Capricorn New Moon: The turning of a New Leaf

The Capricorn new moon is an eventful time for us. As the moon’s phase unfolds, we can expect drastic changes in our lives. With Capricorn entering this phase, change is bound to happen. The question is: are you prepared for it?

Like, have you ever wondered where you will be in the next 3-5 years? How much do you plan to do? Capricorn will get you on the right track to turn on your planning mode. From setting up goals, tuning up your schedule, and doing everything possible to get you ten steps ahead for a fantastic 2021!

Don’t worry, this article is exactly what you’ll need. We’re here to help you sort things out and understand the implications and ramifications that are bound to happen.

To do this, we’ll be tackling these 3 salient points:

  1. What the new moon is and what it means for you.
  2. The general meaning of Capricorn new moon.
  3. The possible effects of this astrological event to your rising sign.

The Moon and its transformative power

Capricorn New Moon

In astrology, the moon is one of the most significant celestial bodies. Signifying one’s emotions and subconscious thoughts, the moon is often associated with our inner feelings. While the sun expresses who we are to the world, the moon holds the parts of us that we repress from within.

Gone of the days of impulsive ideas. Capricorn will bring your feet back on the ground. Because of the new moon’s grounding energy, you will begin to see all your aspirations finally coming into focus.

Along with the new moon, Capricorn teaches you how to set up boundaries to benefit you in the long run. It will teach you the kind of self-discipline you need not only to make goals but actually see them through. This will clear the path towards a happier, fuller life.

More importantly, the moon has several phases. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. New Moon –  beginnings and opening new opportunities
  2. Crescent Moon – initiative and taking action
  3. First Quarter Moon – growth and positive change
  4. Gibbous Moon- accomplishing new goals
  5. Full Moon- Visible clarity over blind faith
  6. Disseminating Moon- basic mission is to shed light
  7. Last Quarter Moon- tear old structures, build new ones
  8. Balsamic Moon- feel alienated from the current structure of society
  9. Void of Course- unexpected changes

Here’s a more in-depth look into the Phases of the moon:

New Moon

Here the Moon and Sun are in the same sign and conjunct. This represents the start of the planting cycle. It’s a tentative moment, where the outcome is still unsure. It also corresponds to the Winter Solstice.

During this time the world is at your feet. You feel more at ease listening to your inner voice, rather than being dictated by others on what to say or do.

Crescent Moon

Right now the Moon is halfway between the New and First Quarter Moon. It is during this time in the planting cycle that you have to contend with a harsh and hostile environment. This is midway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

This phase will lead you to move forward with new goals and ideas, even if there seems to be resistance. You’re not satisfied with looking at your perfectly laid-out plans. You actually want them to see them fulfilled.

First Quarter Moon

The moon is squaring the Sun and waxing. It is the time of tremendous growth in the planting cycle. This corresponds to the Vernal Equinox in the cycle of seasons.

It is in this phase that you will find yourself becoming a great builder of yourself and your present environment. You will bring change for the better, whether the people around you accept it or not.

Gibbous Moon

This phase finds the moon halfway between the first quarter and the full moon while waxing. The bud is starting to form, anticipating the growth of a flower. It is linked to the cross-quarter holiday of Beltane. It’s halfway between Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice.

In this time you are visibly drawn to achieving all your goals with a very objective mind. Your passion for building and perfecting new strategies is evident now. You are not interested in mediocre work, or accomplishing anything less than outstanding.

Full Moon

full moon

In this phase, you will find that the Moon and the Sun are on opposite sides of the earth. This is when the flower emerges in the planting cycle. This corresponds to what you know as the Summer Solstice.

Right now you are fully aware of work’s effect on others. You’re operating on crystal clear vision rather than relying on blind faith. You are open to other people’s opinions, and vice versa. So basically these things involve collaborative effort.

Disseminating Moon

It can be observed that the Moon is already waning. It is halfway between the Full and Last Quarter Moon. The first appearance of the fruit is seen in the planting cycle. The Lamas holiday is celebrated between Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox.

At this time your life’s mission is basically shedding light. The knowledge you have acquired in particular expertise or endeavor must be shared for the good of others. This is the fruition of your life’s work, the culmination of the planting cycle.

Last Quarter Moon

The moon is waning. This is the start of the end of the cycle. When harvest season is over and the remaining parts are withering. It is also a time when the seeds are being prepared for planting. This phase is known as the Fall Equinox.

You’re at a time in your life where you’re tearing down old structures, paving the way for new ones. You are not satisfied with the way things are going and will not stop until you see positive change.

Balsamic Moon

The moon is now halfway between the Last Quarter and New Moon. All energy is focused on the seed being prepared to enter the next cycle. This is midway between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. More commonly known as Halloween.

In this phase in your life, you feel isolated from society’s existing structure. You are eager to share your acquired wisdom and knowledge of the past to make a better future. It is not easy because there will be lots of haters and naysayers. But trudge on because the force is with you.

Void of Course

This lasts less than a day, but unexpected changes may happen and situations could be a bit more difficult. People cannot come up with solid decisions during this phase. It’s a period of time when Moon ‘wanders’ after her last major planet, just before it enters the next sign.

Now that we know this, it’s time to delve deeper into the astrological effects of your rising sign. Here’s what every Zodiac must look out for.

The Capricorn New Moon and the 12 Zodiacs

Capricorn New Moon and Zodiac Signs


Promotion, money, new opportunities. You are required to step up, be ready for new ventures and bigger responsibilities. Do not overextend financially, try to secure fallbacks, tendency to take uncalculated risks. Positive development in the realm of motherhood.


This involves illumination and unraveling. Furthermore, change of unreliable belief systems, letting go of baggage emotional and rational. Also, widening of perspective. You will meet a mentor or a new set of friends influencing substantial change. Re-assess professional/career path.


You will be acquiring a new place in the world. A transformation in the subconscious, to overcome a personal crisis. Whether partnership or self, shared resources, property, loan, mortgage, feeling good. Investments may have returned. You will feel out of the woods.


Opportunities for new partnership and marriage – renewal or exploration. Personal truths are shaken positively. Relationship maturity, setting expectations, how to make things work. Longing for long-term commitment is actualized.


The Capricorn new moon is at 23 degrees happening on your 6th house of the day- the day of work. If you are running your own business, you might receive help in the form of an investor or loan to further carry out your endeavor. If you’re working for someone, you might be given a huge vote of confidence. It’s good, but you’re also going to be under a lot of pressure. Don’t worry though, because you can handle it.


You’ll be reaching a higher degree of bonding, love, and understanding from the relationships that you have. You’re also giving birth to a new ‘baby’ now. It can be a metaphorical baby. Like creating a new artistic product that you’re very proud of.


The Capricorn new moon on the 13th of January is at 23 degrees. If you’re having health-related issues, or cannot enjoy life because of a home-related challenge- it’s over. You are reaching a point of balance, entering a massive new chapter in life. You are releasing some of the stress that has been plaguing you for years.


If you’re a Scorpio sun or Scorpio rising, the Capricorn new moon at 23 degrees of Capricorn is in your third house. While Neptune and Pisces in your fifth house. You’re kicking off a new chapter of learning in your life. Something you will really enjoy and give you genuine happiness. You could also be connecting or flirting with someone. This could later turn into a romantic and long-lasting relationship.


On the 13th of January, you have a Capricorn new moon in your second house of money, income, and values. You’re resetting your income system in your favor. This will give you a chance to have a significant amount of money. This will give you renewed self-confidence because this is something you’ve worked hard on for a very long time.


By the end of the month, you might look like an entirely different person. This compared to what you looked like a few years back. After all the changes you have undergone on a personal level. How much responsibility you have taken, how much you have grown, how resilient you have become.


The Capricorn new moon at 23 degrees, is happening in your 12th house. You have reached your higher degree of spiritual enlightenment. You realize you’re okay on your own. You understand why you feel isolated or falling apart. This is the time to take in all these lessons and acknowledge what you consider to be important. 


A new friend may be entering your life right now, especially on a karmic level. Someone spiritually involved or advanced. You realize you can now make plans for the future since you’ve reached a point of clarity. Things you have given up on in the past are now possible. Now you know why your previous plans didn’t pan out.


There’s a lot of people still skeptical about the effects of Capricorn New Moon. But there’s no harm in being open-minded about new things. Especially those things you fear simply because you have little to zero understanding about them. Try these out for yourself, for you just might be in for a wonderful surprise!

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