Cusp Signs Dates And Why It Might Be Important To You

cusp signs dates

When it comes to astrology, people born on the cusp signs dates can often feel like a Gemini. The different facets of their personalities can lead to an internal tug of war that can leave someone disoriented or confused.

Being born under cusp signs dates means that you exhibit the traits of two sig ns. It may explain why horoscopes seem to be hit or miss to some people. If you want, you can take the time to understand where you lie in your own natal chart. Doing so allows you to see which energies you share with other signs.

Do You Have 2 Signs?

Having a cusp sign does NOT mean that you have two signs. Regardless of if you are born in cusp signs dates or not, your sun sign is what it is. 

Instead, your cusp sign is a blend of individual astrological traits and energy. It’s its own separate entity that describes the duality you may be feeling inside. 

Zodiac Cusp Signs Dates

Capricorn – Aquarius Cusp: The Cusp of Mystery

Capricorn - Aquarius Cusp

Born between: January 16 – January 22

When you are born between both the most practical and the most unusual signs, things tend to go from one extreme to another. You can swap between socially outgoing and generally solitary in a heartbeat. It all depends on your mood.

However, you also have the benefit of both great ambition and a sense of practicality. This combination of traits allows you to dream big and follow through with your desires.

Aquarius – Pisces Cusp: The Cusp of Sensitivity

Born between: February 15 – February 21

If you are born on the cusp of sensitivity, you can expect to be acutely aware of emotions. It is easy for you to pick up on how others are feeling, and you can sympathize with them quite easily. Because of this, you often exhibit a humanitarian streak and seek to make the lives of those around you better.

Aside from that, the combination of Pisces creativity and Aquarian introspection gives you a unique perspective. You often enjoy creating as a sort of emotional release and way of expression.

Pisces – Aries Cusp: The Cusp of Rebirth

Born between: March 17 – March 23

Those born under the cusp signs dates of rebirth have both a strong will and great compassion. They are capable of reaching their goals while also remaining considerate of those around them. 

Because of this, they make great leaders.

However, they can also be quite impatient. This impatience can work against them as they may get into arguments with others.

Aries – Taurus Cusp: The Cusp of Power

Aries - Taurus Cusp

Born between: April 16 – April 22

If you were born under the cusp of power, you possess the shared qualities of two of the Zodiac’s most resilient signs. With both the strength of a Taurus and the bravery of an Aries, you can lead where most would falter.

You are confident in your abilities, and you have the skills to back your claims. However, you can be quite stubborn. Be careful that you don’t butt heads with other strong personalities.

Taurus – Gemini Cusp: The Cusp of Energy

Born between: May 17 – May 23

When you are born under the cusp of energy, you combine both the Taurus’ power with the charm of a Gemini. This gives you the kind of energy that allows you to get things done no matter what. Not only that, but you are also quick to make friends with other people. With that said, you have the ability to set aside your emotions in the name of work. 

Just make sure not to burn through all that energy too quickly. If you don’t pace yourself, you may end up burned out.

Gemini – Cancer Cusp: The Cusp of Magic

Born between: June 17 – June 23

If you were born under the cusp of magic, your intuition should be quite developed. You have two extremely emotional signs working in your favor, and it shows.

You are many people’s idea of an ideal partner. This is because you can balance that fun, charming, flirtatiousness of the Gemini with the intuitive nurturing of the Cancer

On the other hand, you can feel disoriented when you don’t have a partner to anchor upon. You tend to get into moods, and this can make it hard for you to reach out to others.

Cancer – Leo Cusp: The Cusp of Oscillation

Born between: July 19 – July 25

For those who were born under the cusp signs dates of oscillation, you may be more sensitive to the highs and lows of life. Leo is naturally dramatic while Cancer is naturally sensitive. When you bring both together, it can cause quite a bit of chaos from within.

It can be easy for you to be swept away by bad experiences. But you can also easily appreciate the little things that go right. Your inner peace comes from being able to balance these two and accept life as it comes.

Leo – Virgo Cusp: The Cusp of Exposure

Leo - Virgo Cusp

Born between: August 19 – August 25

When you are born under the cusp of exposure, you tend to look out for the people around you. Leo’s assertive streak combines with Virgo’s down-to-earth attitude to create your kind of leadership. 

When it comes to dealing with others, you tend to focus on the people and what they need. Additionally, you also have the ability to be superior to others without letting it get to your head. These traits make you popular with others and can win you very loyal friends.

Virgo – Libra Cusp: The Cusp of Beauty

Born between: September 19 – September 25

If you were born under the cusp of beauty, your personality may be a mix of both Virgo logic and Libra emotion. You can be quite perceptive of other people’s emotions. Also, you can be very caring and thoughtful to others.

However, you also still retain some of the negatives both signs bring. You can be indecisive at times and reclusive at others. This may make it difficult for you to find someone who can be with you on the journey of life.

Libra – Scorpio Cusp: The Cusp of Drama

Born between: October 19 – October 25

When you are born under the cusp of drama, your life may very well overflow with it. You have a flair for the dramatic, thanks to your Scorpio half. But it balances out with your Libra side’s natural charm.

But there may be times where you can’t make up your mind. Your cynicism may also end up outweighing your charm. Regardless, the combination of the two signs makes you iconic in your own way. 

Scorpio – Sagittarius Cusp: The Cusp of Revolution

Scorpio – Sagittarius Cusp

Born between: November 18 – November 24

For those born under the cusp signs dates of revolution, there is no room for half measures. Thanks to your Scorpio intensity and Sagittarius grit, you enjoy a high level of motivation compared to most other signs. Along with that, you are strict when it comes to quality.

However, this perfectionism can prove detrimental when left unchecked. You may end up driving people away and burning yourself out. With that said, you should check yourself from time to time.

Sagittarius – Capricorn Cusp: The Cusp of Prophecy

Born between: December 18 – December 24

If you are born under the cusp of prophecy, you like to take your time and plan things out. Your worldview comes from your Capricorn practicality, and your Sagittarius optimism fuels it. Considering that, your plans tend to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

These traits make you a great organizer or planner. And while you may slip up from time to time, you always manage to make a good impression.

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