How to know and interpret your Big 6 Astrology

Big 6 Astrology

You may or may not have heard of the term big 6 astrology. But you most definitely know that there are cosmic bodies that are more influential than most. Sure, everything in astrology is influential. But not all of them are made the same! The reason why this happens mostly owe to their positions in the heavens. But one thing is for sure: everyone in the world has all of the big 6. Heck, if you want a shortcut to the big 6, there is also the big 3! But before we get ahead of ourselves, what are these things, really?

What are the Big 6 in Astrology?

Big 6 in astrology refers to the six major planets in a person’s natal chart: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and ascendant. Taken together, they define our identities and influence our personalities. It is also important to note that these are six closest cosmic bodies to Earth. Sure, the ascendant is not really a planet. It is the Zodiac sign that is rising on the horizon the moment a person is born. Nevertheless, its influence can be clearly felt throughout a person’s life.

So what is the big 6 astrology meaning?

As said, big six astrology refers to the six major cosmic entities that strongly influence human life. Their interactions then create the person that we are, and the life that we are going to live. It can be quite crazy to think that everything that makes us human is in the hands of six things! But before you lose your mind in such a concept, understanding these can help you. Perhaps, it is by knowing and understanding these will you be able to internalize how amazingly complex you truly are.

The Sun

When someone asks you “What’s your Zodiac?” this is probably what you will answer. After all, this is the astrological season that you were born in. You may even closely identify with the features that your Sun sign has! But you might also be a bit confused. Sun? Zodiac? Sign? What’s going on? Well, to put it simply, the position that the Sun takes when you are born is called your Sun sign. Being an Aries, a Scorpio, or whatever is actually based on this. If you were born in early May, then you are a Taurus! To know what is your Sun sign, you only need to know the Zodiac that was chilling around your birthday. And honestly, though, this is the easiest of the big 6 to know!

So what is the significance of your Sun sign? This actually signifies your real identity. Who you truly are and what you want the world to know is defined by this cosmic body. It is also the primary feature around which your other astrological features revolve. Going back to the example of the Taurus native, a person born with this Sun sign is a romantic. However, they can also be notoriously hard headed and resistant to change.

The Moon


Everyone has a “hidden side.” Secrets, desires, and even thoughts that one is not eager to disclose is defined by a person’s Moon sign. Yet at the same time, it also presents how a person seeks emotional validation. How they seek this is also defined by this feature. As in most traditional folklore, the Moon is known to be motherly. With this, the Moon sign also symbolizes a person’s relationship with maternal figures in their lives. This also defines how they seek out comfort, especially when they are distressed.

Unlike the Sun sign, a person can generally only know their Moon sign through the help of a birth chart. But with all things considered, this is the Zodiac where the Moon was at during a person’s birth. And like the physical Moon, our Moon sign can only be illuminated when we embrace it with our Sun sign. It is part of ourselves, and cannot be denied. For example, those born with a Scorpio Moon tend to be secretive and aloof. But they also desire to be cared and looked after with compassion and gentleness. They may often come across as harsh at times, but they are actually very sensitive and intuitive.


This aspect of big 6 astrology is also known as “rising sign.” As said, this is not a planet. Instead, it is the Zodiac sign that was rising or emerging on the horizon when you were born. You may think that two people born on the same day will be similar. Well, think again! The ascendant changes signs every two hours. No matter if you have the same exact birthdate as someone, it doesn’t mean you are exactly similar. This is where knowing your exact birth time comes in. It will not only help you know your ascendant, it will also aid in your understanding of yourself.

What does the rising sign do, then? This part of the big 6 astrology defines your outer self. The reputation that you have, as well as the impression people have of you is dictated by this. You may even come to identify yourself as being more of your ascendant rather than your Sun sign. So for example, a person born with a Capricorn ascendant may come across as serious. Other people will come to see them as someone responsible, goal-oriented, and very much rational as well.


As the planet that revolves the closest to the Sun, Mercury signifies how people communicate with others. No matter if this is verbal or non-verbal, this will always be under the planet’s jurisdiction. The way that people express their thoughts and feelings is dictated by Mercury. This, in a way then defines the impressions that other people have towards them. Mercury also speaks a lot about the way that people process the information that they receive.

Take for example, a person born with Mercury in Scorpio. The way they communicate may be very discrete, almost mysterious. They prefer to move quietly, and to approach things and people with caution. When told something that can prove to be vital to their plans, they tend to keep it. After all, they consider the secrets they know as their prized possessions. Weaponizing what they know is their specialty, and they can be really good at doing so.



Like its namesake Roman goddess, this planet is all about love, beauty, and intimacy. It also speaks a lot about how a person seeks out pleasure in their day to day life. But beyond all these seemingly hedonistic things, this planet says a lot on how people build harmonious relationships with others. Their capability to mediate conflict is also dictated by this planet. Just like what the old saying goes, “All’s fair in love and war!”

Consider this example. When this planet interacts with the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, expect that a person born during this transit is into open relationships. For them, it doesn’t make sense to love one person only. Being in love with lots of people can make them even more alive! The more, the merrier after all. These people also seek thrill and adventure at every turn. For them, everything has the potential to be fun! Spontaneous travels and acts make these people excited and eager to take on the world. But at the same time, their easy going manner makes mediating difficult for them. They don’t see any sense in conflict, and when asked to help resolve things, they’d rather run. After all, for them, the problem doesn’t exist as long as you refuse to acknowledge it!


As the planet named after the Roman god of war, it says a lot how a person expresses their passion. Their leadership style, as well as the things that keeps them motivated is under Mars’ jurisdiction. This planet also says a lot about how a person approaches new things. Uncertainty comes with every opportunity, after all. And speaking of opportunity, Mars says quite a lot about how someone would fight for their dreams.

For example, those born under Mars in Libra. These people can be quite calculating, always weighing the pros and cons in their decisions. Yes, they can get quite passionate, but they are concerned how their choices can potentially disrupt order. Ensuring balance forms a huge part in their decision making. They generally welcome new things, but they are also conscious about potential consequences. But when push comes to shove, these people are unafraid to fight for what they believe in. This is especially true when they know they are fighting for what will keep things orderly and fair for all.

Is there a way on how to know your big 6 in astrology?

natal chart

Certainly! After all, as we have said before, everyone has a big 6. No matter if you are a believer or not, these six major concepts and planets will affect your life. One way to know your big 6 is through consulting a professional astrologer. By providing them with correct information about your birth, they can draw up a natal chart or a birth chart. This chart contains the cosmic placements the moment you joined the world. But this does not contain the big 6 alone. It also contains information about other planets and transits that may affect you as a person. With this, you will be able to understand yourself even better.

But going to a professional astrologer also takes time. It may even get expensive at times. After all, reading the stars takes years of training and constant learning! For those who can’t afford getting a professional reading, online resources are always available. You can get a free birth chart anytime, anywhere! You just need to make sure that you know your exact time and place of birth. This way, these online generators will be able to give you the right cosmic coordinates of the planets. If you’re lucky, they can give you a comprehensive report about everything that makes you, you.

No matter what method you choose, the results will most certainly shock you. You may even find yourself wondering how the astrologer you consulted knew almost everything about you! All these only point to how humans are bound to the universe. You may even come to know something more about yourself, and help you embrace every fiber of your being.

You mentioned something along the lines of big 3 in astrology. What is this about?

Big 3 astrology is basically the big 6… but cut in half. While the Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs are helpful, they can complicate things. This makes their inclusion quite difficult for an astrology newbie to wrap their head around. Because of this, many astrologers consider that simply knowing one’s Sun, Moon and Rising signs is enough. By knowing these three, it will be easier for someone to understand themselves. It will also make for simpler, more beginner friendly astrological readings.

It also helps that the big 3 is far easier to remember. A budding astrologist can ask their friends their big 3 and can already give a decently comprehensive reading. Astrology hobbyists can also deduct someone’s personality through these three. But of course, they don’t tell the whole story. They can be a good starting point, though, and may lead someone to more wonderful astrological discoveries.

Is big 6 astrology accurate?

While the big 6 can tell so much about a person, it doesn’t mean that it is absolutely correct. A person is not just the result of cosmic movements. Rather, nature and nurture are what defines humans. Just because a person has this specific big 6 lineup, it does not mean that they are entirely like that. Personal experiences, realizations, among others can also affect someone’s personhood.

And so, if you happen to come across a birth chart that you don’t particularly like, don’t judge someone immediately. People are far more complex than that. Instead, use this information as some sort of basis on who they can possibly be. Get to know them better through interactions. You will come to appreciate the beauty of the big 6, and the intricacies that make a person who they are.

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