What to Remember to Make Aries and Taurus Compatibility Work

aries and taurus compatibility

Yes, it is true. An Aries and Taurus compatibility isn’t necessarily a match made in heaven. Unlike other zodiacs that make a perfect match and click right off the bat, this bond is a bit complicated. A lot of nuances and compromises along the way.

But if both are willing to adjust and ‘tweak’ themselves every now and then, it can work. Not only will your relationship survive, but it will also thrive! As we discuss the Taurus and Aries compatibility in this post, we will discover each of their traits. Their strengths, weaknesses, and tricky parts which make their relationship a bit volatile.

You will learn how to navigate through all of that as well as other aspects involved in the Aries and Taurus relationship such as:

  • What makes the Aries woman and Taurus man compatibility doomed from the start?
  • Can the Aries man and Taurus woman attraction be stronger than their repulsion?
  • How can the Taurus man and Aries woman work out their differences?
  • Is the compatibility between Aries and Taurus worth the risk of heartbreak?
  • Will love conquer all for the compatibility of Aries and Taurus?

So let’s go right ahead and figure them out!

Taurus and Aries Compatibility: An Overview

So the first thing you need to keep in mind when dealing with Taurus and Aries compatibility is that it’s not easy. Ask yourself first if you’re willing to accept this fact in the beginning. Only if your answer is a resounding “hell, yeah!” can you move along.

They seem totally different, but their objectives remain the same. Both value strength and character. Equally needing somebody who will not disappoint them once the thrill and excitement of newness fade.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Looking Through Aries

Born from March 21  to April 19, Aries becomes the first sign in the zodiac. They are born at that time of the year when you’re moving from wintertime into spring. Therefore there is vitality and you can feel the outgoing rush of energy. Imagine a tulip popping up through the soil. Aries has that similar dynamic.

Outwardly, these people are passionate and extremely focused. Fighters who need fuel 24/7. They are famous for being the independent warriors of the zodiac. Protagonists who are first in line to set out on their journey in the zodiac.

Moving through the various zodiac signs you will notice how their journey progresses. These self-starters are completely comfortable going through it alone. Also, the reason why they are good in leadership roles. Such preference for these roles makes a partnership with Aries a bit tricky.

Just like any other human being, Aries also craves warmth, closeness, and affection from others. The problem is, they don’t always know how to go about this. For they can be quite combative and scratchy in relationships. Overall, however, these are brave, innovative, wonderful, and inspiring people. They just need a partner who has the patience and understanding to allow them to be themselves.

Passionate But Grounded

Yes, there is fire and passion, but they can be a bit more grounded on the darker side. Someone who has a tendency to be a little self-centered. Just like The Fool from your tarot deck. He’s still stepping off that cliff even if the dog is barking like crazy, telling them to not go that way.

They can be too optimistic for their own good. Instead of planning and thinking things through they get so excited and jump right in. Controlling their impulsiveness is one of their biggest challenges. It can be hard to teach them at times. Since they also lack the emotional tact needed in love relationships. And even just interpersonal relating in general.

But nothing can be more rewarding when your patience with Aries pays off. These people will never hold a grudge against you. Allow them to let off some steam, even have that meltdown they so badly need.

Because when the smoke clears they’re well and good. They are so forgiving and loving. If you don’t know them you might even mistake it for naivete’. Just allow let them to make mistakes until they figure things out.

Aries And Love

aries and love

These folks enjoy making the first move. They love doing the chasing at the beginning. Even the Aries females and are sometimes accused of being too forward or direct with the people they like.

Most notably in the Western culture where women are used to taking the lead role. Sometimes they’re called brave, or headstrong. Other times, however, they’re known as “ball busters”.

Honesty though, we should bow to that. Since this is an admirable trait, both for Aries men and women. For they are the brave and courageous individuals willing to go for something they want. In love passion is crucial, sex is a must.

Aries is a very physical sign that actually needs fights. Yep, you heard it right. Not all-out mean, emotional drama. But a bit of tension here and there to keep things going.

If you’re their partner who won’t push back, who’s always pleasing them, they could get annoyed and bored out of their minds. You don’t want that because you won’t have them for long.

Aries Love Expectations

Because Aries is so passionate they give it freely, spontaneously, without second thoughts. However, they will only do it when they want to, and not because they want to please you. Unless of course if they have a lot of earth or other aspects in their chart.

And even then they still like to take the lead when expressing such love. You can never boss them around. Like they turn into a child, selfishly wanting all their partner’s love and affection. But weirdly have no qualms about flirting with other people.

Fear not however because they mean nothing by it. They need their freedom but also demand that they are number one in your heart. So you either hate them or love them even more for that!

Aries Biggest Fear

This Aries is a brave, bold, upfront individual. But inside they’re like a small child, vulnerable and terrified. The reason they’re so brave and bold is that they’re afraid of simply striking it out. Afraid to go ahead and just say what they truly think and feel.

Amusingly, it’s almost like their spirit hasn’t had much experience. Like they weren’t battered around enough to learn their lessons. So that’s their biggest fear, their vulnerability. They’re afraid for the world to know that beneath that tough exterior all they want is love, warmth, affection, and belonging.

People around them simply assume that they don’t really need anyone, which is of course, totally untrue. Therefore, anyone who can see past this wall will be able to give them a safe place to become their true selves. And need them at the same time. Someone who is brave enough to tell Aries that their courage and bravery are necessary to keep you safe and protected.

So that’s one way to tap into Aries’ heart. That vulnerable part which they can project onto you. Their way to protect in an indirect manner, their own inner capabilities. So that’s one trick you can put up your sleeve.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Looking Through Taurus

Born between April 20- May 20. Back up 2000 years ago while people were farming. It is this time of the year for planting, at least for those in the Northern hemisphere. Which is where Western astrology began.

This sign is all about possession and the five senses of the physical body. Operating through the physical dimensions humans are in. Ruled by Venus, they desire all the physical pleasures of the body. And love the idea that individual protagonists such as ourselves are able to possess things.

It rings true for money, physical possessions, and other things that are more abstract. Like self-esteem and talents. Things that you possess within you. The Taurus Sun signs are also slower and more predictable.

These people want things to unfold the way they expect them to. Like the farm and planting seeds. You do certain things if you wish to be productive with that farm of yours. Plant them in rows, they provide a certain amount of space to each other. Of course you water them regularly. Now that is consistency.

Taurus Earthy Habit

Beloved Taurus has a routine and an earthy habit to follow so they can be productive. Have a practical and solid way of thinking and being. But being a Sun sign with Taurus means you also have someone who is a bit stubborn.

They have it pictured in their mind how things are going to unfold. Taurus will get there when they get there. You simply cannot push and prod them because they need to do things at their own pace.


This sign is also ruled by the planet Venus, thus they do appreciate nice things. More often than not someone having a strong Taurus in their chart loves luxury items. This motivates them to work hard, make money, enjoy captivating art, or breathtaking music. Regardless of whether it’s creating it themselves or just listening, watching, or enjoying it. They derive so much pleasure in these.

Does Taurus love food and sex? You bet they do! It’s like being a body inside a body. Having a spirit but in a human form. Getting to experience life’s pleasures of what comes with the human body on the higher side.

Taurus Immovable Nature

With Taurus, you can expect someone with a steadfast will. Determined, affectionate, and understanding. They are very calm individuals who love peace and harmony with their loved ones. Sensual, practical, passionate people. However, their passion is different from that of Aries. Taurus passion is slow-moving, more sensual, more consistent.

Aries freaking out is pretty common. Not with Taurus. They’re going to come out slowly and sensually on the other side. But if you have a low-functioning Taurus you can be with somebody who is stubborn, materialistic, even hedonistic. Focused way too much on the outside, instead of within.

Taurus has this immovable nature to some shadow. This low side, low-functioning Taurus can be possessive and terrified of change. They feel strongly about security and are afraid to break out from situations. Especially if they know it’s not in their best interest.

Thus, they can overstay even in bad relationships, bad situations at work. Or even day-to-day life situations. Have the same career for years they don’t really enjoy. Then again it’s safer, doable, comfortable. Plus, they can be a bit lazy and vain. This is the Venus side of the low-functioning Taurus.

Taurus And Love

You can be sure a Taurus greatly appreciates beauty. Regardless of whether they’re male or female. They have their own personal idea for beauty and it’s top priority. Expect it to be on the top list of things that are important to them. Taurus needs to be physically attracted to their lovers. Yes, they are that sensual and lusty.

This sun sign, once they have gotten to know someone and have set their eyes on them, that’s it. They will show you overflowing love and affection. Oftentimes through giving you gifts, sharing things with you. But most of all, it’s a lot of sex, a lot of physicalities. Because they can also be real possessive.

Just like Scorpio, Taurus is on the axis of possession. So yes, they will be possessive of you because they need to know you are theirs, and vice versa. Thus, you need to reassure them to address their issues with the need to feel safe and secure in your relationship.

Taurus Love Expectations

taurus love expectations

Taurus Sun sings are looking for security, relationships that are grounded in reality. So long-distance relationships and online dating will simply not work for them. Unless this is a Taurus with loads of Aquarius in their chart.

We will need another post for that. But mostly pure Taurus is pure sunshine. They love having you around, someone to build their life with. Taurus love harmony and enjoy daily pleasures with you. Enjoy good food, good sex on a regular basis. They long for simple, deep, genuine love from you. Give them loyalty and you’ve got a happy Taurus for life.

Their biggest fear is security. This is the reason why they are so focused on working hard and making good money. Always wanting to prove themselves of being capable, of being successful.

Deep inside it’s insecurity. They fear their partner will leave them one day. So you need to be steady, rock-solid, and consistent. Be there and show up when they need you. If they know they can count on you their heart will finally be at ease and you’ll live happy, harmonious lives together.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Making It Work

There are several things that will tract or repulse this pair. So specifically you need to look at the genders. For instance, if you have an Aries male and Taurus female that will work a little better compared to the Taurus male and Aries female.

Still, anything is possible when it comes to Sun sign compatibility. If their moons and personal planets are compatible, well and good. But overall you have Aries as an independent, fiery, masculine energy. And Taurus is in it. So it has to be said that Aries will be wanting to move and go. While Taurus will prefer staying in one place for good.

As mentioned Taurus loves material goods, collecting beautiful things. Keeping things harmonious and fairly predictable. This is why they love collecting actual material objects. It is what gives them a sense of being grounded.

On The Flipside

So it can also be the other way around. The female areas can be a bit overpowering for the Taurus male sometimes. A little too flirty, a little too flighty. This can turn your Taurus male a bit insecure and unsure about their long-term interaction with you.

Over the course of time, your Taurus will feel a little insecure whether they’re male or female. But they have to know Aries is there to love them and give them affection. They need assurance and affirmation, so give them that. Because they need to know where they stand.

However, Aries can find this confusing sometimes. They don’t see the need to validate your feelings constantly. Because they are the type who takes care of their own emotional needs. So a needy and childlike partner can leave them a bit puzzled.

Aries Taurus Compatibility: Loving Despite Clashing

aries taurus compatibility

When Aries and Taurus come together there is clearly a clashing of wills. So what’s it going to be like? It depends, really. Both are very physical signs so sex is beyond amazing. There’s also so much passion, so much caring.

Again, it’s more about these five senses. So there’s very sensual, physical, passion, and chemistry going on between the two of them. They just need to find a way to make this passion work beyond the bedroom. And sublimate a lot of their fighting via their spectacular sex life.

So yes, Aries and Taurus compatibility is very much possible. It’s a sexy kind of push-and-pull relationship from the outside. Hopefully, they’ll use this to strengthen the emotional aspect of their relationship.

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