The Must-Know Facts About Taurus (That You May Not Know!)

facts about taurus

Everyone who knows a good deal about the zodiac can tell you ‘everything’ there is to know about Taurus. The second star of the zodiac, Taurus is an Earth sign that governs the period from April 20 to May 20. We know Taurus as a sign that is tough, stubborn and grounded according to their general description in Astrology. However, to focus on such a wanting description might only leave us with a shallow understanding of the sign. There’s more to Taurus than you might think, and facts about Taurus you might now know!

Today, dear reader, we’re going to focus on more than just the obvious, well-known facts that make Taurus famous (or infamous) as a sign. We’re giving the much-loved and little understood bull of the zodiac a proper appraisal by exploring the lesser known facts about them. Do you think you know all the things about Taurus there is to know? Try going through the list below, and some of these facts about Taurus may just surprise you! Just sit back, relax, and most importantly, have fun!


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Taurus Facts You’ve just Got to Know

A lot of zodiac signs get a bad rap, when you really think about it. We know Scorpios as dark and dangerous signs. There’s Gemini, who is frequently described as two-faced and untrustworthy. Taurus is no different, and people often write them off as stubborn, strong-willed signs and leave it at that. But there’s a lot more to people than what meets the eye, and Taurus deserves more than a cursory glance.

Why is that? Well, to truly love someone is to know them fully, not just what you see on the outside or on a first impression. The bull of the zodiac has a lot of heart, and deserves a lot of love! What are Taurus’ strengths, weaknesses, what makes them act the way they do? Taurus fun facts, and some other zodiac signs facts, it’s all here!

But before we go over the lesser-known facts about Taurus, let’s go over what we do know. As an Earth sign, Taurus finds its famous trait of stubbornness along with a grounded nature, patience and industriousness.Taurus has problems with: self-doubt, change and complex situations. On the other hand, they find comfort in love and spending time with their friends and family. Keep these in mind, as they’ll all make sense as we better understand Taurus while going over the list below:

#1 The Bull is a Docile Creature

Many people believe that Taurus having a bull as their symbol makes them temperamental creatures. This is far from the truth however, both as a symbol and in reality! Bulls are quite docile creatures, and unless provoked, do not actively or aggressively go after other animals or people. Taurus is the same. As an Earth sign, you can expect more patience and calm from them than not. 

That said, Taurus doesn’t work well with surprises or complications on their carefully planned-out schedules. Sudden changes or surprises might cause them to lose their temper, or at the very least become frustrated. They can also hold quite the grudge, as you’ll see later on this list. Still, you can expect Taurus to keep a level-headed and remain grounded during most situations. So don’t worry too much about the bull, chances are you won’t meet their horns.

#2 Taurus, Lazy and Indulgent?

A lot of people have this misconception of Taurus: that they are lazy and overindulge themselves in moments of relaxation. It’s true, well, if you’re talking about indulgence. You will often find Taurus lavishing themselves with expensive items or lounging about on the couch. Maybe, you’ll even spot Taurus playing the latest video game on the newest, most high-tech computers. But don’t think that means Taurus is lazy.

While Taurus often spends and indulges on the things they love, they deserve to. Far too often, people forget that Taurus themselves have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their work. All this in order to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. Like the other Earth signs, Taurus works their butts off! But unlike the practical and thrifty Virgo, or the non-stop grind Capricorn, Taurus knows how to sit back and relax.

#3 They Love to Share


Speaking of the fruits of Taurus’ labor, you’re likely to enjoy them as well! Something we’ll keep coming back to on this list: the bull is a herd animal. Just like their symbol, Taurus places plenty of importance and is fond of their family and friends. As much as they enjoy working for their satisfaction, comfort and pleasure, Taurus loves to provide the same to the ones they love. This makes them an ideal partner for anyone who needs safety and security.

Yes, you can depend on the diligence and devotion of a Taurus. It’s actually one of the facts about Taurus man that makes him such an attractive romantic interest. And don’t worry ladies, this same dependability is attractive to the guys too! Particularly when talking about risk-takers like Capricorn and Sagittarius. It’s also one of the facts about Taurus woman that makes her quite a good mother and caretaker.

#4 The Unapproachable Bull

A lot of people find Taurus unapproachable. Maybe it’s their stone-faced appearance, intimidating, strong auras or just how unavailable they make themselves socially. Whatever it is, they struggle in making friends. Truthfully, dear reader, it’s not that Taurus hates meeting new people. It’s that it takes them a while to build up trust in them.

Remember, Taurus hates not knowing, spontaneity, and taking risks. Before they open up themselves to people, they need to know that they can trust them. Taurus has a lot of heart, and a lot of love to give. But they don’t want to give that love to the wrong person and get hurt. Give them time, and Taurus can become a great friend to you.

#5 Possessive or Protective?

Perhaps stemming from the misconception that Taurus overindulges on pleasure and fun, is the perception that they’re possessive. When Taurus welcomes a friend into their tight circle of trust, these new friends often feel smothered or that Taurus is keeping them all to themselves. The truth is: that same difficulty they have in trusting new people for themselves? That also translates into who they trust for their friends. Basically, Taurus is overprotective.

Always remember that Taurus is a bull. Bulls are herd animals. More than that, pay attention to the fact they’re specifically bulls, the protectors of the herd. Just as you need to give Taurus time to get to trust you, give them time to trust your new friends. And hey, if those new friends weren’t as great as you thought they were, take comfort in the fact Taurus has your back!   

#6 A ‘Ride or Die’ Friend


Speaking of having your back, another fact about Taurus is their dependability. Not only can you count on them to protect you, but you can count on Taurus to stick by your side through thick and thin. Once Taurus trusts you and thinks of you as a friend, they are willing to go the extra mile for you. Even if that means stepping outside of their comfort zone! Taurus is a loyal friend.

#7 Not Very Spontaneous

A common term, bull-headed, refers to a trait for someone who is stubborn, often in an unthinking way. Because of that little caveat, ‘unthinking’, many people think Taurus is reckless. Spontaneous. Nothing is farther from the truth, however, as Taurus in fact, hates uncertainty and spontaneity.  The bull of the zodiac prefers everything to go on in a systematic, planned way.

Like all Earth signs, Taurus prefers order and predictability to excitement and chaos. An easy way to stress them out is to introduce uncertainty into any event or situation. This makes them somewhat obstinate and unyielding to their friends who might want to go on exciting, unpredictable outings. We urge friends of Taurus to exercise patience with your bull. Everyone has a worst fear, and for Taurus it just so happens that it’s the unknown.

#8 Heart of a Bull, Memory of an Elephant

Another little known fact about Taurus is their impressive memory. Taurus, a truly ordered and structured being, relies on their memory to keep things in check. As such, many of our zodiac bulls often have sharp, trained memories. Try making plans as far as six months in advance with your friend group. You’ll find that Taurus is one of the few who still remember it.

This reliance on memory, of course, has its bad sides as well. While it takes a lot to shatter Taurus’ trust, this damage is especially irreparable, because Taurus will remember your betrayal until the end of time. To earn back their trust is to battle against their sharp, ever-fresh memory of the pain you caused them. So don’t mess with the bull! Speaking of issues on trust…

#9 They Trust too Much


Like we’ve alluded to above, Taurus is stubborn to a fault. Adding to this, once they trust someone, it’s hard for that trust to break. Unfortunately, this means Taurus often finds itself on the receiving end of an abusive relationship. Whether it’s from a friend, a family or a significant other, Taurus loves and trusts too much. But there’s more to this unshakable trust than just their stubbornness or even love of family.

Taurus believes in structure and order. Because they need to believe in it, a system behind everything, and a purpose to their work. In the same way, Taurus needs to believe in their careful, well-thought out selection of loved ones. They need to believe that these people love and care for them. That all the hard work they put in for these people is worth it. 

#10 They Read Between the Lines

It’s funny that the bull of the zodiac is really good at smelling bullshit from a mile away. While it’s true that Taurus doesn’t do well with uncertainty, they are far from naive or unprepared. Before they trust you, exercise caution in lying to a Taurus or trying to hide any ulterior motives. This grounded Earth sign has a knack for sensing danger and bad intent. So watch out!

How is Taurus so good at reading people? Maybe it’s just their tendency as an Earth sign. Because they are so in-tune with the material, they pay attention to physical signs of malintent, such as body language, nervous gestures and verbal tics. We’re really not sure what it is. But all we can say is, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

#11 They Belong with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces

What about matters of love? Taurus does really well in a relationship with any of these three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is sensitive around Taurus, almost to a fault. This makes it easy for Taurus to trust Cancer, and the respect and care they have for each other makes them quite the power couple. What about the other two?

Scorpio matches Taurus’ drive and interests rather well. Both are extremely guarded, passionate and emotional individuals. Scorpio’s intensity is attractive to Taurus, particularly in the bedroom. Pisces on the other hand, has the easygoing nature that Taurus needs to kick back and relax. All three water signs complement with and play on easing up and relaxing the sturdy Taurus.

#12 Get Themselves Into too Much Trouble


This is perhaps Taurus’ greatest weakness. We cannot deny, even looking at Taurus in-depth, that they are stubborn, despite all their strengths and good sides. So stubborn, in fact, that they often get into heated arguments because of their obstinate nature and refusal to give room to compromise. Unfortunately, not everyone is as level-headed as they are, and they can often get into fights. That, or they insist on their course of action. 

Despite the clear red flags and warning signs that they’ll get hurt, Taurus will do what Taurus wants. At the very least, Taurus are calm, level-headed and strong people. This means they can take most of the punishment for their bad decisions. But still, it makes them a little bit problematic to hang around too often. If you want our advice: watch your Taurus’ friend back, and try to talk them out of something before they make a decision.

The Takeaway…

That’s everything you need to know about Taurus, the stubborn but lovable bull of the zodiac! We hope you took a thing or two from this article that you’ll use in your relationships with Taurus. Or if you’re a Taurus, we hope you know yourself better and work on your weaknesses. Remember that everyone has weaknesses, and that we can all use a little more patience and understanding with each other. Lastly, we’d like to remind everyone that Astrology is not an exact science.

What does this mean? Well, don’t let the article limit you, folks! People are different, even among those that share the same sign. To our Taurus friends reading this: the stars aren’t meant to control you, but guide you. You are still the captain of your own ship, and the master of your fate.

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