Crow Spiritual Meaning: What it Means When You Cross Paths with Crows

crow spiritual meaning

Often associated with death and bad omen, the image of crows is sinister. But crows are more than dark, scary creatures. Some cultures and traditions view crow spiritual meaning as positive and life-giving. Regardless of what the media portray, crows are meaningful in your spiritual journey. 

If you are entering a new phase in your life, or about to end one, and you notice crows everywhere. This might mean something. Are they good? Or are they bad? Find out what it means with this article.

This article will help you understand what crows are and what it means as they show up in your life.  

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The Crow Spiritual Meaning 

What are crows, and why are they important figures in spirituality? They have black skin which represents the beginning of creation – a pitch black void.  Because of their color, crows make great spirit animals. They hold energy for change and transformation.

Of the bird species, crows have the biggest brain-to-body ratio. Their forebrain, where intelligence develops, is like a human brain. The big brain makes them have excellent memory. They can remember where they stash their food in different places. Aside from that, crows are also very skillful. They are the only species of birds that can construct tools. It is true that crows are intelligent creatures, but what about spirituality? What do they represent?

While crows represent death and dying, it also represents growth and evolution. Death is a part of the life cycle, things have to die to make way for the new. Crows can also represent spirit animals. The crow as a spirit animal directs and guides in life, and gives transformation from within. But what does it mean when we cross paths with crows? Here are some crow spiritual meaning and what they represent in our lives. 

In dreams

When we dream, our subconscious mind activates. Our conscious mind goes to rest giving way to the subconscious mind to take over. Our dreams represent signs and symbols that are in a way connected to our daily life. Dreams may have positive or negative connotations. Crows showing up in dreams represent some things. 

The dark or negative aspects of ourselves are represented by crows in dreams. When you dream about crows, your subconscious is asking you to face these traits head-on. Seeing crows in dreams mean that you have to take on the challenges and responsibilities. Use your talents and skills to your advantage. 

A crow has the ability to travel between the worlds of life and death. If you dreamed about a crow talking to you, this might mean you miss someone who passed away. Dreaming about them could also mean that you long for a connection with a departed loved one. This might also be a spiritual meaning from a spirit guide. If this happens, take note of the context of your dream, journal your dream, and interpret what the message is. 

Although crows denote dark magic, dreaming about crows is not at all negative. Tap into your intuition to know what the meaning of crows in your dream suggests. 

In your house

Was there an instance when crows gather in your house? This might have various meanings deepening on how many crows have gathered in your house. 

If you always see a crow hanging around your house every time, this might mean that it is your spirit guide. Your spirit guide wants to relay the message to you. The message might be a piece of advice or a premonition. The crow hanging around your house might bring good news or shower you with wisdom.

prosperity and abundance

Imagine looking out your bedroom window and seeing not one, but four cawing crows. It is a terrifying sight, but it actually means prosperity and abundance. Four crows, especially if they caw like crazy, imply good fortune for the household. A harmonious and peaceful living is sure when you see no more than four cawing crows in your house.

Yet, seeing five or more crows hanging around your house often suggests grief and sorrow. It might be a warning to go slow and take care of yourself. Five or more crows surrounding your house could mean an ending. This might mean an end to someone’s life, an end to a career, or an end to a relationship. 

Pay close attention to seeing crows gathering in your home. Crows carry with them spiritual messages, so be attentive to what they are trying to communicate. 

The crow symbolism meaning

What do crows symbolize? Crows are most often used as symbolism of death and changes in mythology and folklore. In tales and fables, crows are one of the most cunning creatures. They persuade wrong decisions, treachery, and manipulation. Crows portray negative connotations.

On the contrary, the spiritual meaning of a crow is reincarnation. Of change and new beginnings. They symbolize death – an end to something, and life – a new beginning. Crows show the essence of the life cycle. Although it represents the ending of one’s physical existence, it also means the beginning of a higher spiritual existence.


Change is a good thing. It means we are developing. Crows can show up as symbols of change. You might show resistance to change in your life. A crow’s energy helps fight this resistance and bring positive changes in your life. 

Crows symbolize new opportunities. They are a catalyst for positive change in your life. 

Transition and Transformation

Crows show up when you are about to undergo a dramatic change. It might be external or internal change which will result in self-discovery. Think about entering a new job, going to a new university, or moving into a new city. Crows are also symbols of achieving spiritual awakening. 

If you are seeing crows when you are about to go into a transition in your life, it is a good sign. Take this as a go signal from your spirit guides. Crows usually show up to guide you in transitioning from one stage of your life to the next. They encourage transformation as a human being and as a soul. 

New beginnings

Crows are a symbolic meaning of death. But death is not the end. Death is the physical representation of an end to one’s life. And the beginning of a higher spiritual existence. Shamans believe that physical death is the highest spiritual level one can reach. 

Think about your life. Look back and consider the new beginnings that are about to unfold when you see a crow. Crows symbolize opportunities for both physical and spiritual progress. 

Crows as spirit guides

Many of those who practice witchcraft have crows as spirit guides. This is because crows have the ability to manipulate the law of our physical universe. Not only that but also because of its affinity with life’s mysteries and magic. Crows are powerful spirit guides. They are very smart and skillful animals.

But having crows as spirit guides is not limited to those who practice witchcraft. Anyone can have crows as spirit guides. Your spirit guides will stay close to you to protect you and guide you. If you notice a crow everywhere you go, then it is there to make your life better.


People who have crows as spirit guides are fortunate. Crows are magical, powerful, and symbolic creatures. If it is your spirit guide, you have a crow’s eye – the ability to perceive things beyond the box. Most people who have them as spirit guides have the crow’s creative and critical thinking skills. 

In olden times, people believe that crows could shapeshift. Although people could not shapeshift, if your spirit guide is a crow, then you must be good at adapting. It’s like having the ability to shapeshift and adjust to new situations. You may find yourself easily adjusting when faced with a new crowd in a new place. You also know your way around people even if you met them for the first time. 

Do crows bring good luck or bad luck?

Because of their association with death and dark magic, crows appear to bring bad luck. Humans have feared crows for centuries. A crow is a sign of bad luck, an omen of evil, and even death. But do crows bring good or bad luck?

Contrary to popular belief, most cultures and belief systems believe that crows provide luck and success for the future. Despite having a negative image in the media, crows are bringers of good luck. In fact, if danger is on your way, they can warn and protect you when it comes.

As crows represent new beginnings, they are signs of foresight. Use the crow to manifest transformation and change. Welcome the spiritual and emotional change crows bring to your life. 

But, provoking a crow is a different story. Do not dare to challenge crows because they will bring bad luck. As you already know, crows are very intelligent and skillful predators. 

Next time you see crows, do not be afraid. There is no reason for you to feel anxious around crows. Embrace their energy in your life. And trust that no harm will come to you. 

Are they ominous to death?

When you think of crows, the first thing you will think of is death. A mental image of a dead body surrounded by dark and scary crows will pop up in your mind. 

Death and crows are closely related because they are natural scavengers and predators. They go where death is to seek food. Media also portray a sinister image of crows as they are often linked with dark magic. But despite the portrayal as harbingers of doom, the association of crows with death is not because of their nature. The symbolic connection between crows and death means chance and change. Physical death means an opportunity and transformation for the spiritual identity.

Seeing a crow meaning reincarnation. Reincarnation helps us to move forward through change and transformation. Thus, when you see a crow, it does not mean that someone close to you will die. It only means that change is coming your way. That something in your life will soon reincarnate. 

Death is a metaphor for an end to something. This means that when you end a relationship, job, or lifestyle, there is death. And when something dies, reincarnation happens. The cycle of evolution and growth continues. The crow spiritual meaning is reincarnation and not death. 

In spiritual language, physical death does not really mean death. Rather, it represents change, transition, transformation, and new beginnings. A reincarnation. 

How to keep crow energy around?

Now you know that a crow’s energy is not at all negative. In many ways, a crow’s energy brings hope to new beginnings. But how do you make sure a crow’s energy around you benefits you? There are trinkets and practices that can help you work and understand the crow’s energy.

black obsidian

If you are fond of working with crystals, these stones will be your best friends. Black Obsidian, as black as a crow, is good for protection against negative energy. Another black stone, Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone that helps your balance. And Ruby, a fiery red stone, will bring good luck and new beginnings. 

Herbs also come in handy if you want to work with crow energy. Mugwort is the most common herb to use when working with crows. This herb helps improve your psychic abilities making it easier to work with crow energy. The orange peel is an excellent herb for divination and drawing in luck and abundance. Wormwood is also a good herb for protection, mediumship, and breaking curses. 

Working with crow energy needs good psychic abilities. To improve your psychic abilities, you need to practice mindful meditation. Let yourself soak up all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Pay attention to the ideas, messages, or premonitions the crows want to tell you. Journal what you experienced when you meditate. It might not make sense at first but it will soon unravel itself. 


Now, you know what crow spiritual meaning is. Next time you encounter a crow, do not be afraid. Stop and think of ways this beautiful black bird can impart in your life. Be aware of the messages they are trying to convey. And reflect on what they symbolize in the context of your life right now. Use the spiritual significance of crows to your advantage. 

Different cultures, traditions, and belief systems believe in different things. A better understanding of the crow symbolism will help you address the things that are happening in your life right now. 

While crows have much spiritual symbolism, crows are still birds. They are living creatures who are highly intelligent and associated with spirituality. 

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