Pillow Talk: Top 10 Freakiest Zodiac Signs

freakiest zodiac signs

Have you ever wondered how people are in bed?

This topic is not for the light-hearted but for the curious people. People who are curious how “adventuresome” some people are in bed. Understanding astrology can shed some light as to what some zodiac signs like or dislike in the bedroom. In this article, we will be answering your curiosity whether you or someone you like is part of the top 10  freakiest zodiac signs.

We will not be discussing how often some zodiac signs like to do “it”. To be part of the list, it only boils down to one qualification: are you daring enough to try something bizarre or strange in bed? Read more to find what zodiac sign is the freakiest! 

10 Freakiest Zodiac Signs Ranked

The 12 zodiac signs may categorize people based on nearly everything, but if you’re looking for which zodiac sign is the freakiest, chances are it will be in this order:

#10 Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

First on the list of the freakiest zodiac signs is Aquarius. The Aquarian will contribute more to the party than some signs can since they are always eager to experiment with any number of methods to please themselves and their companions. 

Though they don’t have a reputation for being warm in bed, they may believe the opposite because, in theory, they keep their minds open. The concept of sex is typically more appealing to these lovers than the act itself. Their dreams frequently include being caught and in an unconventional setting. 

They convey wisdom and sophistication. Sex at a distance (when you are not physically there) is typically where they shine. As a result, online or phone sex, as well as affairs that do not end marriages, might be very alluring to these people. They are most interested when you are not present, because detachment may be a huge turn-on for them.

#9 Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

When it comes to bed talk, the Gemini will use all of his or her intellect. They belong in the ninth spot since they are motivated more by their intelligence than by their wants.

Have a good fulfilling conversation with them to keep them engaged. Talk turns them on, and they like kissing! For these partners, oral sensations are extremely special. They enjoy role-playing as long as it is diverse. They are quite entertaining in bed, assuming you can overlook their unexpected spurts of chatter during the act. 

These lovers are ardent and interested in all forms of sexual expression and are prone to attempting too much in one session. An intelligent talk may stop lovemaking for you, but it’s simply longer foreplay for them. Nonetheless, many people in this circumstance are not unrequited lovers. If you prefer simpler, calmer tastes, Gemini’s sassy, sensual monologues may surprise you. 

#8 Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

virgo zodiac

It might come as a surprise to you that a modest, demure Virgo is part of the list of the freakiest zodiac signs. The earthy virgins’ restrained appearance belies their underlying lustfulness. In general, there is a positive attitude regarding sex. To them, it is a physical activity required for health and overall well-being. 

Moreover, these signs like their bed companions to be simple and nice. They are also attracted to the concept of being your slave. They like doing tiny things for you and become excited when they realize you appreciate what they do. 

However, they can be a little nervous and shy about their own bodies, which they compensate for by being extremely attentive to their tactics of turning you on. Though they are quite kinky, Virgos are still sensitive to your preferences and dislikes, and they prioritize the areas that have had the most success.

Thus, this sign is not as finicky and demanding as the other zodiac signs. Virgos just aim to please and be crafty when it comes to lovemaking. They will “do” more than many other indications, and they are not afraid to get dirty within the boundaries of a consensual relationship.

#7 Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Sagittarius earns the seventh spot of the freakiest zodiac signs. A Sagittarius is a master of seduction who lives for the chase. They refine their seductive skills and treat the chase as if they were a sport. These signs are open and honest about their wishes and needs. Undoubtedly, they have an almost naïve candor about them and like having fun in bed. Hence, laughing and roughhousing are both enormous turn-ons for the Sagittarius. 

When it comes to their darkest side, they are actually rather selfish, and their need to “get off” is nearly always emphasized. Their freaky side reveals that they have little patience for folks who play hard to get or who beat about the bush. The same is true for over-seriousness or romanticism. 

#6 Libra (September 23 to October 22)

The sixth spot on the list of the freakiest zodiac signs is Libra. The sun sign in Libra will always look for new ways to spice things up with their lover! They are a breath of fresh air. Hence, Libras don’t want to get things dull so they will offer and suggest different positions in bed. 

However, in order to awaken this freaky side of a Libra, you must treat them with kindness and fairness. Allow them to share everything with you because they enjoy doing so since sharing turns them on, whereas clumsy or impolite behavior puts them off. Needless to say that they enjoy opening up about their sexual preference, thus foreplay for them can be emotional. 

Over time, their timidness in their sexual relationship can be a rough start but Libra signs deserve to be on the list since they always want to keep surprising their lover with their attention and love. 

#5 Taurus (April 20 to May 20) 

Next on the list is Taurus signs. They are a very physical and sensuous sign. Taurus are particularly tuned in to their senses, and they enjoy having all of their senses stimulated, including taste, touch, and hearing. Tauruses pay attention to how things feel, so they’re continuously trying new things to enliven and stimulate their senses. 

What Taurus likes is showing your commitment to them and their value to you. In love and sexual matters, you may need to give in to them because they would not quickly give in to you! Get physical with them and they will do things that are comfortable for them in bed. If you’re in a relationship with Taurus, you will probably need to practice patience. They like to rush things in life, you see. Just remember to keep things simple and genuine if you want Taurus to admire you and assure them of a relaxing and enjoyable day. By doing these, certainly, you will see their freaky side.

#4 Cancer (June 21 – July 22) 

It takes a lot of cuddling and emotion to please Cancer signs. They are on the list of the freakiest zodiac signs because they are like your most intimate affair! To reveal their freaky side, you must first earn a Cancer’s trust and respect. Once you do, you are in for a spectacular sexual rollercoaster!

When Cancer signs have established trust with their lover, they will go to great lengths to satisfy their partner as they will want to explore every inch of their body’s skin. Thus, cancers signs are recognized for being kind and compassionate lovers who are always concerned with making their lover happy first.

Not only in bed, but their lovers are rewarded with a patient, dependable, and loving companion.

#3 Leo (July 23 – August 22) 

Leo signs like to show off. Their desire for physical expression through sex is common and once you hear the lion roar at that point, you will undoubtedly want to keep these animals purring. Though they may have little or no experience in bed, Leo wants to appear experienced and it will feel like it!

Though Leos have a hard time distinguishing between love and sex, even their most hedonistic thoughts come with love and tenderness. As a result, few Leo signs would endure long in a primarily sexual relationship. On the other hand, in the absence of satisfactory sex, they may endure longer in a love-only relationship, but not being pleased is unlikely. 

If you want a Leo to get freaky with you, just put a great deal of attention on them. If you are just prepared to make one change, it should be to remind Leo of how fantastic they are. Always show them respect and appreciation. Allow them to have their childish moments and tell tales. They want to feel attractive to you, therefore avoid putting them down in this area at all costs!

#2 Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries is next to Leo in the list of the freakiest zodiac signs in order. When it comes to men and women born under the sign of Aries, action, and energy fuel their drive. Beating around the bush is a turn-off. It is no surprise that these signs demand a lot of excitement in order for a relationship to stay fresh and new for them.

These lovers are passionate and eager in their sexual expression, but not always consistent. They are sometimes violent and generally rapid. Their cravings are really strong. While other indicators may be more enthralled by the current romance, persons in this position are just enthralled by their partner’s sexual organs. These folks are prone to slipping into and out of “crush”–they only feel alive when they have someone to desire.

In order to hop on this side of an Aries, you must feed their need to perform. Be clear, open, and honest with them—unless it is in the spirit of fun, they won’t appreciate game-playing or evasiveness. Appreciate their fun and feed their demand for spontaneity. Allow Aries to take the lead in relationships at least most of the time. Allow them to indulge their various whims, and remember that they thrive on competition, even if they won’t stick around for long.

#1 Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

scorpio zodiac

Scorpio, the horn dog of the zodiac, is the freakiest zodiac sign among all twelve. This sign is fiery and licentious. While their sexual skills and attraction are undeniable, the freaky side of a scorpion may be painful. 

This is because sexuality may be a difficult concept to grasp. The sexual desires of these lovers are comparable in intensity and depth, yet they manifest differently depending on their stage of development. These lovers enjoy full-body thrills and are willing to go to great lengths for their partners. 

They are divisive, but they are also private. They will never kiss and tell. As these signs prefer to be intimate and personal, their preferences are so diverse and unique that you would need to have your own list. 

Still, whatever their personalities are, Scorpios have a way of expressing themselves that guarantees passion and determination. While you will most likely have the time of your life, Scorpio’s love-it-or-leave-it approach may leave less lustful signs chilly.

Final Words

Frankly, astrology shows that each zodiac sign has varied characteristics and it is not a secret that some signs just exude the freakiest vibe. Depending on your zodiac sign, you may be the one emitting these energies, or it might be your colleague. Anyone who appreciates astrology understands that the best part of learning about your sign is learning about yourself and this may include what zodiac signs are the freakiest. Just remember that if you are one of the top 10 freakiest zodiac signs, do not be afraid to stay true to yourself. 

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