The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Ultimate Tarot Guide!

the fool tarot card meaning

The Fool tarot card meaning is about your unlimited potential and taking risks. It means starting a new journey in your life and following your heart. The card can mean a lot of things, whether you draw the card upright or reversed. This is tarot card number zero in any deck’s major arcana and it is an important one to know about. Stick with us and explore the Fool tarot card meaning!

Did you draw this card in a recent tarot reading? Don’t worry, this handy tarot guide will help you understand what the Fool in tarot cards means!

We’ll help you understand what drawing this card can mean for you and your future. This understanding is important for you to seize this chance for a better life!

Meaning of the Fool Tarot Card 

Zero is a number of unlimited potential. The Fool represents risk-taking and new beginnings. It is no surprise then that the Fool tarot card meaning has everything to do with potential and risks in the journey of life. Location does not matter if the Fool is in the tarot deck. He could be at the end or the beginning.

What does the Fool mean in tarot? The meaning of the Fool tarot card is all about the Fool’s journey through life. Because his journey is ever present, his arcana is number 0 in the tarot deck.

The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff. He is about to walk off of it. This young man is setting off on a new adventure and his gaze is to the sky. The adventurer does not know he is about to walk off a precipice and into the unknown. A modest pack is slung over his shoulder with everything he needs in it.

He holds a white rose in his hand, representing purity and innocence. A small white dog tags along with him, representing loyalty and protection. The dog pushes him forward and pushes him to learn the lessons the journey has to teach him. Mountains loom in the background to symbolize the challenges awaiting the Fool on his journey.

What does the Upright Fool mean?

The Fool tarot card meaning when drawn upright is all about new beginnings and opportunities for you. Like the Fool, you are about to take your first step into a new experience. Though you do not know where you are going, you are thinking of committing to the journey.

Following your heart is appearing more appealing to you. That it seems crazy is of no moment to you right now. This is fine! You can trust the Universe to lead you by the hand and take you where it wants to take you.

On this new and exciting journey, the Fool encourages an open mind and a curious heart. Be excited about this new direction you are going to take! Caution has no place in your heart right now. Greet the unknown with excited and open arms. Do not worry or let your anxiety speak in your decisions.

The Fool does not need everything to be perfect on this beautiful new journey! He invites you to go with just your essentials. If you were ever waiting for a sign to take on something new or start a new sojourn into life, this is it! 

Upright Fool in Romance

Upright Fool in Romance

The meaning of the Fool tarot card in love and relationships is that you are about to step into a new romantic sojourn! For those already in a romance of their own, this could mean a big new step. New chapters like a wedding or a baby might be in the works for you and your partner.

The Fool tarot card love meaning for the single is a sign of great luck! Those single gentlemen and ladies looking for love will manifest a new romance easily. For the single and ready to mingle, open up those romantic doors to your life! You will meet many new and unexpected people in your life. Consider them part of your romantic journey.

The Fool reminds you that you can never know with certainty what is out there for you in love. You can only control how you greet it. So greet it with joy and open arms! Date new people. Share your feelings openly and trust in your partner. Take the next step in your relationship.

The daring and carefree guidance of the Fool pushes you to explore new avenues in your love life. Go with the flow wherever it may take you in your romance and let your heart roam and dance happily. Remember that the fear you feel is the same fear that the Fool feels! He just acknowledges the fear and does what he was going to do anyway. Do not be afraid to do the same!

Upright Fool in Finance and Career

The Fool tarot card meaning in a career reading means an exciting new journey is in store for you! It could mean a new job. This could also mean that you are about to start a business all on your own! Just like the Fool’s journey, your career possibilities are endless. The World drawn with the Fool means that your career will move you to a new place.

The Fool is also a card that inspires new energy and innovation for projects at work. Ideas become more innovative and creativity flows like wine at a party when the Fool is in play! New energy to make projects at work succeed flows boundlessly. Let the Fool inspire you to new heights.

Starting a new business or finding a better job may seem like pipe dreams to some. Not when the Fool is in charge of your future! Follow your heart and your gambit may yet pay off with financial success and security. 

Fear is the enemy of potential and the journey. There is nothing more debilitating to your career’s potential advancement than being too scared to do anything different. Don’t let fear hold you back! Follow your heart and let your dreams come true on a new career sojourn. You might regret doing it when it fails. But you will certainly regret it if you never try!

What does the Reversed Fool mean?

The Fool tarot card meaning when drawn reversed suggests you are thinking of a new journey but are not ready to begin just yet. It could also mean that you are already on a journey but that you are being much too reckless about it. You may not be regarding the repercussions of your actions on this journey properly.

In your bid for freedom and spontaneous life, you take on too many risks and act recklessly. This will not just endanger you. It can put others at risk too, like your colleagues at work or even your loved ones. In a perfect world, you can keep the Fool’s free spirit without your risks being too much. Calculate carefully, but not so carefully that you freeze in fear.

A reversed Fool in a tarot reading can also mean that you have let yourself fall for the illusion of control. You fear the unknown, doubt clouding your mind as you think “What am I getting myself into here?” You freeze in fear because you want to control the outcome. But you can balance this out by stepping forward anyway and calculating your risks as they come. 

Reversed Fool in Romance

The reversed Fool in Romance is a sign that you are too afraid to love again. You may have suffered one too many times in your past romances. This leads you to fear opening up and loving freely again because you think this next one will hurt you too.

Your fear stems from the illusion of control. You cannot control what your partners will choose to do. In a relationship, you can only really control what you decide to do. The Fool encourages you to step out with caution if you must, but that you must step out!

The reversed Fool in a love reading can also mean that you need to be more careful with your romancing! Your actions are likely too reckless. You are causing repercussions you do not need to cause in your romantic exploits. Maybe you have started many romances that you never finish properly. This leads to your partners getting hurt as you love much too freely and foolishly.

God forbid the risks you have taken are so many that it results in an unwanted child! Remember that the Fool encourages taking risks and new journeys. However, he is not foolish enough to venture out with nothing. Romance responsibly and your journeys with love will be just fine.

Reversed Fool in Career

Reversed Fool in Career
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The reversed Fool in a career reading can mean that you can chase your dreams. However, you let fear stop you. Remember that the Fool acknowledges fear and does what he wants anyway! You might fear not getting that new job or promotion. But ask yourself; would you rather regret not trying for it or regret rejection?

Maybe you tried out for a lot of jobs and got rejected. Perhaps your first attempt at starting your own business did not turn out as you hoped. There are many bumps in the road of the Fool’s journey. But a bump in the road is not the end and it never will be. Dust yourself off and try again. In the end, you will only really regret not trying harder to advance your career.

Of course, this does not mean to attempt career advancement at any cost! Do not throw your colleagues under the bus to look good in front of the boss. Definitely secure financial security first before you leave a well-paying job!

The Fool is a card that is all about taking risks. But it does not mean that you take every risk that presents itself. Set out on a new career journey but do not do so at the expense of others. Do not seek promotion or a new job if the risk is objectively too high for you.

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