Unlocking the Mystery Behind the King of Swords Meaning

king of swords meaning

The King of Swords meaning talks about a powerful mind. Representing vast intellectual clarity and logic. Someone who has the ability to see beyond the big picture with a good understanding of the whys and hows of any situation.

In this post, we will tackle the intricacies of the King of Swords tarot card meaning. Someone who can be swift, and at times ruthless with people reeking with dishonesty and deception. We will also discuss other key points such as the following:

  • Should the King of Swords reversed meaning be feared?
  • Will the King of Swords love meaning bring in good news?
  • How to use the King of Swords tarot guide
  • What you should know about the King of Swords as a person
  • Upright King of Swords on love, career, and finances

So let’s not waste time and get to know the meaning of King of Swords!

King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

The King of Swords is a whole different type of energy. It is still mind-based and thoughtful since Swords are about thoughts, ideas, plans, and strategies. But the King is much stable compared to the Knight. The Knight is confident, fierce, and running forward.

On the other hand, the King of Swords tarot card meaning shows a King seated on the throne. He has a raised sword and he’s ready to make decisions. Ready to give advice with clarity and guidance. But he has a very stable elder, like that of a wise elder that sees things clearly. His decisions are not based on emotions, but on the logic that arose from seasoned experience.

So this energy is all about getting in touch with the gentle but strong authority within yourself. Not the emotional, passionate energy. It is very clear, and logical and creates strategies for yourself in order to move forward. Unlike the Knight who doesn’t really have a strategy. He will just go for it and hope he makes it.

The King of Swords meaning is the type of energy that actually sits down to make a logical plan. The card could also show up at times when you simply need to talk to someone else. If you have someone in your life who is this strong, gentle, quiet, and wise soul. You may want to sit down and speak with them.

Whatever the case may be, this is someone who can help you strategize and be clear about what you really want to do. So get that Knight energy and pass it on to the King. Because this King is very much capable of producing a strategy that will greatly benefit you.

Upright King of Swords Meaning In General

This man or character is very powerful. He’s had lots of experiences. Done a lot and seen a lot in his life. He’s mentally astute, very intelligent. Not only that, but he also has loads of stats and information to back up his knowledge. So he could be someone who knows law or philosophy extensively.

He thrives under pressure and is able to make sense even with minimum data at hand. It doesn’t matter that it is incomplete, he is able to keep cool, calm, and collected the whole time. He is able to take whatever life throws at him. Remains composed and always in control of his emotions.

upright king of swords meaning in general

This person is every inch a leader. They know they hold authority and know what they are doing is right. Precisely the reason why they are so confident to be in command and lead. People respect and honor them and would gladly follow this individual. He holds a lot of clouts and sways in whatever society he belongs to.

The King of Swords definitely won’t take flak from anyone. Just like with the Queen of Swords who is not taking any BS. He can smell foul play and deceit a mile away so he’s good and ready when his predators are nearby. He is very intelligent and always on point.

Upright King of Swords Meaning On Love

This is all about focused views and clear and honest communication. It’s not merely talking about a sizzling hot romance. This comes down to a relationship that will last only if both parties remain committed to honesty, compassion, and compromise. If you’re looking to get into a new relationship, someone in uniform is a great idea. Or a decisive leader you may cross paths with. Somebody who uses their head more than their heart. On the outside, at least.

So better get ready to bring up your case as to why the two of you make a perfect match. Take the chance and be the instigator of this potential relationship. If you’re uneasy about making the first move, at least give a clear hint that you are truly interested. Flirting can also help you so much. The important thing is to build trust and respect early on.

The King of Swords would gravitate towards a partner who is able to understand their need. For logical, reasonable, and direct communication. Someone who values your honesty and compassion. As well as your vulnerability.

If you are in a relationship use this card as a guide for your own behavior. The King knows what he wants to happen in every situation and envisions it prior to taking action. The same thing goes for dealing with difficult situations or conversations that need to take place. Never allow personal troubles to sit and brew. Immediately address those and create a plan as a team so you can both move on.

Upright King of Swords Meaning On Career

King of Swords is someone who is very rational and loves mentoring others. They operate at work using an ethical point of view but using their heads more rather than their emotions. These people are viewed as experts. They know a lot, so there’s no need to brag about anything. However, when you do ask them about something very complex and specific, the answers they give you are very accurate and direct to the point.

They do this often and it boosts their self-esteem, knowing that people take them in high regard. King of Swords is not the type of people that can e manipulated into doing anything that is against their beliefs or value system. It doesn’t matter if this makes you angry. They’re too independent to care about that.

These people are successful so their confidence comes from the knowledge that they are worthy. Regardless of other people’s opinions towards them. They’re not the type whom you can threaten, nor are they known for being pushovers. The King sticks with the facts and works hard to maintain their good reputation. So they are never reckless with their words or the situations they get involved in. They will not compromise themselves in any size, shape, or form.

Upright King of Swords Meaning On Finances

invest wisely

When the King of Sword pops up in your spread know that it is challenging you to discipline yourself in your finances. You must do everything you can to save and invest wisely for your future. Do not exchange short-term pleasure for long-term security and stability.

All good things come at a price. Needless to say, you have to make sacrifices in order to reach your financial goals. Go back to basics. Never spend more than you earn. Stay away from impulsive purchases. Do your research before diving into something that will cost a lot of money. Not only will you burn a hole in your pocket, but you may also compromise your life and the lives of the people you love as well.

Reversed King of Swords In General

The King of Swords when reversed can be dangerous if not handled properly. It is someone who uses their beliefs, attitude, and mental capabilities to cause harm to others. To slander, and even make them feel inadequate. It can be that dude who comes to a party and tells stories nobody can possibly relate with. Leaving everyone around them unable to participate in the conversation. Making them feel stupid afterward.

So he uses his smart tactics to tear other people down. And nobody wants to follow this creep. This is what may come across when the card gets reversed. There’s another possibility that may come up when you see this card reversed. They might make decisions based on their own agenda. Compared to the upright position where the person is leading. Making decisions for the greater good because he is in the position to do so.

The reversed position relates to the person being out for himself. Making up stories or leaving out some details in order to swing things in his favor. They are very self-centered and always tries to pull themselves up by tearing others down.

Still another possibility of this card is someone going against their logic. Someone who refuses to see the truth even if it is in plain sight. Even if it’s written in black and blue, or research and statistics are presented to them. Spreadsheets tallied, reports consolidated as proofs. It doesn’t matter to them. They are in denial of facts or what is truly going on if it is not in their favor.

Reversed King of Swords On Love

When reversed, the King of Swords can utilize their sharp intellect for selfish motives. The morality and wisdom that guided him during the upright position have vanished. And what remains is self-centered and abusive individuals.

reversed king of swords on love

This person lets his emotions run uncontrollably, his mood swings so unpredictable. They could be warm and tender one minute, then for no apparent reason, turn into fits of rage. This is a sign that you might be exhibiting some of these negative qualities in your own relationships.

Take a reality check and start showing more restraint. Be more forgiving to yourself and your partner, before it’s too late. It could also indicate low standards when getting into new relationships. Be careful of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t be carried away with looks, sassiness, and other superficial things. Find out the things they value, what they hold dear. See if it matches yours. If the two of you turn out to be total opposites, maybe you ought to give it a second thought.

Reversed King of Swords On Career

You may be working in an unpleasant working environment right now. This card signals a person at work who is aggressive, power-hungry, and domineering. They may be your superior, and they could use this power in the wrong ways. Yes, it might be tempting to lose control and throw integrity out of the window. It’s easy not only to lose your self-discipline but your energy and motivation as well.

So just withdraw and lay down your sword for now. You may not have all the information you need even if you feel you do. Do not, by any circumstance, engage. Take a step back and do all you can to prevent yourself from lashing out. Don’t do anything that you will certainly regret later on.

Withholding your judgment is extremely difficult to do. But you must try and allow others to make their own decisions, their own mistakes. Be still or strategically step back. When disengaging do it fully aware but not in an emotional manner. Just learn to cut ties for now.

Reversed King of Swords On Finances

Ask yourself how your self-control is these days regarding your finances. Have you splurged on anything totally unnecessary? Made absolutely useless purchases? Or invested in things that will not really produce any returns for you in the future?

If you are in trouble financially, it’s pretty tempting to get really desperate really quick. Don’t. Do not by any means be tempted to recover your losses through dangerous scheming methods. Talk to the bank or your wealth manager, and see how you can settle matters based on your own financial capabilities. Don’t panic because it will only cause you to dig deeper into the rut you’re in.



The King of Swords is an insightful leader who has mastered analytical thought and intentional behavior. They will carefully think through every major life decision and be very smart about their choices. What do they really want, need, or desire?

Once they figure this out they take immediate action and calculate risks to get it. If this card pertains to a role you play in real life, you need to get your mind, heart, and energy in the right place. Only you can decide what is the best thing to do. Don’t rush, plan ahead. Because as the saying goes, if you fail to plan, then you definitely plan to fail. Good luck!

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