Loving and Thriving In a Cancer Leo Cusp Relationship

cancer leo cusp

The Cancer Leo cusp is also known as the Cusp of Oscillation. You are a lover and a leader by nature. Someone who can easily influence and command respect from other people. You have innate empathy and compassion for others, allowing you to create strong bonds and connections in the process. Gaining a person’s trust is one thing, but leading them is a different matter altogether. Fortunately, you manage to do both with ease. 

Those on a Cancer Leo cusp are born between July 19-25. Cancer and Leo are different zodiacs, so it’s only natural for them to have multiple traits and characteristics. This happens because it is when the Sun moves from one zodiac sign to the next. So it’s normal for you you to have qualities from both signs.

In this post, you will discover everything about being in a Cancer Leo cusp. This is particularly helpful if you are one yourself or dating somebody in this predicament and wish to improve your relationship. We’ll also help you understand the following: 

  • What are the Cancer Leo cusp dates to remember?
  • How feasible is a Cancer-Leo cusp compatibility?
  • Is it difficult to deal with people with a Cancer-Leo cusp personality?
  • What are the pros and cons of being born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo?
  • When do the Cancer-Leo cusp traits shine brightest? 

Let’s go ahead and explore the Cancer and Leo cusp!

The Cancer and Leo Cusp: An Overview

A Cancer and Leo cusp has tendencies to have the typical Cancer traits such as being romantic and idealistic. However, you are going to be a bit forceful in your approach to love. You are not one to make impulsive decisions, rather, you will take all the time that you need to make sure your efforts will not simply end up in rejection or painful heartbreak. 

Your Leo side won’t mind being in the spotlight. You will enjoy being the center of attention of the people closest to you, the ones you love the most. However, you will keep your vulnerability hidden until you are sure that it is safe to let it show. 

Cancer Leo Cusp Personality Traits

You are a combination of water and fire which makes it very interesting when dealing with love and emotions. These cuspers have the powers of the Sun and Moon all at the same time, and a push and pull between the ego and the feelings always happen. They have a fantastic sense of humor and know how to make their partners laugh even in the direst situations. 

Even if they don’t admit it, they love all the drama in the world, which is evident in the tons of reality shows they binge-watch. Merely watching an episode of The Bachelor makes them want to get into a relationship because it looks fun, even entertaining. All these notwithstanding the risks that go with it as long as your heart tells you to do it, there’s a big chance you will go for it. 

You think with your heart and not with your mind which can be dangerous. Your biggest dream is to have a loving relationship ignited with passion and excitement. The good thing about you though is you know how to adjust to your partner’s psyche, even if you have frequent mood swings. 

A Cancer Leo cusp has the highest chances of making it with someone who enjoys your wit, charm, and sense of humor. Someone who is not afraid to share you with the world and get lots of attention now and then. You in turn need someone who can give you a sense of security and stability, someone who isn’t the least bit shady. Because the last thing you need is to wonder whether or not the person you have devoted your life to is fully committed to you. 

Cancer Leo Cusp Strengths

Zodiacs in these cusps are: 

  • Sympathetic 
  • Protective
  • Tenacious
  • Loyal
  • Creative
  • Fun-Loving
  • Open-Minded
  • Passionate

For their Cancer tendencies, remember that it is a water sign. So just like Scorpio and Pisces, they navigate the world using their emotions. Whenever they see somebody going through something very painful or emotional they can easily empathize with that person. They are easily affected by the things going on around them. 

Second, Cancers are protective, especially towards their loved ones. It can be a friend, a family member, or their significant other. When you are close to them you can rest assured that you will be protected from all forms of negative energy. No one can talk down on you or hurt you when you are with them because once they do, all bets are off and they turn into beast mode. 

Another great thing about them is their tenacity. When they set their mind to something they are relentless and will not stop until they get it. This is one of the reasons why they make great leaders and business owners because they are goal-oriented. 

But the best thing that would endear them to you is their loyalty. When they love you and you love them with the same intensity, they will remain faithful and loyal to you throughout your relationship. Treat them well, and they will treat you even better. 

Cancer Leo Cusp Dos

To make sure that your beloved Cancer Leo cusper functions from these positive traits, you need to keep your end of the bargain. If you do, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Be consistent. Again, these are extremely loving individuals especially when they feel secure in a solid relationship. They are conscious, and considerate, and will always go the extra mile to please you. However, try not to be erratic in your behavior or the way you treat them. Like, you’re super sweet and affectionate one minute, then you suddenly turn cold and moody for no apparent reason. Remember that with this cusper, you get what you give. 

Stay real. This cusper hates phonies. You cannot say one thing and do the exact opposite because this will mess them up big time. Don’t try to put up appearances or try to become somebody you’re not. Even if it’s to please or impress them. They want the real you right from the start and they don’t expect you to be perfect. However, they expect you to be true. 

Be present. If you’re with them physically but your thoughts and emotions are wandering elsewhere, they will not like this at all. They want to spend some quality time with you, away from all the noise and chaos, from your busy lives at work, and your hectic schedules. This cusper wants the two of you to focus on each other. Nothing bums them out more than spending Friday date night with you but you’re on the phone scrolling or chatting away 90% of the time. Sooner than later they will lose interest because they feel you do not respect them enough to be in the here and now. 

Leo Cancer Cusp Weaknesses

They are only human. And just like other cuspers, they also have their dark side. Some of these are: 

  • Self-Centered
  • Overbearing
  • Stubborn
  • Condescending
  • Moody
  • Possessive
  • Nagging
  • Self-Pitying

Talking about their Leo tendencies, fire signs have innate confidence due to their fiery disposition. It’s an extremely strong and powerful element and you don’t want them triggered as much as possible. Because when they do things can turn ugly so fast. 

When they are overcome by anger they give little to no consideration to those around them or the consequences of their actions. However, you can rest assured that they never lash out unprovoked because hey, they’re Leos, not lunatics. 

Also, they can be overbearing and do not like things left unresolved. They can be quite stubborn and will not let up until they are sure their message has come across- loud and clear. Trigger them and witness the most condescending human being you will ever meet. 

Leo Cancer Cusp Dont’s

Needless to say, dealing with a triggered and pissed-off cusper is the last thing you want to happen. Conflicts in a relationship are normal, but they can be avoided as well. So here are some tips you can do on your part to prevent them from turning to their dark side. 

Quit dwelling on the past. Nothing irritates them more than you bringing up past incidents or past mistakes. All they want to do is move forward and stay focused and excited about the life ahead of them. But if you can’t help bringing up the same issues over and over again out of the blue or every time you fight,  you will lose them- sooner than later. 

If you feel something needs to be resolved, then talk to them and be sincere with your intentions. Let them know you want closure and you want to find a way to feel secure enough to know that history will not repeat itself. 

Next, don’t take them for granted. Another great thing about this cusper is that their Leo side is the most loving, giving, a caring partner you could ever wish for. They will do anything and everything to please you. But if they start to notice that your relationship is slowly becoming a one-way street and all the love and effort are coming from them alone, trouble starts brewing. Know that they are not hard to please, simple acts of gratitude will suffice. A nice warm hug, a passionate kiss, and a thank you are deeply appreciated. 

working together

Finally, don’t get lazy. Leos are very driven and goal-oriented and they want a partner who shares the same dreams and aspirations as them. They want the both of you to grow and improve together and they will never settle for less. This cusper sees laziness and stagnation as a form of weakness. If this behavior persists, expect them to lose interest eventually. 

Final Thoughts On Leo Cancer Cusp

After everything we have discussed this cusp, it can be pretty intimidating- discouraging even. But these are special people, worthy of your time, effort, love, and attention, just like everyone else. Sure, there will be lots of going back and forth at the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you will know exactly what to do. It will be as natural as breathing. 

At first glance, Leo and Cancer seem like an impossible mix. The Cancer zodiac has trouble working well with a lot of things. One minute you’re so shy and quiet, and then you ease up and become super loud and outspoken. You thought they were super detached, then suddenly become super sensitive. They can go to extreme highs and lows and this can be scary for some. 

Again, the reason for this is that this cusp is a combination of fire and water. Two very strong yet very opposite energies. However, once you find the perfect balance you will enjoy a long, fulfilling relationship that could last a lifetime. Cancer is all about giving and nurturing, while Leo loves to lead and be recognized for it because they need to know they’re making a difference. The key, therefore, is finding a middle ground where both these tendencies can truly thrive. 

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