What does Chiron Sign mean in Astrology?

Have you noticed that in your natal chart, there’s one sign named Chiron? Perhaps, maybe not. After all, this concept is rarely used in basic astrology. But did you know that your Chiron sign plays a pivotal role in your individual growth? 

Come join us in this article as we unravel the purpose and meaning of Chiron in Astrology! 

Is Chiron important in Astrology? 

Chiron Sign

In western astrology, Chiron is a relatively new concept. As a comet discovered in the 1970s, it is characterized as a celestial body with an icy composition and an elliptical orbit, much like Pluto. 

Coming from the outer regions of the solar system, comets like Chiron are considered as messengers. As comets approach the planets and celestial bodies, they seek to convey a message to us. 

With that icy composition, this comet seeks to relate to our inner feelings. Speaking to our subconsciousness, it reaches out to our spiritual self. And as it approaches the sun, the solidified ice instantly turns into air. This signifies a transition from potentiality to actuality, as Chiron brings to life the strength to battle our inner struggles.  

Furthermore, the comet Chiron is known to orbit between Saturn and Uranus. This is crucial since both planets signify entirely different things – Saturn as worldliness while Uranus as the higher self. Bridging the gap between the two, Chiron sits right at the middle of both polarities. 

But more importantly, Chiron is a character in Greek mythology. Born as the son of Cronus, Chiron was a legendary and immortal Centaur. Such symbolic imagery points out to Chiron as both animal and divine, an embodiment of worldliness and spirituality. 

Going back to Greek mythology, the story goes as Chiron the centaur broke his leg in battle. Unable to heal it, he spent a lifetime trying to find ways to remedy his situation. Though he wasn’t able to fully heal that broken leg, he did gain such healing prowess along the way. Later on, Chiron became the mentor of many legendary figures in Greek mythology such as Achilles and Hercules.

Such symbolic representation leads to Chiron’s value in astrology – pointing out the areas of our life that need healing. For instance, this may be caused by some childhood trauma, inner repressed concepts of oneself, or even some karmic burden that was carried over from the past life. 

Like Chiron, we are subconsciously trying to address this embedded weakness. And as we do, we also gain our biggest strength, just as how Chiron became an expert in healing. Destined to share this to the world, we’ll inevitably follow the path of Chiron himself.

How do I know my Chiron Sign? 

Identifying your Chiron zodiac sign is quite simple. You only need to locate the date that’s closest to your birthday in conjunction with the time Chiron entered a particular sign. For instance, if you were born on May 20, 1992, your Chiron sign should be Leo as Chiron entered the orbit of Leo around July 21, 1992. 

To decode this, you must research the movement of Chiron, particularly the specific dates when it entered a certain sign. This can be too advanced to calculate on your own, so searching the internet is far more convenient. Of course, the web is also loaded with tons of Chiron zodiac sign calculators, making it far more convenient for you to determine yours. 

How long does Chiron stay in a sign? 

As mentioned above, Chiron transits between signs. Generally, Chiron stays in a sign for 1-8 years. Add to that, Chiron can also go into retrograde, as it moves backwards to the previous sign. This may add to the time since Chiron needs to return after retrograding. 

Chiron Sign and its meaning in Astrology

Chiron Sign in Astrology

Given how Chiron moves from one planet to the other, identifying yours is crucial in finding out your biggest strength and weakness. Just as how we subconsciously deal with the things that bother us from within, each sign has its own Chiron that they must deal with. 

As such, after you’ve identified your exact Chiron zodiac sign, you can proceed to the explanations below, as we dig deeper in its particular meanings.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries signifies that you have been existentially suppressed in the early stages of your life. Unable to speak and voice out your own opinions and perspectives, you were silenced by the higher figures around you. Whether it is your parents, teachers, or even peers, these external elements have prevented you from expressing yourself. 

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power to articulate. By learning how to deliver your points without fear of rejection, you’re seeking to heal your inner wounds. In an attempt to heal yourself, you’re walking the path of mastering communication. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of being able to speak out one’s perspectives, you continue to courageously express your ideas in a passionate and enthusiastic manner. Thus, with your impassioned approach, people rally behind you as the fire starter among the Zodiac signs.

Chiron in Taurus

Chiron in Taurus signifies that you may have been deprived of wealth and financial abundance in the early stages of your life. Unable to do what you want due to the lack of financial mobility, you have that inner need to be financially secured. Perhaps, you weren’t able to pursue something because you lacked the means to do so.  

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power to obtain wealth. By learning how to empower yourself and build your fortune, you’re seeking to heal your inner wounds. 

Other than that, a possible disconnection with your body may be a manifestation of the Taurean Chiron. Meaning, your five senses may have been impeded. As a result, you are likely to seek full control over these senses so as to experience life from an empirical standpoint. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of gaining wealth and sharing it, you will embark on a path of teaching others how to fish. Instead of simply giving them something to eat, the combination of financial wisdom and mastery of five senses will teach them how to fish.

Chiron in Gemini

Chiron in Gemini signifies that your ability to communicate may have been compromised in the early stages of your life. Unable to speak and voice out your own opinions and perspectives, your ability to do so was hindered one way or another. Whether it was your ability to speak, read, or write, these fundamental ways of expression were cut-off.

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power to articulate. By learning how to connect with your inner self and express what’s within, you’re seeking to heal your inner wounds. In an attempt to heal yourself, you’re walking the path of mastering self-expression. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of being able to bring out one’s inner self, your communicative prowess teaches others how to properly express who they are. Thus, instead of simply allowing the world to take over, you are helping yourself and those around you to take charge of one’s life.

Chiron in Cancer

Chiron in Cancer signifies that you have been estranged in the early stages of your life. Not feeling at home, you feel alienated even in your own abode. Possibly, this may imply that you have lacked nurturing from your family, making you feel distanced from them. Like a black sheep, your family may have secluded you emotionally or even physically.

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power to nurture yourself. By learning how to build your own home, you’re seeking to heal your inner wounds. In an attempt to heal yourself, you’re walking the path of reconciling the unacceptable parts of yourself. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Given how you’ve lacked nurturing, this Chiron sign will lead you to nurture others. Helping them get on their footing, your role to empower will slowly manifest itself. Although there’s a good chance that you’ll never fully heal your own wounds, seeing others improve with your help will give you a sense of meaning and purpose.

Chiron in Leo

Chiron in Leo signifies that you may have lacked recognition in the early stages of your life. Taken for granted or even possibly neglected, people around you may not have given you the attention that you deserve. As an inner wound, this makes you feel unempowered, prompting you to seek recognition and praise from others. 

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power of courage. Fighting against lack of recognition and rejection, you seek self-confidence. You seek to build yourself in a way that’s never truly dependent on external validation. Doing so means that you are able to remove the limiting beliefs that you’ve acquired in your childhood years. 

And as you seek to empower yourself, you are also teaching others. Guiding them how to become courageous and independent, your Chiron sign will bring out that unmatched confidence in them. Like a motivational speaker, your words can become the lifeblood of their actions.

Chiron in Virgo

Chiron in Virgo signifies that, in the early stages of your life, you’ve fallen short of the general standards in society. Possibly, this may manifest through psychosomatic illnesses, as your ideas of yourself can cause physical pain and trauma. Add to that, you may also develop this idea that you are practically useless, something that Virgo dreads or fears the most. 

To combat this, you must find your own niche. By pursuing a career or passion for something, you can say to yourself and to the world that you have a unique value to offer. Instead of just being judged by others, mastering a particular skill will allow you to vanquish the flames of doubt and insecurity. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of being able to identify one’s worth through a particular path, you continue to inspire others to find theirs. Thus, with your guidance, those who are close to you will feel empowered by your words and actions in life.

Chiron in Libra

a balance

Chiron in Libra signifies that you may have suffered some sort of injustice in the early stages of your life. Represented by the golden scale, you will likely seek the path of pursuing justice for others. Knowing how it feels to be treated unfairly, your fight for fairness and equality is something that naturally emerges from your Chiron sign. 

Add to that, you may have also experienced the lack of romantic recognition. For some reason, people aren’t really that much attracted to you, and you hate yourself for it. This will cause you to build your attractiveness, allowing you to eventually become an expert in relationships. 

Given both pains, you can help others by becoming a guide for them. Leading others towards their path, your wisdom will be sought by those around you. As an Air sign with excellent communication skills, this comes as no surprise. Thus, you might find yourself speaking in front of a podium, passionately delivering your thoughts and ideas to others.

Chiron in Scorpio

Chiron in Scorpio signifies that you may have been abused early on in life. Unable to control the oppressive powers around you, pain and suffering were inevitable. This may come in various forms such as being neglected, frowned upon, discriminated against, mentally abused, or even sexually abused. 

Realizing these difficulties, you will try to reconcile such inner pains by fighting for a specific cause. If you were abused as a child, like you were gaslighted early on, it will be quite a challenge since your inner self is practically shattered into pieces. 

Even then, you will constantly see yourself fighting for what is right, not only for you but for others as well. Knowing what it means to be in the shoes of the oppressed, you will stop at nothing as you try to alleviate others’ suffering.

Chiron in Capricorn

Chiron in Capricorn signifies that you may have been burdened with excessive responsibilities in the early stages of your life. Carrying the weight of the world by yourself, you must have experienced the need of earning for yourself or your family. Otherwise, your family or authority figures may have expected a bit too much from you, forcing you to feel some sort of pressure from within.  

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power to be independent. Probably falling short of the standards that were raised against you, there is an inner calling that drives you to become strong and independent. In doing so, you don’t have to worry being toppled over, or your kids experiencing the same weight early on in their lives. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of being strong and independent, you teach others how to draw their strength from within. By becoming your own boss, you seek to redefine yourself. With that, you are able to inspire others to become such as well.

Chiron in Aquarius

Chiron in Aries signifies that you have experienced seclusion in the early stages of your life. By having a different view, you failed to comply with the herd and its mentality. As such, you’ve probably experienced being discriminated against, or perhaps invalidated by those around you simply because you’re different.  

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing the power to accept your uniqueness. Understanding that there are various viewpoints in life, you seek to validate your own self regardless of what others have to say against you. And in doing so, you are gaining meaning and purpose internally, instead of externally. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of being able to stand up for one’s perspective, you teach others that it is okay to be different. This gives those around you a sense of purpose, something that doesn’t need to depend on the approval of those around them.

Chiron in Pisces

Chiron in Pisces signifies that you may have experienced veering away from traditional spiritual practices early on in your life. Distancing yourself from the already accepted religions, you’ve experienced the lack of faith in the existing beliefs that surrounds you. Intuitively, you have a calling to pursue a different kind of spirituality, one that is defined by your own choices.  

Given such, you are subconsciously pursuing your higher self. Seeking to break the walls of the established institutional spirituality that most of us are familiar with, you are searching for your own path. You believe that in doing so, you can restore that inner faith that was once lost. 

And as you pursue to heal yourself, you are also healing others. Knowing the value of authentic spirituality, you teach others the importance of bearing one’s own cross. Instead of finding shelter in the herd spirituality, you inspire others to take the high road and walk their own path.

Final Word

Your Chiron Zodiac sign points to the inner wounds that you may have acquired early on in life. Though you may not know it, these wounds can become shadows that silently influence the way you see the world. 

As such, all of us are subject to these wounds. By finding or even crafting your own path, you will find healing and reconciliation, just as how Chiron did. Remember, as you tread the walkways of meaning and purpose, you’ll slowly find your place together with those who are moved by your actions.

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