Zodiac Compatibility: What you need to know about Cancer and Virgo Friendship

cancer and virgo friendship

Cancer and Virgo are a good match in love and relationships, but are they compatible in friendship too? Cancer and Virgo Friendship is as grounded and intimate as that of romantic relationships. 

Some friendships work and some do not, which begs the question “Does it have anything to do with friends having different zodiac signs?”. This article will give you an in-depth read on what you need to know about Cancer and Virgo friendship. 

Also, get a glimpse of the following points:

  • Who are Cancer and Virgo
  • Virgo and Cancer traits
  • Cancer and Virgo friendship compatibility
  • Things to remember about Cancer and Virgo Friendship

Who are Cancer and Virgo

There are people who do not know what their zodiac sign is, which is why it is important to start off this article by finding out who are Cancer and Virgo.


Cancer is a water sign and is represented by the crab. Moreover, Cancer is ruled by the moon which basically signifies comfort, maternal energies, and self-care.  People who have Cancer as their zodiac sign are born between June 21 to July 22.


People who are Virgos are born between August 23 to September 22. A young maiden represents Virgos. Furthermore, the maiden signifies the Goddess of fertility. Virgo in Latin means virgin which is why a young maiden represents it. In addition, Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac.

Cancer and Virgo Traits

In order to determine how compatible a Virgo and Cancer friendship is, it is important to find out the traits of each zodiac sign. Knowing the traits will serve as a guide to find out whether your attitudes will get along. 

Cancer Positive Traits

Let’s start off strong with Cancer positive traits. Good traits are what make a person or a sign likable. Moreover, these traits often help you determine the benefits you can get when you befriend someone who has good traits. 


Believe it or not, Cancer as friends are the most loyal people you can meet in your life. They might seem hesitant in making a connection at first, but when the bond is established, they will commit themselves to you. Moreover, gaining a Cancer’s trust is fairly difficult, which is why they will not fully give you loyalty when you first meet.

What makes Cancer a good friend is that it will never leave you hanging. When you need them, they will immediately come to your aid. Furthermore, they will do whatever it takes to help you and the other people they love.


Cancers are also really protective. Their protectiveness stems from their loyalty and that is why they will do any means just to make you feel secure. In a natural setting, Crabs feel an extreme attachment to their shell or their homes which is why they will protect it. The same logic applies to Cancer as well, they will protect their home and everyone in it. 

There will come to a point that a crab’s protectiveness can seem overbearing for others. However, Cancers do not mean any harm, they are just committed to you. It is not bad to communicate whenever it does get overbearing.


When it comes to intuition, Cancer is the best when it comes to being intuitive. Moreover, the crabs rely on their intuition that practicality. They would even feel more on their intuition than their sense of judgment. A Cancer’s intense emotional state is the reason why they choose intuition.

Because of their intense emotional state, they can detect emotional changes easily. Some would even say that Cancers are basically psychic because they know how to read people. Furthermore, the crabs can me decisions abruptly based only on their nutrition. If you ever come across a person who is a Cancer, be sure to be honest with them because they can see right through you.



The crabs are amazingly caring. Their caring nature comes from their maternal nature and also from their emotional personality. Moreover, cancers are very generous to people who are important to them. They are also very attentive and nurturing. The caring cancers make such great friends and even partners.

When Cancers care, they are also protective and loyal to you. People love being around crabs because they are not afraid to show their kind and caring side. If you ever find yourself needing help, best believe that your cancer friends will come to your aid and help you get back on your feet.

Cancer Negative Traits

To balance things out, it is also important to know the zodiac signs’ negative traits. Bear in mind that these Negative traits do not necessarily make them bad people, negative traits are just things you need to watch out for. 

Overly Sensitive

To start off, crabs can be overly sensitive. Cancer is not too welcoming when it comes to criticism. Moreover, they get upset even in any emotional situation. In addition, you have to be careful with your words when talking to Cancer because they will likely ponder upon it for a long time. 

In an instance you say something to upset them, and they will take it to heart and sulk about it. Moreover, the crabs stay inside their shells and feel pity for themselves most of the time. They can also come as a bit paranoid. Because of their oversensitive nature, they can easily sense if something is off.


Because of cancer’s complex emotions, they can be moody at times. If you have a friend or family member who is cancer, you might notice how they easily jump from one emotion to another. Just like crabs when threatened, cancer will immediately go back to their safe spot or shells when they are upset.

What causes cancer to be emotional? The cancer sign has a connection with the moon which is its ruling planet. The moon is responsible for a crab’s quick emotional changes. Cancers are caring and they expect other people to care for them too.


You have to be careful not to upset the crabs because they are vindictive. Cancers can get petty especially when the other party abuses their kindness and selflessness. Moreover, their vindictiveness possibly comes from their emotional nature. 

Cancers are kind and giving but if they suffer because of a certain person, they will likely take their revenge. In addition, the emotions of cancer also possibly lead to manipulation and insecurity. When crabs feel like they are being taken advantage of, they can become manipulative and that is not something that you would want to experience. Be sure to be nice and do not take advantage of those who are kind to you, especially people who are cancers.

Virgo Positive Traits

We have already established Cancer’s positive and negative traits, now let us talk about Virgo traits to compare and contrast with cancers.


Virgos might be the most hard-working people you’ll meet in your life. The maidens know that their hard work will pay off. Moreover, they are not afraid to be passionate about a project. Because of their hard-working nature, Virgos will do what it takes to finish the project, yes, even sacrificing sleep. 

With their hard-working nature, Virgos are also very responsible. When working on a task, they will prioritize it and work on it until it is finished. Furthermore, Virgos will find a way to find passion in the things or projects that they are doing which is why they will stop at nothing to finish the task.



When it comes to being creative, Virgos are the right people. Moreover, the maidens will literally throw themselves into being creative. Virgos are very passionate about their creative workflow. The mediums the maidens use are art, dance, and even writing. 

In addition, Virgos are serious about their art. They will pour everything into their art project with all their heart. The maiden’s eyes are fueled by their passion for creating and making things. If you have a friend who is a creative Virgo, best believe you would want to pair or group with them when it comes to art projects.


Virgos are people you can definitely rely on. The maidens are reliable people and they are responsible. When Virgo is left in charge, they will take their responsibilities very seriously. Moreover, Virgo as a friend is the kind of person that you would want to have since they will not hesitate to help you out. 

Moreover, Virgos never back down on a project and they will show up when they need to. Virgos are the type of people you would want to work with or even have as an employee because you will have no trouble with them missing deadlines and being unreliable.


Virgos are more patient than any other signs. The maidens will do their best to see the best in everyone. Moreover, they will give people second chances especially when it comes to becoming better and shaping up their act. 

If you have a friend who is a Virgo, you might notice how patient they are with things, experiences, and people. Even when you feel like you are not at your best, a Virgo friend will tell you otherwise.

Even if the maidens are patient beings, they do have their breaking points. It is important to note that you should not test their patience.


Last but definitely not least, Virgos are one of the kindest people you will encounter. Moreover, the maidens see the best in everyone, even those who are broken. Virgos will not hesitate to help other people because of their kind nature.

Because of how nice they are, people love to be friends with Virgos. They make you feel good about yourself. Yet again, it is important to remember not to abuse their kindness because they also have their limits.

Virgos are also really affectionate, they are not afraid to show you how much they care for you. Moreover, the maidens have a lot of love and care to give, this is due to their nurturing nature as well.

Virgo Negative traits

Of course, not every sign has clean hands because there are traits that lean toward the negative. Let us now tackle Virgo’s negative traits that you should watch out for. 


Virgos can be very critical. Since Virgos are hard-working, there are times when they have high standards. Moreover, because of their critical nature, they can come off as overly judgemental, especially towards other people. 

If your project or idea does not pass their standards, Virgos will have a hard time welcoming your ideas. These negative traits are what people most dislike about Virgos. In addition, there are times that their criticism goes too far and can make you feel uneasy. Virgos are used to doing everything properly which is why they become critical and overly judgemental towards other people’s projects.



We all know that Virgos are dedicated to everything they do. Because of this, they can have the tendency to be stubborn. Moreover, it will be difficult to change their minds. For an instance, you work with a Virgo and you pinch in a new idea, it will take more than one try for you to convince them to agree to your plan.

Most often, a Virgo may see that your plan is not worth the shot and they will most likely continue with their idea. The reason for this is that Virgos think they know what is best for something. That is why you have to make sure to lay out your plans in a way that is Virgo-approved.


Virgos are critical beings, which is why they can overthink. The maidens are chronic overthinkers since their minds are constantly busy with the things they have to accomplish. Virgos at times will even think about when to start their new project like their minds is restless. 

Because of their overthinking, there are times they will even overthink emotions. This affects their relationship the most, constantly thinking about what they should do right or what they did wrong in a relationship. Virgos also overthink how much work they put into something. There are instances when they will worry if their performance is good or not.


Virgos are stubborn which is why they are also picky. Moreover, they are critical of others which is why they are picky when it comes to considering other people’s choices. If an idea is not Virgo’s first choice, they will be picky and stubborn about others.

The maidens are perfectionists, even in friendship and relationships. Although they are kind, there are times that they are selective of those who they are with. If they are not compatible with whoever they are interacting with, they will rule that person out. Some say that Virgos are hard to please because of their picky nature as well.


And lastly, Virgos are uptight. Think of them as parents who constantly worry even about small little details. This is because of their overthinker trait. Moreover, the maidens are often told to relax. 

Being uptight also relates to Virgos being stubborn and picky. They like to do things their way and will be uptight about it. Virgo loves structure and routines which is why they are one of the most organized zodiacs. However, the organized nature sometimes leads to being uptight. This is also because of the fact that they are earth signs. They love to have some kind of foundation that is steady and grounded.

Cancer and Virgo friendship compatibility

Now that the traits of each sign have been established, it is time to know more about Virgo and Cancer friendship. Do virgos and cancers get along? Yes, they do. Are cancer and Virgo compatible as friends? Yes, they are.

love for nature and adventure

Even though both signs have some different personality traits, the crab and the maiden can become good friends. Why is that? First, it is because of their love for nature and adventure. Virgos and cancers will enjoy each other’s company especially outdoors. This kicks off cancer and Virgo friendship compatibility.

Virgos love the fact that cancers always make them feel good about themselves. Whereas cancers feel important when Virgos listen and put into mind what they are saying. Moreover, Virgos and Cancers can be honest with each other without hurting each other’s feelings. This is perfect since we know that cancers are overly sensitive.

Friendship between cancer and Virgo is grounded and intimate as well. Moreover, both signs work to succeed which is why they can also get along in the workplace. In addition, both the crab and the maiden are loyal and reliable which is why they can lean on each other.

However, just like any other friendship, the Cancer and Virgo friendship dynamic may have little misunderstandings. Virgos can become critical for sensitive cancer. Furthermore, the maiden will not like how the cancer is stubborn.

Things to remember about Cancer and Virgo Friendship

We are down to the last part of this write-up which is things to remember about Cancer and Virgo friendship. 

Virgo is an earth sign which means they are all about practicality that is why Virgo’s friendship with Cancers is based on comfort and materialistic success. Moreover, Virgo and Cancer will unlikely have misunderstandings between them when it comes to making each other feel important.

In addition, Cancers and Virgos will make good housemates since they are good at making money. Another thing to remember about Cancer and Virgo’s friendship is that both of them focus on their goals and have a similar interest in things. 

Of course, there are a few bumps in the road. Cancer will have a hard time with Virgo’s obsession with neatness. Virgo, on the other hand, will have a hard time understanding cancer’s emotional traits. Even so, Virgo will still teach cancer how to lessen being too sensitive which is why they make great friends with the crab.

Bottom line is, Virgo and Cancer will make good friends. They will have each other’s backs and they both will have the same goal towards projects and in life which is why they can get along very well. 


The crab and the maiden may look like they can butt heads. However, because of their contradicting traits, one can make up for what the other lacks. It is important to remember that friendship will all boil down to how you treat each other. Just because you are of different zodiac signs, it does not mean you will not get along. 

Cancers are emotional which a Virgo can help with. Meanwhile, Virgos have very strong principles in life but cancers can help them stay grounded. Moreover, the crabs are passionate people which is why they attract Virgo friends. 

In friendship, it also takes two to tango much like any relationship out there. There should be an equal give-and-take going on. What the other person lacks, the other person makes up for it, and vice versa. A healthy friendship is all about being there for each other’s backs, just like how a maiden will have a crab’s back when they need them, and that is all you need to know about Cancer and Virgo friendship.

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