associated with grounding, as well as feelings of security and confidence. The lighter shades on the other hand, such as white, yellow, and lavender allow you to access your intuition and connect with the higher realm.


Just like the majority of crystals and gems, you can use Jade in various ways. When you wear it as jewelry, it is beautiful and supportive. As well as gives access to its powers all day long. It is commonly carved out into ornaments and talismans. People put this in their home or workplace to provide healing and protection.

When Jade is used as an abundance stone, it’s commonly found carved as the three-legged frog. It is usually situated on the threshold of one’s home. Jade is also used as a rubbing stone in order to calm people’s anxious minds. While you can make an elixir of Jade by steeping a piece of it in pure water for an entire day. This can alleviate fevers associated with infection. Specifically, those of the Urinary tract when applied topically.

Emotional Healing Powers

This stone is a powerful emotional healing force on many levels. It has a soothing and nurturing vibration. This is especially good for addressing emotional difficulties. Like lack of confidence or self-worth.

Jade can also clear the negativity from one’s environment and aura. This is the reason why a lot of people have a talisman or statuette made from Jade on top of their desks or in their place of work.

If you suffer from emotional distress due to love problems, Jade can bring you calm and equilibrium. It is also famous for being a dream stone. This can help you understand the messages and symbolism of your dreams.

Physical Healing Powers

There are also healing properties of this stone which you can also apply to the physical body. This includes the kidney, and the renal and urinary systems specifically. It’s also referred to as the spleen stone for its reputed benefits to the organ.

Jade is also great during the recovery period. It could speed out the convalescent process after surgery or prolonged illness. The stone can support the joints, specifically the hips, and is a good skeletal system strengthener in general.

This also supports men’s and women’s reproductive systems and may increase ones’ fertility. Jade could also ease the child birthing process, as well as balance women’s hormonal levels regardless of age.

Jade is one magnificent dream stone. Try this by placing one piece of it underneath your pillow. This can help you interpret your dreams and get messages from them. Green Jades are really pretty to look at and remind you of the beauty of our natural world.

Finally, Jade represents growth and vitality. Having one at hand during dull winter months could serve as a great tonic to the spirits. Letting one know that spring is about to come.

Libra Birthstones No.5: Turquoise


Last but definitely not the last on our list- Turquoise. This is a very efficient stone for healing. Providing solace and comfort for the soul as well as support for one’s physical body. People use them in amulets to serve as protection for centuries. Users believe they change color to warn you if your partner is being unfaithful to you. This highly attractive stone has a distinctive blue-green appearance. Thus, jewelry pieces made of these are strikingly beautiful.

Physical Properties

Turquoise’s chemical classification is Phosphate. It has a waxy luster that turns chalky or dull when weathered. This stone has a measurement between 5 and 6 of hardness in the Mohs Scale.

Metaphysical Properties

This is one of the most spiritual stones in the crystal world. It facilitates communication between the physical and spiritual realms. Turquoise can also enhance ones’ latent psychic powers, amplify your intuition, and bring wisdom and insight.

This stone is commonly used in releasing rituals when put on the throat. It can negate the power of old commitments or vows which no longer serve you. This encourages ones’ soul to express itself truly without restrictions or prohibitions from the past.

The wearer is then encouraged to explore their past lives. Reminding you that you alone are the creator of your destiny. This purification stone can mitigate the ill effects of exposure to radio waves. As well as electromagnetic smog, and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

In the olden times, Turquoise was as a beautiful vision of the combination of the earth and sky. It’s often utilized to integrate the chakra’s energies with the subtle body’s seven layers. As well as cleanse your aura from any negative energies or influences.

The Benefits

You need Turquoise in your life because it is a purification stone. It can dispel negative energies and protect one from pollutants as well as negative influences from the outside. Make sure that you enjoy stress-free days.

This stone enhances ones’ spirituality by opening the heart and mind. It acts as a spiritual bond to your emotions and intellect that have been greatly affected by past wounds and emotional stress.

Turquoise possess powerful energies good in getting rid of physical as well as emotional fatigue. It also does wonders for individuals suffering from panic attacks and depression.

This stone promotes self-realization and helps one achieve all your desires in life. It gives you a deep awareness of how the world works, and helps you find your real purpose and path in this universe.


Wear this jewelry to add a burst of color to your wardrobe. This brings about brightness and freshness that is very appealing any time of day. It can lift one’s spirits and improve emotions because they look good. Looking good is always good for the heart. So make sure you add some beautiful Turquoise jewelry to your outfit whenever possible.

This stone is a good reminder that peace and serenity are still possible amidst all the noise and chaos. Regardless if you are wearing or holding it, these crystals are fantastic at helping one unlock their confidence. But without the need to be arrogant or overbearing. You will realize that you can express yourself and your ideas better confidently and eloquently.

Finally, introduce this stone to your meditation space. This stone is great at complimenting other crystals or helping you be grounded during your most spiritual moments.

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