Achieving Various Breakthroughs Via the Full Moon In Virgo

full moon in virgo

Do you know what is in store for you during the full moon in Virgo? A lot! With the full moon in Virgo and getting a trine from Pluto, your intensity and sensitivity goes way up. There are lots of sudden breakthroughs that we’re going to discuss.

The full moon for February 14 has already come to pass. It’s also known as the Snow Moon, because of the heavy snowfall that usually takes place in this month. On March 17 however, the full moon is at 27° of Virgo. For some it will be on March 18, so you need to check your calendars to know which one is yours.

In this post we will not only discover the full moon in Virgo meaning, we will also tackle the following:

  • What is full moon in Virgo according to your zodiac sign?
  • Why full moon in Virgo means financial and emotional breakthroughs for you
  • What is the meaning of full moon in Virgo in relationships?
  • When is the full moon in Virgo most beneficial/detrimental for you?

So let’s go ahead and see what does full moon in Virgo mean!

Full Moon In Virgo Meaning: An Overview

Not everyone believes in the full moon in Virgo meaning. But those who do could attest to the fact that it has brought amazing breakthroughs in their life! These are the predictions for the upcoming two weeks. You’re going to want to check your rising or ascending sign, even your sun sign so you can get the most out of this.

The energies approaching will be Saturn making a square to the North and South Node. This will be on April 11. Then Jupiter will conjunct Neptune on April 12.

Our focus will be the full moon in Virgo and making the trying to Pluto. This means your powers of focus and observation are both enhanced. Here you’ll be more capable of doing analytical research. To really dig deep and observe the amazing progress happening with your projects.

Needless to say, Virgo is not the easiest of all the signs. So there is this danger of taking this intensified energy and using it in a negative fashion. Because you have a tendency to be overly critical with yourself which isn’t exactly motivating nor helpful. So by looking at our data and looking at your past, you can utilize this to move forward and handle things better in the future.

Aries Full Moon In Virgo

You are doing this in your house of health and well-being. Your daily routines, your work. How you do things on a daily basis, even your interaction with your co-workers.

So this is what making it trying to Pluto looks like. You may be super focused on what your colleagues are doing, or not doing. Or you might feel criticized. There may also be a need to make corrections in what others are doing.

Because of this trying to Pluto you can feel extremely intense on both sides. Risking telling this information, not knowing how they’re going to react. Also, be aware of this energy since it can be highly sensitive. You may find yourself so annoyed by things that usually don’t bother you at all. Take a deep breath and let it go.

When we talk about your health and well-being, you have lots of opportunities to find data that may help. Still, be mindful of that high sensitivity. Know that if you have symptoms, they can flare up at this time. So listen to your body and see your health provider if you don’t feel right.

Taurus Full Moon In Virgo

taurus full moon in virgo

You’re doing this in your house of adventure, romance, and risky investments. So this is the area where you may fall hopelessly in love with someone. Or take on a risky venture. Make sure you have your wits intact so you can make a thorough analysis of the situation.

Virgos are analytical creatures. So if it’s love and looking at this person or situation. You tend to ask yourself, are the signs accurate? Could they really be interested?

Looking at this in a purely objective fashion can help. But when you’re actually doing it trying to Pluto, the objective is hard simply because of the sensitivity. The energies are very strong. But it’s also what you need to watch out for. Since while you’re seeing infinite details, you may only focus on the details supporting your goal. No longer looking at the entire picture.

Gemini Full Moon In Virgo

You will be doing this Virgo moon in your home, in your family dwellings. It is going to make that trying to Pluto in your house of resources. This could also be the place where you’d fall madly in love.

It’s also possible you’re hyper-focused on gathering funding or resources so you could secure a new dwelling place. Perhaps scouting for a new apartment, dealing with lease, and contracts at the moment. Also,  you may be doing renovations in your current home, which also requires funding.

The Virgo moon is very particular. Thus, the obsession with every single nail, paint color, even doorknob. Just to make sure everything is going to be perfect. It may be a really intense time right now.

You need help from the universe, from others. All possible opportunities and resources. You also have a strong desire to travel to work on your spiritual aspect. Working on your shadow self, exploring one’s psychic abilities. Staring at the pendulum but considering different methods.

Meditation and journaling may help. Things that will help you move the lever faster and easier towards the things you really want.

Cancer Full Moon In Virgo

cancer full moon in virgo

You’re doing this in the house of communication. There is this need to release something to the outside world. This could mean releasing words into the world or letting go of something. Perhaps returning a contract, or changing your mind about an agreement.

This is making a trying to Pluto in the house of relationships. So someone else is involved, or maybe more than one person is. This is you having communication out in the open, finding the right words to convey something important.

It’s also possible your audience is simply waiting, but you’re terrified of their reaction. That they might be critical of you, or may not want to hear you speak your mind. You’re desperately trying to say things right.

This could also pertain to a romantic relationship. Both of you throw words back and forth, you get clear hints that this relationship is slowly becoming serious. But still, you’re worried about saying how you feel because they might take it the wrong way.

Your obsession will lead you nowhere. Virgo really overanalyzes things. Relax, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Look forward to an optimistic outcome. This is the only way to help you achieve your goals.

Leo Full Moon In Virgo

You’re doing this in your house of money and self-worth. But since it’s in Virgo it can be challenging since you’re being too hard on yourself.

Always criticizing yourself way too much. Because at the back of your head you think it will propel you to move forward. That it will make you more disciplined.

But really, that’s a super tough combo. Because it is the belief in oneself and a sense of deserving that would draw all the great opportunities you are wishing for.

It is the belief in yourself that will push you to do more, raise the bar higher. This is also the time that the moon is making that. It is trying to Pluto in your house of routines.

So when you achieve your goal of becoming more disciplined, congratulate yourself. Instead of tearing yourself down every time you fail to accomplish something. This will lead to greater prosperity. So in the next two weeks try establishing new habits that can move your life to the next level.

Virgo Full Moon Virgo

This is your house of the physical self. Ruling your confidence and how you are presenting yourself to the whole world. Making that trying to Pluto in the house of risky investments, adventure, romance, and creativity.

It may also be an area of fertility and children. So those who are thinking about having kids, you may want to give it a shot right now. It is this kind of energy that is very focused and aware of everything. Down to the minute of details when it comes to creative projects, investments, and other endeavors you may wish to pursue.

Beware of Virgo though. This energy can start making you feel bogged down in all the details. You may suffer from analysis paralysis. However, seeing there is a trine to Pluto can bore through this. Allowing you to see the final answer to whether or not you should move forward, or turn back and switch gears.

Libra Full Moon Virgo

libra full moon in virgo

You’re doing this in the house of your shadow self, your innermost insecurities, your intuition, and your psychic ability. This moon is also rising in your chart, making it absolutely visible to everyone, except you. It’s going to do a trying to Pluto.

So whatever the increase in sensitivities for the people around you, you will feel this ten times stronger. You will be hypersensitive about how people think of you. Their negative comments, but hopefully their positive comments as well. Since this type of sensitivity should work both ways. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to focus on the negative ones.

At this time you may feel a bit vulnerable. However, there’s also this part of you feeling empowered, searching for that inner strength. The strength that people are not aware of. Right now you may feel a boost you haven’t felt for a while.

The crazy part is, you also feel like running away. Running away and never coming back. You’re trying your best to escape, even if it’s just in your mind. Gaming, watching videos, partying. Anything to take your mind off what is bothering you.

It can become quite overwhelming. So take time to pause and retreat. Remind yourself you are enough, you are worthy. Be kind to yourself. Remember how much you’ve changed and grown over the years. This can be a great rocket fuel to move forward.

Scorpio Full Moon Virgo

You’re doing this in the house of the community. Friendships, technology, and the future. Making you trying to Pluto in the house of communication. Therefore there is a direct connection between how you are communicating. What it is you are saying, what you wish to happen in the future. You’re manifesting to the community and they are there to support you.

So watch out for what you’re saying. Not just to everyone else, but most importantly to yourself. Why? Because that story you’re telling yourself is translated by the universe. It is what you are going to find.

And so if you say friendships are so difficult, or it’s impossible to meet someone. I’m never going to find the love of my life. Well then, that’s what the universe will go out of its way to make happen.

On the other hand, if you manifest good things, like saying I could meet someone at this gathering. Or I might bump into someone interesting during a corporate event. I’m going to reach out to people I’ve lost touch with the past few years. Rekindle lost connections. Well, the universe will also find a way to make it happen.

So that’s the energy, a very good, trine energy. Grab those opportunities to make all your dreams and visions come true. Manifest all good things now!

Sagittarius Full Moon Virgo

The full moon is in your house of career. Elevated in your chart, making it easy for you to be seen. Making you noticeable to the world, letting people see what you are up to. Also, it is at a very detailed and precise level. So it may be that you are doing something very public.

You may be speaking in public, or launching new videos. Or you may be running for office for a certain position. So people are always seeing you.

This moon is also trying to Pluto in your house of money. So whatever it is you are doing directly affects your finances. Therefore, you have more earning potential when you position yourself out there.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of saying, I finished this report. I’m leading my team. Or reminding your direct superiors you are continuously taking action.

Or this could be as straightforward as telling family and friends about you launching a new business. That you’re working on a music or art project.

So this trine is extremely helpful now. Go on full throttle with your next creative project and imagine the world-embracing you for it.

Capricorn Full Moon Virgo

capricorn full moon in virgo

You’re doing this at the top of your chart in the Ninth House. Conjunct Midheaven, making a trine to Pluto. A position where you’re also extremely noticeable. People see you no matter what. So when you send out your resume, expect it to rise to the top.

For those sending out applications to Universities, yours are hitting the top of the pile. Or the videos you release, the podcasts you put out, anything you have on social media will explode more often. What makes it interesting is that it’s focused on this Pluto- which is you.

So focus on the things you can control. Let go of things outside your jurisdiction. Look to transform who you are so you can improve. Raise your standards but don’t beat yourself up in the process. Don’t berate yourself, instead believe in yourself. That is what your trine is for.

Aquarius Full Moon Virgo

You’re doing this full moon in your house of intimacy and resources. It’s making a trine to Pluto which is a rising in your chart. This makes Pluto extremely prominent. There is lots of energy around you.

Take back your power, know what you can control, and what you need to let go of. There are things you are dying to achieve, things you desperately want to come true. But deep inside you know this is no longer viable. So it’s time to release them. Move on to something else.

The moon in your house of resources says there are opportunities you may be super focused on right now. It could be getting loans, refinancing your home, even receiving help from somebody else. Perhaps through shared income, like crowdfunding. Or anything to that nature.

In your house of intimacy you may be focused on your current relationship and where it is going. So with Pluto you need to make sure you’re looking at this from an objective standpoint. There is a balance you need to achieve. Hoping for the best possible outcome, yet prepare for the realistic worst case scenario.

Pisces Full Moon Virgo

This full moon is happening in your house of relationships. Making the trine to Pluto in the house of friendships, community, and technology. So what may be happening now is you feel you’re getting a lot of flak from other people.

So this can make you fly off the handle. Telling yourself you’re never going to see these people ever again. You feel like walking away. Or focusing on creating more friendships, but having trouble because of your past experiences.

Know that all these things are here to remind you that you have the power. Not them, but you. Use Pluto and co-create with the universe. Tell it what kinds of friends you want. The type of relationships you want. And say what you have to offer.

Allow the universe to bring you such opportunities, since this is a trine. It won’t go out banging on doors. This is you speaking to the universe and waiting for what is to come. So when it finally comes, the collaboration that you have waiting to happen will be there, right before your eyes. Thus, it’s important to plant the seed right now. Because trying is energy, and pretty hands off.

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