Uncovering the Mystery Of the Empty Houses In Astrology

A lot of people get worried when they find out their birth charts have empty houses. Their fear usually stems from a lot of misconceptions about this topic. But empty houses in astrology need not be intimidating at all. Today we’ll break down everything you need to know about the empty houses in astrology meaning.

Empty Houses In Astrology Meaning

There’s one very important thing you need to understand about the empty houses in astrology meaning. And that is, there is nothing wrong with an empty house in your birth chart. Know that they can still function very well even without any natal planets in there. And by the end of this article you will learn the following:

  • What do empty houses in astrology mean?
  • How to interpret empty houses in astrology
  • The real meaning of empty houses in astrology in your life
  • The significance of the empty houses in the natal chart

Empty Houses In Astrology: The Breakdown

Some parts of your natal chart like the 12th and 1st astrological houses may be empty. As in planetary bodies cannot be found here. While the 2nd and 11th houses do. There are eight planets and luminaries in a birth chart. The luminaries are the Sun and Moon signs. So by default, there are actually 12 houses in this chart.

This is the reason why at least two of your houses will always be empty. Having a lot of planets in one house is quite common. Take stellium, for example. Practically everyone has them!

One of the most common questions of people having empty houses in astrology is whether or not their life will fill with misery. Total nonsense! Like those with an empty 7th signifies you will never find the love of your life. Or because you have an empty 10th automatically makes you a failure in your job or chosen career. This is absolutely false!

There’s so much fear and confusion involved in this subject when basically this has ultimately no significance in your life. The real power actually lies in the cusp sign of your house. More of that later.

What you need to remember is that the 12 astrological houses are the areas in your life. The planets are there to represent the energies and aspects you simply need to work on.

For Your Peace of Mind

Empty houses in astrology in your natal chart just means this particular house will not be your major focus. Every planet has specific energy which you should utilize. The planets get these energies and take them into the house where they are. Do this so you can use them in various aspects of your life.

For instance, you have Mercury in your third house. Thus, you’re expected to use Mercurian energy. You need it to amplify further your already amazing communication skills. Consequently, having Venus in the third house will push you to utilize Venusian energies in these particular areas in your life.

However, if a house contains several planets, you need much effort and attention to detail compared to dealing with empty houses. Why? Because this indicates you have lots of interests. It sounds exciting at first, but detrimental in the long run if you have no control over them.

You might be spreading yourself too thinly that by wanting to accomplish so much, you end up achieving practically nothing! Eventually, you’ll find out multitasking is not as heroic as it sounds. Will this make you happy? Not really. It can, however, drive you to your knees due to sheer exhaustion!

Empty Houses In Astrology Explained


There are 12 houses in astrology and the natal chart. While there are only 10 planets. So it doesn’t matter how hard you try because there will always be some empty houses in the natal chart. Actually, having over 5 empty houses is still considered normal.

So exactly how do you interpret this empty house? First, look at the sign on the cusp of your given house plus its planetary ruler. You need to know the element and mode of the sign. Find out the strengths as well as its weaknesses. It will guide you on how you can approach the matters of this house in your own natal chart. Always bear in mind that empty houses are still important!

Everyone has 12 signs in their charts. It’s just that each how they are mapped out varies. Once you have it, get the ruling planet and its sign. Look at this list to better help you:

  • Aries: Mars
  • Taurus: Venus
  • Gemini: Mercury
  • Cancer: Moon
  • Leo: Sun
  • Virgo: Mercury
  • Libra: Venus
  • Scorpio: Pluto
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter
  • Capricorn: Saturn
  • Aquarius: Uranus
  • Pisces: Neptune

Finding the planetary ruler is the first step. Next, analyze the position. On which sign and what house is it found? Is it weak or powerful in this sign? On what aspects does it jive with the other planets? Can you consider these harmonious aspects or not?

Empty Houses = Great Abyss?

So, what can you expect with an empty house? An empty hole that will just fall into the great abyss? Of course not! Just like the other houses that aren’t empty. It still deals with the human psyche, just in a different manner. Take reincarnation, for instance.

A lot of astrologers believe that empty houses signify that you’ve already resolved matters of this house in your past lives. Is this a good sign? Of course, it is!

Does Empty Now Mean Empty Forever?

Empty houses in astrology never point to eternity

No! Empty houses in astrology never point to eternity. Just because they were empty the moment you were born, doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. In fact, these are amazing opportunities for you to improve tremendously! Remember that planets keep on moving long after your birth. Sometimes, one or more transiting planets can be found in empty houses, where it brings a lot of energy!

Different things can happen under different transits. However, there is another way how planets can come to empty houses. And this is via secondary progressions. Secondary progressions are equated the day after your birth up to one year of your life.

Outer planets are slow-movers. Even Saturn and Jupiter remain in the same location in the progressed chart for quite some time. But the quicker ones like the Moon move very quickly. The progressed Moon changes its signs every two and a half years. Eventually, it will occupy a house in the chart that used to be empty in the natal chart. So you see, being empty doesn’t last forever!

Getting to Know the 12 Empty Houses


No planets in your first house mean you won’t focus on yourself in this lifetime. This is the house of self, so it shows your attitude to the world around you as well as new beginnings. Apparently, this is not your major theme in life right now.


Financial wealth is not your main priority. Sure, you can still be rich. But you won’t spend so much time, or exert so much effort on this. Those having a second house that’s empty aren’t very worldly nor materialistic. Yes, money and material wealth matters, but in your chart, other things weigh so much more.


Communication is not particularly challenging at this point in time. No major overhaul in here, unless of course the ruler of the third house is in serious trouble, or your Mercury is particularly weak. Connecting with others comes easy for you when you have an empty third house.


An empty fourth house means you don’t need too much effort when it comes to your family. You’ve always had one that’s loving and supportive by nature. No strain in your relationship with your parents, especially with your mom.


Self-expression, creativity, romance, and kids don’t need your extra focus. Everything in this aspect runs smoothly, without you having to exert too much effort. Lucky you, they simply fall into place!


You’re lucky when it comes to your job or career of choice. Things go as you plan, and aren’t really hard to maintain. It also suggests you are not tied up with your daily routines, both in your public and private life.


Partnerships are a breeze. You and your partner are both committed and faithful towards each other. It doesn’t take too much mental and emotional effort for you to get along smoothly.


You are absolutely comfortable when it comes to joint resources. Unless the ruler of the eighth house is afflicted, there’s little to no complications. Receiving your inheritance or money, in general, comes easy. Also, sex and intimacy are amazing, to say the least.


Your spirituality and education are doing just fine. Improvements and growth come naturally to you. Unlike other people, you don’t see this as a chore, or a big sacrifice you must go through.


Your career is not overwhelming your entire life, which is good. Unlike other people whose work practically consumes them, you have a perfect balance of work, play, and family time. Success is evident, but you don’t need to toil like crazy to get it.


Your social life and status are not your utmost priority. Naturally, you have a  lot of friends because of your beaming personality. But you don’t need so much effort to make them work. Things simply fall into place.


Karmic baggage is not an issue for you. Unlike other people, your past does not define you. You don’t allow your past mistakes to haunt you or eat you alive. Forgiving and loving yourself is a gift you have received a long time ago.

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