How to Turn Your Birth Chart Love Compatibility Into A Goldmine!

These days, looking for the perfect match is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s either they come on too strong, or too bland for your taste. Dating has become so exhausting, time-consuming, (not to mention expensive!) that you get tired by merely thinking about it! No wonder so many people prefer to be alone than go through all that trouble. You need to do something before you finally give up and put that white flag on your door. Why not try looking at the birth chart love compatibility with that special someone you’re dying to be with?

It is not enough that you know each other’s moon, sun, and rising signs. It’s important to know how the planets communicate with each other. According to Astrology Stephanie Powell, birth charts serve as your own unique fingerprint.

Birth Love Chart Compatibility

Your sun-sign will only show your identity’s representation on the surface. She said that if one is considering the love language, you should look to Venus. There’s also Mercury for communication, and the Moon if you’re looking to how you want to be pampered and taken care of.

It’s impossible to calculate accurate astrological compatibility.  Unless you zero in on all these major components.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your birth chart love compatibility and be well on your way to finding the one!

Birth Chart Love Compatibility #1: Your Sun and Moon Signs

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First up, check if your sun and moon signs are the same. Bear in mind that the sun sign is a representation of your basic identity. This is how you handle yourself on the outside. While the moon sign reveals the emotional needs of your inner self. Sharing both of these signs means you’re going to jive well. This is because you have similar motives, traits, and nurturing styles.

Birth Chart Love Compatibility #2: Your Moon and Venus Signs

According to Powell, your inner Cupid is tinkering with astrology. So it’s natural that the moon and Venus are the first two planets that would pop up in your head. Your moon or emotional needs tells you what makes you feel loved and Venus or your relationship needs to reflect how you show that love.

For instance, if both you and your partner’s Venus is a water sign. And your moon sign also happens to be water, then you’re definitely on the same page. Both of you know exactly how to love and nurture one another.

Birth Chart Love Compatibility #3: Your Sun and Venus Signs

When you and your loved ones’ sun and Venus land in the same element, like earth and earth: Taurus Venus and Virgo sun, you’re good to go. You can expect a smooth ride all throughout your relationship.

The reason for this is that the outer self or sun of one of you is aligned with the other way the partner shows their affection or Venus. You feel comfortable and show your true selves around each other because you share the same values and interests. Definitely, something that is for keeps.

Birth Chart Love Compatibility #4: Your Mars and Venus Signs

Nothing gets hotter than a Venus and Mars mashup! Venus takes over your love language, while Mars will put your sex levels into overdrive! You will have an irresistible carnal connection that will drive you insane!

So you’re lucky if your Venus syncs with your lover’s Mars! Be careful though, because too much passion can ensure arguments. And as the song goes- too much love can kill you!

Birth Chart Love Compatibility #5: Your Saturn Placements

Astrologer Powell says that Saturn is one of the most significant teachers in one’s birth charts. It reigns structure and stability. Thus, your Saturn placements need to be compatible for your relationship to last.

Be wary, however, because having similar Saturn signs is not good. Couples must share a supportive aspect. When there’s a Saturn sign conjunction, restriction and fear may be increased. So have your charts analyzed by a professional.

Now you know these five tips to ace that birth chart love compatibility. You’re wondering what are some of the best zodiac signs that best compliment each other, right? You’re in luck because you’re about to find out!

Aries and Taurus

Balance is the key for an Aries and Taurus love affair to work. Taurus represents love, while Aries signifies eternal flame. Aries wants to waste no time and get into it, while Taurus wants to take it nice and slow. It can create a bit of a conflict during the adjustment period. Because while Aries is bold and frank, Taurus enjoys being wooed and pampered- all the perks of a fairytale romance.

This relationship may work, but only if they learn to strike a balance. Taurus can teach Aries not to be too impulsive all the time, while Aries can show Taurus how to enjoy adventure and spontaneity.

Leo and Gemini

Zodiac Signs and Birth Love Chart Compatibility

Expect an exciting and playful relationship when Leo and Gemini take the plunge. Gemini loves to be mentally stimulated all the time. So Leo’s passion and artistry is definitely a turn on. They can get on rifts however, especially when Gemini becomes too flirty or outgoing to others.

Meanwhile, Leo’s domineering personality, if not reined in at the right time, can definitely ignite conflict. Gemini is more cognitive and likes to handle things from a practical point of view. Leo on the other hand can be quite emotional and doesn’t always think things through. That being said, these two can be a great match.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius definitely complement each other. This is because both naturally admire their other half. Aquarius has the kind of foresight and individuality that pulls Sagittarius like a magnet. While Aquarius just loves Sagittarius’s drive for excellence and success.

Both value their independence, and head-on collisions are rare. Their mutual understanding for each other’s passion ensures this. So long as there is genuine and open communication, their partnership could be a walk in the park.

Libra and Capricorn

If you believe that opposites attract, then the Libra and Capricorn duo is the best example. Nothing could be more different than these two. Capricorns tend to be introverted and enjoy their time being alone. Libra on the other hand is a party fave. Where there’s fun and action,  you can expect Libra to be part of the game.

Capricorns are more focused on achieving their goals, especially in their respective careers. Libra loves art, beauty, and achieving the perfect balance in love and life. Once they learn to strike the perfect balance to achieve love and respect, nothing can go wrong.

Scorpio and Cancer

Nothing could be more intense than having these two in the same room! Their energies fit perfectly together, each balancing the other’s strengths and weaknesses. There is always a strong, sexual tension between the two. Thus, their tendency to gravitate towards each other even during the first meeting!

Both signs enjoy creating a bright and comfortable living environment. Scorpio strives for power while Cancer puts security their highest priority. They always think of ways to secure themselves financially, may it be investing in stocks, bonds, or domestic goods. They are both family oriented and fiercely loyal. This being said, Cancer and Scorpio relationships are meant to last a lifetime.

Final Words

Astrology is an amazing strategy to nail that perfect partner in life. However, it can and should never end there. You need to have a powerful teamwork where you can agree on mutual and individual goals.

Be committed to the understanding that you’re both in it for the long haul. So you need to make it as emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually, and financially satisfying as possible. Why settle for less, when you can have the best? Cheers!

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