Leo And Aquarius Friendship: How To Turn Liking Into Loving

leo and aquarius friendship

Can Leo and Aquarius friendship work? So much so that liking can even be transformed into loving in the future? Of course, it can! However, this can be a long and winding route to take as these zodiacs are fixed signs. And some of you already know, that fixed signs find it hard to change as they do love their comfort zones. Furthermore, these signs are exact opposites of each other which complicate matters even more. So finding balance and working together could prove to be a bit of a challenge for them both. 

Even if they just start as friends, these two will have an undeniable physical attraction toward each other. And expect it to go far beyond the physical. In this post, we will discuss how to navigate the fun, but sometimes turbulent Aquarius and Leo friendship. We will also try and shed light on the following: 

  • How can Leo and Aquarius friendship compatibility work? 
  • Will there always be clashing in the friendship between Leo and Aquarius?
  • Can Leo Aquarius friendship turn romantic?
  • How do Leo and Aquarius get along as friends then lovers?
  • Are Leo and Aquarius compatible friends but worse enemies? 

Let’s dive in and discover what Aquarius and Leo friendship is all about!

Aquarius and Leo Friendship: An Overview

Leo and Aquarius friendship will start with the latter loving how Leo lives life to the fullest. While Leo is going to enjoy Aquarius always being with the ‘party people. These two can even enjoy a bit of mischief together. However, they have to be careful and not get carried away or they could both end up in trouble. 

A Leo and Aquarius romantic relationship may suffer a clash between these two as both parties expect the other to adapt to what they want and what they like. The whole trouble is, that both of them are fixed signs, so neither one will be eager to budge. Adapting to change can be so difficult and this may lead to a lot of arguments and even full-blown fights. 

Good thing there is an effective way to prevent clashes like these from happening. And that is knowing all the pros and cons of being friends and lovers with Leo and Aquarius. The more you know a person, the better you understand their point of you. And when you understand where they are coming from, the more empathic you become. 

Leo and Aquarius Friendship: The Lion Deep Within

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and is ruled by the Sun. It is a fire element and has Apollo as its patron god. They have a choleric temperament and have powerful and shining sunstone as their gemstone. Here are the good sides of loving Leo. 

Loving Individuals

Leos are caring and passionate people. Just like the lions, they take good care of their people, and their pride, and are happy to provide for their loved ones. Leos have big generous hearts overflowing with kindness. They love sharing everything they have, letting everyone experience good times, good food, fun, and laughter. 

Good Looking

good looking

Leos are dazzling, and fabulously good-looking people. Showing up with them is like showing up for a red carpet-event- expect all eyes to be on them. Which is just normal as they exert a lot of effort to look and feel good. This kind of confidence radiates from within. So naturally, they enjoy all the attention they get from it. They love taking care of themselves because their temperament innately craves other people’s approval. 

Loves Being On Top

Leos can be overachievers who don’t plan to go anywhere else but up. And the same thing goes with their finances, that’s why they’re very good at handling money. They are persistent and hardworking and will stop at nothing to get what they want. It’s not in their nature to complain, no matter how unforgiving the environment they may be in. They won’t take any shortcuts, instead, they’ll go through it all until they conquer all their fears and weaknesses. To them, there is no other alternative to success. Thus, these people are kings and queens in their own right. 

Loyal to the Bone

This is probably one of the reasons why a Leo and Aquarius friendship will work. Because Leos are loyal to the bone, both as friends and lovers. They have a heart of gold and once they fall madly in love, they stay that way- all the way. If you’re not the romantic type, no need to worry. They can manage to be romantic for the two of you. 

Yes, they love to be courted and wooed, but they also love doing the wooing themselves. Expect grand gestures not only on special occasions, but even on ordinary days. Expensive clothes and fancy dinners excite them, and they won’t feel an iota of guilt every time they do it. Because considering how hard they work, they know that they deserve it. 

Never Status Conscious

This is another attribute of the lion that will make your Leo and Aquarius friendship work. They never care about the status of their friends, family, or loved ones. Sure, they love being rich, famous, and successful, but if you’re not any of these things, they couldn’t care less. These aren’t the things that will make them gravitate toward you. They will fall in love with you because they see something special in you, something no one else has. 

Leos won’t be offended if you can’t foot the bill on a date. They will pay it gladly. What’s important to them is that both of you have a good time and create wonderful memories. These generous folks love spending money on the people they love. They don’t care about your status, what matters to them is that you are genuine and loyal to them one hundred percent of the time. 

Super Generous

If you’re lucky enough to turn your Leo and Aquarius friendship into a romantic relationship or even marriage, you will be witness to this sign’s generosity. Because these people will be great parents to your offspring. They are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of their family. Everything they own, and everything they do will be for you and your children. Thus, it’s only fitting that you become their number one fan and cheerleader. Always there to give them support and encouragement when they need it. 

Now that you know all the good stuff about them, brace yourself for Leo’s dark side. Here goes. 

Vanity Galore


Yup. Leos can be vain, and the mirror is a witness to it all. They can spend countless hours in front of a mirror, getting ready for an event, and still not be satisfied afterward. No wonder some people think of them as narcissists at times, because of how much time and energy they spend in front of it. 

Leos loves mirrors, but not as much as the camera. They live for the cameras, and nothing gives them more pleasure than hearing those clicking sounds while their photos are being taken. Try opening their phone gallery and be prepared to find thousands of selfies they took every time, everywhere! 

Full of Pride

As expected, these lions are full of pride. Be careful with the words you use and make sure you don’t bruise their ego. If you make the mistake of humiliating them in public, you will soon regret it. Leos don’t forgive nor forget. They have no trouble bickering with you anytime, anywhere, as long as it’s behind closed doors. Leos won’t hold a grudge. But don’t you ever try doing it in public. 

Can Be Lazy

Leos are persistent, consistent, motivated, and hardworking. But when the job is done and they can afford to take a break, they will take that break with gusto! And when such times come, they expect someone who will be there to answer every beck and call. So be prepared to love and accept this part of them as well. 

Full of Themselves

This sign can be overly dramatic and will always see themselves as the protagonist in every story. You have to learn to deal with their dramatic stories as well as their emotional outbursts. 

Can Fly Off the Handle Easily

Cancers and Leos are similar as they tend to make scenes in public. They have trouble controlling their emotions especially if they have reached their breaking point. Leos couldn’t care less if people could see or have you within earshot. They cannot nor will they have the desire to contain their emotion if you push their backs against the wall. 


Again, forgiving and forgetting are one of Leo’s weakest points. They may act like they’re over something you fought about. Or feel their anger seem to have dissipated. But if you truly hurt them and stepped on their ego, bouts of resentment can eventually come back and hit you hard when you least expect it. 

Leo and Aquarius Friendship: The Quirky Aquarius

This is the 11th zodiac sign and has Uranus as its ruling planet. It is an air element that has Aquamarine as its gemstone. Here are the great stuff about loving an Aquarius

They Are Geniuses


Aquarians are geniuses and some believe they are the rarest among the zodiacs. People born under this sign do very well in various things. It doesn’t matter what they do, or what hobbies they take on. They will succeed and make a spectacle out of it. 

Aquarians Are Talented

Their brain is wired differently, it’s on a different frequency. Thus they easily obtain the necessary knowledge and information way ahead of the thought processes of a normal person. These people also know how to monetize their talents. 

Can Be The People’s Advocate

These people cannot stand injustice and choose to be socially active. There is no such thing as a ‘lost cause’ for them. If they feel it is worth fighting for, they will take it up until justice is served. 

Great Team Players

Some people work and function best on their own. This is not the case with Aquarius. They are at their best when they are working and collaborating with a team. Unlike Leos, there’s no need to boost their egos. Aquarians give the most and accomplish a lot in a team. They’re not fond of stealing other people’s thunder. They will always give credit where credit is due. They are not after praise or attention, they want what is best for everyone as a whole. 

Always Look To The Future

They love nature and the Earth, thus Aquarians make great philanthropists. This sign may not be super emotional on a personal level, but global affairs are a different matter altogether. Global welfare and a bright tomorrow for every creature on this planet is their passion project. 

They may not always give you all their attention all the time. But they have your best intention at heart, and will always be there every time you need them. 

Now it’s time to look at the bad sides of Aquarius. 

Can Be Spiteful

Aquarians will always remember the time you hurt and spited them. They may not confront you right away but will wait for the perfect time to strike. By the time you need help and approach them, they will take this opportunity to embarrass you, just like you embarrassed them. 

Known Sociopaths

They can be sociopaths, who have no guilt or remorse. Sometimes, the only thing that’s keeping them in check between what’s right and wrong is the hassle and consequences of human laws and social norms. 

Won’t Commit Easily

Again, these people hate social norms and rules that dictate what to think or how to feel. Marriage is not an exception. If they tell you they love you, they really do, and you just have to trust them. Find it in your heart to be satisfied with the bond you share with them, not minding the laws and customs that you are used to. 

They Are Weird


Then again, more and more people are more tolerant, even accepting of ‘weird’ these days. So Aquarians have weird thoughts, hobbies, morals, and even friends, which is perfectly okay. To each their own. Live and let live. Isn’t that the best part of being alive in the first place? To have the freedom to be yourself without ridicule or judgment? 

Final Thoughts on Leo and Aquarius Friendship

Again, these two are polar opposites. Moreover, they are fixed signs who do not want to change or leave their comfort zones. Yet, they expect their partners to do this for them. So it won’t be easy, it can be complicated and downright difficult. Then again, some of the best friendships come out from the weirdest pairings, the oddest of couples, and even enemies at first sight. Eventually, though, they grow to like and even love each other. Friendships and relationships are challenging in general, but all you need to do is find the key to unlock each other’s full potential. 

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