Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: Everything you need to know

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Understanding the Cancer and Aquarius compatibility requires due diligence. Primarily, this is because these two signs are supposedly opposites. But as they say, opposites do attract. Well, that’s perhaps why a water sign like Cancer possibly likes an air sign in Aquarius. However, the fact remains that they have opposing traits. Add to that, there are layers to their compatibility depending on their sex. Aquarius man and cancer woman compatibility can be different from cancer man and aquarius woman compatibility.

Thus, we can expect conflict between the two. The relationship between cancer and aquarius can be complex. As such, which will prevail? Will it be the opposing attraction or the unresolvable conflict? In this article, we’ll try to cover as much as we can and dive deeper into Aquarius and Cancer relationship.

In this article, you will find out:

  • Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: 7 Reasons why it will work
  • The Overall Compatibility between Cancer and Aquarius 
  • Cancer and Aquarius Dating tips
  • Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility, and Vice Versa!
  • And a lot more…

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: 7 Reasons why it will work 

1. They both know how to value ‘we’ time

What’s amazing about this pairing is although they have different viewpoints, they both know how to value their ‘we’ time. This goes to say that both signs have contrasting ways of spending their time. For one, Aquarius loves to go out there and explore the world. For the other, Cancer prefers to just spend quality time at home and enjoy some movie or series on Netflix. Eitherway, this similarity plays an important role in making the relationship work. 

But more importantly, both signs must know how to compromise. Because they have contrasting ways, you can expect them to have varying approaches. Even so, there is beauty in diversity. When they finally crack the code and make things work, it will be more beneficial for them. Both these signs will learn how to tread each other’s ways and find joy in their differences. This process will open many doors for them and make Cancer and Aquarius compatibility a reality. 

2. Cancer is introverted but Aquarius can jive well with them

It is a fact in astrology that not all signs can go well with Cancer. Among the zodiac signs, they definitely belong to the quiet and reserved type. They’re not that fond of opening up and would rather keep their feelings to their own. Even so, Aquarius is mysteriously able to jive well with Cancer. Due to the combination of their communicative abilities and their intellectual prowess, Aquarius can find unique ways to connect with Cancer.

Surprisingly, Cancer will also lower their walls for Aquarius. For some reason, Aquarius has the knack of getting the former’s trust. Perhaps, this is a result of Aquarius’ introspective and philosophical abilities. Since they don’t appear to selfish or aggressive, they can somehow persuade Cancer to open up to them. That’s why even when they have contradicting signs, these two seem to get along quite well. Given such, it will be easier for them to create the conditions for romance. 

3. Aquarius loves Cancer’s mysterious mind


Apart from their ability to mysteriously lower Cancer’s walls, Aquarius themselves are also intrigued by Cancer’s mysterious mind. Among the zodiac signs, Cancer is famous for being the mysterious type, one that you just can’t fully figure out. On certain times, you see Cancer expressing how they feel, but can sense that there’s something more. As such, Aquarius is drawn to this mystery that they just couldn’t solve. 

To be clear, one of the reasons for this is due to their main difference: Cancer is an emotional sign while Aquarius isn’t. This is puzzling for the latter, but in a good way. To an extent, we can say that Aquarius craves that kind of emotional warmth. Intuitively feeling that Cancer can provide it, Aquarius pursues them. As such, you can expect the relationship between the two to be a good push-and-pull tension. Aquarius tries to unravel Cancer’s beautiful mind, while Cancer continues to play the chase. 

4. Cancer answers Aquarius’ desire to be loved

Connecting to our former point, deep down, Aquarius just wants to be loved. And sometimes, other signs don’t realize this. Because others think that Aquairus is a very reliable and dependent sign, other signs don’t realize that they are also human. Truth be told, other signs can easily perceive Aquarius as living in their own ivory towers. While this is true to an extent, we can’t say that Aquarius doesn’t desire care and comfort. 

Quite the opposite really, Aquarius desires someone to genuinely care for them. And by this, what we mean is that Aquarius seeks someone with a genuine desire for them. Meaning, they don’t want someone who’ll just superficially fill things and recognize them. Rather, they want the attention that is given like no other. The only problem though is that Aquarius can’t seem to admit this. For them, there is some sort of disconnect that they couldn’t account for. But to their surprise, Cancer’s strong EQ can quickly figure this out. 

5. Aquarius subconsciously craves Cancer’s stability

Apart from genuine love and care, Aquarius also craves Cancer’s stability. Now this may come as a surprise because Aquarius is, after all, an air sign. Generally, air signs love to just ‘go with the wind’ and explore the depths of the earth. However, among the three air signs, Aquarius is the fixed one. As such, to an extent, they crave for stability. Aquarius knows how its like to be in an ivory tower, much more live in it. In a way, this is stability in itself, devoid of the warmth that Cancer can give. 

And among the zodiac signs, Cancer is the most nurturing. They are like elderly people who can’t help but make sure that their plants are in great condition, sometimes even more than themselves. This kind of stability is present between Aquarius and Cancer. That’s why deep down, Aquarius will find the desire to stay in a relationship with Cancer because unlike other signs, this one sure is a keeper. 

6. Cancer yearns for Aquarius’ beautiful mind

Apart from the reasons stemming to Aquarius’ interest, the reason why this relationship will work is also Cancer’s attraction towards Aquarius. Among the zodiac signs, Aquarius definitely has that beautiful mind. Eager to know the world and bring positive change, Aquarius’ overall outlook is inspiring. In fact, it is inspiring enough to pull in someone like Cancer.


But if you think of it, perhaps this attraction stems from Cancer being drawn to Aquarius’ pull. Since the latter is the change bringer, their voice can truly persuade those who share with their passions and ideas. As such, Cancer is drawn by this beauty, convincing them to open their walls for Aquarius. By doing so, Cancer knows that this also works vice-versa. They let down a part of themselves to allow Aquarius in. And in exchange, Cancer gets to unravel all those beautiful thoughts in Aquarius’ mind. 

7. Cancer loves to learn from Aquarius

Finally, the Cancer and Aquarius compatibility also relies on the fact that Cancer loves to learn from Aquarius. They are not only interested in Aquarius’ beautiful mind, they are also drawn towards the leaning that they bring. Since Aquarius is an outgoing sign, despite being in their own ivory towers, Cancer has a lot to learn from them. From speaking out their thoughts to moving others towards their cause, Aquarius is a master of persuasion, like no other. 

Cancer sees this and thinks that Aquarius is amazing. True, the latter is with charms and Cancer is drawn towards these. Like a mysterious lover who holds much promise, Aquarius’ allure is too much for Cancer to resist. And despite the latter’s hesitant attitude towards love and romance, they’ll eventually end up opening their doors for Aquarius. For short, a relationship between the two also means that Aquarius will become the door to the outside world for Cancer. 

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility in Love, Sex, and Marriage

Diving deeper into this partnership, we will be exploring different key areas of Cancer and Aquarius’ compatibility. Since we want to know more about their love, sex, and marriage outs, we’ll focus on aspects that can make or break these. Basically, we’ll cover love and sex, communication, trust, shared activities, values, and emotions. 

Cancer and Aquarius in Love and Sex

To say the least, their sexual life will definitely be complex. Both these signs have varying approaches to skinship. Cancer will undress only when they trust their partners. This goes both for their clothes and their feelings. In contrast, Aquarius is ready to explore. They don’t hesitate, although they aren’t really that sexual, to begin with. 

Such disparity will get in the way. In both romance and sex, it will feel like walking on eggshells. Both will have a hard time testing the waters. They’ll try to feel each other out, and feel the vastness of their difference. This isn’t really their strong suit, so to speak. But not all hope is lost. With maturity and compromise, they’ll reach an understanding of each other’s quirks. 

Cancer and Aquarius in Communication and Trust

cancer and aquarius couple

Intellectually, both these signs are able to meet minds. They can find an agreement between their views and perspectives. Of the two, Aquarius is more receptive. Since they are an air sign, Aquarius knows how to converse well and express their thoughts well. In contrast, Cancer tends to be reserved primarily because they guard their feelings. 

What Cancer has to offer is the fact that they are trusting beings. True, the wall may be quite high off the bat. But when they see Aquarius’ sincerity, Cancer will allow them to enter. When this happens, you can expect Cancer to give it their all. They won’t hesitate to go out of their way, especially for those they love. It will take time, but the longer it takes, the stronger the bond. 

Cancer and Aquarius in Shared Activities

There is a bit of disarray here since Cancer loves to stay at home while Aquarius is fond of roaming around. As to their activities, Cancer prefers to do things in private. They don’t like flexing it out, especially on social media. Thankfully, Aquarius isn’t really that much of a famewhore, so we can see a scenario where this will work.

Even then, the picture isn’t really that good for them both. Aquarius is the adventurous type, so there will be numerous times when they won’t get why Cancer hates the beach. To resolve this, Aquarius must gain Cancer’s trust. When they do, the latter will follow them to the depths of the earth. Planning travels and going to new places will be more frequent than they expect. 

Cancer and Aquarius in Values and Non-Negotioables

Obviously, there is a big gap here. Cancer is a water sign while Aquarius is an air sign. That in itself is already a big problem since their elements aren’t really compatible. However, not all hope is lost for this pairing. They both value progress and experience, despite differing ways of doing it. Even then, you can expect them to share their commonalities quite well.

Cancer values nurturing and growth, while Aquarius aspires for transformation and development. Cancer loves to be the nurturing one, while Aquarius seeks to help others. These non-negotiables are crucial for their partnership. By understanding that they have the same goal, both signs will see that their partnership is a fruitful one. 

Cancer and Aquarius Man and Woman Compatibility

Going even further, we will decipher the Cancer and Aquarius Man and Woman compatibility. By doing so, we’ll get a good insight how their feminine and masculine energies will come into play. 

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

caring and loyal

Cancer men are usually sentimental but also very caring and loyal. They won’t let their partner be in danger. Their caring arms can make the Aquarius woman feel safe and secure. This jives well with Aquarius woman’s honest and altruistic personality. They will appreciate the love and care from Cancer, nurturing them in many ways. 

However, this partnership isn’t without problems. The Aquarius woman draws in the Cancer man with their mysterious aura. After all, Cancer would love to unravel that. Even then, the Aquarius woman’s propensity towards being unpredictable can distort the harmony of the relationship. In a snap, they can change their minds, especially when they see the Cancer man as too much of a goody two shoes. They may see it as boring and predictable, prompting the Aquarius woman to flirt with other guys. 

To keep things in check, the Cancer man must know how to play Aquarius’ game. True, nurturing, caring, and securing their partner are excellent ways to show their love. However, Cancer man must constantly remember the importance of the push-and-pull dynamic between them. Constant games that brings thrill and excitement (especially in bed) can keep the Aquarius woman keep on coming back home. 

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Aquarius man is the embodiment of a free spirit. They aren’t really the type to settle early. Rather, they’d like to keep their options open as they roam the world. With regard to traditions and institutions, you can see them having a hard time sticking to rules and regulations. Thankfully, the Cancer woman doesn’t really give much importance to these traditional practices. At some point, they are open to Aquarius man’s modernistic views.

Well, that openness probably stems front he fact that Cancer woman is a diplomatic sign. They don’t really assert themselves that much, because they expect their partner to decipher their thoughts and feelings. This is where things can possibly go south. The Aquarius man isn’t really a master of emotions. That’s why they need to try their best if they want to create a lasting bond with the Cancer woman. 

Simply put, this partnership is hugely dependent on how Aquarius man manages the Cancer woman’s feelings and emotions. The latter is, perhaps, the most emotional sign among the zodiac signs. It will take time and effort to make them feel secure, especially since this isn’t Aquarius man’s strongest suit. After all, they are free spirits who aren’t really fond of answering to someone else. But if they want to make it work, the Aquarius man must make space for the Cancer woman in their heart. 

Cancer and Aquarius Dating Tips

#1: Capitalize on being a Yin-Yang Couple

yin and yang symbol

The relationship of Aquarius and Cancer has a rather intricate dynamic: they are a yin-yang couple. Since these two signs are literally opposites, you can expect them to be like water and oil, black and white. But more than that, the literal energy that their sign exudes represents the masculine and feminine energies.

Because of this, the saying “men are from mars, women are from venus” rings true for them. Understanding each other can truly be quite the challenge, especially since a lot an be lost in translation.

However, they may not realize it, but this apparent difference is their biggest strength. If they know how to use their energies well, each other’s weaknesses can be covered. In a way, this difference allows them to be real couple, one that depends on each other in order to succeed. As such, they must learn how to play their cards right when it comes to their yin and yang energies. 

#2: Learn their power struggle dynamics

In an ideal world, it is easy to say that Aquarius and Cancer must utilize each other’s strengths to fill in the other’s weaknesses. But in reality, this is a tall task, one that most couples will find difficult to achieve. Thus, learning how to deal with the tension is crucial in making things work.

For this tip, imagine the game tug-of-war. When the game begins, each side will be pulling each other, creating a tension in between. Generally, this tension is the power struggle from both sides. When one wins, the tension ends, and so does the excitement. Same with Cancer and Aquarius, this tension is important to keep things afloat.

By investing time and effort in learning about their power struggle, these two will toughen each other. Remember the tug-of-war? What happens when both teams constantly play the game? They grow their strength and endurance, enough to persevere beyond their differences. 

#3: Aquarius must gain Cancer’s trust

open up

While Cancer loves to invest a lot of their time and effort in their partners, it usually takes a long time for them to open up. With walls as high as the Great Wall of China, most people will only get to connect with them on the surface level. As such, Aquarius is no exception.

On the brighter side of things, if any air sign can actually do it, it should be Aquarius. With the ability to critically analyze things as a whole, Aquarius can make small chips along Cancer’s walls. By winning the latter’s heart, Aquarius can then gain their trust. Doing so means they can function on equal footing, making it possible for the pair to thrive. 

#4: Capitalize on being a Yin-Yang Couple

Indeed, these two are opposites. There’s no denying the fact that they have different ways of doing things. Even so, their opposing energy can actually propel them towards success. Think of Yin and Yang, for example. At first glance, you’ll think that these energies are far too different from each other, thus, incompatible. However, you know that while this is white and black, its symbol signifies a strong complementary union.

The same is true between Aquarius and Cancer. Generally, Aquarius exudes the masculine energy while Cancer embodies the feminine energy. At times, these two will clash. From picking which color or what food to eat, you can expect them to go at each other. Even so, they must learn to capitalize on these differences. Since they possess both sides of the spectrum, the possibilities are simply limitless for this couple. As long as they can use it correctly, there’s no doubt that they, too, can thrive well. 

#5: Allow both to express their existential woes

If there’s one crucial thing that they have to pay attention to, it is their existential woes. Generally, Aquarius yearns to create positive change for this world. Oftentimes, you’ll see them directing their energy towards the world, constantly trying to re-create things and bring good results. In contrast, Cancer seeks to find existential validation. Since they focus on themselves and people valuable to them, Cancer tends to cave in like a crab. 

These opposing energies can be a focal non-negotiable for them. Since both parties have diverse missions in life, they’ll often clash even before they know it. As such, it can lead to discord and conflict. With that, the way to go is to allow one another to truly express how they feel. Doing so means that they get to hear both sides of the story. 

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