Everything You Need To Discover About the Knights In Tarot

One of the most difficult obstacles people encounter in a Tarot reading is making sense of the Court cards. Do they pertain to certain events? People? A querent? Or totally someone else? Does the queen strictly point to a woman? The same thing goes for the Knights in Tarot.

Knights in Tarot

The Knight Cards In Tarot: A Quick Overview

A tarot deck consists of 78 vibrant cards and is divided into 22 major arcana cards. Then 56 of these minor arcana cards are then divided into four suits composed of 14 cards each. Four of these are Court Cards.

The majority of these tarot cards have been numerically organized. Found on top of their illustration is their given number. However, 16 of these Court Cards are royalty, therefore, the absence of numbers in them.

Every court is a representation of the Tarot’s four suits namely: Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords. Each one of them has four members. There’s a King, Queen, Page, and Knight.

What Do Knights Symbolize?

Knights in a Tarot reading hold deep meaning. They are your court’s messengers and defenders. Knights of Tarot could mean the world you’re in could use some promotion or defense.

Knights in Tarot may be prodding you to stop procrastinating and do something about your present situation. When the Knight cards in Tarot appear in your journey, it’s time to get hyped app and speed it up a notch.

The Knights, Page, King, and Queen

The Knights in Tarot are more action-oriented compared to the Pages. Their journey has already started and they are dead-set to keep going.

Knights are also known to be more experienced than a Page. Enough to let them know that they are on the right track, but still, not enough experience compared to that of the King and Queen. Thus, the Knights in Tarot can be highly emotional. This can lead to positive or negative results depending on the situation.

The Positive Sides of the Knights In Tarot

Part of the Knight’s extraordinary power is delivering the news without them ending up being the news. Their presence adds little to nothing to the story other than the subject of its suit. It is there to warn that change is coming.

The surrounding cards in the Knight, however, shine because of its presence. Meaningful changes are apparent in the cards’ synthesis prior to and after the Knight appears.

The Negative Sides of the Knights In Tarot

Even though Knights have loads of positive traits, their behavior can be quite erratic at times. Of course, it’s great to have dreams and ambitions. But their impulsive actions without the much-needed informed decisions could be their downfall.

You must therefore learn to balance both. This is the only way to make it a win-win situation.

The Knight Cards In Tarot


Knight of Cups

Regardless of their sex, the Knight of Cups is naturally alluring and oozing with charms. He doesn’t have to be in love with anyone else- just with love itself. His emotions serve as his map for direction in life. The knight is more emotional than logical.

When they need to come up with an important decision, they would always go for their heart’s content. As the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants. Decisions could be made on a whim. As long as there is a feeling of warmth, love, and need.

The Knight of Cups is usually a premonition. This is a message that something or someone is about to arrive that will fill an emotional void. It is an enticing invitation that will bring you to greater heights.

Aside from physical manifestations, it could also symbolize much-needed wisdom. Something to see you through during the darkest days of your life.


This Knight works in a very planned and systematic way. His visions are nothing out of the ordinary, nor his techniques original in any aspect. But he makes it a point that everything he does will lead only to success.

Patience is indeed a virtue, something that the Knight of Pentacles never seems to run out of. He is committed and responsible. This tarot card can be a representation of yourself, a significant person in your life, or a life-changing event.

So what does this card indicate? You need to be reliable, trustworthy, and an excellent provider. Have a game plan on a day-to-day basis to make sure that all the needed tasks are accomplished.

Avoid any distractions to make sure everything tis in place. This won’t be a problem as long as you’re prepared to do the daily grind.


Knight of Swords

This is another powerful figure that is full of energy and passion in life. However, it has to balance with a great sense of responsibility. Once he starts something, there’s nothing that could stop him from reaching his goals.

He laughs at challenges, scoffs in the face of danger. His eagerness to succeed is simply unparalleled.

The Knight of Swords is filled with strength, ambition, and determination. However, he has a tendency to overestimate his capabilities. This may lead him to dangerous grounds without him even realizing it.

He sometimes lacks vision and foresight. Also, due to his overwhelming desire to reach his goals, he neglects the people around him and could be insensitive about their feelings.

This card usually appears when you are embarking on a new endeavor. And there’s nothing in this world that could stop you from pursuing it. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you learn to balance that eagerness with clear thinking and responsible actions.


This is another Knight that acts upon impulse and sudden bursts of energy. He doesn’t like to wait and patience is definitely not his virtue.

This could get you in trouble because you are not really thinking or considering the consequences of your actions. Haste makes waste.

His long-term success is what will suffer the most if he doesn’t learn to reign in his emotions. Without any laid-out plans or backup solutions to obstacles he will encounter, his journey will be a never-ending battle of wits.

The Knight of Wands must learn to control his aggression. Other people may be offering sound advice and valuable input. But you’re just too stubborn to listen.

Usually, the Knight of Wands appears when you plan to change careers, residence, or any other living arrangements. When deciding, make sure you review all your options and arrive at the best one. That way, you’ll have no regrets. No matter what the outcome.

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