When is the best time for a tarot reading?

Simply put, every time is the best time for tarot reading! You can use your deck anytime and anywhere.

However, there is also a long answer too. While there are no strict rules on when you should have a reading, there are certain instances when they are “ripe” for use or not at all.

Read on to find out more!

When are the best times for tarot reading?

1. When you’ve just woken up

Best time for tarot reading is when you just woke up

It may sound like a bad idea, with your hair an absolute mess and your eyes still blurry with sleep. But doing the classic one-card pull is a great way to start the day.

Many tarot readers say that doing an early morning tarot reading helps them prep and anticipate the day ahead. It also helps a person’s mind is still clear and free from the day’s stress and worries.

This state then enables tarot cards to predict more accurately through channeling neutral, if not positive, energies.

2. If a big, life-changing decision is at stake

Choosing your next big move can get intimidating. This is especially true when you have to let go of so many things, and you’re a bit confused about what to do.

The cosmos is incredibly good at using earthly things as their way of communicating with us. With tarot cards as their means, you can be sure that what they can foresee for you will consider what you are going through.

Having a tarot reading is also an excellent way to have an impartial second opinion. Because tarot cards are not subjective, they can give predictions that are more focused on facts than feelings.

3. You need guidance and validation

Life can get confusing sometimes. It makes people question whether they are doing the right thing in their life.

This is when tarot cards can step in and enlighten you on your current situation based on your zodiac signs for example. It can show you the things you may have overlooked along the way, at the same time, affirm or advise against the actions that you may have taken.

Your tarot cards are not only your way to look into the future but also an excellent way to assess the past and present. Remember that it is not only what is going to be that matters, but also what has been.

4. Whenever relationships are being rocky

Tarot cards and candles

Say you are on non-speaking terms with your once-closest cousin. Or maybe recently, you and your significant other could hardly ever look eye to eye. Tarot cards can definitely help during these kinds of circumstances!

Your tarot cards know your fears and worries as extensions of yourself, especially when it involves other people. With that in mind, your tarot cards can channel your energies and the people involved, as well as what the cosmos had predicted for your situation.

Tarot cards can reveal the roots of your relationship problems, along with the things that are making it even worse. It can also bring into light what the other party is thinking and feeling about the situation, thus, helping you further in your course of action.

5. If things are too good- or too bad

Tarot cards can distinguish energies to give accurate readings. They could even tell what’s up if there is too much of either positivity or negativity in the air!

That said, tarot cards can give a sort of enlightenment on what lies ahead and how you can prepare for it. You can then anticipate what happens next and take preemptive action, depending on whether you are for it or against it.

The flow of life is erratic and unpredictable. Thus, to quote the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared!”

All the examples above present instances when tarot reading is just right. But there are also times when having it is inadvisable.

When about the worst times?

1. When you are tired, sick, or burnt-out (or all of the above)

You don't have to do tarot when you are sick or tired

It was already established how tarot cards could read the energies of those who seek their wisdom. And when they sense that the energy they are getting just doesn’t seem right, they go haywire.

When a tarot reader isn’t their “normal” self, their cards end up giving them agitating, if not senseless, readings. This is a result of the deck and reader not being in sync with each other.

If ever this happens to you, put your cards down, and take some rest. Your cards will not hold a grudge for you wanting to sleep; in fact, they want you in tip-top shape so you could absorb their messages well.

2. If a reading involves questionable ethics

Say you are reading for someone who is clearly seething and looked as if they would kill someone. In the middle of the session, they ask, “What is the best way to ruin their family?”

Now, hold your cards and stop reading! Tarot can help people achieve personal fulfillment and not the other way around.

For situations like this, it is best to turn down or stop yourself from reading. It may be tempting but using divination tools for evil intentions goes against the love, peace, and prosperity the heavens aim for.

3. You want a specific answer to come out of your cards

Tarot cards only speak the truth that they have seen from both you and the cosmos. Trying to make them say otherwise definitely won’t work!

The more you attempt to do this, the worse your tarot readings can get. It is safe to say that your cards are rebelling against you because they know it’s not for your own good!

Whatever the cards tell you, accept it graciously and figure out the next best course of action. Remember that the truth shall set you free!

4. When you are too much of an emotional mess

This is almost like item number 1 in this section, yet it must be emphasized. Many people mistake consulting the tarot whenever they’re too agitated, and their brains just don’t seem to think straight!

Avoid consulting your tarot deck during situations like these. Chances are, you won’t be able to understand what the cards are telling you, no matter how sensible their readings are.

Calm down before your reading and collect your thoughts. This way, your cards will be able to pull whatever information they need from your mind and soul and give you the correct predictions that you need.

5. If you have just had a tarot reading session

A tarot reading can be quite addictive. Even more so when you can see exactly how its predictions make sense!

Yet over-reading is a real phenomenon! This is when a person gets very tarot-happy that they just can’t stop reading for themselves.

The only solution? Self-control. Having too much tarot reading sessions will stress-out your cards and make you dependent on tarot, and stop you from thinking for yourself.

Final Word

Having a tarot deck helps people pull through this life. With their cosmic wisdom and ability, tarot cards have become indispensable across generations.

Yet being too dependent on what tarot cards have to say isn’t recommendable. It is almost as if you no longer trust in your inherent free will and intellect.

There certainly are times when tarot cards are the best way to seek impartial and objective life advice. But as always, the final decision lies in what you think is best, not just for you but also for others too.

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