Justice Tarot Card: What it means, and what it says about love!

The Justice tarot card reading has long been a tarot mainstay. No matter the type of deck a tarot reader is using, this card is always present, ready to give its judgment about the concerns at hand. As part of the Major Arcana, this card heralds significant changes and developments in someone’s life. Without a doubt, the things it will be showing a person are sure to induce someone to think of their actions thoroughly!

But what exactly does this tarot card mean? And how do you interpret this card in terms of love? Let’s find out!

What are the things that manifest during a Justice tarot card reading?

Justice Tarot Card Reading

In the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot card deck, Justice is a woman sitting on a throne holding an upright sword in one hand and a scale in another. Behind her are a purple veil and two imposing pillars that also serve as her backdrop.

To those familiar with symbolisms, Lady Justice has long been the icon for the practice of jurisprudence. Although her more mainstream counterpart wears a blindfold, the scales and sword are always present, implying the gravity of the situation she must resolve.

Justice’s sword represents the firmness that must be present when making a decision. Its sharpness represents the cold and harsh reality that a person must consider before taking action.

The scale on Justice’s left hand indicates that a person must weigh in all factors before deciding. No matter how small or inconsequential a thing may be, it is enough to tip the scales’ balance. Because of this, careful consideration and an unbiased mindset is a must.

Justice also wears a crown, signifying the clarity of mind present in the decision-making process. Wisdom and prudence are essential, and so, a person’s head must remain free from the things that may distract them from what they are to do.

Even the tiny shoe that peeks out of Justice’s robes has a meaning. It reminds people that decisions should be out of good faith and that whatever action they decide on is sure to have spiritual consequences not just to themselves but also to the other people involved.

Finally, the purple veil and pillars indicate stability and the value of fairness and justice- the very things that help keep a person strong, no matter the situation they are facing. 

What does the Justice tarot card love to say about… well, love?

Now, there are barely any similarities within the values of love and justice for an ordinary person. One is too subjective, while the other strives to be objective as heck!

But the Justice tarot card loves to counter this argument. She has so much to say about this!

For one, singles who manage to pull this card are bound to have a reasonably unconventional love life soon. Someone with a background in law and jurisprudence is along the way, waiting to make your heartbeat.

You need not worry, though. This person has a strong sense of justice and a functional moral compass. If ever they come your way, do not be afraid to let them into your heart.

Those with partners will receive a different kind of omen, though. Fairness and equality in terms of relationship dynamics, will develop soon.

For the Justice tarot card, love may also take a relatively sharp turn, especially if previous events have been somewhat nasty. Those whose partners have been going behind their back will have the truth revealed to them in due time, and the offending party shall suffer the consequences of their unfaithfulness.

Overall, truth and justice shall prevail in the relationship that a person finds themselves in- that’s the Justice card’s promise!

What sign does the Justice card represent?

What Justice Tarot Card Represents

As most cards of the Major Arcana go, Justice embodies a specific Zodiac sign. With all its symbolism, it’s a no-brainer that it is the official card for Libra!

Just as Justice represents fairness, Libra also values the concept of equality. The scales that symbolize this sign manifests the want to meet in the middle ground, precisely like the diplomatic trait that Libra embodies.

Yet, Libra tends to be quite susceptible. It’s not that they are not intellectually-oriented (they are!), but they have a sense of idealism that can easily convince them. Fortunately, their tarot card is on the watch, reminding them to stand firm in their convictions and to keep the possible consequences of their actions in check.

Final Word

Justice is not just a card that is all about lawyer-y stuff. Instead, it reminds us to exercise fairness, honesty, and equality in all aspects of our life!

During a Justice tarot card reading, it reminds us that upholding justice is one of the critical values to live fulfilling lives. No matter what we do, the truth shall always prevail. Thus, it is better to advocate for it even when we think it isn’t needed.

After all, the sword’s cold steel and the scales’ delicate balance will always be there, ready to judge us for our actions towards ourselves and others. Heed the call of the card of Justice before you regret it!

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