Bluebird Meaning: Do Bluebirds Chase Away Feelings of Blues?

bluebird meaning

Bluebirds are interesting creatures with many admirable traits. They radiate sweet and charming attributes. Seeing bluebirds will definitely catch your attention, but what is a bluebird meaning? Do bluebirds carry messages? What does it mean when these elegant creatures show up at different points in our life? 

Its beautiful blue color symbolizes a deep connection to freedom, wisdom, and gentleness. Many cultures around the world believe that the bluebird meaning relates to happiness. If you see bluebirds both in real life and in dreams, bliss and prosperity are on your way. 

These attractive birds are quite unfamiliar with the bird species. But they carry with them important symbolism in spirituality. In this article, we will understand the importance of bluebirds in divinity. 

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Bluebird spiritual meaning

What does a bluebird mean? Do they live up to the symbolism of their color? When you see them at your lowest point, does it mean that you are seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel? What messages do bluebirds convey in our lives? 

Bluebirds are spiritual creatures that lighten up the surrounding with their symphonic singing. These birds still manage to sing even in the roughest moments. Bluebirds’ singing turns the toughest moments bearable. The spiritual meaning of a bluebird is positive qualities. So whenever you see them, it is a message from the spirits to never give up hope. Seeing them is a sign that things will be better. 


The saying which goes there is a light at the end of the tunnel is true with bluebirds. When things seem too hard, the spirits send bluebirds to you. It is a message to keep the faith no matter how hard things may seem.  

The bluebird will send a message of faith when you reach a stage in your life where you doubt your abilities. Or when you feel like you are losing hope in yourself. The moment bluebird appears at this stage of your life, they will ease your doubts and bring a message of hope. 

Hold on to the bluebird’s message, and all will be alright. Your life will see tremendous breakthroughs if you listen to the bluebird’s message of faith. 


Do you feel unlucky? Like all the negativity is chasing you? Are you going through the loss of someone, lost a job, or failed a subject? If you think you are negativity surrounds you, seeing a bluebird is a sign to stay positive. No matter how you think your life is going down, a bluebird meaning in your life is to choose positivity. 

A bluebird encourages optimism. They relay a message that allowing positivity will bring forth joy and peace. Keeping a positive mindset no matter the situation brings positivity to your life. 


The bluebird is a symbol of hope. Seeing their calming blue color and hearing their soothing singing voice is a sign to be hopeful. Although bluebirds are tiny, they are not easy to give up. They are hopeful despite famine and cold weather, they keep their hopes up. 

Whenever you are at the point in your life where you lost all hope and a bluebird appears, that is a message of hope. It means that the spirits are sending you a message to not give up hope. Keep pursuing your goals in life no matter how difficult it may seem. By being hopeful, a better future will await you. 



The bluebird spirit brings happiness. For sure their beauty and voice will give joy to those who see and hear them. Everywhere they go, whether there is hunger or extreme weather, bluebirds spread joy. They still sing cheerful songs despite the negativity and being in darkness. The positivity in their spirits removes negativity and rates happiness. 

The bluebirds’ message to always be joyful allows you to turn sadness into happiness. Despite the fact that happiness is not the only aspect of life, you should not give in to sadness. Just like what a bluebird does, keep your heart joyful regardless of what you are going through in life. Live a balanced life with a joyful heart.


Life consists of different milestones. As you reach a goal, you transition to reaching the next. This is a truth in human life. Sometimes, reaching a milestone is not noticeable. That is what bluebirds are for. A bluebird signifies the beginning of a new era in your life. And while you may have overlooked that you are starting a new chapter in your life, a bluebird will remind you. 

Whenever you see a bluebird, be mindful of the changes that happened or may happen. Do not neglect this message from the bluebird because you might miss opportunities for prosperity. 


Bluebirds are promises of fulfillment. They are omens to contentment and gratification. Every time you see a bluebird, it reminds you that you are on the right path. If you are doing what you are doing, you will achieve the goals you set. 

When the spirits show you a bluebird, it is a message that if you doubt yourself, you will not achieve your goals. Bluebirds remind you to keep reaching your dreams. No matter how big or impossible you think your goal is, you will reach your goals and aspirations. 

Bluebird symbolism in various cultures

Bluebirds are sacred symbols in many cultures because. They represent strong spiritual meanings. Although different cultures believe in different belief systems, the symbolism of bluebirds remains the same. Bluebirds are often called bluebirds of happiness in many cultures. This is because of the belief that they are harbingers of happiness. 

Bluebirds may symbolize happiness worldwide, but the reasons behind them are different. Legends and folktales of different cultures mention bluebird meaning in their traditions. 

In Native America

Native Americans value birds in their culture. Bluebirds have important spiritual symbolism in Native America. 

In one tribe of the Native Americans, there is a popular tale about transformation. It is the story of an ugly bird that transformed into a beautiful bluebird. The ugly bird bathed in a magical lake and when it went out, it became the most beautiful bird that existed. There is also a version of the tale that says the bird did not change. But it developed an optimistic perspective on its appearance. 

This tale is the reason why the Native Americans see bluebirds as symbols of hope and prosperity. They believe that when a bluebird appears, a negative situation will turn into a positive one. 

In Navajo and Iroquois Tribe

new beginnings

Navajo and Iroquois are also tribes of Native America. They believe that the symbolism of bluebirds is birth and beginnings. In the tales of Navajo, the bluebirds sing during sunrise. It is the first sound the Navajos hear in the break of the day. To them, bluebird meaning is metaphorical of new beginnings. 

To the Iroquois, bluebirds are bringers of light in the darkness. The Iroquois hear the singing of bluebirds during the end days of winter which indicates the beginning of spring. Bluebirds’ lovely songs mean welcoming the warmth and freshness of spring. 

In Christianity

Christianity views bluebirds as spiritual messengers as angels do. Considered to be angels in disguise, bluebirds are also sacred spiritual symbols.  Being the angels in disguise, bluebirds are symbols that angels are around you. Some also believe that angels send bluebirds to people to relay messages.

Whenever this bluebird shows up, they believe that Angels sent them as a reminder to open the mind, body, and soul. Opening the mind, body, and soul allows the Angels to instill wisdom in people. It reminds people to be.

In Eastern Cultures

In Chinese and Korean traditions, bluebirds have high spiritual significance. Despite the fact that they are not very symbolic in the majority of Eastern nations, bluebirds are notable in Chinese and Korean cultures. 

In China, bluebird meaning is wisdom and protection. Xi Wangmu, the mother of the West, sends bluebirds to protect women who stood outside the prescribed roles in a traditional Chinese family. A bluebird following a woman or a little girl means that Xi Wangmu is looking after her. 

The Shang Dynasty is China’s first recorded histories. The priests write down history on oracle bones. One of the recorded history says that bluebirds symbolize knowledge and wisdom. 

Like Christian beliefs, Korean culture perceives bluebirds as messengers from the divine being. With the belief that God is too busy to look out for his people, he sends bluebirds to watch over the. He sends his little bluebirds out to report back to him what happened in the world. Bluebirds are reminders to people of God’s love and care for his people. 

Why do bluebirds suddenly appear?

What does a bluebird mean? Does seeing a bluebird mean something? A bluebird does not appear at random. When it shows itself to you, it means something. Bluebirds carry with them many spiritual meanings, which relate to positivity. The spiritual bluebird significance relates to spreading love and peace. 

Angels are with you


Angels are God’s messengers who can travel to and from the divine world and the mortal world. Sometimes, angels take up the form of bluebirds. They do this to show you that no matter what obstacles you are facing right now, there is light at the end of it all. Bluebirds will help you focus on your goals and guide you to stay on track. 

End of hardship

If you feel like you are at the worst moments of your life and a bluebird shows up, it is a sign that your hardships will end. Seeing a bluebird meaning varies but for sure it means you are about to have a transition. As bluebirds appear during the start of spring, they also appear in your life when growth is about to sprout. 

Don’t give up happiness in pursuit of your goals

When you have a goal, the only right thing to do is to keep your eyes focused on it and do everything to do it. But, striving for success can only benefit you if you don’t give up on happiness. 

Happiness will help you calm your thoughts and ease your anxieties. A bluebird coming to you is a reminder to keep the balance between spending time achieving your goals and spending time taking care of yourself.

Bring your inner child out

A bluebird is a reminder to never lose your kindness and innocence. Bluebirds’ appearance is a sign that you should let the inner child out. When you see a bluebird, allow yourself to imagine and explore the world to your heart’s desire. The bluebird’s presence enables you to connect your inner child and your adult self. 

If you feel consumed with work, seeing a bluebird allows you to rediscover the inner child who got lost. Welcome the spirit of the bluebird into your life. It might be the remedy you need as you face your life ahead. 

Bluebirds in dreams

Bluebirds are signs of prosperity and good fortune. Dreaming of bluebirds means that the universe is on your side. A bluebird in your dream is a divine message with spiritual significance. 

Even in dreams, bluebirds’ energy is still calming and warm. But what do your specific dreams mean?

When you dream of a bluebird talking to you, it signifies you are lonely and want to talk to someone. You may experience a lack of communication in your relationships and friendships. If ever a bluebird talks to you in your dreams, reassess your relationships. You might discover the reason why you felt lonely. 

A fallen feather of a bluebird in a dream is a sign that you should be careful. There are two meanings to this. First, an angel is visiting you in your dreams. Listen and try to interpret the angel’s message because it is a warning that something might happen. The second meaning is a sign that you should weigh the important decisions that you are about to make. Mostly, it is a message that whatever decision you choose, you have to be firm and carry on with it. 

If you dream of a flock of bluebirds flying over your head, it is a sign of festivity. This might mean that you will reconnect with the people you have not seen in a while. You might receive an invitation to a wedding or a family gathering. When a flock of bluebirds visits you in your dreams, prepare for meeting the people you miss dearly. 

If you dream of a bluebird eating a worm, it means that you will prosper in your career. It brings positive implications especially if you are seeking a promotion. Expect huge success in your professional life if you see an eating bluebird in your dreams. 

Bluebirds as spirit guides and spirit animals

You will know if a bluebird is your spirit guide – it stays with you all the time. It is not only limited to seeing real birds, you may also find them in pictures, movies, or symbols.  As spirit guides, they are very warm and affectionate. If you have them for a spirit guide, you will also resonate with their welcoming and friendly persona. 

You find yourself to be a very social person who finds satisfaction with being around people. Bluebird-spirited people are very passionate. They go out of their way to do something that interests them. 

positivity and happiness

The bluebird meaning is positivity and happiness. This will also show naturally to you if a bluebird is your spirit guide. Even in the smallest things, you will find happiness. Despite facing many obstacles, you don’t lose your determination and motivation. You look at life with an optimistic lens. 

Final thoughts

Bluebirds may look tiny and ordinary but their impact on those who see them is huge. They are one of the few special creatures that embody genuine happiness. There are many positive traits this small beautiful bird represents. But it boils down to the greatest of them all: happiness. They make the people who see them hopeful, calm, and joyful. 

Despite being small, they are symbolic of great qualities. The happiness that a bluebird gives makes living more bearable. 

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